The Screen On The Laptop Turned Over How To Return

If the listed methods do not help.

Sometimes there are cases when the above methods DO NOT help, or users cannot understand how to perform them correctly, then you can try using the Windows System Restore function. Thus, we can roll back to those operating system settings when the monitor screen was not Flipped.

In order to perform a system restore, you must open “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Recovery”. “Start System Restore”.

After that, select the date on which you want to roll back the settings and start the recovery process. After restoring the system, the screen position should return to the correct position.

The most extreme option, which will 100% solve the problem of how the screen on a laptop is turned upside down, is to reinstall the operating system. But this is the very last option if others do NOT help.

How to Flip the screen on a laptop using system hotkeys?

In order to Flip the image on the monitor, there are special hot keys. Consider which combinations you need to press.

  • CtrlAlt # 917990; Down arrow. Flip the screen completely, with all open windows;
  • CtrlAlt # 917990; Up arrow. Flip the screen to its original position;
  • CtrlAlt # 917990; Right arrow. rotate the screen 90 degrees to the right;
  • CtrlAlt # 917990; Left arrow. rotate the screen 90 degrees to the left;

As a rule, to solve the problem of how the screen is turned upside down on a laptop, pressing the keyboard shortcut CtrlAlt # 917990; Up arrow. if this action does NOT return the screen orientation to the desired state, then we try all the combinations.

Flip the Monitor Screen Using Windows Settings.

In the system settings of the Windows operating system, there is also a screen rotation function, so let’s use these settings and try to solve our problem. In order to figure out how the screen is turned upside down on a laptop using Windows. You and I need to do the following:

  • On the Windows desktop, right-click and select “Display Settings”;
  • In the window that opens, in the “Orientation” item, you must select the correct parameter, namely, “Landscape” orientation;
  • After that, you need to apply the parameters by clicking the “Apply” button. The laptop monitor screen should return to its original position.

How to Flip the screen on a laptop? 3 working ways!

Very often, many laptop and netbook users are faced with a problem when the image on the monitor screen turns out to be inverted by 90 or 180 degrees. At the same time, due to confusion, people begin to look for an answer to the question of how to turn the screen on a laptop to its initial state. As a rule, the image on the screen turns upside down, and not because of a breakdown of the computer card, as many users believe, but because of inaccurate pressing of hot keys on the keyboard. Perhaps a cat was on it, the child was playing and tapped on the keyboard, or the keyboard is faulty and spontaneous operation of the keys occurs. In general, the solution to the problem is quite simple and you and I will need to perform some actions to return the monitor image to its original form.

  • How to Flip the screen on a laptop using system hotkeys?
  • Turn off screen rotation in Intel graphics settings.
  • Flip the Monitor Screen Using Windows Settings.
  • If the listed methods do not help.
  • Let’s sum up.

Turn off screen rotation in Intel graphics settings.

Sometimes it happens that the method described above does not allow you to answer the question of how the screen is turned upside down on a laptop, since the key combinations differ from the system ones. In this case, most likely in the Intel graphics settings, other hotkey combinations are prescribed to control the adapter settings. Therefore, we will now turn them off, so that in the future we DO NOT fall into the trap with an inverted screen. To disable the settings, perform the following steps:

  • Go to the Intel Graphics Control Panel. This can be done by right-clicking on the icon near the clock.
  • In the window that appears, select the “Graphics Properties” item;
  • Another window will appear, in which we are interested in the item “Setting mode”;
  • In the window that opens, go to the “Settings and support” item and uncheck the “Shortcut key functions”

As you can see, all the settings in this paragraph boil down to correctly configure the hotkey combinations that are specified in the Intel Graphics Control Panel or disable this function.

Let’s sum up.

As you can see, if you are faced with the problem of how the screen is turned upside down on a laptop, then in many cases you can solve it yourself without resorting to the help of specialists. In most cases, the problem lies in incorrectly pressed hotkeys. But if the problem goes deeper, then reinstalling the operating system will help.

How to change the position of the screen image via NVIDIA and AMD Radeon adapters

If the laptop has an NVIDIA graphics adapter, then the plan of action is as follows:

  • Go down to the bottom right corner and click on the arrow icon.
  • When the panel opens, the NVIDIA logo will be visible. Continuation of work will be with this program.
  • The line “control panel” is selected in the list.

If the device has an AMD Radeon adapter, then the procedure changes. The user first reboots the system. Go to the control center of the card, you need to go to the option “General display tasks”. Then they will name it with a mouse button on the line “Return the desktop”. Several images are opened (degrees of rotation). Having stopped at the desired picture, press confirmation.

