The Screen Turned Over On The Laptop What To Do

Rotate the screen using your map control panel

You can Flip the screen on your laptop and in the settings panel of your card. Right click on an empty space on the desktop and select the appropriate option which will open the “Adapter Control Panel”. Intel, NVIDIA or AMD. You can also press the Win R keyboard shortcut or type in the command field “dxdiag”, to Access the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. This is necessary in order to find out which card is installed in your PC.

If you have a card NVIDIA:

  • Right-click on the desktop and select “NVIDIA Control Panel” from the menu that opens;
  • then select a category “Display”, and in it (the menu on the left will open) the item “Display rotation”;
  • select the display (monitor) on which you want to return the screen;
  • select the required orientation for the screen and press the OK key.

By default, the system uses the normal landscape orientation. But other options for screen rotation are available to the user:

  • 90 degrees left (portrait orientation)
  • 90 degrees to the right (reversed portrait orientation)
  • 180 degrees (landscape orientation reversed).

To return multiple screens at once:

  • In the Navigation Pane of NVIDIA Control Panels under Display Click the Rotate Display link. The corresponding page will open;
  • select multiple displays if you want to return multiple screens;
  • select the required screen orientation.

If you have a card from AMD or ATI:

  • Right click on the desktop and select “AMD (ATI) Catalyst Control Center”.
  • In the “Desktop Management” section, find the item “Rotate Desktop”.
  • Next, select the appropriate option:
  • Portait (portrait orientation)
  • Landscape (Flipped). landscape orientation (reversed)
  • Portrait (Flipped). portrait orientation (inverted).

After choosing the desired option, do not forget to name it OK for the changes to take effect.

Rotate the screen using the keyboard

If your laptop has a card, you can use hotkeys to quickly maximize the screen in Windows 10 or 7.

  • Press Ctrl Alt. to return the screen 180 degrees (down).
  • Press Ctrl Alt → to return the screen 90 degrees to the right.
  • Press Ctrl Alt ← to return the screen 90 degrees to the left.
  • Press Ctrl Alt. to return the screen to normal orientation.

Using the buttons, the desktop changes position on any laptop, regardless of the brand, be it Asus, Acer or HP.

If using a keyboard shortcut is not your method, there are two more options you can try.

Rotate the screen in Windows 7 or Windows 10 through the “Control Panel

Like the method described above, changing the orientation of the computer screen through the “Control Panel” does not cause problems. Even a beginner can use it.

Press the Windows key (the logo key between Ctrl and Alt), type in “screen resolution” and press Enter.

If your PC is running Windows 7 or Windows 8, click the Start button and go to Control Panel. Click the “Appearance and Personalization” section and then select “Adjust Screen Resolution”.

  • Select the screen settings item, namely the drop-down menu with the options “Portrait orientation” and “Landscape orientation”.
  • Select the one you want from THESE options and press OK to confirm your choice
  • To return from portrait to normal landscape orientation, press the Escape key on your keyboard.

How to Flip the screen on a laptop: different ways

When you play games or watch on your smartphone, you rotate your mobile to a comfortable position 90 degrees to the right or left, so that it is more convenient for you. At the same time, the automatic screen rotation function is immediately triggered on the phone. Did you know you can rotate the screen on a laptop too? When you rotate it, you can view pictures from a different angle, adjust a more comfortable position for watching a movie, or just play your colleague, set the screen upside down or drop it on its side in a laptop with Windows 10 or 7.

In this article, we’ll walk you through a few easy ways to rotate your computer screen to Portrait mode (portrait orientation), and also show you how to quickly return everything to its normal position.

Can’t maximize the computer screen

There are situations when it is not possible to make the screen turn over neither in Windows 7, nor in Windows 8, nor in Windows 10. None of the methods described above works. The most common prerequisite for this is that screen rotation is impossible due to long-not updated drivers. Naturally, the problem can be solved by updating the card driver to the most recent version. To do this:

  • go to the official website NVIDIA or AMD (depending on the brand of your card);
  • on the site, run the auto-detect card scanner;
  • download and install the latest drivers for your card. Choose the option of drivers “with installer”;
  • Try again to return the screen to the orientation you want. Check if there will be problems this time.

