Transfer Passwords from iPhone to iPhone

How to copy data using iCloud

The user can drop the necessary files and contacts using the iCloud smartphone. To do this, you first need to sync. This is one of the easiest ways to transfer data to a new gadget. For this option to be available, the user will need to insert a working SIM card into the device.

Before transferring data from iOS to iOS, the client must create a backup. To perform the operation, you first need to connect your smartphone to the Internet via Wi-Fi. After that, the owner must log in to the Apple ID system. Next, the client needs to follow the instructions to create a copy:

  • a section with settings opens on the cell phone;
  • in the menu, select the “Aykloud” item;
  • “Backup” is selected in the list;
  • after the transition, the user will see a list, in front of the inscription “Aikloud copy” must be ticked;
  • now the item “Create a copy” is selected.
  • note
  • While the copy operation is in progress, it is prohibited to turn off the device.

As soon as the system creates a new backup, the user can start the operation to transfer the parameters to the new gadget:

  • first you need to turn on the purchased device, a welcome message should be displayed on the screen;
  • if such a window is not displayed on the screen, you will need to manually reset the settings to the factory settings;
  • the client is now connecting the gadget to the Wi-Fi network;
  • you can adjust the parameters of the smartphone until the item “Data and Programs” appears on the screen;
  • select “Recover from a copy of Icloud” in the list;
  • the owner of the smartphone must log into the Apple ID account through the iCloud system;
  • the previously created backup is selected from the list.

After selecting the copy, the data download will start. The operation takes several minutes, during the process you cannot turn off the Internet on your phone.

  • note
  • If the user needs to reset the installed settings to factory settings, he should open the section with iPhone settings. There the client clicks on the “Basic” sub-item and clicks on the “Reset” button. A section for resetting settings and content is selected from the list.

How to pass parameters if the initial gadget setting is used

When the company released gadgets running on the iOS 11 operating system, customers were able to transfer information from iPhone to iPhone. This procedure is provided during the initial configuration of the gadget. For the operation to be successful, you must follow these instructions:

  • on the purchased device, the language should be set, in this case “Russian” is selected;
  • a window will appear on the screen for entering data on the Apple ID account, the user clicks the “Continue” item;
  • an image will appear on the new device;
  • it needs to be scanned by a smartphone that has already been in use;
  • on the new device, enter the same access code that was used on the old phone;
  • you can configure the Touch ID / Face ID functions on the purchased gadget;
  • after that, the smartphone will prompt you to choose to restore data from saved backups, you will need to select the desired.
  • note
  • It takes 5 to 20 minutes to transfer data from your old iPhone to your new phone. It all depends on how the gadget works. When the procedure is completed, all parameters will be saved in the new smartphone.

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How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

Apple is constantly releasing new versions of gadgets, and iPhone owners are trying to replace outdated models with updated ones. But after purchasing a smartphone, you need to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. Information is spread in different ways, it is worth talking about them in more detail.

How to transfer information using iTunes

This is an additional way to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. To apply the option, the customer must download the iTunes application to their computer. Also, the user must have a wire to connect the smartphone to the PC. A Lightning cable will do. The transfer operation is performed according to the following scheme:

  • the client must check which version of the program is installed on the computer;
  • if iTunes is not the latest version, it is recommended to update it;
  • then the old device is connected to a stationary PC;
  • iTunes starts on the computer;
  • after launch, a window will open, at the top of the page there is a smartphone icon;
  • you should click on it;
  • then select the item “Encrypt local copy”;
  • you also need to add an access password;
  • the screen will display a question about the need to create a backup;
  • the user clicks the “Skip” button;
  • the copying operation will start, it will take some time;
  • when the procedure is completed, you should disconnect the old gadget from the PC;
  • you can pull out the SIM card from the smartphone, having previously turned it off;
  • now you need a new smartphone, it is connected to the computer;
  • the basic setup is performed, the language is selected and the Wi-Fi network is connected;
  • iPhone Settings will be highlighted, you must select the “Restore from a copy of iTunes” section;
  • now you need to go to the application and click on the “Restore from backup” button there;
  • the client clicks on the last created copy and specifies the access password.

The data transfer procedure will take some time, it all depends on the number of files and contacts. Until the operation is completed, you cannot turn off the gadget or disconnect it from the PC. Once the recovery process is complete, you can use your new smartphone.

