Transfer to Samsung from another phone

On the current device we do:

You must have a Google account created and connected to the device. Go to the settings, open the section with accounts and see if it has been added, if not, then do it. Go into it and set the checkboxes for all or only the necessary items to the active position. Click on sync so you don’t have to wait for it to happen automatically.

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If you are using a smartphone with Android version up to 8. In the settings, open the “Restore and reset” section (it may have a slightly different name if you use a third-party launcher). And enable the data backup option in it. Add your booking account here.

Activated auto-recovery function. in automatic mode, it will set up a new phone with the specified account in the same way as the old one was configured and transfer data from the backup.

On newer OS versions starting from Android 8, go to the settings in the “System” section and then open “Additional settings”. The backup item will be here. open it and enable the function of uploading data to Google Drive, if it is not done by default. Then click on “Start copying”.

How to transfer data from Android to Android everything: TOP ways

Transferring data from Android phone to Android phone is an extremely important and always relevant topic. Every year, a lot of new devices are released on this OS and when purchasing one, you always want to keep everything that was on the old one.

Therefore, it is extremely important to know how to transfer all data from Android to Android phone or tablet quickly and correctly so that there will be no problems in the future.

In the previous article, we looked at how to create a Google account and how to link it to your smartphone. Now we will figure out in detail and with examples how to transfer all information from Android to Android.

Interesting! The transfer of information / data can be done on any device with this OS, regardless of its model, be it: Honor, Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony or others.

Super backup

A good option, besides SMS, it also recovers many other important data from your device.

Via computer via USB

Connect the device to your computer, and transfer the folders with the necessary files to your PC or laptop. Then copy them back to your new phone. You can transfer in this way: music, photos and other images, downloaded data and other multimedia.

Samsung Smart Switch 2020. Transfer ALL Your Data, FAST!

Also, almost every manufacturer of devices based on this OS has its own application that allows you to make a backup copy of the device and transfer data to a new one. For example, Samsung has Smart Switch. But there is practically no point in using them in data transfer, only if other methods do not work. It is better to use them for their intended purpose. creating a backup of the current device.

We use standard system tools. Google account

What can be thrown (the list may differ depending on the version of Android):

  • System settings
  • List of installed applications, they will be automatically downloaded to the new device
  • Data from apps that use Google Drive for backups
  • Contacts
  • The calendar
  • Documents
  • Google drive
  • Google Play Movies
  • Google Fit. health tracking apps
  • etc depends on the OS hole and on the model of the device

Back up your old smartphone data to your Google account

      Usually, backups are enabled by default on Android, but not always. So make sure that all information. contacts, calendar, mail, settings, application data. is safely stored in your Google account.

      Open “Settings” → “System” → “Additional settings” → “Backup” on your old smartphone. Make sure the Upload to Google Drive switch is turned on and the correct address is listed in the Account section. Then click “Start copying” → “Continue”.

      The backup process will begin. It will save the data to your Google Drive. This operation may take a long time, especially if you have been using your smartphone for a long time and a lot of data has accumulated there.

      When the process is complete, you can put aside your old smartphone.

      By the way, you can get to the backup panel not only from the phone settings, but also from Google Drive. To do this, open the application and click on the icon with three horizontal lines at the top left. Then go to Settings → Backup & Reset. Then everything is identical.

      Copy music and other files

      If you have a lot of things stored in the memory of an old smartphone (for example, a collection of MP3 music or some documents), all this can be transferred manually via a USB cable.

      Connect your old smartphone with a USB cable to your computer. Select the “File Transfer” mode and copy everything you need. Then disconnect your old smartphone.

      Connect a new phone and transfer all your data to it via Explorer or Finder.

      In some cases, the computer cannot immediately recognize the connected smartphone. This is especially true for Macs, to which old Androids are connected. To deal with a similar problem, read our guide.

      When buying a new model of the MEIZU line of smartphones, users are wondering about transferring data from an old phone to a new one. This process is quite simple to carry out. The developers have taken care of this function, so the user does not need to download various applications.

      Third Party Applications

      Data transfer does not always work correctly with SMS messages. To save all SMS, just download and use the third-party SMS Backup Restore application or a similar analogue.

      Using proprietary utilities

      If synchronization with Google does not suit you for something, then you can use some proprietary utility. It is usually pre-installed by every major manufacturer. Let’s take a quick look at each of these programs.

