The screen on the laptop does not light up what to do

Restoring drivers to work

The laptop screen can also whiten if the drivers on the display or graphics card are damaged. In this case, you will need:

  • Start the laptop and insert the driver disc that comes with the laptop into the floppy drive. If there is no such disk, the required drivers can be found on the website of your laptop manufacturer.
  • Enter the “Device Manager” and select the “Video adapters” section.
  • Open the video card available there and in the “Driver” tab click “Update”.
  • In the window that appears, select “Automatic search”.
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Perform the exact same steps in the “Monitors” section.

Laptop white screen: software glitch

The main symptom of a software malfunction is the appearance of a white monitor not immediately after turning on the laptop, but after a while. This phenomenon can occur, for example, when opening a video, launching a game, going online, etc. Such software problems are rare, but they are much easier to fix with hardware.

The main causes of software failure are:

  • exposure to viruses;
  • malfunctioning of the driver on the display or video card.

Fixing White Screen Errors on Laptop

A white screen on a laptop can appear when a software glitch or hardware damage occurs. Some problems are fixed at home, while others require professional intervention. Consider why the laptop display may go white and what to do in your case.

How to get rid of malware

It is possible to infect a laptop with a virus even with an anti-virus program installed, because it is technically impossible to provide absolute protection. If you suspect that malware is causing your monitor problems, you should check your PC for viruses right away. To do this, you need to launch an already installed scanner or download a new one. The second option is more preferable. if the existing antivirus program allowed a virus into the system, then it is not a fact that it will detect it when it is scanned again.

To remove malware from the system, you need to do the following:

  • Download antivirus and, if necessary, install it on your PC. A good option is Dr.Web Curelt. It does not need installation and is highly efficient.
  • Enter Windows in Safe Mode. To do this, while starting the operating system, hold down the F8 button, and then activate the required item in the window that appears.
  • Open antivirus and select advanced scan.
  • Check the boxes of all objects that need to be inspected, then activate scanning by clicking “Start scan”.
  • After the end of the diagnostics, a list with the found threats will be displayed. You just have to click “Neutralize” and the antivirus will clean the laptop from malware.

To check if the monitor is working, restart the PC and follow the steps that make the display go white. If it is functioning normally, then you have successfully fixed the problem. If the problem persists, try updating the drivers.

Hardware damage to the laptop

If the screen turns white immediately when you turn on the PC, that is, the Windows boot lines are not even displayed on it and the exit to safe mode does not work, most likely the problem lies in hardware damage to the laptop. Such malfunctions include:

  • failure of the monitor matrix;
  • problems with the cable connecting the matrix to the motherboard;
  • malfunction of motherboard modules.
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To confirm or deny the failure of the matrix, you can use an external monitor or TV, in the performance of which you are absolutely sure. To do this, you need to connect an additional screen to the laptop via HDMI or VGA connector, which is located on the side or back of the laptop.

After rebooting the system, the external display is automatically recognized by the laptop. If this does not happen, you will need to switch between the primary and secondary monitors using a specific key combination. For example, for Toshiba and HP PCs, press FnF4 on the keyboard, and for IBM. FnF7.

If, after performing the described actions, a picture appears on the external monitor, then the problem lies in the matrix. It can be burnt or damaged mechanically (for example, after the laptop has been dropped). The final verdict and the cost of services can only be told in the workshop.

If a white screen appears when the monitor is turned on, the problem may lie in the mechanical damage of the cable or its poor connection to the laptop components. To check the serviceability of the loop, you need to do the following:

  • Turn off and disassemble the laptop. You can view the disassembly diagram of your PC model on the Internet.
  • Visually inspect the loop for mechanical damage. It may have bent over or burned out.
  • If external defects are not visible, try to remove and insert the ribbon cable into the socket on the side of the motherboard and the monitor matrix.
  • Assemble and turn on the laptop.

If an external monitor works with your PC, and when examining the loop, no problems were found, there is a high probability of failure of the video adapter or the north bridge. It is better to entrust the repair of these elements to a professional. The duration of the repair and the cost of services will be told to you in the workshop.


The most common factor in the appearance of this problem is the inattention or inexperience of users: the plug through which power is supplied to the device may be damaged (in places where the cable is bent, this may not be visually visible, in fact, the thin cores of the wire are simply frayed due to repeated bending).

Or disconnected. This situation is especially true for older devices from Asus.

When operating on battery power, it may be discharged or uncharged, or the battery may be damaged.