Instructions for Windows 7 and 8

What to do if the screen is Flipped or the image is narrowed on the monitor of a Windows 7 laptop? Let’s start in order:

  • Going out to the desktop. Then right-click. Select the sub-item “screen resolution”.
  • A menu will open where you need the “orientation” section. The standard and familiar mode is landscape. But if your image on the monitor is upside down, then a different display orientation will be active here.
  • Therefore, we select “landscape orientation” from the drop-down list. Then “ok” or “apply”. The image will turn over in the desired direction and you will only have to confirm the new settings by clicking on the “save changes” button. By the same, you will return the screen to its original position.
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If for some reason you cannot get into the screen settings in the way described above, then you can try another option. To do this, in the “start” menu enter the “control panel”. Then select the item “design and personalization”. Click on it. It remains only to be called “screen resolution setting”.

By the way, for laptops with windows 8 OS, you can also rotate the image in the screen settings window. The scheme of actions is the same as described above. Science and technology. Nature and ecology. How to Flip the screen on a laptop

Modern laptops have built-in functionality that allows you to Flip the picture on the display. However, the vast majority of users do not need this. There are frequent cases when, against the user’s wishes, the image is turned over 90 or 180 degrees, which makes working on a computer almost impossible. In such cases, users ask themselves the question. what to do if the screen on the laptop is turned over? Returning the image to its classic position on the display is easy enough if you follow the instructions carefully.

In this article we will give comprehensive information about all the available ways to rotate the image on the monitor on various laptops and operating systems.

context menu

If, for some reason, when trying to Flip the screen on the computer, the key combination did not work, the context menu will help to expand the image. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Move the cursor to the desktop, press the right button.
  • In the menu that appears, select “Screen resolution”.
  • Enter the item “Orientation”.

key combination, how to return back when mistakenly turning

Modern laptop models have a ton of different options and functionalities. For example, on some devices it is possible to return the screen, more precisely, the displayed image to 90, 180 or even 270 degrees. over, this often happens against the wishes of the “user” himself, which makes further work with a laptop extremely inconvenient. How to return the familiar picture and reverse the image? We will talk about this and many other things further.

expand image, adjust normal view

The Windows operating system has the function of rotating the display on a computer or laptop. This option can both be useful and, conversely, make the process of working, viewing and photographing inconvenient. But not everyone knows that screen rotation can be easily controlled in different ways. Knowledge of how to return the screen on a laptop will be useful to every user.

If you cannot Flip the image on the monitor

If the above steps DO NOT help to Flip the screen, then there may be several reasons for this:

  • Viruses. Perform a full system scan with antivirus software.
  • Damage to system files. Try to scan the image using the dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth command. Windows may need to be restored or reinstalled.
  • Incorrect or damaged card driver. Download the graphics driver and update it.

If this does not help, then the reason is rather a faulty display or a conflict between the computer hardware and each other. Then a complete replacement of SEPARATE components of the device may be required.


This method is simpler, but does NOT work in all cases. Typically used in devices with Intel graphics. If you have AMD or Nvidia, returning the screen this way may not work.

Down arrow in combination with Ctrl and Alt puts the screen in an upside-down position. The right (→) or left (←) arrow will rotate the top of the screen 90 degrees in the corresponding direction. Up arrow restores normal position.

Rotate through map settings

When you need to fix screen rotation, Windows 7 hotkeys make it quick and easy. But if the card does not make it possible to use them, you will have to solve the problem through its settings.

In Control Panel, find the item “Screen Resolution”. To open the properties of the card, you should go to the additional parameters. In the window that appears, click on the “Control Panel” tab. Select the appropriate value in the “Rotation” drop-down menu. If you want to change other parameters, go to display settings. Here you can specify the resolution, scaling ratio, color depth and quality.

Hot for screen rotation

You do not need to research the settings and parameters of the installed drivers for a long time. The Windows 7 hotkey will help to restore the image to its original view. Rotate the screen buttons (photo below) will launch instantly.

Press simultaneously CtrlAlt and one of the following arrow keys:

  • up. turn by 0 ° (normal view)
  • to the right. turn by 90 °;
  • down. turn 180 °,
  • left. turn 270 °.

This way you can find the best option. The screen will turn off for a few seconds and then return to normal. If this hot combination is inconvenient for you, you can change it in the map settings. Open the device management through the desktop (for example, for Intel HD Graphics. “Graphics characteristics”). Go to the parameters and specify the combination that is convenient for you. Now, if you need to change the rotation of the screen, which you have assigned will perform the action for a few seconds. You can choose a combination that you rarely use. Then the problem with accidental button presses will disappear.

installing iRotate

IRotate program detects the number of connected monitors

The program is free and very small in size, but it has its own installer and fairly convenient functionality. It is worth mentioning that this utility automatically detects the number of connected monitors, gives a brief description of the card and allows you to manipulate each of the screens separately.