      • HTC Transfer Tool transfers notes, schedules, SMS and other important information. For this, Wi-Fi Direct wireless communication is used. You can install the utility on any smartphone or tablet, but the data should be sent exclusively to the device from HTC. The application works on the Android operating system, starting from version 2.3.
      • Motorola Migrate is another program of this type. It requires Android 4.1 or higher. But this concerns only the receiving device, which must be produced by Motorola. You can transfer data from a device with an operating system no older than Android 2.2. If you are only interested in transferring contacts, then this function will work even on Android 1.6.
      • LG Mobile Switch is pre-installed on the devices of the South Korean company. The application supports the transfer of almost any type of user information. The program can only work on Android operating systems, starting with the JellyBean version.
      • Samsung Smart Switch lets you quickly transfer contacts, calendars, photos, videos, notes, and more. The export can be run on any device running Android 4.0 or later. Import is only supported on South Korean smartphones and tablets.
      • Sony Xperia Transfer Mobile allows you to transfer many user data to your Japanese smartphone. You can transfer data from almost any tablet or smartphone. Even the operating systems iOS 5.0 and Windows Phone 8.1 are supported. For Android, versions up to 4.0 are supported.

      Transferring Music

      Now you know how to transfer data from Android to Android. But the above methods did not apply to music. It can also be synchronized with your Google account, but only through a special service. It’s called Google Music. The service is capable of storing up to 50 thousand audio tracks. If they are synchronized, then you can play your music on any device where the service is available.

      The sad thing is that you can only use Google Music for free for one to three months. Also, this service does not work with FLAC and ALAC formats. Therefore, it is easier to transfer all the music to your computer or memory card.

      Main advantages:

      • Transferring phone numbers does not require Google services, a computer or the Internet.
      • When exporting, additional information is saved, a contact photo, etc.
      • There is no limit on the number of numbers in the phone base.

      Transferring phonebook contacts

      The most important type of information is the contacts contained in the phone book. We bet that you haven’t been writing down phone numbers somewhere in a regular notebook or notebook for a long time. Therefore, the loss of all contacts can seriously fray your nerves. Fortunately, now it’s easy to transfer your contact list from your old device to your new one.

      We wrote about how to transfer contacts from Android to Android. Be sure to read this guide, because it covers this topic in as much detail as possible. In short, there are several ways to transfer the list of contacts:

      • Using synchronization with Google servers;
      • Copying contacts to a SIM card or memory card;
      • Application of a special program for PC.

      Any of the ways listed in our article can help you. We recommend setting up synchronization with Google. this is done once, after which you can not worry about the safety of not only contacts, but also many other data.

      Online, to your Google account

      In this case, all mobile phones will be transferred to the Google cloud, from where you can transfer them to yourself on another Samsung smartphone.

      In the smartphone settings, go to the “Cloud and accounts” section, open “Accounts” and check if the Google Account is linked to the device.

      Important! In this case, you need to have a Google account, do it if you don’t have one, detailed instructions on how to create a Google account. And bind to the device.

      Open the Contacts app, click on the three dots icon at the top right and open the contact management section. In Android 10, to go there, instead of the three dots on the right, click on the three stripes on the left.

      On another mobile, this Google account must also be linked. All contacts will be automatically transferred as soon as automatic sync occurs.

      Interesting! For more ways to transfer content, read the article. how to transfer data from android to Android.

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      Smart Transfer

      Another good option to complete the task. If other methods do not help, then you should try Smart Transfer. The program is quite easy to use.

      Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

      The official application from Samsung for transferring data between two devices of their company. The most simple interface and convenient management. Try it first.

      • Will transfer any data between two Samsungs
      • Simple and intuitive interface
      • Synchronization
      • Working tech support
      • Can even transfer SMS

      How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung: In Detail

      You can transfer contacts from Samsung phone to Samsung very quickly using a few simple methods and without even installing third-party applications.

      It is quite important to know how to do this, because if you change the phone or, in general, lose it, the phone book will be required on the new device.

      In the past, you learned how to clear memory on a Samsung phone. Now we will take a closer look at how to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung with detailed explanatory pictures.

      Interesting! The methods that are suitable for other models of smartphones on Android, we have disassembled in the material. transferring contacts from Android to Android.

      Move Contacts Transfer / Backup

      A quality application specifically designed to transfer numbers from one device to another. With the most user-friendly interface.

