The screen on the phone is unstuck what to do

What to do if the screen works partially on a Redmi smartphone

In some cases, the sensor on the smartphone may be responsive but unstable. There may be delays in response, virtual buttons remain in the clamped state, and so on. We will now try to solve this malfunction by replacing the ineffective dielectric gasket. It is located under the battery of smartphones of these models.

An example will be given on the Redmi 5 model:

    Unscrew the screws on the back cover to open it;

screen, phone

Remove the back cover of the smartphone
Carefully remove the cover and pull out the flex cable that extends from the device camera. It can be pulled out of the slot on the phone board;

Remove the cover carefully so as not to damage the flex cable
Remove the battery and pull out the dielectric gasket, which is located on one of the cables;

Remove the dielectric substrate
Gently pull out the ribbon cable from the upper slot, put the strips of cardboard tape in one layer under it into the groove so that the battery can fit into place;

Use cardboard tape to glue the groove for the train

  • Now put back the ribbon cable, insert the contact into the cell. And completely reassemble the device to test its operation.
  • Turn it on now and check if the touchscreen on your smartphone is responsive to touch. If this method fails to achieve a satisfactory result, remove the tape. There is another way to eliminate freezes and poor sensor response. flashing the system of the mobile device. You do not need to try to reflash your smartphone yourself if you have never done this before. It is best to take the device to a service.

    The phone turns on, but the sensor does not respond to touch

    It often happens that the phone can work, but the sensor does not respond when the device was hit in some situations. And the screen cracked. Perhaps even the honor of the screen has practically crumbled. But if we turn it on with the power button on the edge of the smartphone, the screen will show the desktop of the operating system. You may still not be able to access the cursor control on the screen. But the internal system is intact.

    In such situations, you are clearly powerless, unless you yourself know how to replace the smartphone screen. But you can temporarily control your mobile device using a regular computer mouse with a USB plug.

    USB mouse for touch phone control

    You probably already know that your smartphone does not have a USB port. Therefore, you need an OTG adapter.

    OTG cable

    It is inexpensive. And it is a bridge for almost all external devices that a smartphone system with a damaged sensor can support.

    For example, you can directly connect any USB flash drive to your device via this cable. This comes in very handy when it comes to transferring files between devices. An OTG cable can sometimes be found with some mobile devices. Connect a mouse to this cable. And the microUSB plug. to the port on the smartphone. Turn on the power button and use the mouse to control.

    The sensor on the phone does not respond. what to do?

    Mobile devices fail sooner or later. The situation is unpleasant, but often correctable. In this article, we will talk about cases when the sensor on your phone is not responding and what you can do in this case. Most likely you have already tried to press different buttons on the screen. And everything turned out to be useless. the smartphone did not respond, and does not respond. It is too early to think about technical service. Let’s find out how to solve the problem.

    The touchscreen on the smartphone hangs in one place

    People face this problem quite often. When typing text, or numbers in one specific place, the screen does not want to work in normal mode. The letters may not be pressed correctly. Instead of one letter “A”, the next “P” is pressed and the like. Such cases are still typical if you have been using the device for more than a year. The reason may lie in the smartphone battery.

    Also check if a wire or an extra object is caught under the battery. Any unnecessary or interfering objects can press on the screen from the inside. You cannot replace the battery right away. And for a few days, you can take a little trick. It consists in incomplete installation of the back cover. Hang it on the top mounts. And do not press down the lower ones. In order not to infringe on the convex battery.

    The screen is whole, but the sensor does not respond

    There are some more tips for smartphone owners whose devices have stopped responding to taps on their phones. Users often complain that the smartphone did not fall, did not fall into the water and did not have any damage. And although the screen works, the sensor does not respond to pressing. Try the following method. In some cases, it can help solve your problem.

    • Reboot your mobile device;
    • Connect a mouse to the USB device. How to do this is described in the section above. If the sensor is partially responsive to touch, try opening the settings;

    Select device settings
    Find the item “Control Settings”;

    Select Smartphone Control Settings
    In the next window, select “Gesture Control” and activate this function.

    Activate the “Gesture Control” item

    After that, you may need to reboot the system again. Try to control your smartphone screen.