How to create a backup

To completely transfer the necessary information from one iPhone to another, the client must create a copy of all the data contained in the gadget. This can be done using the Aycloud cloud. The operation is performed according to the following instructions:

  • to transfer the parameters of an old smartphone, you will need to make a copy in the cloud;
  • first, the user must go to the section with the gadget settings;
  • then select the “Menu” item, where the client clicks on the “iCloud” section;
  • a list will open on the screen, in which the owner selects the “Copies and storage” subsection;
  • if the client has the “Backup” service activated, then the latest version of the copy will be located at the very bottom, the date is also indicated there;
  • if a new copy is required, you can create it yourself, for this click the “Create a copy” button;
  • when all the actions are completed, the copying procedure will begin, the duration depends on the operation of the smartphone and the speed of the network connection.

After a few minutes, the time of the last copy will appear on the screen.

How to use the Quick Start option correctly

If the client has previously used a smartphone on which the operating system iOS 11 is installed, and the purchased iPhone also has this OS, then you can change all the parameters using the “Quick Start” function. To complete the operation, the client must follow these instructions:

  • an old device is taken, it is placed next to a new gadget;
  • now you need to turn on the purchased smartphone;
  • if settings are already set on it, they are reset to factory settings;
  • on the new cell phone the language “Russian” is selected;
  • as soon as the “Quick Start” notification window appears on the purchased gadget, the automatic synchronization of the two smartphones should start;
  • for the procedure to begin, confirmation from the owner is required;
  • then the system will offer the client to authorize using the password and Apple ID login;
  • this is necessary for full customization;
  • if the button is not pressed, it is recommended to connect Bluetooth on the smartphone;
  • an animated picture will appear on the screen of the new gadget;
  • smartphones should be pressed against each other with back panels;
  • it is now recommended to wait for the operation to complete successfully.
  • note
  • In order for the transfer process to be performed without losses and errors, the devices must be kept as close to each other as possible.

Also, to perform the transfer without errors, you should charge both gadgets to a full battery and do not turn off the Internet while transferring files. If you follow these rules, then all parameters will be pumped without losses and errors.

The user can transfer music, contacts and photos from an old smartphone to a new iPhone in different ways. The easiest way to do this is through Iclaud. If this method is not available, iTunes applies. New versions of operating systems have a Quick Start function.

Import notes from iPhone to Android

There are several ways to transfer documents from the iOS platform to Android. Everything is complicated only by the fact that to create notes you used the native Notes application, and not any other downloaded from the App Store. There is no such program for Android devices. Therefore, simply copying will not work.

The easiest way is to use your Google or Yandex mailbox. We have described this method earlier. In this case, a “note” folder will be created in the mail.

Further, all you need to do is log in under this account on your Android device and you will get access to your notes.

It’s different if you’ve used Evernote. This utility is available on Mac, Windows, iPhones, and Androids. So, by logging in under your account on any platform, you will get access to your records.

  • Run the program and log in to it. Check the content on your iOS device;
  • Download the app from Google Play to your new device. Enter your username and password for your account. The data will be transferred instantly, and you can view, edit, delete.

Evernote also lets you sync data from the native Notes app to the program. To do this, create an account and select sync with Notes. There are manual and automatic modes. To start the first one, you need to go to the “Settings” utility and then click on the “Synchronize” parameter.

Transferring notes via AirDrop

Another classic way that does not require the installation of third-party applications is the standard AirDrop function. Works on most modern devices (iOS 7 and older). Ideal for transferring a small amount of notes. The downside is that you will have to import each document separately if there are many of them. The procedure will be as follows:

  • Make sure both gadgets are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or mobile. Activate Bluetooth on both devices and make sure that AirDrop transmission is allowed for all devices (to do this, start the settings, go to “General”, then to “AirDrop” and tick the “For all”). For a quick transition, pull the shutter from the bottom up, and, once in the control center, hold down the menu with your finger, where there are icons for Wi-Fi and mobile Internet;
  • On the original iPhone, go to the Notes app;
  • Then select the required file and click on the “Share” icon (a square with an outward arrow). Click on AirDrop (the icon is displayed at the very top);
  • Select the paired device and confirm the transfer on the new iPhone.

Transfer to new iPhone via Tenorshare iCareFone

Tenorshare iCareFone is a useful iTunes replacement tool. What is the advantage over the classic program? The utility has many more functions. And also. the program works not only with new versions of iOS, but also with 8, 9 and 10 versions.

