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iPhone as a webcam over Wi-Fi

If your computer and iPhone are connected to the same WI-FI wireless network, setup is fairly straightforward. First, open the iVCam application, the smartphone will automatically detect an active wireless connection with the program on the computer.

The iPhone will ask for permission to use the camera and microphone. It is necessary to click “Allow”, after that the image from the main camera, as well as sound, will appear on the screen:

Please note that in this mode, you cannot switch between applications on the iPhone, otherwise the video stream will be interrupted.

If various networks are used, for example, mobile LTE and a regular Ethernet connection on a PC, the iPhone must first be connected with a proprietary cable to an available USB port of the system unit. Then allow access to the computer and run the iVCam program on the smartphone.

iPhone as a webcam via USB

The iPhone is equipped with high-definition cameras that can surprise even the most sophisticated user with the quality of the video stream. It takes a little tweaking to use your iPhone as a webcam, but the results are well worth it. Apple’s gadget completely replaces the “WEB-camera”: audio transmission, high-definition video are available, as they say, by default.

Setting up your computer to receive streaming video from an iPhone

To connect iPhone as a webcam, you need to download the desktop version of the iVCam program for a personal computer. To do this, go to the official website at the link, select the Download button. If you cannot download the program from the official website, you can follow the link

iphone, webcam

We confirm the terms of the license agreement for using the application. We select the Russian language, as well as the directory where you want to install the program.

IOS setup for video transfer

The whole setup will take place in two stages: installing programs into a smartphone and into a personal computer with their subsequent connection. So, the steps to perform on the iPhone:

The mobile client is ready to go. Next, let’s start configuring the receiver for Windows environment.

Firewall settings

After installing the program on your computer, you need to remove the ban on iVCam in the Firewall settings. Let’s see how to do it on Windows 10.

Go to the “Windows Defender Security Center”:

Next, we allow the application to work through the firewall by ticking the appropriate checkboxes:

The setup is complete, now let’s move on to connecting the smartphone and computer to one network.

The simple iPhone setup procedure saves you a decent amount of money for the alleged purchase of a new webcam. And also gives guaranteed pleasure from broadcasting high-definition video. In webcam mode, the iPhone is used to stream to video services such as YouTube, Twitch. Also for video calls through popular instant messengers: Skype or Duscord. The interlocutors will appreciate the high-definition “cinema” and high-quality sound.

Developers from Apple offer to make video calls on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in different ways. using standard tools like FaceTime, and third-party clients of social networks and instant messengers (Skype, Viber and dozens of other options). But what about situations when a smartphone, tablet or player is not enough for the full transfer of information? When is it still important to additionally display the screen during communication or launch broadcasts through corporate platforms to which access from mobile technology is prohibited? Of course, use a computer with a webcam. Well, if such an accessory was not at hand, then immediately use the iPhone as a webcam

The innovative and technical tool iVCam, which is ahead of the competition both in terms of available functions and due to a small number of errors (for example, Cam has thousands of problems with sound, and also a paid restriction on the transmission of a color picture, will help to deal with the set). if you don’t pay, you will have to communicate in black and white).

How to install and configure iVCam

Turning an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a webcam is possible in the following scenario:

    Go to the App Store from a smartphone, tablet or player, and using the search, find iVCam;

After preparing the mobile equipment. return to the computer;

First of all, you will have to follow the link to the main website of the tool and without changing the language in the upper right corner to “English” point of view of design and convenience), find an image of a smartphone and a laptop and click on the link that is located under the familiar words “Win7 / 8/10” and start downloading;

Logically, the search for the desired distribution could be simplified by using a link to the cloud storage, but due to the extraordinary activity of developers and the frequent change of stable versions, it is better to agree with the official website;

After the download is complete, the distribution will have to start and, following the installer’s prompts, complete the unpacking and mandatory preparation (no surprises. select a directory, put a checkmark in front of the items with autorun and shortcuts, and click on the “Next” button a couple of times);