You need to check everything and make sure that there are no such problems or solve them: charge the battery, replace the damaged cable, plug its plug into the outlet, if it is really working.

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Reason 2. failure of backlight LEDs or inverter

If your laptop displays a black screen when turned on, then you can often see the desired image on it in bright light. Most likely, the reason is the failure of lamps or LEDs of the backlight or inverter. The backlight inverter is a board for generating the high voltage required to ignite CCFL lamps or power a line of LEDs.

If you have an old laptop, the backlights will fail over time. They need to be replaced with new ones or with modern LED backlighting. Fortunately, now such kits for finalizing the backlight of a laptop or monitor are sold in abundance.

To repair the backlight of the screen, you will have to disassemble the display and change the lamps and inverter. LED backlighting most often fails in pieces or single LEDs. Miniature LEDs for these lines are freely available.

If only the backlight inverter is out of order, then they can be found on ebay and aliexpress. Faults in lamps, LEDs and inverter are usually found by visual inspection and less often by dialing.

Also, do not forget to check the cable going to the screen. In older laptops, it was often frayed when opening and closing the lid. In modern electronics, this issue is not so acute, but you should always check.

Reason 4. black screen and BIOS problems

When the laptop does not turn on and it is clearly visible that the black screen is on, and the video card is working properly, there may be problems with loading BIOS commands. This is often due to a dead battery or BIOS glitches. First, reset the BIOS by shorting the Clear BIOS pins or remove the battery (often CR2032) and close the contacts to which it was connected. Sometimes a rechargeable battery is installed in laptops, but they also lose capacity over time. After clearing the BIOS, you may need to configure it again. Most often, the default settings work.

It so happens that the EEPROM chip in which the BIOS is flashed fails. Here you will need a programmer to confirm this by reading byte and a new ROM chip for repair. Before repairing, you need to find the firmware file on the official website of the laptop manufacturer. How to unsolder the BIOS chip, see the video.

You need to install a working BIOS version

If your second screen works fine, but your computer screen refuses to work, also disabling the settings and returning to the factory settings BIOS could not help, in this case it is advisable to reflash the BIOS.

It is possible to update the BIOS in different ways:

  • Using the “MS-DOS” option;
  • Using the OS;
  • Without entering DOS and starting the computer.

The easiest way to update the BIOS is to use third-party software. But, it is more correct to manually go to the main resource of the creators of your motherboard and simply download updates from this site.

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The main thing is to create a backup copy of the OS or at least a restore point before installing the BIOS. When you start installing BIOS without an access point, your system may crash and you will lose all settings.

Getting started troubleshooting

So, before our actions with the laptop, it is advisable to reset the hardware settings of the device. With a high percentage of probability, this can help you remove the black screen:

  • Turn off the minicomputer and pull out the cord from the socket;
  • Then, take out the battery from the device;
  • Press the power button for 25 seconds;
  • Next, you need to insert the battery back into the computer;
  • We connect the charging;
  • Then, turn the laptop back on.

After you reset your hardware settings, if your PC starts to boot, it will ask you what type of OS to boot. Choose “Normal Windows Startup”.

Also, this screen may appear due to problems with the BIOS. The BIOS is also easy to reset. So, you updated its drivers and reset the settings, but they did not help you. In this case, you need to disassemble the laptop.

The monitor stopped starting due to viruses

Your screen still won’t launch? Then it is possible that your computer is infected with pests. In this case, you need to scan with the antivirus installed on your computer. If not, then we use the one-time Dr.Web cureit. Didn’t you find any pests? In this case, you need to repair Windows or reinstall it.

Laptop Secure Boot Procedure

It happens that the computer automatically reboots after turning on and its monitor does not work. In this case, you need to perform a secure boot, as follows:

  • When the device starts loading, you enter the “Additional boot options”. the “F8” button (in some laptops this is the DEL button or various key combinations, it is better to look for information about the motherboard on the Internet).
  • Additional boot options select one of three types of safe mode to start.
  • After that, you will enter the operating system through safe mode.

You should choose the mode that is more convenient to work with. if you do not know which one is suitable in your case, you can first try the standard “Safe Mode”

Safe mode can be launched in other ways, for example, through the applications “cmd” and “msconfig”. Both utilities can be launched by entering their name in the search bar of the Start menu.

In safe startup mode, the following settings must be made in the computer:

This procedure will allow the next time the computer is turned off, an error in the form of “0x000000000 NO_DEVUCE_BOOT” will be displayed on the computer screen. How to fix a certain type of error can be found on the official Windows website or in other reference books on the Internet.

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