If you find it difficult to understand the screen through the map settings or perform the required task using Windows tools, then you can use a more suitable method. To make it very easy to return the computer desktop, third-party developers have created special applications. Here are some of them:

  • Pivot Pro,
  • iRotate,
  • EEERotate and others.
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These are free utilities in which a laptop screen can be rotated 90, 180 or 270 degrees and back with one click. It is noteworthy that a quick rotation of the desktop using THESE programs is performed (if necessary) on several monitors at once.

Setting via parameters

The second method to answer the question: what to do if the Windows desktop is turned over on the computer?

  • Open Windows 10 Settings (press the Wini keyboard shortcut)
  • Open System Options
  • In the first tab “Display” (or on some versions of “Screen”) find “Orientation” and set the value to Landscape.
  • With a high degree of probability, the display will return to its original position.

Do I need an antivirus for Windows 10: 100% answer without guessing on the coffee grounds. How to get rid of annoying calls from unknown numbers: say goodbye forever without regret

What to do if the image on the Windows 10 monitor is upside down? When working with Windows operating systems, users experience problems and difficulties in understanding the interface. The reasons for this may be different, the main motive is the transition from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1.

If we take such problems as accidental screen Flipping, then usually it is associated with pressing hot keys. In our article, we will analyze several methods, completely closing the question: what to do if the Windows 10 desktop is turned over?

Hotkey solution

In this article, we will tell you what to do if the screen is turned over on a windows laptop and how to fix it. The easiest, frequently used method to help roll back everything to the standard state is to use the keyboard, or rather keyboard shortcuts.

To execute, hold down the “CtrlAlt” combination and add an up arrow “”. If you need the screen to turn over 90 degrees Windows replace the last key with “→” also by analogy: “”. 180 ° and “←”. 270 °. There are 2 more ways that are worth mentioning, or if this did NOT work.

The screen on the laptop turned over. How to get it back: quick ways

It so happens that the screen on a laptop has turned over. How to get it back and is it difficult to do it? These are the questions most often asked by laptop users. But there is nothing wrong with this phenomenon. If this happens, do not rush to call the master and do not panic. Try to correct this misunderstanding on your own. The recommendations in this article are relevant for Windows 7, 8, and 10.

How inverted

What to do if the laptop screen Flips over? How do I get the image back? Besides “hot keys” image Flipping is possible using OS settings. For Windows 7 and 8, the following solutions are relevant.

The user should right-click on an empty field on the desktop and select the term “Screen resolution”. A menu should open with various options. Find the column “Orientation”. Choose landscape orientation or another, in case of non-standard settings, and save the changes.

There are several ways to change orientation for Windows 10 operating system. Icon “Start” (desktop) click the second mouse button and select “Toolbar” and “Screen Resolution Setting”. Set the orientation to landscape and click “Apply” and “Save changes”. Another way, which is relevant for the tenth version of the operating system. Press the second mouse button on the desktop, find the term “Screen options”. In the system menu that appears, set the landscape orientation, which is standard for all versions, and save the changes.

The Screen Turned Over On The Laptop What To Do

Users now know what to do if the laptop screen Flips over. How to get it back from Windows 10 if this OS is installed on laptops that combine the functions of a tablet and a computer? In this case, make sure your device has an accelerometer. He is responsible for auto-rotate the screen depending on the position of the laptop. This function is available in modern smartphones and tablets.


If the screen on a laptop is Flipped, how do I get the image back? There are ways to fix the problem. The picture can be Flipped back with “hot keys”, the usual settings of the installed OS and a Flip in the card software. All these methods are effective and solve the problem quickly and without the help of a specialist.