      • Supports all Android devices
      • Can even transfer to iPhone
      • Easy to use via Bluetooth

      How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Phone to Samsung Phone. Apps

      Special applications from Google Play will help those who have an old version of Android, or who do not have some items in the menu. Plus they have advanced transfer features.

      Transferring contacts to a SIM card in Android 4

      To transfer contacts from your phone to a Samsung SIM card (or to a device of any other brand) with the version of the Android 4 operating system, you must:

      • Go to the contacts section using a special icon on the home screen or in the menu.
      • Go to settings. To do this, press the “Menu”, “Options” or “” button depending on the phone model.
      • In the window that opens, select the item “Export / import contacts”.
      • Then select “Export to SIM-card”.
      • Select the contacts you want to copy. You can click on the “Select All” button if you want to copy all contacts from the phone book.
      • Carefully read and agree to the conditions under which data is copied from the phone to the SIM card.

      As with other operating systems, only the contact’s name and phone number are saved when copying.

      Transfer contacts to Android OS 8, 7, 6, 5 and below

      In older versions of Android, copying contacts to a SIM card is different from the one described above. In order for information about numbers on a SIM card to be available on a new phone, you must:

      • Go to the phone book using the special “Contacts” icon on the home screen.
      • In the upper right corner, click on the “Options” item (In some operating systems, the “Options” item is indicated by an icon with three dots).
      • In the menu that opens, select the “Settings” item.
      • Select contacts and in the menu that opens, click on “Import / Export Contacts”.
      • Click on the “Export” button. Android prompts you to select the location where you want to transfer your contacts. Use the command “Copy contacts from phone to SIM card”.
      • Confirm your intention to copy contacts by clicking on the “Yes” button in the window that opens.
      • Mark contacts for transfer. Further actions will be performed automatically.

      How to transfer contacts from SIM card to phone

      After the import / export of contacts has been made, you can move the card to another phone. all phone numbers will be immediately available.

      In order for the new information about contacts to be saved in the phone’s memory, it is necessary, accordingly, to transfer data from the SIM card to the smartphone. For this:

      • Go to contacts through the icon on the home screen.
      • In the menu (opens after clicking on the “Menu”, “Options” or “” depending on the version of the OS that is installed on the smartphone) select the item “Settings”. In newer versions of the Android operating system, you must select the item “Manage contacts”.
      • Select “Export / Import Contacts”, then “Import”.
      • Indicate where you want to copy the information from (in our case, from the SIM card).
      • Selecting contacts, completing the import.

      After these actions, the contacts will be saved in the phone memory. If you change your SIM card, the numbers will still be available for viewing.

      How to Transfer Contacts from Phone to SIM Card on Android

      There are several ways to transfer contacts from your phone to your SIM card:

      Transferring contacts to the phone’s SIM card is convenient: after changing the mobile device to another, there will be no problems with transferring numbers to the Android address book.

      Most often, you can get by with the built-in smartphone tools: you do not need to install additional software. The methods for transferring contacts to a SIM card may differ depending on the version of Android installed on the phone. We’ll be looking at a variant with Android 9 and a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. Ways for Android 8 and below are also described.

      Please tell us in the comments if you managed to transfer contacts to a SIM card. Also, if the described methods of transferring contacts on your phone are not available, check which device you are using and which version of Android is installed.

      Instructions: how to transfer contacts to a SIM card in Android OS 9

      Transferring contacts to a SIM card in Android 9 is done as follows:

      • From the main screen, you need to go to the address book using a special icon or through “Settings. Contacts”.
      • Go to the Android settings menu by clicking on the icon with three dots.
      • A menu will open with several items, among them select “Manage contacts”.
      • A window will open offering the available options (merge, import / export, sync, change the default storage location). Select the item “Import / Export Contacts”.
      • To transfer contacts from phone to SIM card, you must select “Export”. SIM card.
      • Next, mark the contacts that need to be copied.
      • If you need to move all contacts from the address book to the SIM card, just click on the “Copy all” button.
      • Complete the procedure by clicking on the “Yes” button in the dialog box that opens.

      Please note that when copying to the SIM card, only the phone number and contact name are transferred. Copy photo, email address and other contact details will not work due to SIM card limitations.

      Tip: You can do it differently: restore contacts from a backup, or sync a new phone with your Google account. Read how to do this here. At the same time, you will not have any restrictions: you can copy email, address and other data about the contact.