The installation is completed by a trial run of iVCam, which immediately begins to search for a suitable device that can become a webcam;

So, all that remains is to launch iVCam on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and connect to the same wireless Wi-Fi point to which the PC is connected or distributed;

  • Synchronization occurs instantly, but if nothing worked, you should use the QR code reading, which will appear in the lower right corner of the tool interface;
  • On Apple appliances, after pairing, two prompts will appear. The first will offer to open access to the camera, the second directly to the microphone. Well, in the aggregate it will turn out to be easy to communicate and display an image;
  • By the way, you can disconnect the PC connection by minimizing the iVCam tool on your smartphone. In a second, the picture will disappear.
  • The way to turn a smartphone, tablet or player into a webcam is possible in other ways. through WebCamera, iCam or Cam, but, as practice shows, no one can compare with iVCam, even from paid copies. The settings are too complex for competitors and unpredictable functionality with a bunch of restrictions.

    How to turn your phone into a webcam in 5 minutes: 3 easy ways

    Modern people have long been accustomed to the fact that a smartphone is a multifunctional device that can be used to solve the widest range of tasks. But the user may not even guess about some of the capabilities of his mobile gadget. For example, in a situation where a webcam is required for video calling, it can be replaced with an Android phone camera.

    Turning your phone into a webcam comes in handy if you need to:

    • Make an urgent video call via Skype, but you don’t have a standard camera at hand, or it’s broken;
    • Install an additional webcam for webcasting;
    • Create Remote Surveillance Using Phone.

    Even a phone with a broken screen can be used as a webcam. The main thing is that the front or main camera module is in working order. For different ways to connect your phone, you will need:

    • USB cable;
    • Wi-Fi access point;
    • Programs for pairing phone and computer or laptop.

    How to use your phone as a USB webcam

    This software will work in conjunction: the Android application will configure the phone as a webcam, and the PC program will receive and process the signal from the mobile device.

    Let’s take a look at the step-by-step phone setup:

    • Install the DroidCam Wireless Webcam application on your smartphone;
    • Open the page in your browser, download the distribution kit and install it on your computer or laptop;
    • Turn on developer mode on your phone. You can read about how to do this in our article “10 most useful hidden functions of Android”;
    • Run the USB Debugging function. To do this, select the “For Developers” menu item in the phone settings and press the button in the corresponding item.
    • Launch DroidCam Wireless Webcam App;
    • Connect your smartphone to your computer via a USB cable;
    • Launch the DroidCam client on your computer;
    • Press the USB connection button;
    • Check the checkboxes Audio and Video;
    • Click on the Start button.

    An image from the phone camera will appear on the client’s screen. In the settings of the DroidCam Wireless Webcam application, you can select the front camera as the main one for connection, as well as assign the phone’s microphone to capture audio.

    How to use your phone as a webcam over Wi-Fi

    DroidCam Wireless Webcam allows you to set up your phone as a webcam over a Wi-Fi connection. To do this, follow points 1 and 2 of the above instructions. Then go through the following steps:

    • Start Wi-Fi on your phone;
    • Open the DroidCam Wireless Webcam App;
    • Open DroidCam on PC;
    • Click on the Wi-Fi connection button;
    • In the Device IP line, type in the number that will be displayed on the main screen of the Android application in the WI-FI IP item;
    • Check the checkboxes Audio and Video;
    • Click Srart.

    After that, the application will capture the video signal from the phone camera and transmit it through the client to the computer. The free version of the application only connects the phone and PC, and also contains ads. The paid DroidCam application does not display advertising banners and allows you to adjust the contrast and brightness, change the resolution, and so on.

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    Please note: There are many recommendations on the Internet for applications that allow you to use your phone as a webcam. The second most popular program is the USB Webcam Android application. It should work similarly to the DroidCam utility, that is, you need to download the application to your smartphone and the PC program from the official website. The problem is that, although the application is still available on Google Play, the client’s developer’s offsite has ceased to exist, and downloading the distribution kit from a third-party source is fraught with the introduction of a dangerous virus on your computer.