    Resetting your phone to factory settings

    Each digital device has a subsystem that regulates system boot, selects boot media, and also sets parameters for connected devices. Your smartphone has it too. And we will use it to restore the device settings to the factory settings if the sensor in your mobile phone is buggy. And also the previous methods did not help to fix problems with it.

    Since now we are talking about any phone model, you will need to independently fulfill all the conditions, after which you can enter the “Recovery” menu:

    Condition: Explanation:
    To enter this mode on the smartphone body, you need to press two or three buttons SIMultaneously, and hold them until you see a menu unusual for your device.It could be the power button pressed together with the volume up button. And the volume down and power button. You should experiment with combinations.
    Before trying, the smartphone must be turned off.The menu can be launched only when the smartphone is not working.
    Connect a smartphone with an inoperative sensor via USB to a computer and transfer data to its memory.If you have access to system folders, gallery, make copies of important files.

    Only after all conditions are met, start the Recovery menu:

      When the menu is displayed, select the item “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”;

    Select “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”
    On the next window, select “Delete all user data”;

    Select “Delete all user data”

  • Wait for the restoration process of your smartphone to complete.
  • The mobile phone memory will be completely cleared. Perhaps the problem was at the software level. And after restoring system settings, there is a chance that the device will work stably again and without glitches on the screen. Turn on your phone and check if the sensor responds to your taps. If, after applying the methods described in this article, your device does not work correctly, we recommend contacting the service. Since most likely the problem lies deeper. And competent people cannot do without inspection of the device.

    What causes damage to the phone screen and how you can prevent it?

    One of the most common causes of cracks on your display is physical breakage. Phone displays are made of glass, the cavity of which contains liquid crystal microcells. We all know that glass is a very fragile substance.

    The glass should not be hit hard. It should not fall from a height on solid things. Also, you cannot put much pressure on him from the outside. This also applies to phones with glass-protective displays. If your phone has a SIMilar screen, then there is still no guarantee that the screen will not break. How do we do the right thing to make the display much less damaged? Let’s take a look at the recommendations:

    In addition to cracking, a very common reason why the display stops functioning is water getting into the phone. Also, there may be problems with the battery.

    What are the situations when the phone screen needs to be changed?

    It is advisable to contact the SC when the display contains:

    • Crack, or several of them;
    • Water marks on the screen;
    • Black stripes on the screen;
    • In addition, the glass needs to change the display, when the touchscreen does not respond well to touch or on it, sticking occurs at a time when damage and other defects are not visible on the phone;

    By the way, protective glasses often take a hit. From here, you need to make sure before taking the phone to the center that the crack appears directly on the display, and not on the glass with protective properties.

    What is the probability that a person will fix the screen himself?

    If you really want this, then it is quite possible that you can perform a SIMilar replacement. But, before this procedure, you need to think carefully, do you need it or not? To replace the OGS display, you will need to purchase a decent number of tools. Also, you should have at least a little, but the ability to fix devices and a firm intention to fix it. Since not even all professionals will undertake such work.

    To replace such a screen, a person will need a set of tools, such as: an ultraviolet lamp, a stand to heat the necessary parts, various stencils, polymers, and so on. If you don’t have such tools, then you can forget about fixing the phone screen yourself.

    But, if you want to change the usual touch glasses, you can try to change them. The main thing here is also the confidence that you will succeed in this job. Otherwise, you risk that not only the screen will break in your smartphone. To replace the touch glass, you need:

    • A set of specialized screwdrivers;
    • The same glass with touch functions;
    • Special slim flashlight.
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    The screen on the phone has broken what to do and how to fix it?

    Good afternoon friends. What to do if the screen on the phone is broken and what are its main reasons? According to statistics, most of the subscribers go to the service center with a broken phone display. Smartphone makers are introducing various additional screen protection measures. But, all the same, the display remains the most vulnerable part of the smartphone. If you also have a damaged screen on your phone, then from this article you will learn a lot about this problem.

    What to do if your phone screen is damaged?