      Advice. For Android users, it is convenient to export contacts not to the SIM card, but to the Google Contacts cloud. Pros:

      • contacts will always be available for synchronization for any device,
      • address book data will be protected from accidental deletion.

      Best apps for transferring contacts

      You can transfer contacts to SIM not only with the built-in tools of the phone, but also through third-party software. There are also programs that allow you to backup your contacts. The advantage of a backup over a regular copy is that it is often possible to save not only the name and number, but also additional information.

      • Titanium Backup. The application creates a full backup of the address book, as a result, no additional information on contacts is lost. Using the application, contacts can be saved to a memory card or information can be uploaded to the cloud for subsequent easy access from any mobile device. Disadvantages of the application: distributed on a paid basis, requires administrator rights.
      • Dropbox. The app allows you to sync your contact information and store it in the cloud. In order not to lose the necessary information when changing the phone or firmware, just go to the program settings and click on “Save contacts”.

      Important! Detailed instructions on how to backup contacts.

      Dear Readers! Share in the comments if the described methods helped you or not? We will try to improve the article if suddenly some methods do not work on other versions of Android.

      What makes HyperTrans the best phone transfer service

      • Transfer Photos from iPhone / Android to Another iPhone / Android.
      • Transfer Photos from iPhone / Android to Windows / Mac.
      • Move files between phones and computers, including photos, videos, contacts, call logs, messages, ringtones, etc.
      • Control your phone on computer with contact manager, image converter, ringtone maker and more.
      • Support any popular mobile phones like Samsung, HTC, Sony, HUAWEI, iPhone XS / XS Max / XR / X / 8 Plus / 8 / SE / 7 Plus / 7/6/5, iPad, etc.
      • Fully compatible with the latest iOS 12 and Android 8.0.
      • Work with Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / XP and Mac OS X 10.7 or higher.

      Transfer data from iPhone, Android, iOS, computer to anywhere without any loss.

      • Move files between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.
      • Import files from iOS to iOS or Android to Android.
      • Transfer Files from iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android to Computer.
      • Save files from computer to iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android.

      How to Transfer Photos from One Phone to Another (Android & iPhone)

      Every mobile phone has a built-in camera. You can take photos to record precious memories and important information without unnecessary baggage. Over time, more and more photos are stored on your phone. Thus, if you switch to a brand new phone, you need to transfer images from one phone to another, as well as other files.

      There are two ways to transfer files between Android phones. You can transfer thousands of photos from your old phone to your new phone with phone transfer software in minutes.

      Well, if you want to transfer multiple pictures between phones, you can also use Bluetooth to solve this problem. No matter how many photos you want to move, you can get detailed instructions here.

      Transfer data from iPhone, Android, iOS, computer to anywhere without any loss.

      • Move files between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.
      • Import files from iOS to iOS or Android to Android.
      • Transfer Files from iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android to Computer.
      • Save files from computer to iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android.
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      How to Transfer Photos from One Phone to Another Without Losing Quality Using HyperTrans

      Step 1 Free download and install the phone transfer software.Use lightning USB cables to connect your phones to your computer. Follow the instructions on the screen to enable USB debugging on two mobile phones.

      Step 2 Set your old phone as the source device. Then choose Photos in the left panel. Phone Transfer will detect all your photos in folders.

      Step 3 To distinguish between several similar pictures, you can double click on the picture to view the details. Later, check in front of the photos you want to move to new phone.

      Step 4 Click Export on the top toolbar. Set your new phone as an exit path. Later, you can transfer photos from one phone to another Android or iPhone without quality loss.

      Note. You can transfer images from Android to Android, Android to iPhone, iPhone to iPhone and iPhone to Android with the above steps. Remember not to confuse input and output devices.

      How to transfer pictures from one phone to another using Bluetooth

      You can also transfer photos from Android to Android without a computer via Bluetooth. Make sure your two mobile phones are close to each other. If you want to transfer images from Android phone to iPhone using Bluetooth, you need to install the Bump app first.

      Step 1 Open the Settings app. Turn on Bluetooth on your two Android phones.

      Step 2 Connect two phones from the list of neighboring devices that can be matched.

      Step 3 On your old phone Send Manager, Long press on the photos you want to move. Click Bluetooth to Share Using Dialogue.

      Step 4 Go to the recipient’s phone to access these photos.