The Windows operating system has many settings in which the user does not even know. What to do if the screen on a laptop suddenly Flips over? How to get it back and why did it happen? The fact is that one of “hidden” system setting is to rotate the image up to 270 degrees. You can Flip the picture yourself, but it happens that Windows crashes and displays the image on the monitor in a distorted form. There are several reasons why the screen turned upside down on the device.

This happens due to user carelessness. Turning on “hot keys”, responsible for screen rotation (CtrlAlt arrow), accidentally leads to similar consequences. Software problems also lead to screen Flipping. If this happens, the laptop may need to be diagnosed to help correct the cause of the inverted image. Viruses also become a prerequisite for this phenomenon. The orientation from landscape to portrait changes if the laptop is hit. What to do if the laptop screen Flips over due to viruses? How do I get the image back? First, you need to check your computer with an anti-virus program; secondly, restore the system; third, reinstall Windows.

Setting in the map

What if my laptop screen Flips? How to return it back? Windows 7 and later versions of the operating system anticipate the ability to customize the display using the card. If the laptop has a discrete card installed by the manufacturer, then it has its own software. It is the card that is responsible for displaying the image on the device screen, so if it is turned over, you should look at its settings. If the card is from AMD, on the desktop field, click the 2nd mouse button and select AMD, find the term “Common Display Tasks “. “Return the desktop”. Apply changes and save. If the card is installed from the manufacturer NVIDIA, click, as already described, call the settings, select “Display”. “Display rotation”. Next, set the required orientation. As you can see, the problem of screen Flipping is easy to solve on your own and without outside help.


What to do if the laptop screen Flips over? How to get back to the correct orientation of the image quickly? There is a simple way for this “hot keys”. This option is suitable for modern operating systems Windows 7,8,10. Press the key combination CtrlAlt left, down, right, up arrow depending on the direction. This combination may NOT work on some laptops due to missing Corresponding settings.

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How to fix if the screen Flips on a laptop with Windows 10 and 7

It so happens that the user turns on the laptop, and the image on the screen is returned not by 180 degrees, as usual, but by 90 degrees. Many believe that in this case the card breaks, so they run to the service center. In fact, the user only needs to Flip the screen on the laptop. Since such an incident could happen in several cases:

  • the laptop was open and a cat ran over it;
  • the child pampered;
  • either a friend made a joke and left, leaving the laptop owner in the dark about what to do next.

There are several quick ways to return the screen to landscape mode.

In order not to run to the service center for help, you must try to independently return the netbook monitor to its normal position using hot keys.

the screen turned over

The image on the monitor screen is Flipped 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

Many cards Flip the screen when hotkeys are pressed.

  • Press Alt Crtl up arrow;
  • Right click on desktop. “Graphics Options”. “Rotation”. “Normal View”.

To disable the use of hot keys by the card, perform the following steps (depending on the model and manufacturer of the equipment, these steps may vary, but the essence remains the same):

  • Right-click on the desktop and select “Graphics Specifications.” to open the Card Configuration Utility. Also, this utility can be opened through the “Control Panel”, additional properties of the desktop, or the icon in the lower right corner;
  • Go to hotkeys settings. In this example, it is Options and Support;

Features of screen rotation on different OS

All of the above methods are suitable for standard operating systems. Owners of the latest version of Windows 10 can additionally use 1 more simple option:

    Using the “Start” menu, go to the device settings section.

After opening a new window, select the Systems section.

  • At the top of the list of available settings is the display item.
  • Go into it and set the screen parameters to your liking.
  • AMD Radeon

    1 more easy option to manage map settings.

    How does this happen:

    • Go to the options menu similar to NVIDIA’s implementation.
    • Find on the left side the item Display Manager.
    • Set the screen to a suitable position. Save changes.

    Today it is the most common card.

      After selecting the map icon in the menu on the screen panel, go to the graphical characteristics section.