    We turn a smartphone into an IP camera for remote video surveillance

    To set up your phone as a webcam, you need:

    • Install the application on your smartphone;
    • Install the adapter on the computer;
    • Set up a camera for video capture in the application;
    • Set video resolution and quality;
    • Change advanced settings: video orientation, focus and flash mode, white balance, color effect, and so on;
    • Select in the application the item “Start broadcast”.

    Further, the user has three available ways to watch the broadcast from the smartphone camera:

    • Through a browser;
    • Via VLC player;
    • Via Skype.

    To view the video in a browser, enter the device’s IP address and port into the search bar. This information can be found by clicking the “How do I connect” button in the application. Indicate that you are connecting directly and choose the connection method: via a mobile network or Wi-Fi. In the pop-up window, the application will report the desired number, for example, Next, on the video broadcast page, select the viewing and listening mode.

    • Install the distribution kit;
    • Open the player;
    • In the top menu, select the item “Media”;
    • Click “Open URL”;
    • Type in a line with the address indicated in the application and add the word videofeed, for example, like this:;
    • Click Play.
    • Open the adapter program;
    • Type in an address similar to the one used for the VLC player;
    • Specify the resolution 320×240 (if the signal does not connect, increase the resolution to the next level, for example 640×480);
    • Click “Apply”;
    • In Skype, open Video Settings;
    • In the “Select webcam” select MJPEG Camera.

    The IP Webcam application differs from DroidCam Wireless Webcam in extended functionality and simpler connection, which does not require installation of additional drivers for your phone.

    While exploring the ways in which a phone can be made a webcam, we used a model of a gadget from the Fly company.

    Since 2003, the British company Fly has been a stable manufacturer of high-quality smartphones, in which engineers try to take into account all the requirements of modern users. The company focuses on creating budget smartphones that are not inferior in quality to mid-range models. Even in a gadget for 7-8 thousand rubles, the user will find a powerful 4-core processor, a capacious battery, an excellent camera, a high-quality IPS-screen, and all that is framed by a stylish design.

    For some time we turned the Fly CIrrus 9 smartphone into a webcam. Since the testing took quite a long time, we needed a gadget with a capacious battery, a large screen, a high-speed Internet module and a smart processor. And the Cirrus 9 smartphone came up for every point. On the large 5.5-inch IPS screen, it was very convenient to manage application settings and learn instructions for managing programs. A powerful 4-core 1.25 GHz processor ensured stable system operation while downloading and running multiple applets at the same time. The 4G LTE module made it possible to instantly download the most voluminous application, and a capacious 2800 mAh battery kept the smartphone on full alert all this time.

    IP WebCam

    Let’s start analyzing applications from the already mentioned IP WebCam. The application interface is rather austere, but it has everything you need. You can set a username / password for the client application or select a port for communication with the server. The app supports streaming at the highest possible camera resolution. You can connect to your phone’s camera through a web browser or desktop app. It is also possible to set the video resolution through the mobile application or through the client’s desktop application. Interesting. the use of the phone as a video surveillance camera. The broadcast can be viewed in real time through a secure web portal.

    How to connect a phone camera

    As an example, a bundle of Skype and IP WebCam applications will act, but in other products everything is done in the same way.

    • Open the app on your smartphone and go to the bottom of the screen and click “Run server”. Make sure your phone and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network.
    • After starting the server, you will see the connection URL on the screen.
    • Launch the desktop app and in it enter the same URL that appears on the mobile version.
    • After you have entered the URL, click on the “Auto Detect” button to test the connection.
    • If successful, click on the “Apply” button to save the changes.
    • Now open the Skype desktop application and go to Settings. Go to the “audio and video” tab.
    • In the video settings, change the camera from “HD Webcam” to “MJPEG Camera”. Now the video stream will be broadcast from your phone.