      How to Selectively and Quickly Transfer Pictures from One Phone to Another

      FoneLab HyperTrans is the fastest phone transfer software you are looking for. You can transfer photos from old Android to new Android in bulk in a few minutes. All your Android images can be transferred to another phone or computer without any quality loss. You can view, manage, convert and transfer images from one phone to another phone or computer offline in one stop.

      over, you can transfer contacts, messages, music, videos and other files to your new smartphone effortlessly. Clean and intuitive interface is friendly for all users.

      What’s more, you can transfer photos from Android to Android via Wi-Fi through third-party apps like SHAREit, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. No need to connect your phone to your computer via USB cable.

      However, the image quality can be affected by wireless transmission. A poor Wi-Fi connection will also dramatically decrease your phone’s transfer speed.

      Thus, if you want to transfer images in large file size, you are better off using FoneLab HyperTrans for super fast file transfer speeds. Almost all phone models and service providers are supported. In a word, you can freely transfer images between iPhone and Android easily.

      Transfer data from iPhone, Android, iOS, computer to anywhere without any loss.

      Transfer via “Settings

      On some Samsung models, you can transfer applications to the memory card in the smartphone settings. Let’s see how this is done:

      • Go to settings and select the “Applications” section.
      • Select the software that you want to save on the SD card through the dispatcher.
      • Check the box next to “Memory card”.
      • Complete the transfer via “Export Classic” to Samsung.

      Move to SD Card utility

      The clear Russian-language interface of the program allows you to:

      • Transfer software to SD card from internal memory and vice versa.
      • Sort installed programs by main criteria: size, name, installation date, etc.
      • Display the main information of the selected programs: where installed, size, APK file name, date and time.

      Transfer data to the menu through the functions of the same name. The program is universal, intuitive, and works with all versions of Android. starting from version 2.3 and higher.

      Data transfer

      You can change the location of data on your phone if it is personal, that is, you entered it on the device yourself. If the files are system files, they cannot be transferred, and without superuser rights you will not have access to them.

      Files To SD Card

      Lightweight and easy to understand utility allows you to transfer: folders, files and utilities. between the SD card and the internal memory of the phone. Optional program:

      • Works with Android 5 and up.
      • The device does not need root.
      • Allows you to select the memory card as the location for saving new files (default).
      • Moves data using the “Move to” function.

      Transfer instruction

      If you have a working SD card in your phone, you can transfer apps and other data to it. The main requirement for the operating system is Android (not lower than version 4.2.2).

      Transferring applications to Android is possible provided:

      • They were installed by you personally.
      • The developer has taken care of the possibility of transferring software files to another location.

      In other cases, it will not work to move the application in a regular way. But there are other possibilities. let’s go further.


      Any information in the form of documents, music and other files manually loaded into the memory of a smartphone or tablet is transferred using the file manager. For these purposes, the native Files manager is suitable. You can use an alternative, in the form of “Total Commander” or “ES Explorer”.

      • Open “Files” and go to the “Internal memory”.
      • Select folders or files to transfer and click “Copy”.
      • Then go back to the root folder and select “Memory Card”.
      • Decide on the directory and click “Insert”.

      In this way, you can transfer, upload or download a lot of personal data to your phone.

      AppMgr III

      The utility differs from its counterparts in the function of mass transfer of installed software. In addition to the transfer of “AppMgr III” can massively for selected applications:

      • Clear cached data.
      • Stop and hide unused software.
      • Inform immediately whether it is possible to transfer software from the list or not.
      • Sort installed software by main criteria.

      You can transfer data using the buttons in the utility header. Works with Android 4 and higher, but may not be compatible with some OS skins (e.g. Xiaomi).

      How to Copy Photos from Samsung Phone to Computer

      Sometimes the phone memory is not enough to store all important information, all photos from parties or videos from a vacation. Fortunately, data from your phone can be transferred to other media, including a PC. If you are wondering how to transfer pictures from Samsung phone to computer, there are several ways to do it.

      Sending a photo via mail or messengers

      The last option that we will consider is the use of mail or instant messengers. It is suitable for sending a small amount of photos with light weight.

      To send images using the messenger, open any of them, the computer version of which is installed on your computer, and send the photos to friends or to yourself. Then go to the desktop version of the program and find the file, right-click on it and select the “Save As” option, then select the folder to store.

      You can do the same with mail. Write a letter to yourself or a friend, attaching several necessary files to it. Log in to the mail service from a computer browser and open the letter with the files. Download them in the usual way.

