The top of the phone screen is not working

What to do if all else fails

In the event of a hardware malfunction, it remains to contact the service center for help. Device may need to be replaced.

From time to time, Huawei Honor users are faced with the inscription on the display “do not cover the top of the screen”. The reasons can be different, as well as the ways to solve them. The most popular methods of 2019 will be discussed in the article below.

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What is “lock screen, do not cover the top of the screen”?

It would seem a very useful function, but for some users this inscription may appear during the normal operation of the gadget. This happens for a number of reasons:

  • the motion sensor is out of order;
  • the hole where the sensor is located near the speaker is dirty;
  • the sensor is covered by a cover or hand during use.

All these reasons can be resolved using the phone menu or contacting the service center.

What is “Screen lock, do not cover the top of the screen”?

Today, existing phone manufacturers are trying to outperform their competitors, which is why they are developing more advanced models to create the most comfortable use of the device. Thus, various sensors began to be built into smartphones.

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If you block the top proximity sensor on the front camera near the speaker, the screen will dim and the phone will lock. This function is available in all modern devices, it turns on automatically when you make a phone call or listen to an audio recording.

As soon as the user puts his mobile phone to his ear, the display will immediately lock, which will help to avoid accidental clicks. If you take the phone away from your face, the screen will turn back on. Also, the proximity sensor is triggered in other situations. For example, if the user forgets to turn off the display and puts the smartphone in his

Despite the usefulness of the function in question, it can sometimes appear erroneously on the smartphone display, which is already a problem. Hence, many users have a question related to disabling the inscription “Do not cover the top of the screen” Huawei. Usually, the reason for the accidental triggering of the sensor are:

  • Proximity module malfunction.
  • Sensor dirty.
  • The upper part of the screen is covered with a cover.
  • Poor quality protective glass.
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Some reasons require service repair, while others lend themselves to self-elimination.

How to turn off the “Do not cover the top of the screen” notification

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Open “Management”.
  • Disable Accidental Operation Prevention.

If that doesn’t work, turn off the notification:

  • Run “Management”.
  • In the bottom menu, open
  • Move the toggle switch next to “Screen lock” to the off state.

Note! If you disable this feature, the screen will remain active during a call, so manually lock the display by pressing the power button.

The third way is to access the Developers menu:

  • Visit “Settings”.
  • Select “About device”.
  • In the window that opens, click on “Build number”.
  • The “You have become a developer” window will appear.
  • Go to “Settings”, go to “For Developers”.
  • Depending on the version of the operating system, there will be “Proximity Sensor Calibration”.
  • Before starting the setup, put the Honor 10 in an open area so that it is not obstructed by foreign objects.
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If none of the above methods helped, wipe the area of ​​the light sensor from clogging. Then take another phone, connect the camera and point it to the range of the device. being functional, it will blink, which is invisible to the human eye.

Proximity sensor malfunctions

This sensor allows you to lock the smartphone screen during a call. It also prevents accidental activation when the device is in a bag or. There are 4 reasons for this notification:

  • Hardware failure. disruption of the operating system caused by a virus, installation of a non-optimized OS update.
  • Mechanical damage, e.g. after a strong impact.
  • The sensor area is dirty (fingerprints, dust under the case).
  • The sensor is covered with a protective film, glass, cover.

Reasons for the message “Do not cover the top of the phone when unlocking

In total, I have identified four main reasons:

  • Defective proximity sensor
  • Proximity sensor hole dirty
  • Mismatch of the hole for the sensor with the sensor itself
  • Long distance from sensor to display
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