In order to be able to import “Notes”, you need a computer. You can download a free application with support for the Russian language on the official website of the developer. Suitable for both Windows and Mac.

  • Download Tenorshare iCareFone software and launch it. Select the “Backup and Restore” item in the top menu;
  • Connect your new and old device to your computer or laptop via USB cable;
  • If you have iTunes installed, then most likely the program will start automatically. Close it as you won’t need it;
  • After the PC recognizes the devices, they will be displayed in the program. If necessary, swap devices. on the left, place the iPhone from which you want to transfer information, and on the right. the iPhone-recipient of the data;
  • After that, do a memory analysis. On the left, the files on the old device will be shown, and on the right. the storage of the new gadget (information about what the capacity is filled with will also be displayed here. This is necessary to understand if there is a place for importing notes);
  • In the Personal Data section, find the Notes tab and check the box next to the option. You can select other files as well;
  • Then click on “Start Transfer” and wait for the transfer to finish. Usually everything goes quickly, but the final time depends on how many notes you need to transfer and whether there are media files in them.
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What are notes and why are they needed

With the help of the “Notes” program, it is easy to capture new ideas, make sketches, and, of course, write down information that can be forgotten.

In order to create a new note, just click on the pencil icon with a square at the bottom of the display. After the text is written, just tap on “Done” and the note will be saved. It’s even easier to ask Siri. To do this, you need to say: “Create a new note.” If desired, at the end of the phrase, you can additionally say something specific in order to quickly record the information in a voice.

What this application can do:

To hide notes from prying eyes, you can easily lock it and set a password by swiping to the left (gray lock icon).

Important information! Remember that the first recorded information is still displayed in the general list of notes, so we recommend adding some symbols or emoticons in front. To pin a document, swipe right on it.

By clicking on the arrow icon in the upper left corner, you will be taken to a small menu, where there is a main folder with all notes and deleted entries. You can create a new folder by clicking on the appropriate option in the lower right corner. Previously deleted documents are saved in a separate folder and can be restored or erased permanently.

Transfer notes via iCloud

The easiest and fastest method is to sync via Apple’s cloud storage. Do the following:

  • Make sure the device is connected to Wi-Fi;
  • Go to “Settings” on your old iPhone, click on the first line with the name and make sure that you sync all files (in this case, it is enough to save “Notes” to a backup copy). If this function does not work for some reason, then create a backup. Also check to see if the icon is next to Notes (should be green). To do this, swipe right;
  • Next, slide the slider on the iCloud Drive value to the right. Allow access to other programs to store and copy information;
  • On your new iPhone, enter your Apple ID login and password. Sign in to your account;
  • Go to the iCloud menu, and if the checkbox is not checked, move it to the right. Check if the records have been saved.

If for some reason the method described above did not work, then try to follow another instruction below.

How to Transfer Notes from One iPhone to Another

The iPhone Notes feature is a classic and indispensable option for recording important information. With this application, you can also perform many other tasks, and most importantly. beautifully design them.

Notes are built into every iPhone natively, so you don’t have to search the App Store when switching to a new device. Another thing is that the saved records on the old smartphone were not transferred to the new gadget. If you need to transfer notes from one iPhone to another, we recommend using one of the methods described below.

Transfer from iCloud to Google mail, Yandex

iCloud syncs well with other cloud services. The only condition is that the storage supports the mail service. After importing, a folder called “note” is automatically created in the mail. For these purposes, Yandex.Disk or Google Drive is suitable. In general, synchronization is carried out as follows:

  • Find the “Passwords and Accounts” tab in the settings;
  • Select one of the linked accounts: either Yandex or Google;
  • Once in your account, swipe right on the “Notes” option. After that, synchronization will happen automatically.

Follow the same steps on your new iOS device. All data must be migrated.

Now, to access your notes, you just need to log in with your account on another Apple device. You can also just go to Yandex or Google and in a separate folder get access to all your notes, and for this you do not need to have another iPhone, since authorization is possible from a computer, tablet.

Transfer Notes from iPhone to Windows (iTunes Outlook Program)

Importing to Mac computers is easy. if you are logged in under the same account where you took notes, the folder will be transferred to your PC automatically. New entries will sync immediately. Things are a little more complicated with Windows computers. We’ll have to install third-party software, and there are two such programs: iTunes from Apple and Outlook, which comes in the “Office” package from Microsoft. You can download and install both programs in a few clicks on your computer.