      Data transfer via USB cable

      The most convenient way to transfer via a USB cable is to use a separate software, for example, FoneLab HyperTrans. This program allows you to synchronize the work of your mail, social networks, work programs between your PC and smartphone, as well as transfer any data: photos, videos, presentations, music, and more. Using the utility, you can access documents on your computer from your phone, or answer a phone call from your computer.

      To get started, download and install FoneLab HyperTrans on your PC.

      Connect your phone with a cord to your computer.

      Run the program. Information about the connected device will appear on the screen. On the right side of the screen, you will see a list of actions that are performed with the data on it.

      We will need a photo section. In it you can add or delete images, create albums and transfer photos to other media.

      Mark the required photo and the action you want to perform with it. To transfer to PC, select “Export to PC”, then specify the folder where you want to place the photos, and click OK. All selected files will be moved to the directory you specified.

      Samsung Kies

      Samsung Kies is a dedicated PC photo transfer system for Samsung Galaxy series phones. Using the utility, you can transfer any data to a smartphone connected to a PC via a USB cable, as well as synchronize the work of almost any service. For this:

      • Download and install the utility on your PC.
      • Connect your Samsung Galaxy to your device using a USB cable. The computer will immediately detect your device.
      • Run the program. Open the Photo section among the options on the left side of the screen.
      • All photos from your smartphone will be displayed on the screen.
      • Check all the pictures you want to transfer. Click the Save to PC button.

      That’s all! All necessary data has been copied to your computer.

      How to transfer photos or other data from Samsung to computer

      Samsung gadget manufacturers are striving to create a single system from a smartphone and a home or work PC. This is convenient for fast file sharing and synchronization of programs, for example, mail or instant messengers. Therefore, for Samsung smartphones, there are several ways to transfer data to PC.

      Transfer photos via Bluetooth

      Bluetooth is an option for synchronizing devices with each other. Turn on the option on your smartphone, then search for active devices on your PC. As soon as the smartphone is detected by the system, click on its name with the right mouse button and select the line “connect”.

      In the appeared interaction window, click on the line “Send or receive files via Bluetooth”. Click on it and select the Receive files option.

      Open your mobile gallery and mark all images for transfer. Then click the “Share” button, choose Bluetooth as a channel. Mark your PC in the list of devices to which we will send pictures. It will take a few minutes for the files to be sent, after which they will all appear in a special folder on your PC.

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      Photo sync with cloud service

      Cloud services are the main helpers for those who like to store a lot of photos and videos for a long time. You can transfer files one-time, or you can connect periodically saving data to the cloud storage.

      Use Google Drive. a storage from Google. All data located on the virtual drive will be under the reliable protection of Google

      To upload photos to the service, log in to your Google account, then open the Drive app. On the left side of the screen, find the “Add” button, in the drop-down list, click on the “Create folder” option.

      In the created directory, also click the icon. select the required images on your phone and click the “Download” button.

      Files downloaded in this way will be available for viewing on a smartphone and PC. Data can be safely deleted from the memory of a mobile device. now they are stored on a virtual disk.

      Transferring data through Google and Samsung accounts

      One of the easiest ways to transfer information is to sync through your Google and Samsung accounts. The actions are as follows:

      • on the transmitting device, enter the settings and click on “General”;
      • then click on “Archive and reset” and click on the item “Archive”;
      • go back to the previous page and open “Accounts”;
      • in the list that opens, select “Samsung account” and click “Sync. all”;
      • After successfully transferring on your new phone, sign in with the same Samsung account. Automatic synchronization is available on Android, so after a while all the transferred information will be on the new gadget.

      Important! When transferring through a Google account, the actions are almost identical, however in the fourth step you need to click on the Google icon.


      You can also transfer contacts and any other information to a new phone via Bluetooth. Of course, this is not the fastest way to transfer data. However, if your home does not have high-speed Wi-Fi or USB cables, do the following:

      • turn on bluetooth on 2 gadgets. To do this, go to settings and click on Bluetooth. If it is not in the list, then open the “Wireless networks” section;
      • when the smartphones find each other, perform pairing by pressing the “Pair” button. If any of the smartphones is not located, make sure that it is switched to visible mode;
      • on the old gadget, find the required section, then click on the Share button and select the transfer via Bluetooth;
      • then select a new phone and click on the send button. On the target device, click “Accept”.

      If the total weight of files is several gigabytes, then we recommend using another method, since the transfer via Bluetooth will take a long time.