    • So, first we assess the problem. Breakdowns of displays can be of different types. Is there a spider web of cracks on your display, or is it just one? But, at the same time, does the touch display function? In this case, if you wish, you can save the smartphone in this form and continue to use it if the scratch does not bother you too much. But, in this form, the phone can be used temporarily. Anyway, the crack will manifest itself and the touchscreen will be completely broken as a result. Then, he will make clicks without your participation or stop responding to touches. In addition, the crack on the display may increase, and the particles of the broken screen will begin to fall off;
    • It is advisable for you to take the phone to the service for specialists to fix it if they do not have a new screen (or you will have to wait until they get such a screen). If it is, then the display must be replaced. Before the service, it is advisable to transfer important data from a smartphone to a computer or another phone, since it is not clear when exactly the masters will fix it;
    • Also, for a smartphone model, replacing a broken display may cost half the price of the phone itself. Hence, before replacing the screen, you need to think carefully and decide whether you need to change the screen, or buying a new smartphone would be the best option;
    • Is the crack on your phone very small and you won’t notice it right away? In this case, you can SIMply glue one of the protective glasses to the screen. This option will prevent liquid with dust from getting into this hole, and the crack will stop growing.

    What will the masters do in the service?

    When you contact the service center and tell the employees about your problem, they will offer you a choice, or change only the screen, or the entire display. The second option will cost you a pretty penny. Also, a lot depends on what model of your smartphone is.

    The screen of a modern smartphone consists of a touchscreen display (touch glass). Also, there is a joint option if the display with the touchscreen is carefully glued to each other. It is possible to separate them during repair, but problems may arise. In this matter, a lot is directly dependent on the luck and the level of the master who will separate them. There can be no guarantee here, none of the masters can give it to you. At the same time, the cost of such a repair will be approximately the same as replacing the entire display.

    The wizard will take your phone and tell you how long it takes to replace the screen. If this is a pro, then from 1 to 1.5 hours. After completing the operation, the wizard will give you your device, where there will already be a new beautiful display, and will give you a warranty card.

    How to replace cracked glass with another?

    Android Remote Control

    Any mobile device can be controlled via a remote service The manager page displays a list of all devices connected to the account. If the desired device is not displayed in the list, then you need to refresh the browser page. To restore access to the phone, click on the “Block” button in the Manager. The screen will display a window for entering a new password, which will replace the pattern, PIN. The new password must be specified twice, and then click on the “Block” button.

    Data recovery process takes 5 minutes.

    Phone flashing

    If the reset fails, then you will have to reflash the phone, that is, change the operating system. This is already a more complicated process, so it is better to send the device to a service center.

    Using your own Google account

    You can reset your picture password through your Google account on devices running Android 4.4 or earlier. After several attempts to unlock the lock, the “Forgot your pattern” link will appear on the screen. Click on it. Log in to the system of the locked device. This will reset the pattern.

    Boot in Safe Mode

    What else can you do if you forgot your password on your phone? If the lock screen was created by a third-party application, then the easiest way to bypass it is to boot the device in Safe Mode. To do this, just press and hold the power key. In the new menu, select the “Power off” option and confirm the operation. The phone will boot into Safe Mode. All third party apps will be disabled.

    It is enough to uninstall the program or change the password and restart the phone again.

    How to unlock your phone if you forgot your password

    The user can set the password on the phone himself. This feature is provided by many manufacturers. If the code is entered incorrectly or the device is locked, it will not be possible to use it in the future. What to do in this case? Reset the firmware, that is, reset all functions to the factory ones. On different devices, this operation is carried out in different ways.

    Reset picture password using ADB

    This method can be used if the user previously managed files on a smartphone via PC via USB using ADB. Connect the machine to a PC using USB. Open a command prompt in the ADB directory and enter the command “adb shell rm / data / system / gesture.key”. Reboot your phone. The lock screen should disappear.

    Deleting the system files “gesture.key” and “password.key”

    On devices with root-rights, you can delete the system files responsible for unlocking the screen and changing the password. To work, you need to download the archive of the Aroma manager. Reboot the device and go to the Recovery menu while holding the three buttons Volume Power Home. In the “CWM Recovery” menu select “Install zip”.