    How to use an Android smartphone as a webcam

    Today we are going to tell you about several applications that will help you pair your Android smartphone with your PC. over, they work with both Windows and macOS. All programs, which will be discussed below, work on the client-server model.


    DroidCam is a small utility with a minimal set of required functions. Like the other apps on the list, it is capable of connecting to the mobile version via a web browser or desktop app. DroidCam also provides additional connectivity options via USB or Wi-Fi. This is a great option as the latency of the USB connection will be minimal. Unfortunately, the app only supports resolutions up to 480p in the free version. Full HD comes with a price tag. In addition, the free version has ads.

    IP camera Lite

    IP Camera Lite stands out from other applications in that the free version does not greatly limit the user in functionality. In addition, a whole bunch of communication services are supported, and it is also possible to use not only the smartphone’s camera for video communication, but also its microphone, which is often much better than what is installed in laptops and regular webcams. In the free version, you will be annoyed by the watermark on the screen, which can be removed for a small fee. And after payment, you will be able to upload recordings of broadcasts to FTP and a few more functions that you can do without.

    You can find even more interesting materials on our page in Yandex.Zen. There are regularly published unique articles that are not on the site. Join us!

    How to use iPhone as a webcam for your computer

    Using the iPhone as a webcam will require a dedicated application to be installed on your phone and computer. Unfortunately, the iPhone does not support this feature out of the box, so you need third-party software to implement it.

    We tested several apps and got acquainted with the reviews on them. As a result, two options can be distinguished: EpocCam (for iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac) and iVCam (for iPhone, iPad and Windows). Both products can be attributed to the premium class with numerous free options, you are given the opportunity to try out the functionality of the program before purchasing it. Windows 7, 8 and 10 versions are supported.

    In addition to versions for Mac and PC, EpocCam also offers three versions of the application for the iPhone. The free version has limitations, the high-resolution version costs 749 rubles. The free version is limited to a camera resolution of 640×480 pixels and watermarks over the camera image.

    iVCam works almost identically, but only a Windows version is available. The iPhone app and accompanying software are free to download. The free version of iVCam supports HD resolution, but also contains a watermark over the video stream. To remove this picture, you will have to pay 749 rubles using an in-app purchase.

    Both of these apps allow you to use both wireless and USB connections. You can choose from front or rear cameras, use different lenses, and even turn on the flash on your device to better illuminate the scene. If you decide that you like a particular application and want to unlock the full version, then both options are relatively inexpensive (599 rubles and 749 rubles) relative to the average quality of webcams.

    In addition, there is an application called iCam (379 rubles). Unfortunately, you will not be able to test it before purchasing. The program is also based on UPnP for wireless connection, which may not work with all routers. Another solution is NDI | HX Camera, a free app for video producers. However, this program may seem daunting to most users.

    Whichever application you choose, you need to leave it running and open on the iPhone screen, which will act as a webcam. After installing the app and setting up your iPhone, you will need to go to the video conferencing app settings on your computer, where you need to select the virtual webcam as the video source device.

    How to use iPhone as a webcam for your computer

    A good webcam can be quite expensive, and it may simply not be at hand at the right time. And the camera quality of such a device is likely to be worse than that of your iPhone. Why not use your smartphone as a webcam for video communication? And it’s really easy to do.

    iOS video conferencing applications

    Using iPhone as a webcam for a computer requires the installation of the corresponding application on the smartphone. It is worth running this program and checking its performance, as well as the corresponding program (links below) on a Windows or Mac computer. Sometimes you can do without a computer at all. In this case, you need to use the usual instant messenger applications.

    If you want to use your webcam to make Skype calls, chat with colleagues on Zoom or Slack, or just chat with friends via WhatsApp or Viber, try downloading the appropriate iPhone app. These apps are specially designed for mobile devices, so they work great on a small screen.

    If you want to use speakerphone with your iPhone, then you will need to purchase an inexpensive tripod. There are quite a few smartphone tripod mounts on the market that allow you to conveniently place any video equipment you have. Almost everything you need will allow you to carry out a high-quality spider tripod, which you can install on almost any surface.

