The top of the touchscreen does not work

What is “Screen lock, do not cover the top of the screen”?

touchscreen, does, work

Today, existing phone manufacturers are trying to outperform their competitors, which is why they are developing more advanced models to create the most comfortable use of the device. Thus, various sensors began to be built into smartphones.

If you block the top proximity sensor on the front camera near the speaker, the screen will dim and the phone will lock. This function is available in all modern devices, it turns on automatically when you make a phone call or listen to an audio recording.

As soon as the user puts his mobile phone to his ear, the display will immediately lock, which will help to avoid accidental clicks. If you take the phone away from your face, the screen will turn back on. Also, the proximity sensor is triggered in other situations. For example, if the user forgets to turn off the display and puts the smartphone in his

Despite the usefulness of the function in question, it can sometimes appear erroneously on the smartphone display, which is already a problem. Hence, many users have a question related to disabling the inscription “Do not cover the top of the screen” Huawei. Usually, the reason for the accidental triggering of the sensor are:

  • Proximity module malfunction.
  • Sensor dirty.
  • The upper part of the screen is covered with a cover.
  • Poor quality protective glass.

Some reasons require service repair, while others lend themselves to self-elimination.

Why you can’t close the top of the screen

The warning that you do not need to cover the front camera usually appears when watching a video or while talking on the phone. This function is responsible for unexpected clicks on the display and blocks it.

If the user closes the upper area, the system will ask you to remove the interference that interferes with the normal operation of the sensor. If the notification does not appear, then Android has not found any good reason to turn off the screen.

But, sometimes users claim that they did not cover the front camera, and the phone still showed an alert. This indicates a malfunction of a function or a breakdown of a part, then the help of a service specialist will be required.

“Do not cover the top of the screen” Huawei Honor. what is it and how to disable

“Do not cover the top of the screen” is a warning that users often see on their Honor smartphone. In this article, we will look at what the presented alert means, and why it appears.

How to disable do not cover the top of the Honor Huawei screen

Disable “Do not cover the top of the screen” on Huawei is possible through the settings of the smartphone. The manufacturer took this opportunity into account. In fact, you have to deactivate the display lock function, but then you will have to turn off the display manually while talking. Unlocking instructions:

  • Go to parameters.
  • Find the “Manage” tab.
  • Then select “”.
  • Click on the section with the screen lock and drag the slider to the Off position.

To return the notification back, also go to settings and enable the function.

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Cause 1. Dirty display

If the surface of the touchscreen is not coated with an oleophobic coating, the display will eventually become greasy, which interferes with the transmission of electrostatic signals from your fingers. In the best case, the sensor is triggered once, in the worst case, it does not react at all to the user’s touch.

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We recommend that you wipe the screen with a soft microfiber cloth several times a week. You can also apply a small amount of display polish to it.


Restarting the phone usually helps. It is also recommended to wait a few minutes after that for the temperature inside the gadget to return to normal.


Dry your smartphone WITHOUT DISASSEMBLING it. The most affordable means is a cup of rice, in which you need to put your smartphone for several hours. You can read more about all methods of drying your phone in the article “What to do if your phone falls into water”.

The display of a modern phone is not for nothing called the most vulnerable

The display of a modern phone is not for nothing called the most vulnerable component of a gadget. According to statistics, the most common reason for repairing a mobile device is a breakdown or incorrect operation of the sensor. At the same time, many users, not understanding the true cause of the touchscreen malfunction, try to disassemble the smartphone into parts on their own (which ultimately leads to disastrous results) or give a lot of money for repairs.

In our article we will answer the question why the phone sensor does not work: we will give the main reasons and tell you how to act in each case.

The most common causes of sensor breakage are:

Incorrectly glued protective glass or film

Reason 2. Water inside the case

If, after walking in the rain, you find that the sensor on your phone is not working, most likely water has got inside the case. You can often notice that the sensor stopped responding to touch after the smartphone was held in wet hands for a while.

Reason 5. Mechanical damage to the sensor

Perhaps the most common reason for sensor breakage is cracks, scratches, or chips as a result of a dropped smartphone. Also, very often the integrity of the touchscreen is violated due to the fact that the user carries a smartphone without a protective case in a with keys or coins.

Part of the touch screen does not work: replacement and repair of the phone sensor

You can order the service “replacement and repair of the touch screen of a smartphone, tablet” by calling Velcom, MTS 354 10 12 or by filling out an online application on the website

Part of the touch screen does not work. Phone repair in Minsk

Smartphones are firmly established in today’s society. and more users prefer them. functional, convenient and stylish models. At the same time, smartphones are more vulnerable and prone to damage than other types of mobile devices, which makes their repair and maintenance in demand. There are a wide variety of problems, but the most common problems are with the screen of a mobile device. The screen is the most fragile part of a smartphone, so it is not surprising that it is he who is subject to damage in the event of mechanical stress on the device. A small scratch, chip or pressure is enough and the screen completely or partially loses its properties.