    Click “Choose zip from last install folder” to view all the latest downloaded archives and find files by Aroma manager.

    Select the folder with the archive.

    Open your file manager. Enter the path “/ data / system /” and delete the files: “gesture.key”, “password.key”, “locksettings.db”, “locksettings.db-wal”, “locksettings.db-shm”.

    Reboot your device. Password will be reset.

    For Nokia phones

    Let’s consider several options for unlocking the phone.

    Service number entry.

    Turn off your phone. Press and hold three keys: the green call button, the asterisk, the number 3 key. Without releasing these keys, press and hold the phone’s power button for a few seconds. If everything is done correctly, then after restarting the phone, it will reset to factory settings.

    Contacting the official website

    After 3 unsuccessful attempts to enter the password, the machine will be locked. It can only be restored using code. The latter can be found on the official website of the manufacturer. Master code. it is a sequence of numbers to unlock the phone. In most Nokia devices the code is calculated by IMEI. international phone number. You can find it out in the warranty card or passport on the device.

    Contacting the service center

    If none of the above options fit, then you should contact the service center. Experts will determine what exactly was blocked (SIM card or device) and restore the phone to work.

    What to do if you entered an incorrect PIN code on your phone

    PIN code. this is the password to protect the SIM card. It is issued when you connect to the network of a cellular operator. The phone requires a PIN code every time the device is switched on. If desired, the user can independently disable code verification through the phone settings. In the “SIM Lock / Security” section (or any other item with the SIM abbreviation), select the “PIN / password request” item and deactivate the option.

    After three unsuccessful attempts to enter the PIN, the phone will be locked. What to do if you forgot your password on your phone? Use PUK code. It is indicated on the starter package of the SIM card. If the plastic card is lost, you can recover the password in one of the following ways:

    • Send SMS to number 9999 with the text: 375 XX XXX XX XX code word. Its user indicates when concluding a contract for receiving communication services.
    • Through the Internet assistant of the cellular operator.
    • At the operator’s Contact Center (if you have a passport).

    To unlock the phone with the PUK code, 10 attempts are allocated. If all of them are unsuccessful, then the SIM card will be blocked. In this case, the user will have to change it in the Contact Center.

    Purpose and technical characteristics of protective glass

    To protect the display from mechanical damage, both films and glass can be used. Film protection is not so effective because it has a lower density compared to glass.

    Taking into account the good strength of the glasses, the probability of damage to the main screen is reduced to almost zero. It protects the display not only from scratches, but also from cracks and chips.

    Glasses can be glossy or matte coated. The latter do not produce glare, but they cost a little more.

    Protective glasses are made with a thickness of 0.2-0.3 mm, and consist of several layers that perform different functions:

    • silicone layer. Has a one-sided adhesive surface, with which the glass is glued to the main screen;
    • restraining layer. Protects the screen from strong mechanical stress. On the other hand, it does not allow the glass of the main screen to fall apart even when it cracked;
    • antiblock layer. Protects the screen from tarnishing;
    • protective, most durable layer. It is he who is the element that protects the main screen from scratches, chips and other mechanical damage;
    • oleophobic layer. This is the topmost layer. It is resistant to moisture and some corrosive liquids. All dirt can be washed off with a damp cloth.
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    Glass replacement technology

    The procedure for gluing the protective glass is usually described in the phone‘s user manual. In addition, the supplier also completes the product with adhesive materials (napkins, adhesive strips, etc.). However, when re-gluing, such materials are usually absent.

    Therefore, to replace the glass, you must carefully prepare. The necessary tools and materials should be purchased first, and then the old glass removed.

    Elimination of glass delamination at the corners

    The weakest places where glass does not adhere well are its edges, and especially the corners. Usually glass delamination begins with them. If the corners began to peel off, then they can be glued in two ways:

    • for this, you should purchase a special gel developed by Chinese craftsmen. It looks transparent and is called Border Liquid. The procedure is SIMple. The corner is slightly raised with a mediator and smeared with a brush with gel. Then it is pressed tightly for 1-2 minutes through a soft, clean cloth to the main screen;
    • if the gel is difficult to get, then you can use an improvised method, glycerin. To do this, glycerin is applied to the peeled part of the corner with a thin brush. Then the corner is pressed against the screen with a clean napkin and the excess glycerin is removed. This is how all the corners stick.