How to import from iPhone to Windows PC:

  • Download the above programs. Start Outlook and keep it active in the background;
  • Connect your iOS device to your computer via a USB cable (preferably the original one from the box);
  • Launch iTunes if the program did not open automatically when the device was connected;
  • Then go to the “Information” section (located on the left in the side menu);
  • A new window will open, in it select the action “Synchronize with” and among the list of programs, click on the aforementioned Outlook.

If you did everything correctly, a new folder “My notes” and a subfolder “Notes” will appear in the utility from Microsoft. All transferred documents will be signed as they were named in the original application.

Via iCloud

Transferring information between devices on different operating systems is available in iCloud. To prepare iPhone for transporting contacts, go to iCloud settings and check the box next to the corresponding field. Log into the iCloud website from your computer and log in to your account.

On the main page of your personal account, go to contacts. To save all the information presented, press the key combination Ctrl A. And you can also select only certain data. To do this, hold down Ctrl and click on the contacts of interest. When you’re done selecting, click on the gear and select export to PC or v Card. As a result, a file with the vcf extension will appear on the computer. To finish transferring contacts, send this file to your mobile device. The easiest way to do this is via email.

Contacts can be transferred to a smartphone via USB, BlueTooth and other methods. Please be aware that there is no Ctrl button on Mac series devices. They need to clamp Cmd.

Transferring Contacts from iPhone to Android: Step-by-Step Guide for Dummies

To transfer information from an iPhone to a non-Apple smartphone, you just need to use iCloud and a cloud storage service:

  • Open iCloud Settings on iPhone.
  • Turn on the toggle switch near the contacts.
  • Go to backups and create it.
  • Go to the iCloud website and open the list of phone numbers.
  • Open the options, choose what information to transfer. Reopen options and request vCard export.
  • Upload the resulting file to the cloud.
  • Download information from the cloud on the end device or import in the file system.


To transport contacts between devices, you do not need a SIM if the information is not stored directly on it. The presented data transfer methods do not use a SIM card.

Via bluetooth

To transport data via Bluetooth, make sure that the module is turned on on each device. Open your iPhone number book. Call the additional menu and select export via Bluetooth. Select the smartphone to which you want to transfer information.


Among the whole variety of applications, three utilities stand out: Move to iOS, My Contacts Backup, Qik Share.

Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android: step by step instructions

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android is a question asked by users of mobile devices. The principle of synchronization depends on the device model.

How to Download Contacts from iPhone to Android

  • Go to the iPhone app and register. Wait for the code.
  • Go to the program on Android and sign in with the same account.
  • Open the additional menu on your smartphone and go to the parameters.
  • Click on the point of moving from one smartphone to another and enter the code you received earlier.
  • Start the transportation process.

To transfer contacts, it is not necessary to use an application developed by Yandex, since there are many other programs.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android without Computer

The first way that came up to distribute phone numbers was to use paper. Of course, this is the last century, but in this way you can transfer contacts from a device to any other. And there are also methods that do without using a computer. For example, you can open a list of numbers, call up an additional menu and export via SMS or e-mail. But in the first case, two SIM cards are required.

The presented methods are very simple and do not require specific knowledge from the user. In addition, this method allows you to send only certain contacts. This is also the main disadvantage: contacts are transferred one by one. Accordingly, a lot of time is spent.

Functionality of email and SMS

This method is great for a small number of objects, since the user is limited to porting through standard functions. First, the desired person is selected, and the “Send” option. The transfer point of the type email, SMS or AirDrop is marked here.

The first two are preferred as they are the lightest and fastest. The advantages of the method are that it is not limited to data transmission only with personal devices. Third party imports to accept a mobile number, thanks to the basic set of iphone functions.

ITunes app

The well-known iTunes program is a kind of conveyor filled with various possibilities that allow you to transfer contacts from iphone to iphone. In addition to working with multimedia formats, it is geared towards synchronization. The transfer process is carried out as follows:

  • both cellular. source and destination are prepared;
  • the first device is connected to the PC to establish a full connection;
  • the process of synchronization from the computer is configured;
  • information is copied;
  • the original gadget is disconnected, and the final one is connected instead;
  • synchronization is configured on the new device until it is fully implemented;
  • the new smartphone is disconnected from the PC, with all the transferred information.