    The main disadvantage of this arrangement is that you will be dependent on the iPhone’s microphone and speaker. Wireless headphones are the best way to deal with this problem. The sound quality will be quite good, and it will be much easier for you to deal with the microphone so close to your face.

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    Of course, sometimes you have to work at the computer. In this case, there is little that can replace a separate webcam. Fortunately, the iPhone does a good job of playing the role of an alternative.

    Tips for Using iPhone as a Webcam on Computer

    A wired connection will always be better than a wireless one. If you want the most reliable webcam solution, turn off wireless and select USB. Both apps we have selected support USB connectivity. If you are not walking around the house while chatting, using Wi-Fi in this case does not make much sense.

    If you want to use your iPhone as a webcam, you’ll also need a stationary positioning method. The best solution is a smartphone tripod or an existing standard tripod.

    The aforementioned universal spider tripods are perfect for this because you can mount them almost anywhere.

    If you already have a tripod, but there is only no smartphone mount for it, pay attention to this option.

    Both apps allow you to use a rear view camera, which you should definitely use. Not only can you use a flash when needed, but the iPhone cameras on the back are vastly superior to the selfie camera.

    You can use EpocCam and iVCam to capture audio as well, but that would not be the best idea. Headphones are a nice accessory, but a quality desktop microphone will sound 10x better. We advise you to adjust the lighting (even with a table lamp) before the call to make sure that your face does not appear too dark (in detail).

    Using your iPhone as a webcam will drain your battery. If you are not using a USB connection (which also charges your phone while chatting), make sure to plug your smartphone into a power outlet.

    Using iPhone as a webcam on Mac

    First you need to download the EpocCam application (App Store) on your iPhone.

    On your Mac, go to and download the application drivers for macOS. After that, install the downloaded files on the Mac. Drivers allow you to select EpocCam as default camera in Skype and Zoom.

    Now download EpocCam Viewer (Mac App Store) on your Mac.

    Open the EpocCam app on your iPhone and you will see a blank screen asking you to connect your Mac to the same Wi-Fi network or with a USB cable.

    Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to Mac, or just connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

    You will see the image from the smartphone camera in the EpocCam Viewer on Mac.

    After installing the EpocCam drivers, you will be able to select the program as the default camera for Skype and Zoom. For example, you can open Skype, go to the audio and video settings and select EpocCam as your default camera.

    The EpocCam program and application are free. There is also a version for Windows. It allows you to use both the main and front camera of the device, but there is a resolution limitation of 640 x 480.

    There is a paid version of EpocCam for a computer that will upscale video to 1080p HD, allow you to use the iPhone microphone, remove ads and watermarks.

    How to use iPhone as a webcam for PC and Mac

    The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of people to work from home. Many have switched to video conferencing software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype for workshops. Because of this, many began to buy themselves good webcams. Even MacBooks have poor cameras. Fortunately, the iPhone can be used as a webcam.

    Firstly, the setup process is very simple, and secondly, the camera on the iPhone is much better than on most laptops. Below, we’ll show you how to use your iPhone as a webcam for PC and Mac.

    Even if you have a MacBook with a camera, it is better to use an iPhone for video calls. The video quality will be much better. There are several applications that allow you to do this, but we will tell you about EpocCam. The application is simple and convenient.

    How to use an iPhone instead of a webcam on a Windows PC

    EpocCam works with Windows too, but the free version is limited. IVCam supports HD video and has a nicer interface.

    Download the iVCam application (App Store) for iPhone.

    Download iVCam software on your Windows PC (download).

    Install the program on your computer and then connect your iPhone and PC to the same Wi-Fi network.

    Open the app on the iPhone and the program on the computer. They will sync automatically and you will see the video from the iPhone camera on the PC.

    over, iVCam has effects, it is possible to take screenshots and record video, as well as support for flash. You can upscale video quality up to 1920 x 1080 at 60 fps. And yes, it’s all in the free version. Paid only removes ads and watermarks.

    iVCam works great with Skype and Zoom, it can also be selected as the default camera through the settings.