    Removing damaged glass

    In order not to damage the main screen when removing the old glass, it is recommended to adhere to the following sequence:

    • so that there are no streaks and greasy spots on the main screen, you should first thoroughly wash and dry your hands;
    • carefully inspect the condition of the protective glass and choose the least damaged corner;
    • install a silicone suction cup on the selected corner;
    • slowly pull up the suction cup, insert a pick between the protective glass and the main screen;
    • by gradually moving the pick and pulling up the glass, remove it;
    • after completely peeling off the glass with your hands or suction cups, remove it completely from the main screen.

    In order to properly glue the glass, it is recommended to adhere to the following sequence:

    • preparation of the workplace. There should be enough space on it to lay out materials and tools. It must be free of dust and well lit;
    • cleaning the phone case from existing dirt;
    • preparation of the main screen. First, wipe it with a soft, clean, dry cloth. If it is not possible to remove the dust in this way, then you can do it with scotch tape. In this case, it should not be glued, but SIMply attached to the screen. When it is removed, it will collect all the dust;
    • wash and dry your hands;
    • turn the screen to the rays of daylight and determine the presence of streaks. It is not recommended to touch the display with your hands;
    • degreasing the surface of the main screen. This can be done in several ways. Ideally, if an alcohol wipe was prepared in advance, then this is done with its help. If it was not possible to find one, then you can degrease with a cotton swab or an ordinary soft cloth moistened with alcohol, perfume or cologne. The screen must be perfectly clean, without greasy marks and streaks.

    Applied tools and materials

    In the process of replacing defective glass, you will need the following materials:

    • napkins. They are necessary for degreasing and cleaning the main screen. There should be at least two napkins: one wet and the other paper;
    • soft cloth napkin;
    • transparent stationery tape. It removes dust and dirt;
    • plastic plate or guitar pick;
    • glass cleaner. It is desirable for alcohol;
    • silicone suction cup;
    • latex gloves.

    Detachment reasons

    The protective glass can come off for the following reasons:

    • in the case of using protective glass, which has already appeared defects (scratches, chips, irregularities along the edges, etc.);
    • the surface of the main screen is not degreased enough when the glass is first glued;
    • long-term use of the phone in conditions of sharp fluctuations in ambient temperature;
    • formation of air gaps between the protective glass and the main screen. Moisture can get into them, which contributes to the delamination and peeling of the glass;
    • the glass used is not compatible with the main screen of the phone.

    It should be remembered that for whatever reason the protective glass does not come off, it is not recommended to re-glue it. During operation, the silicone layer adheres strongly to the screen and is damaged when removed. Thus, reapplying glass will not give the expected result.

    What to do if the protective glass on your phone comes off?

    If the protective glass on the phone comes off, then over time, air and dust will start to get onto the smartphone screen. It will look, in principle, ugly. And there is a risk of scratching the screen with microparticles that get on it when the protective glass on the phone comes off.

    The design of the phones allows them to be used in any conditions, including extreme ones. However, they must be protected from mechanical damage, especially the display. When damaged, the phone loses its aesthetics, but the main thing is that scratches on its surface make it difficult to view the displayed information.

    To protect the display, manufacturers offer special protective glasses that are glued to the phone screen.

    The glass may peel off the home screen over time. This article will discuss the reasons why stratification occurs and recommendations for eliminating them.

    By the way! We recommend reading more about how to remove the protective glass from your phone.

    Preparing the phone for replacing the wired glass

    As already noted, suppliers complete new protective glasses with the necessary materials for their gluing. If suddenly one of them does not appear, then it should be purchased.

    What to do if the screen and sensor are not working

    You need to contact the Xiaomi service center. It will not work to fix the broken sensor by flashing Android or other manipulations. Trying to fix the broken glass on your phone yourself could cause serious damage.