In comparison with the first two methods, here the user can transfer not only the data of the numbers, but also the entries in the organizer, photos, music files and much more.


The iPhone manufacturer itself recommends using backups. Thus, all the data that is available on the smartphone is transmitted. The order is as follows:

  • a backup is created on the old device. To do this, you can use iTunes, iCloud and CopyTrans;
  • the created copy is restored on the new device.

As a result, the internal data of the device is completely similar to the old device. All information is transferred in just one go.

Proven methods

Banal copying to a SIM, and installing it into a new i-gadget is not available. The device transfers contacts from iphone to iphone using different methods:

  • through programs from the App Store;
  • email and SMS;
  • using iTunes;
  • specialized software for synchronizing the book of numbers;
  • using iCloud;
  • using Microsoft Outlook.

These methods do not require special knowledge and skills from users. Suitable for everyone, as for transferring data from iphone to another device, they are equally suitable for all models, including the latest version.

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ICloud service

First, the phone book is saved to iCloud. In the program settings, next to the “contacts” option, the slider is set to the active position. This allows all selected objects to be sent to the cloud. The phone book of the new gadget will be filled with them immediately after carrying out a similar operation. The execution time depends entirely on the speed of the Internet. Before transferring contacts from iPhone to iPhone, it is important to pay attention to the following:

  • both phones must have the same username and password;
  • changing the username and password is allowed only after the synchronization is completed;
  • at the end, the option to save data to the iPhone is selected.

The iCloud functionality is successfully used to transfer numbers from one device to another in conjunction with the CardDAV application. Transmission through it is carried out in the following way:

  • a new version of the CardDAV program is being installed;
  • the application is activated;
  • CardDav is selected in the list of accounts;
  • is introduced as a server. User’s password and initials are Apple ID account information;
  • personal account data is entered;
  • the point of synchronization of information to a mobile phone is marked;
  • the “Finish” key is selected. Numbers are saved from phone to phone automatically on the new device.

The method provides for direct export of the list of subscribers from Apple servers. The method allows you to transfer data in automatic mode.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

Unfortunately, Apple iPhones do not copy data to the SIM card. This creates a lot of inconvenience for users when transferring contacts from iPhone to iPhone. Manual data transfer, even with light workload, is too time-consuming. It makes more sense to use alternative, faster and more proven options, since it is much easier to transfer contacts from one phone to a new one.

Transfer numbers using programs

The developers provide special programs, both with Russian and English translation, aimed at various operations with numbers. The vast majority work on a paid basis, but the price is not too high. A free plan with the ability to generate a backup copy of data is available in the Easy Backup application. Before you throw contacts from the iPhone, you need to consider how they work. They all work according to the following principle:

  • both devices are connected to a wireless network;
  • the application opens on the old device, and mobile numbers are selected, which will be further transferred to the new gadget;
  • the application opens on the new smartphone.

iPhone. “Cloud

“Cloud”. this is another interesting point to help when changing iPhone. How do I transfer files using it? It’s very simple, but before talking about it, you need to prepare everything, namely:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi on your old iPhone.
  • Go to settings and go to the “iCloud” menu item.
  • Activate the “iCloud Backup” switch.
  • Click “Create backup”.

So, now that everything is ready, you can talk about how to transfer files from Cloud to iPhone. In general, the procedure is very similar to the previous method. Actually, even the steps are the same, only after reaching the “Programs and data” item, you need to select “Restore a copy from iCloud”, then follow all the instructions and wait for the process to finish. Nothing complicated.

iPhone. iPhone

The first paragraph of today’s article will relate exactly to how to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone. There are many options for how to do this, but we will consider only 4 of the most useful.

“Android”. iPhone

Owners of “Android”.smartphones also often switch to the iOS platform. Naturally, they have a question: “How to transfer files from Android to iPhone?” In fact, there is nothing complicated here either.

At this point, we launch a new iPhone and follow all the steps from the previous methods until we reach the “Programs and Data” screen. There you need to select “Transfer from Android”, after which a 6-digit code will be displayed after a while. We return to the “Android”.smartphone, press “Search code” and enter there the 6-digit code from the iPhone screen. It is important that Wi-Fi is turned on all the time.