    On the control panel, check Main mode of use.

  • Go to the main settings tab and select display options.
  • Set the desired screen rotation.
  • Confirm the procedure by clicking on “OK”
  • special utilities

    Using special utilities, the user will be able to work with the laptop in any position: vertically or horizontally. Many owners use the portrait mode of the laptop screen for reading e-books.

    The following programs will help the wearer to rotate the monitor to his or her convenience at any time.

    • Download and install the IRotate app.
    • open the program.
    • In the context menu, select the desired orientation of the laptop monitor.

    Pivot Pro.

    • Download and install this app.
    • run the program.
    • Start using its capabilities. Now the user can not only rotate the screen, but also work with the color and resolution of the monitor. The laptop owner can even connect multiple monitors and configure them the way they want using the Pivot Pro utility.

    Another utility is EEERotate. It is simpler than the previous one. With its help, the user can rotate text, photos at his own discretion. In addition to the basic rotation functions, it is possible to customize the touchpad to work with the screen in a portrait position.

    In addition to programs, the laptop owner will be able to change the picture on the laptop display using processor add-ons.

    Laptop screen Flipped. what to do?

    Good afternoon, reader of my blog!

    All of us in one way or another in life are faced with a variety of problems, and some of us may take time to solve, and some must be solved instantly. And if significant problems are significant, and the time allotted for their elimination is implied by itself, then such incidents as accidental rotation of the laptop screen in the midst of work cause bewilderment in the first seconds, and due to the impossibility of continuing the creative process. the corresponding negative reaction, and the situation needs to be urgently corrected.

    How to get the screen back on a laptop?

    There are several ways to quickly and easily change the display rotation angle. Detailed instructions for each of them are presented below.

    Method 2 (everything ingenious is simple)

    All this operation can be done without THESE awkward body movements pressed three keys simultaneously: CtrlAlt arrow (depending on the angle of rotation of the screen: horizontal. back 90 to the right / left, vertical up. 180).


    This is the easiest option and does not require any special skills. But only the owner of devices equipped with an Intel adapter is suitable.

    What do we have to do:

    • Hold down the “Alt” and “Ctrl” buttons.
    • At the same time, press the arrow keys on the keyboard, pointing in the direction in which you want to return the screen.

    What to do if the screen Flips on a laptop?

    Do NOT immediately panic if your laptop or computer screen Flips over. In the vast majority of cases, this problem is NOT hardware related and can be resolved in just a few minutes. Don’t believe me? Then just read this article and see for yourself. By the way, the methods presented below are universal and suitable for any version of the Windows operating system.


    So, the most common prerequisite for a screen Flipped 90 degrees (or any other angle) on your computer is if you accidentally press the so-called hot keys. You could have simply hooked them, wipe the keyboard, and then find that the image on the monitor is displayed upside down.

    It is logical that to solve the problem, you should use the same combination of buttons that led to its occurrence. And there are several options here. First of all, simultaneously hold down the “Ctrl” and “Alt” keys, and then, Do not release them, click on one of the arrows. Wherein:

    • Up and Down arrows rotate the image 180 degrees.
    • Arrows “Left” and “Right” to turn the monitor 90 degrees, according to its direction.
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    In such a simple way, gradually rotating the picture on the screen, you will return it to its original position. It is worth saying that this method does not always work, but you need to try it first of all, since this procedure will not take much of your time.

    Map settings

    Another way to solve the problem that caused the screen to Flip on a laptop or computer is to change the card settings. It has its own nuances, but, in principle, is very similar to the previous one. So, you need to do the following:

    • Go to your card settings. Most often, this can be done by clicking on the corresponding icon on the taskbar. Alternatively, you can find the program you want in the Start menu.
    • Next, you need to find the option responsible for rotating the display. Unfortunately, its name may differ depending on your card model. When searching, be guided by “Return to desktop”, “Rotate display” and other similar names.