    When does the screen need to be replaced

    A small crack in the display can be ignored. Such a module also requires replacement, but it is not necessary to rush to the nearest service center. In modern telephones, “multilayer” screens are most often installed. The image display layer and the sensor are glued together. If a smartphone has this type of display, you can walk with a broken phone for a relatively long time.

    However, screen replacement cannot be avoided as long as the broken glass on the phone does not break off and does not affect performance. The main reasons for contacting a workshop:

    • damage to the matrix;
    • decrease in sensor sensitivity;
    • fragments fly off the display, and its lower part is exposed.

    The screen will stop responding to pressing

    Broken phone screen may stop working. Since the sensor is always installed on top, it is he who suffers first. The module will not respond to touch if damaged. This can only be fixed by replacing it. If the glass on the phone is broken, the sensor may be triggered randomly. Long-term use of such a smartphone will lead to wear and tear of parts, so instead of replacing the display, you will have to buy a new phone.

    What to do if the phone is broken and the sensor does not work? Why is broken glass dangerous? Official service centers

    Even the toughest tempered glass screen can crack. The user needs to know what to do with a broken phone. Using a broken smartphone can aggravate the situation or make repairs impossible. What to do with a broken phone? In order not to turn your smartphone into a “brick”, read the procedure for a breakdown.

    Moisture gets in

    If the screen is broken, the seal of the case will be broken. It is not necessary to drop it into the water for the liquid to get onto the parts. A couple of drops of rain falling on the front panel are enough. Even when outside, the phone is vulnerable due to a leaky assembly. Moisture settles on the surface of the gadget and gets inside, which causes the iron to wear out. A short circuit may occur, after which it will be impossible to repair the microcircuits.

    Glass will damage the inside of the smartphone

    Do not use the phone if the front panel is broken and fragments fall into the case. There are miniature parts and microcircuits. Replacing most of them will cost like a new device. Not all users know what to do if they break their phone. They continue to use it while the trapped fragments deform the “filling”. Such a gadget must be immediately carried for repair or put on a shelf until it becomes possible to repair it.

    Why does the screen break and how to avoid it

    Most often, cracks on the phone display appear due to mechanical impact, such as impact from a fall. However, overheating of the smartphone can also cause damage. High temperatures often cause the battery to swell, which presses against the glass from the back. The touch screen cracks when it cannot withstand the load.

    Temperature difference can be the cause of breakdown. If the phone has been in the cold for a long time, and then it was immediately put on charge and the battery began to heat up, cracks may appear on the screen. To prevent this from happening, you need to leave your smartphone indoors. The temperature should be equal to room temperature. Only then can the phone be charged.

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    Since falling is the most common cause of a broken phone screen, it is important to protect it with special accessories. Select the glass for the display in such a way that it completely covers the front, up to the frame.

    cracks appear if the smartphone is hit by the edge of the case. Therefore, all edges of the screen must be covered. The least chance of breaking your phone is if it is protected by glass and a case at the same time. The film will be useless.

    How to fix it yourself

    This can be done only as a last resort. If the module is installed incorrectly or the case is not carefully disassembled, the microcircuits can be damaged. Then not only will the repair be more difficult, but the cost of the parts will also be higher. When ordering a module, it is better to choose native parts. If you install low-quality hardware, you can provoke overheating, due to which all the insides of the smartphone suffer.

    Sometimes a part for models produced with a difference in a year is named almost the same. However, a difference of even 1 character may mean incompatibility with a smartphone. So make sure the selected module is suitable.

    What to do if your phone screen is cracked

    Can’t be repaired by yourself. If you do not correctly replace the screen on your smartphone, at best it will not work.

    Since the module must be removed completely to install a new display, there is a risk of damaging other internals of the device. Then several parts will have to be changed, which will significantly increase the cost of phone repair.

    What to do with a broken phone? There are two 2 ways:

    • Take it to the nearest workshop. Although this solution seems to be the most logical and convenient, in reality it does not always turn out to be beneficial. First, the craftsmen in such organizations do not always use original spare parts. Analogs are often of inferior quality and break down quickly. Secondly, an inexperienced technician can damage other parts of the phone when installing the display.
    • By giving the phone to the manufacturer’s service center. Xiaomi is committed to quality. After repairing the phone, the user receives a warranty for a new part. The cost of installing a new display in the service may be higher, but there specialists are guaranteed to install the native display module. If the phone is under warranty, the replacement is still paid. Mechanical failures are always considered the user’s fault. They will void the manufacturer’s free phone repairs.