After the code is entered, all that remains is to select the files and data that need to be transferred to the iPhone and wait for the process to complete. All!

iTunes will help

How do I transfer files from iTunes to iPhone? As simple as shelling pears, you just need to connect your iPhone to your computer and run the program, preferably the latest version. After that, you need to select the device from which the backup will be created. There is one point here. If the copy contains data from programs related to the health and activity of the user, then you will have to encrypt the “backup” with a password, otherwise it will not be possible to restore it

All that remains to be done next. this is to click on the “Create a copy” button and wait for the process to finish.

Now, to restore everything on a new iPhone, you need to rearrange a valid SIM card into it and turn it on. If the launch is carried out for the first time, then this is even better, because, following all the steps of the setup wizard, you can safely reach the “Programs and data” item that we need. If the device has already been turned on before and the initial setup has been carried out, then you should go to the settings and reset the data.

In the “Programs and data” item, you will need to select “Restore from a copy of iTunes”, then follow the instructions and wait for the process to finish. That’s it, that’s all.

“Quick start

The first and most efficient way to transfer data from one iPhone to another. this is “Quick Start”. The main advantage of this function is that the entire process is automatic, so that a minimum of actions are required from the user.

To use the Quick Start feature, you need an old iPhone with iOS 11 and a new iPhone with the same operating system or higher.

So, first you need to insert the SIM card into the new iPhone, turn it on and put it next to the old one, right next to each other. After a while, a Quick Start screen appears on your old iPhone, showing your current Apple ID and prompting you to use it to set up your new device. Be sure to make sure that you are using the correct identifier (Apple ID) and only then click on the “Next” button.

After that, a certain animation will appear on the screen of the new iPhone and a request to hold the old device over the new one so that the animation is located in the center of the camera viewfinder. You can, of course, do without this and choose manual authentication, but then you have to go through a few additional steps. A signal that the entire authentication process was successful will be the inscription “Completed on a new device”.

Next, on the new device, you will be asked to enter the password from the old iPhone, after which you will need to go through the Touch ID setup procedure. A few minutes later, on the new device, you will need to enter a valid password for the Apple ID account with which the data is transferred.

If everything is entered correctly, then a request will appear on the new iPhone in which you will need to select what data you want to transfer, including various backups, ApplePay wallets, Siri settings, programs, and more. Also, if the user has a branded watch from Apple, then it will additionally be offered to transfer the corresponding settings to them.

That, in general, is all. The most important thing. so that both phones are close to each other throughout the procedure.

Most Popular Ways on How to Transfer Files from iPhone to iPhone

Often, when buying a new phone, the user is faced with one problem. data transfer. Of course, folders with music, videos, photos and other things can be transferred through a USB flash drive, but what about installed applications, contacts, SMS and other important information? In this article we will try to consider in detail the ways of how to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone, from iPhone to “Android”, from iPhone to “Cloud” and a few more options. Let’s start!

As you can see, transferring data to iPhone does not cause any difficulties. The most important thing. follow the instructions, be careful and follow all steps. That’s basically it. Happy transfers!

How to Transfer Photos from One iPhone to Another

complicated, but also “official” way is iTunes. The method is not so simple and requires connecting a smartphone to a computer with the utility installed. But, it can be used to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone if there is no Internet connection.

Connect powered iPhone to computer and launch iTunes.

Wait for the sync to finish or cancel it. After that, go to the photo section and mark those photos that you want to sync.

Now start syncing in the tab of your smartphone. After its completion, all photos will be transferred to your computer.

Connect your second iPhone to your computer. Go to the tab with photos, select the ones you want to transfer to iPhone and start syncing. Done.

This method will require more time and a little knowledge of the interface, as well as the principle of the iTunes utility. The utility itself is the official program from Apple for working with all mobile devices of the most famous American smartphone manufacturer. The utility is completely free and its latest version can be downloaded from the official website. There is a version for any operating system except Linux. iTunes works with any version of iPhone or any other original Apple mobile device.

iTunes includes a library of 45 music tracks, as well as movies and TV shows. The content of the libraries is paid and licensed, so you may need to subscribe to listen to music.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud

Transferring photos via iCloud is the most modern and promising way. All you need for this is just two iPhones and a stable internet connection (mobile is also fine).

Go to the settings of your smartphone and open the item with iCloud. In newer versions of iOS, you will need to find the item with your name or the name of the smartphone, where the iCloud menu will already be located.

In this menu, enable synchronization of photos with cloud storage. You can also check the box next to “download and save originals”. After that, all your photos will be automatically synced to iCloud.