    After finding and selecting the desired option, return the screen either using the “Orientation” section, or using the arrows. Returned the display to its normal position, Confirm the changes and close the map settings.

    Operating system settings

    If the previous method did not help you, you can use the operating system settings and try to make the computer screen Flip back. For this:

    • Click on any empty area on the desktop with the right mouse button. In the context menu that appears, select “Screen Resolution” (in Windows 10, this option was renamed to “Display Settings”).
    • Select the monitor you want to configure. If you have a Flipped screen on your laptop or you are using only one monitor, then you can simply skip this step.
    • Under “Orientation” select “Landscape” (suitable for most monitors).

    If the problem with the inverted screen is gone, save the changes. Otherwise. just try choosing a different display orientation.

    other methods

    If the screen on the laptop has turned over and does NOT want to return to its normal position, then you can use one of the alternative troubleshooting methods:

    • Reinstall your card driver. In this case, you can try to install the software of an earlier version.
    • Sometimes there are laptops equipped with an accelerometer. If your device has it, then the reason for the inverted display may lie in its malfunction.
    • As a last resort, you can always reinstall the operating system.

    Also keep in mind that an inverted screen problem may be due to a malfunction of your monitor or second hardware. In this case, it is better not to try to fix it yourself and contact a specialist.

    Flip the image using hot keys

    In some versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10, you can turn the screen upside down by pressing a combination of “hot keys”. In order for the bottom of the displayed image to be on the side that you need, press on the keyboard: Ctrl Alt arrow (depending on the direction).

    Important: hotkeys are NOT configured in all Windows builds, and such a simple solution to the screen rotation problem will work on a small number of computers.

    If you cannot solve the problem and return the screen to its usual position, you should use the Windows or card settings.

    The laptop or computer screen is turned upside down using standard Windows tools

    Depending on the version of the Windows operating system, you should choose one of the ways to solve the problem.

    Windows 7, Windows 8

      Right-click on the computer desktop and select “Screen Resolution”. Next, a menu will open in which you will be interested in the “Orientation” column. The standard display mode of the screen is landscape orientation, but if your screen is turned over on a laptop or computer and this happened due to the Windows settings, then you will see that another item is active

    Flip the computer image in the card software

    If a discrete card is installed in your computer, it most likely comes with its own software. Since the card is responsible for displaying the image on the monitor screen (including on a laptop), it is necessary to check the settings specified for it. Depending on the card manufacturer, the software may differ.

    instruction: how to return the screen

    Windows 10

    On Windows 10, there are several ways to Flip the screen using the operating system.

    First way:

    • Right click on the Start icon
    • Next, you need to select the item “Control Panel”

    Second way:

      On the desktop, right-click and select “Display Settings”

    Important: The Windows 10 operating system is often installed on convertible laptops that combine the functions of a desktop computer and a tablet. In such devices, accelerometers are used, which are responsible for automatically rotating the screen depending on its position in space. You can disable the Flip of the image in them using the Windows 10 operating system in the “Display Settings”.

    What to do if the image on the laptop or computer screen is upside down?

    The Windows operating system works on a wide variety of devices, and it has hundreds of settings that ordinary users do not need. One of the “hidden” features of Windows is to Flip the image displayed on the monitor or any other screen by 90, 180 or 270 degrees. You can return the image deliberately, but what to do if the screen on a laptop is turned over or a similar problem occurs on a stationary computer against your will? There are several ways to return the usual picture on the monitor.

    Flip the screen in AMD cards

    • Right click on your desktop and click “AMD Catalyst Control Center”
    • Next, you need to go to the item “General display tasks” and select “Rotate desktop”
  • Next, you determine which turn you need to perform and click “Apply”, after which I confirm my action in a new dialog box by clicking on the “Yes” button
  • Flip the screen in NVIDIA cards

      We go into the NVIDIA software, then select “Display” and “Display rotation”, after which Set the screen orientation as required
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