    For even more convenient communication, use your smartphone stand.

    It is worth noting that using the iPhone as a camera quickly consumes battery power, so it’s best to plug it into a power source right away.

    How to use your smartphone as a webcam

    A webcam is a must for comfortable video calls or video surveillance. Unfortunately, it is not always at hand when you really need it, but there is always a smartphone in your bag or You can use your smartphone as a webcam, and it’s quite easy to do.

    What is needed

    • A powered-on Windows computer (but other operating systems may be considered if software is available for them).
    • Router with active hotspot (if connected via Wi-Fi)
    • USB-microUSB adapter (if pairing with PC via USB cable).

    How to make a webcam from an iOS and Android phone

    You should install the appropriate software, select the method of pairing with the smartphone, set up the address where you can access the webcam.


    For devices of the apple company, the algorithm of actions remains unchanged. The only thing that has changed are the programs that are recommended for use on iOS:

    • iVCam Webcam is a simple program, pairing is done automatically. You are provided with the adjustment of the expansion and frame rate, the choice of the orientation of the screen. PC client required.
    • EpocCam is a similar automatic setup without manual functional settings. You need to install the client on your computer too.
    • iCam. offers to record the broadcast to the cloud. In this case, you can view the video sequence through a browser. You can manually change the contrast, brightness, activate the flash. You don’t need to install anything on the PC.

    Using a smartphone as a webcam via WI-FI is the easiest way. IVCam is used for pairing example:

    • Install iVCam Webcam on your phone from the AppStore.
    • Activate it and put the birds in the settings opposite “Sound”.
    • Grant access rights to the camera and network connection.
    • Put the client on the computer from the official site.
    • Run the client on the PC and wait for Connect between the two devices to be installed.

    It is also possible to implement a wired connection on the iPhone. To do this, just connect the iPhone to a PC or laptop, and then do the same steps as for Wi-Fi pairing.

    Is it possible to use a smartphone for remote video surveillance?

    Yes, it is quite. Only for the same purposes, you need to select the appropriate application. To make a remote CCTV camera from a phone camera, use the programs Alfred, Manything, WardenCam, IP Webcam. With the help of such software, you can even stream.

    How to use similar solutions?

    All such applications work according to the same principle. The software is installed on both user devices (the mobile version is downloaded from the Play Store or App Store, and the desktop version from the official website) and then launched. Next, you need to make sure that both the computer and the smartphone are connected to the same network. If so, the devices will automatically recognize each other and offer to connect.

    If automatic recognition did not occur, an ip-address will be displayed on one of the connected devices, which will need to be manually entered on the other device to establish a connection. After that, it will be possible to make the necessary settings and start work.

    Using your phone as a webcam using IP Webcam

    With this software you will be able to broadcast in real time on various platforms. People often use this program as a CCTV camera.

    • If necessary, you can display the date and time, as well as the status of the battery.
    • Can record videos in various formats.
    • This program is compatible with other applications.
    • When using the free version of the application, a watermark is superimposed.
    • Lots of advertising banners in the free version of the app.
    • Many users have problems accessing applications such as Zoom or Skype.

    Webcam from phone using IP Camera Adapter

    The IP Camera Adapter is a utility that is installed on the user’s computer. It is compatible with the “IP Webcam” application described above for smartphones.

    • Ability to use a webcam using mobile internet and Wi-Fi.
    • You can customize the sound, quality and orientation of the camera.
    • It is possible to record video and audio in various formats.
    • Date and battery status can be displayed.
    • You can use your smartphone as an IP camera.
    • You cannot connect using a USB cable, only a wireless connection is available.
    • If you use the free version of the app, the video will be watermarked.

    How to make a webcam from a smartphone using the DroidCam program

    This application will help you quickly turn your mobile device into a webcam. You will be able to video conferencing and broadcast on various platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. In addition, using this application, you can use your smartphone as an IP camera.