      Dr. Fone. Switch

      A Chinese program that allows you to transfer information from one Android device to another in just a couple of steps. Naturally, the application is also supported by Samsung smartphones. To transfer information, download the program and follow the algorithm:

      • on 2 gadgets, enable USB debugging mode. Now connect both gadgets to your computer. But before that, we recommend that you check if the computer has all the necessary drivers;
      • open the downloaded utility and click on Switch;
      • when the devices recognize each other, the display will show the icons of both smartphones and a menu in which you can select the information to be transferred;
      • select the data you plan to transfer (for example, transfer contacts, photos, etc.). But be aware that the utility cannot copy information from system programs and protected folders;
      • after selecting the files to transfer, click on “OK” and exit the application.

      Unfortunately, the app also has its drawbacks. First, it is written entirely in English. And secondly, in the regular version of the program, no more than 10 files from each category can be transferred (for example, no more than 10 photos or audio).

      Transfer Data from One Samsung Phone to Another

      When buying a new phone, we first of all think about how to transfer all data from one phone to another. These actions can be performed both with the help of a special program, and via Bluetooth or using a computer. From the article, the reader will learn how to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung and what methods are suitable for this.

      Smart Switch

      The manufacturer has developed a proprietary program for transferring data from Android to Android. It is suitable for both budget devices of the manufacturer (for example, A50 and A51) and for flagships in the face of the Galaxy S10 and S20.

      This utility allows you to transfer data from your old phone to a new one via USB or Wi-Fi. You can also download the PC version and transfer data through your computer. The algorithm of actions for each version of Smart Switch is approximately the same.

      • Make sure both gadgets are turned on and have enough power to take action.
      • Smart Switch must be preinstalled on both smartphones (see the list of apps). If any phone does not have it, then download the utility in Google Play.
      • Open the program on both smartphones and click on “Send data” or “Receive data” (choose your own on each device).
      • Now on the old Samsung you will be prompted to choose the option for transferring information: wirelessly or via USB. When you select the first option, the phones will find each other and automatically connect. In the second case, you need to connect the devices together with a USB-C or USB-A to USB-C cable. Select Wi-Fi Transfer.
      • On the transmitting gadget, select all the information you plan to transfer: messages, photos, phone book, notes, etc.
      • After that, the device will notify you about how much the transferred data will take and how long the transfer will take.

      Note! If your data exceeds 5-6 GB, we recommend choosing cable transfer to speed up the process. If information is transferred over Wi-Fi, be prepared for 20-30 minutes of waiting (depending on the speed of the Internet).

      • Select “Submit” and allow the transfer of information. We recommend not to touch both smartphones during the transfer: this will not only speed up the process, but also avoid data loss.

      Smart Switch is a great way to transfer data that was missed by a backup to a new phone. But through the application you cannot transfer the settings of third-party applications, as well as the cache from applications and games.

      Transfer using a memory card

      You will need a file manager. You can use either the built-in or a third-party program (for example, ES Explorer). The algorithm is as follows:

      • open the file manager and select “Local storage”, then click on Internal Storage;
      • find the folder you want. Tap on it and hold it until the action window appears;
      • click “Copy”;
      • in the sidebar, click on the item “SD Card”;
      • now select the folder where you are going to transfer the data and click “Paste”.

      In this way, you can transfer photos, music, videos and other files. When finished, insert the memory card into your new phone.

      For transferring contacts, the principle of action is different:

      • on the transmitting smartphone go to “Contacts”;
      • click on the three dots and select “Import / Export”;
      • then select “Export to storage” and wait for the contacts to be copied to the SD card. In this case, a file of the vcf format will appear on the drive itself;
      • place the memory card in the receiving device;
      • open the “Contacts” section;
      • click on the three dots and go to the “Import from storage” section.

      After that, the contacts will be automatically transferred to the phone memory.

      Data transfer via computer

      If the task is to quickly transfer data, then we recommend that you perform the steps using a computer:

      • connect the transmitting smartphone to the PC via a USB cable;
      • find your mobile phone in the “Computer” section;
      • from a computer, go to the built-in storage of a smartphone or to an SD card (depending on where the necessary information is stored);
      • copy data from the device memory and paste it on the desktop;
      • disconnect the old phone from the computer and connect the new gadget to it via USB;
      • drag the copied files from the desktop to the internal storage or to the memory card of the new phone.

      As you can see, the method is quite simple. And if you have a more or less powerful computer, then all actions will take only a few minutes.

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