Download and run the iRotate installer.

Read the license text. If you agree to set the option “I agree with above terms and conditions” and click “Next”. If you are not satisfied with the agreement, use the “Exit” button to exit the installer.

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Check the box and click “Next”

Specify the installation location for the application. Use the “Browse.” button to change the directory. After specifying the installation path, click “Start”.

After specifying the installation path, click “Start”

Upon completion of the installation, a window will open with a proposal to create a program folder in the “Start” menu, display the shortcut on the desktop, and launch the utility. After setting the required options and clicking “OK”, the installation of the “iRotate” program will be completed.

To complete the installation, click “OK”

Before exiting the installer, you will be prompted to read the description of the utility, namely:

  • Operating systems on which it was tested (Vista is the last in the list, however, the program works stably on newer systems).
  • List of cards and drivers for them, with which the utilities can work.
  • Hotkey List.

In the information window, click “OK”

How to Flip the screen on a laptop: keyboard shortcut

For those who do not know how to Flip the screen on a laptop, it will be useful to read. There are different options here.

  • If you have an NVIDIA card, then you’re in luck. You just need to go to the card settings, namely the NVIDIA Control Panel, and there on the left side you will see the Display Rotation item. So go there and choose how many degrees you need to return the screen.
  • Even in a laptop, you can try a combination of such keys

In Windows xp, you can return the screen in another way. To do this, find the map shortcut on the desktop control panel and go to the settings and then to the Rotation parameters section, there you will find what you need.

From Uv. Evgeny Kryzhanovsky

Recently in a friend there was such a case. the image on the monitor screen on a laptop turned upside down. No matter how I turned my laptop around, I couldn’t figure out what had happened. I did not find any additional keys, the laptop itself is new.

The Screen On The Laptop Turned Over How To Return

In this article, we will try to figure out why such a problem may actually arise when the monitor screen is turned over on a laptop, and we will also show Possible ways to fix the problem.

What could be the reasons that the laptop screen suddenly Flipped over? For example, the user accidentally pressed some keys on the keyboard, causing the screen to rotate 90, 180 or 270 degrees.
So, let’s move on to ways to solve the problem:
1) If some hot keys were pressed, then everything is solved by pressing CtrlAlt up arrow. If it doesn’t help, go ahead.
2) We use System Restore. This option is a good helper when there are malfunctions in a personal computer or laptop. Choosing a restore point until the moment when there was a case of Flipping the laptop screen.
3) Trying to deal with the map settings. Usually the map icon is displayed in the tray (at the bottom next to the time). If there is a comment of this icon, go to the Control Panel, look for the map control panel. The settings and types of panels may be different for different cards, but whoever is looking will find.
4) If the third method does not help, then this one will do for sure. We deal with hot keys. You can turn them off altogether in the cards so that they do not interfere again. But first, we turn it manually using the settings:
In the map settings, we find “Graphics Options” (or with the right mouse on the desktop). “Rotation”. “Normal View” or “Normal Position” (there may also be rotation options: 90, 180, 270 degrees, but they are no longer for us needed).
Now we are trying to remove the ability to use hot keys in laptop cards. We go to the “Graphic characteristics” of the card settings. Here we are looking for hotkey settings. We find something like “function of shortcut keys” or “use of hot keys”, uncheck the box, and rejoice.
5) If all else fails, no matter how sad it sounds, reinstalling the operating system will help out. It is extremely rare to resort to this method, because reinstallation is usually a long business, from half an hour to a whole day.
6) The last advice, to give the laptop to a service center or a workshop, I hope that this is NOT needed, because I tried to outline the main ways to solve the problem above.

I can imagine the situation. you turn on the computer, it boots up and the image on the monitor gets the wrong orientation. What to do? Panic! We urgently need to fix and Flip the screen on the computer to its normal position

And it doesn’t matter why this incident happened. someone’s “bad” joke or you turned it over yourself

All described methods are applicable to computers based on OS Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10) and are arranged in the order: from simple to complex. No time to waste and let’s start.

Using helper programs

Utility programs will help you change the angle of rotation of the screen on XP and earlier systems (although it can be used on modern Windows x). Let’s take a look at the example of the “iRotate” utility.

The program is free and very small in size, but it has its own installer and fairly convenient functionality. It is worth mentioning that this utility automatically detects the number of connected monitors, gives a brief description of the card and allows you to manipulate each of the screens separately.