In the application itself, open the folder with photos. Now you can share those photos that you wanted to transfer to another iPhone. Also, all photos will be automatically available for viewing and downloading on another iPhone if it is used with your same Apple ID. That is, it is tied to one account.

The nuance of this method is the need for an Internet connection. As well as difficulties in transferring large amounts of data via iCloud over a mobile network. For example, on Android, you can either set such restrictions or remove them. But, on the iPhone, transferring the archive of photos to several gigabytes will not work.

The iCloud service itself is completely official. And at the moment, Apple provides up to 5 GB of space on the cloud server for free. In the future, the free space will expand depending on the company’s policy. The service has a Russian-language version and is distinguished by security, as well as data protection, both from unauthorized access and loss. Therefore, your photos will be safe and sound.

An important advantage is the ability to transfer photos from iPhone to Android smartphone.

Transfer photo from iPhone to iPhone. 3 ways

Transferring photos from iPhone to iPhone, especially when there are a lot of them, is a process that photography enthusiasts constantly face. And taking into account the quality of photos provided by the main camera of the iPhone, it becomes clear why there are many of them.

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Transferring photos from iPhone to iPhone seems like a simple process that won’t take even a minute. But, on the other hand, doing it in official ways, and even more so through the iTunes utility, is not the easiest process. In addition, it is far from the most understandable for those who rarely came across Apple products before or have not yet spent time analyzing all the intricacies of their use. Therefore, in order to easily and quickly transfer a photo and one iPhone to another, check out all the methods presented below and choose the one that is right for you.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone via Tenorshare iTransGo

The easiest and most intuitive way to move photos (or any other data) from iPhone to iPhone is Tenorshare’s iTransGo utility. The utility can be downloaded for Windows or MAC computers on the official website The instruction is extremely simple. Russian language is present in new versions of the product, which makes work easier.

Connect both smartphones in the switched on state to the PC and run the utility. Wait while it detects devices.

The arrow indicates where the files will be transferred. Click “next” or “next” for the English version.

You will see a list of all the files that you want to transfer. If all the checkboxes are checked, then all data will be completely transferred. Therefore, select only “photos” in the “media” tab.

Click on the “start transfer” or “start transfer” button. After its completion, the photos will be transferred to the second smartphone. In this case, all photos will be transferred completely.

This method of transfer is relevant for those who have no desire to deal with Apple ID and iCloud. The iTransGo utility allows you to transfer any other files from iPhone to iPhone, including contacts and settings. The downside is that you need a computer and two wires for iPhones, as well as two free USB ports.

Final part

Transferring photos from one iPhone to another is extremely easy. Using the official cloud service iCloud, you can transfer photos to your iPhone or another person’s iPhone while on opposite ends of the globe. The main thing is the presence of a stable Internet connection, and preferably a Wi-Fi network. Using iCloud, you can not only send photos to another iPhone, but also to your Android smartphone or computer.

Using iTunes for transfer is also Apple’s recommended method. The utility itself allows you to perform a huge number of actions from smartphones up to a firmware update. However, in the latest versions, this can also be done via Wi-Fi. As a result, iTunes is now more of a media library of music, books, movies, and TV shows. All content is licensed and paid, although there are some free fragments. The very method of transferring photos through the iTunes utility is more complicated than through iCloud and does not have such clear advantages.

Tenorshare has developed the iTransGo utility specifically for transferring files, settings and, in general, transferring the system from one smartphone to another in just a few clicks. The utility is intuitive and easy to use. The process itself will not take even a few minutes.

In addition to iTransGo, Tenorshare has developed a number of utilities for working with Apple mobile products, which fully include the functionality of iTunes, but are much easier to understand.

Transfer via iCloud sync

The first thing it is recommended to do is create a backup copy of the stored folders and files on the device you are still using. It is created in the iCloud cloud storage. the place where all the important information stored on the phone is stored. It makes it easy to sync iPhone to iPhone without losing important documents. Each user of Apple technology gets this place automatically when registering a phone in the system.

After the procedure, he is given a login (email address for entering the storage, an account) and a password (comes up with his own). Therefore, the synchronization process begins with registering (if the user has not yet registered) the device in the Settings → iCloud menu. Then follow the recommendations of the instructions.

After registration, a duplicate is created, otherwise it will not work to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone using this method. You need to do the following:

  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Settings menu.
  • Select “iCloud”.
  • Select “Backup to iCloud” from the list.
  • Put toggle in green (active) position.
  • Select “Create a Copy”.