    • Both Wi-Fi and USB connection can be used.
    • The application can run in the background.
    • Intuitive user interface.
    • Video recording with sound.
    • Advertising in the free version of the application.
    • 720p quality is only available in the paid version of the application.
    • In the free version of the application, you cannot use the flash, focus, zoom and other functions of the camera of the mobile device.

    How to make a webcam from your phone using the iVCam program

    The iVCam application is installed on both user devices, and then, thanks to a USB cable or Wi-Fi connection, the smartphone starts to function as a webcam. If desired, you can reduce or increase the quality of the video, adjust the sound and the number of frames per second.

    • High quality and low ping.
    • Intuitive user interface available in Russian.
    • You can connect several necessary devices to your computer at once.
    • Supports all the most popular formats up to 4K.
    • You can use any camera installed in the smartphone (main, front, wide-angle module, etc.).
    • Almost all functions of the camera of a mobile device are available: flash, focus, effects, etc.
    • A watermark that overlaps part of the image.
    • Stable operation of the application is guaranteed only if the user device is running on the iOS platform.
    • Availability of advertising.
    • With Wi-Fi connection, there are often problems with FPS, and when connected via USB, everything works much more stably.
    • Too many restrictions in the free version of the application.
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    In addition to the image, this application perfectly transmits sound, so the smartphone can also be used as a microphone. In addition, you can take pictures and record videos while chatting.

    Phone as a webcam. why you need it?

    There are situations in which there is an urgent need to turn on the webcam, but it either produces a video of poor quality, is damaged or is completely missing. In the light of recent events, this problem has become especially urgent. A webcam may be needed for distance learning or remote work.

    If the built-in webcam installed on the laptop is broken, but there is simply no external camera, a modern smartphone will help solve this problem. For this, there are many third-party applications and utilities, which will be discussed below.

    Phone instead of webcam using EpocCam software

    The main feature of this program is that it is supported on both Windows and macOS. Using this software, you can interact with a webcam in Zoom, broadcast on Twitch and many other platforms.

    • The connection is established automatically.
    • You can use both the main and front camera of the mobile device.
    • User devices can connect up to 6 meters away.
    • You can use your smartphone as a wireless microphone.
    • There are problems with establishing a connection.
    • Ping moments are very high.
    • Often does not work on Samsung Galaxy and Honor smartphones.
    • Availability of advertising.

    How to use your smartphone as a webcam. an overview of available solutions

    The easiest option in the absence of a high-quality webcam is to install specialized software. It is worth noting that it will need to be installed both on a PC or laptop, and on a smartphone. Here is a list of apps that will help you turn your modern smartphone into a webcam:

    • iVCam.
    • EpocCam.
    • IP Webcam.
    • IP Camera Adapter.
    • DroidCam.

    How To Use Your Smartphone As A Webcam for FREE!

    Webcam from Android smartphone via WI-FI

    Wireless connection is done with the same set of tools. Only in the program window is the Wi-Fi icon selected, and not USB, as in the previous version of the instruction. Further it is necessary:

      Look at the application screen in the smartphone and find the line “WI-FI IP” there. The colon is followed by an address of the type:

    Write the displayed address in the program window on the PC. This is done in the line “Device IP”.

    Press the “Start” button. An image from the smartphone camera will appear on the screen.

    The video is broadcast in 480p format, in order to increase the resolution you need to:

    • click on the “HD” icon at the top of the application;
    • agree to view ads to unlock the function within the current connection session.

    The paid version of the application costs about 4 and provides the following features:

    • zoom in and out of the image;
    • flash activation on a smartphone;
    • adjustment of contrast, brightness, sharpness;
    • image rotation and mirroring;
    • video quality enhancement and experimental mode with double frame rate.