How to Flip the screen on a laptop: a short guide

If you have come across a lot of vague solutions to how the laptop screen is turned upside down, and you are confused in their use, read the short and simple instructions that will help you cope with this task quickly and easily.

First, it should be noted that there is a specific key combination for Flipping the image 90, 180 and 270 degrees, but more on that later. In the meantime, we will tell you how you can maximize the screen through the control panel Windows 7/8/10.

  • If your device has Windows 7 or Vista, you need to open the desktop, and right-click on the free area to open the context menu.
  • From the drop-down list, we select the option “Screen Resolution” and launch a Dialog Box that will help us change the screen settings.
  • Select the “Orientation” function, click on it and indicate which reversal option we need. Select the required resolution and press the “Ok” button.
  • Using the same menu, you can Flip the screen in a different way. To do this, select the “Graphics Options” option with the cursor, you will see several sections, from which you need to select the “Rotate” function. Now you can select the option to change the position of the screen and confirm your choice.
  • Also, if you have Windows 8 installed, you can use the Windows control panel: go to the “Display” option and click “Configure display settings”. Select the “Orientation” item and click on the desired screen setting. If you want to change the screen position back, enter this menu again and select the Desired orientation: Landscape or portrait (no Flip)
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This simple knowledge will be useful to you in your work, for example, if you or someone from your loved ones accidentally turns your laptop screen upside down, and you will immediately know how to fix this minor nuisance.

Using the capabilities of the operating system

For Windows, the easiest way to get to the desired capabilities is by right-clicking on the free space of the “Desktop”, then select “Display Settings”, “Display”. Too complex actions to turn the picture on the monitor are not necessary.

In the menu that opens, select the screen orientation you need and save the settings. They must be applied immediately. This tip applies to Windows 10.

Depending on the version of the Windows operating system, the name and appearance of the menu may differ slightly. Do not be alarmed, all versions of this system inherit the logic of the main settings from each other, therefore, following it, you can use the tips on any version of the operating system.

For earlier versions of Windows, starting with the seventh, the necessary settings are found in the context menu under the words “Display settings”, then select “Orientation”. This menu is also searched for through the use of “Start”, where you can go to the “Control Panel” and find the item “Display” there. Both of these settings are identical.

The so-called “portrait” view means 90 degree rotation, to rotate the image 180 degrees select the “landscape” display mode. The inverted adjective used in the settings literally means that the image will be displayed in this format “upside down“, this setting is similar to pressing the hot keys from the previous method with the left arrow.

Or alternatively, you can use the “Graphics Options” item by selecting “Flip” from the submenu that opens. If such parameters are not needed, then everything must be returned.

To find out the model and version of the card used, you must press “Start” and type dxdiag in the input line, then press Enter. The built-in diagnostic utility will open and provide a list of all the hardware installed on the system. The required parameters are located on the “Display” (“Monitor”) tab. Knowing the model and version of the card, if necessary, you can update or reinstall the driver from the manufacturer’s website.

For an even earlier version, XP, it is possible to change the monitor settings by using the functionality of the card installed in the system. You need to find an icon in the tray, usually for NVidia or Radeon cards, it has a characteristic appearance, and then right-click on it. The settings menu will appear, with the screen rotation parameter available to change.

Sometimes the taskbar is hidden during the orientation change. This is due to the logic of using the image by the operating system. If this happens, open the properties of the panel (by right-clicking on its area), and uncheck the box next to the option to automatically hide the panel.

Using iRotate

Expand the tray icons and find the monitor you want to control.

Select the monitor in the tray

Click on the button corresponding to the monitor you need and in the drop-down menu select the image rotation angle.

In the menu, select the angle of rotation of the image

To configure the automatic launch of the program Use the “About iRotate” menu item. In the window that opens, check the box on the line “Download with Windows”.

We put a check mark on the line “Download with Windows”

Context menu to Flip the Windows 10 screen

The first method suggests using the context menu. This is the name of the menu that appears when the user clicks on the RMB (right mouse button).

It is necessary to position the mouse cursor on a free area of ​​the desktop, which is NOT occupied by the shortcut and icons (number 1 in Fig. 1). Then press the right mouse button (RMB).

In auto goods, the menu will be named according to the item “Screen parameters” (2 in Fig. 1). The “Parameters” window will appear (Fig. 2):

In the settings window “Display” (1 in Fig. 2) you should find the section “Display Orientation” (2 in Fig. 2).

There is a dropdown list type here. There the user needs to choose the appropriate option: “Portrait” or “Landscape”.

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