Important! It is necessary to ensure that the Wi-Fi network is stable at the time of creating a reserve, otherwise the process will not take place. The duplicate will be stored in the virtual cloud until the user wants to delete it personally. Therefore, you can skip the transfer immediately. At the same time, Honor has to say that it won’t be possible to transfer music and video. They will not be copied for storage and movement.

Now let’s figure out how to transfer data from a backup to a new smartphone. But first, let’s clarify that if the device is not new (someone has already used it) or the user will give his phone to another person, but the documents on it should be deleted after the transfer. To do this, select successively “Settings” → “General” → “Reset” → “Erase content and settings” → restart iPhone.

Recovering from a copy

Now, in order to transfer data from one gadget to another, it is necessary to disconnect the one from which the information was backed up, and connect to the PC the one to which it should be moved. The procedure for selecting a smartphone will be similar to that described above. Then they act as follows:

  • Go to “Recover from copy”.
  • Select the required version from the list. The creation date should be rechecked.
  • Wait for the end of the process.

You cannot forcefully interrupt the process or interfere with it. It will take some time, so don’t panic. After the transfer of information from one iPhone to another has occurred, the gadget is disconnected from the PC, and then rebooted.

Important! If the device has already been used by someone, you need to erase everything from memory before importing files. The same should be done with the device from which the files and folders were transferred (if it will not be used by the same user).

It is believed that cloud storage is a more reliable way of storing information than a cell or tablet. Even if the data from it disappears, then by contacting Support Apple, you can restore the data within 30 days. In addition, cloud storage stores files and folders on the server without cluttering up the memory of equipment. This is beneficial if the data movement is planned to take place after some time.

Using the iTunes app to move data

You can sync your iPhone with your iPhone using the familiar iTunes app for Apple gadgets. The program allows you to create a backup duplicate of documents and then import them to a new device.

Create a backup

  • Download and install iTunes application on PC.
  • Connect smartphone to PC to copy data from memory.
  • Open the app. Update to the latest version if necessary.
  • Select a gadget in the program. In the upper right corner is the phone icon.
  • Select the “Browse” item.
  • Find the “Backups” section.
  • In the list, click “Create a copy”.
  • Wait for the process to complete.

To make sure that transferring objects from iPhone to iPhone will be successful, you need to play it safe and check if folders and important files have really been saved to backup. To do this, go to “iTunes Settings”. Then go to the “Device” section. In the window that appears, you should see a file with the name of the phone and the date of creation. If everything is correct, you can continue the process without fear of losing information.

Step-by-step instructions for moving data

Important! You should be careful here. To carry out the correct transfer of data from an old smartphone to a new gadget, you need to make sure that the saved duplicate is selected correctly. It is recommended to navigate by the date of creation and time.

The transfer of information from a device that has already been used to a newly purchased gadget will occur after a few minutes. The contacts and files in use appear in the phone contacts and folders. In the process, you need to monitor the stability of Wi-Fi. The procedure will not work without a network connection.

After the recovery procedure, continue setting up the smartphone. You can play it safe and check whether all the data from the first device was actually backed up (reconciliation of the number of objects in folders). To do this, you need to visit the website. You can log in from a computer under the Windows operating system. Similarly, double-check whether all objects have been transferred to a device prepared for use in the future.

Ways to Transfer Data from One iPhone to Another iPhone

Apple regularly releases new and improved versions of smartphones. It is not surprising that adherents of the brand’s devices, following the novelties, change devices with an enviable frequency.

It happens that the purchase of a new gadget is associated with a malfunction of the old iPhone or the need to purchase a second phone. But in the end, the reason is not important, the information and contacts of the phone book accumulated for months are important, with which the user needs to work both on a new smartphone and on two at once. How can I save it? Is it possible to transfer folders and contacts from iPhone to iPhone automatically without manual correspondence and resetting the Media Library on PC. Yes, you can. Consider the options.

As you can see, transferring data from iphone to iphone is not difficult, it is enough to understand the mechanism of the procedure and repeat it clearly according to the instructions and the job will be done. A little perseverance and half an hour of time will allow you to keep important photos, contacts and other information safe.

I hope we have answered all your questions, if not, see the video instruction below, it explains step by step what to do and how to do it. See you on the site pages!

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