Situations when a part of the screen does not work in a smartphone can be caused by several reasons. Smartphone screens are afraid of prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, high humidity, high or low temperatures. Physical impact on the screen, flooding of the screen with liquid and other careless actions of the user can lead to malfunction of the display. In the event of a malfunction with the screen (complete failure of the display or a malfunction of its part), both the sensor and the glass are replaced, since in most models they are interconnected into a single module. In models where the sensor and glass are separate components, it is enough to replace only one of the failed elements.

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It is not recommended to replace the screen yourself, since this procedure requires possession of the necessary knowledge and skills, sufficient experience and special equipment. Unskilled intervention in the design of a mobile phone can only aggravate the situation and lead to damage to the fragile elements of a mobile device, which will make repairing a mobile phone more difficult and expensive. If you have any problems with the screen, please contact our workshop that repairs phones in Minsk. Our specialists will quickly and efficiently replace the screen with a new one, restoring the performance of your device and extending its service life.

In most cases, the non-working part of the screen is the result of damage to the display itself, but the problem can be caused by other reasons as well. failure of the screen control chip, damage to the printed circuit board, or damage to the loop contacts. Qualified masters of our service center, which repair phones in Minsk, will help you to pinpoint the cause of the malfunction and eliminate the malfunction. First of all, specialists will diagnose the device, determine the degree of damage and the cause of the malfunction, outline a complex of restoration work, select a sensor and glass for each phone model.

In the process of replacing the screen, the damaged screen must be removed very carefully, in the presence of large cracks it is easier to do this, but if the screen is smashed to smithereens, it is very difficult to remove small fragments. After the screen is removed, you should carefully clean the display frame from the glue and only then you can start installing a new touchscreen. The new screen, as a rule, is installed by specialists on double-sided tape or special glue, while it is necessary to ensure that the screen fits as tightly as possible to the body, making it completely sealed. # part of the touch screen does not work # what to do # why # repair and replacement of the sensor


By contacting our mobile phone repair shop in Minsk, you will receive competent and high-quality service. Our technicians will promptly diagnose the device and eliminate the existing problems, which will significantly extend the life and efficient operation of your phone. If necessary, experts will advise you on any issues related to the operation and maintenance of mobile phones, give advice on protecting the screen from possible malfunctions and damage. For all work performed and installed components, customers are provided with a quality guarantee.

What to do when LG screen does not work?

LG phone display not working? Quite an unpleasant situation, since the screen is the main means of displaying information. Urgent action is needed here. Don’t run the problem. If the LG screen does not work, you can make an initial diagnosis. Just call our consultant and together we will try to figure it out. Many malfunctions cannot be detected remotely, so it is better to bring a cell phone to us, the masters will conduct a full diagnosis absolutely free If moisture gets into your device, after which it stops working, we advise you not to continue charging it, as this only kills the board. And this is far from the only problem that mobile owners have to face.

If your display does not work, there are usually several reasons for this. If outwardly there are no signs of breakage, cracks or smudges, then the problem is as follows:

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in 40% the display itself is faulty. What to do in this case? Contact our workshop for help. Here you can purchase any part and try to replace it yourself. But we do not recommend doing this. Trust our experts. They will do everything quickly and efficiently;

in 30% of cases, this indicates that the display control chip is faulty. It is very difficult to replace it yourself. Not every user can do this task. The masters of our service center have vast experience and are always happy to help you;

in 20% of cases the LG phone fell and why the screen does not work? The shock can damage the printed circuit board. In order to insert it back, you just need to sort out the device. We do this in the presence of the client and does not take much time;

in 10% of cases the screen on the LG phone also does not work for other reasons, in order to determine them, it is necessary to do diagnostics.

Why is my LG touchscreen phone screen not working? It is sensitive enough and much easier to disable than a regular phone. The LG touchscreen is not working for several reasons. But most often it fails from mechanical damage. Your cell is dropped, you hit it, and the LG touchscreen is not working. Often, users do not know what to do when the LG screen floor has stopped functioning and does not work. This happens when sensitivity is lost in certain areas. This is the result of physical damage. In any case, if part of the LG touchscreen does not work, please contact our service center for assistance. This problem should be solved by experienced craftsmen.

If your LG display has lost its backlight or is broken, then it will need to be changed. We will be happy to help you with this. In our service center, you can always purchase any part and try to repair the device yourself, but we do not recommend doing this, since first you need to carry out diagnostics. Our masters are always ready to help you.

The young man dropped the phone on the tile, after which it lit up blue. The phone turned on, just burned blue and did not respond. A guy came to our service, we made a diagnosis and found it. the screen control microcircuit was damaged, it was replaced within 2 hours, the phone was tested and the client was given a guarantee for the entire phone.

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