    What to do if your smartphone screen is broken (a guide for the weaker sex)

    A modern smartphone is a fragile thing, especially its screen. Tempered glass, which covers the displays for protection, is almost not afraid of scratches and light blows somewhere in the middle. But from landings on a hard surface, and even if the smartphone hits the corner or edge of the screen, then it is easy to break it. Sometimes only the glass cracks, while the display itself continues to show the picture normally, and sometimes the image disappears. In some cases, the sensor remains operational, and in some, it stops responding to the finger.

    There are several damage options, and what to do if the smartphone screen is broken depends on the type and scale of these damage. Therefore, let’s try to figure out what’s what, and draw up a further procedure. It should be noted right away: if certain parts of the display do not work, you do not need to try to force it to respond to your fingers by increasing the pressure. After all, you can cut yourself on a chip or drive small glass fragments into your skin.

    What to do if the screen and sensor are working

    If you break the smartphone screen, but it continues to show a picture, and the sensor reacts to fingers, there are two options. If the device does not have an air gap between the screen and the sensor. then only the glass is damaged, but the touchscreen remains intact. This design is found in almost all smartphones, more expensive than 160-200, for example, in the iPhone. The second option is when there is an air gap. Then the sensor can be considered broken, but only its glass base is damaged, and the invisible sensor layer of the conductors remains intact.

    In the first case, the problem is eliminated by gluing the glass to a new one. You cannot do this on your own, since you need to disassemble the phone and heat it in a special installation in order to peel off the broken glass from the screen. Not all services carry out such a procedure (an experienced master is needed here), but if you find a specialist, you can save money. The cost of repairs is usually between 15 and 100 (depending on the smartphone, as well as your country and city). The savings can be significant, because the original display for the same iPhone 6 with replacement service can cost up to 150, and the glass itself. only 50. Therefore, if you break the glass on the screen of a new smartphone, but everything works, and the master still talks about the obligatory replacement for the amount of about 200. you can try to find another master who will change only broken glass. True, this is not always possible.

    If the display has an air gap (in this case, when you press near a crack, the glass bends), then the sensor will have to be changed. However, this is already easier, many more craftsmen are able to make repairs normally. The price of replacing a touchscreen for a very popular or budget smartphone is from 10 to 30, plus). But for a rare model (for which spare parts are not mass-produced). it may turn out to be twice as expensive.

    What to do if the screen is broken and it does not work

    If you break the screen and after that it either does not show (dark spots or areas filled with colorful patterns appeared), or does not respond to your finger. everything is more complicated. For models without an air gap under the sensor, the entire display assembly will have to be replaced. The issue price depends on the model. For example, if you broke the iPhone 5S, you need to prepare to pay about 30-50 dollars (the original screen is 1.5-2 times more expensive than a copy). On Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 or Meizu M3, the repair costs from 25 to 60 dollars (it also depends on whether the original spare part or a copy), and on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. all 300.

    In smartphones with an air gap under the touchscreen (and these are the majority of Chinese-made devices, priced less than 120-130, and some models are more expensive), you can replace only the part that does not work. The price of the issue depends on the quality of the screen, which happened to be broken, and the complexity of the work. The replacement screen alone will cost between 25 and 50, and the sensor alone is slightly cheaper. The popularity of the device also matters: for example, on GSmart Mika M2, which cost about 100, the price of the complete screen is about 50, and on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro for 150. from 20 (excluding the work of the wizard).

    Due to the strong variation in in different workshops and service centers, if you break your phone, we recommend that you set adequate before going to the master on Google. This can be done SIMply by request such as “replacement / repair / price of the screen [your smartphone model]”. By comparing the offers of several services, you can determine where you are called a really profitable cost of services, and where they just want to make good money on a girl who is not familiar with the intricacies of electronics repair, who accidentally broke a smartphone.

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