    We turn a smartphone into a webcam

    When you need to arrange a video meeting on your computer, and the camera has stopped working, a reasonable question arises whether it is possible to use the phone as a webcam. It will definitely work out what was conceived, and in several ways: through a wired or wireless connection. The article will allow you to understand in detail the implementation of the task. The step-by-step actions will be presented, the required programs and their settings will be named.

    How to make a webcam out of a phone

    You may need to turn your Android smartphone into a webcam for several reasons:

      Urgent need to make a video call via Skype in the absence of a standard camera.

  • Installation of an additional camera for video broadcasting.
  • Creating a surveillance camera using an unnecessary phone.
  • Almost any smartphone running on Android will be able to cope with the task. In this case, his screen may be broken, only the integrity of the lens is important. There are several ways to turn a mobile device into a webcam:

      Connecting to a computer via a USB cable.

  • Pairing PC and smartphone via Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Transferring data from phone to PC via the Internet. In other words, an IP surveillance camera will be implemented, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and not only within the range of the home network.
  • Each method requires detailed consideration so that there are no problems during the setup process.

    Phone as IP webcam

    In this case, the signal will not be transmitted through the home network, but through the developers’ servers of the application being used. Thanks to this, you will be able to view the image from the webcam at any distance from it. Typically, such a solution is used to install video surveillance of the house or the surrounding area.

    Before resorting to setting up, it is necessary to take into account some of the disadvantages of this method of creating video surveillance:

    • The signal transmitted through the application servers may not always be stable. It depends on the current load, and given the free use, in most cases the user will receive a lack of speed and various bugs with a loss of connection.
    • The phone being used as a camera may freeze, causing the signal to be cut off.
    • You will need to provide constant power to the smartphone battery, otherwise, after a while, a complete discharge will occur.
    iphone, webcam

    If such disadvantages do not stop, consider an application that can help in solving the problem.

    Phone as webcam via USB cable

    The simplest connection can be made using the USB cable that comes with any smartphone. This also requires installing the appropriate software on both devices. The tested and working application is DroidCam Wireless Webcam. You can find it in the Play Market and then install it on your phone. The program of this developer will need to be added to the Windows OS:

  • wait for the download and run the installation file;
  • follow the instructions of the installer.
  • The application on the phone receives information from the camera and transmits it to the PC, and the program on the computer processes the data to be recognized by the rest of the Windows software. Before you start, you should activate the “USB debugging” option, which is located in the “For Developers” section of the main Android settings menu.

    With everything set up, let’s take a look at how to use your phone as a webcam:

      Launch the DroidCam Wireless Webcam app on your smartphone. On the welcome screen, click Next. Read the instructions for use and tap “Got it”.

  • Connect phone to PC via USB.
  • Run the program. In the window that appears, select the USB icon, it is located in the upper left corner.
  • Mark the items “Video” and “Audio”, click “Start”.
  • An image appears on the computer monitor.
  • If you click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the application and select the “Settings” line, you will be able to make the following settings:

      Activate keep the device awake to prevent screen lock due to inactivity.

  • Select the front camera instead of the main one if you want to record from it.
  • Assign the microphone from which the sound is transmitted.
  • Limit frames per second to save battery power.
  • If for some reason it was not possible to connect via the cable, you can use alternative applications that work on a similar principle. It is enough to type the phrase “Web camera” in the Play Market search line and view the results that have received the most positive user ratings. In addition, the connection can be made wirelessly, which will be discussed later.


    This is a program for using your phone as an IP webcam on Android devices. It will transform an old smartphone into a remote video surveillance camera at no cost. To create such a system, you will need two smartphones, one of which acts as a monitor for viewing the image and one Google account.

    Often, such a solution is used to create additional security at home and on a suburban area. Also, video surveillance may not always be required, but only at certain moments, for example, when a nanny looks after the children in the house. In this case, there is no point in spending money on expensive equipment and it is highly justified to use an old smartphone that connects as a CCTV camera in just a few minutes.

    The Alfred app provides the following features:

    • taking snapshots and saving them in the device’s memory;
    • remote activation of the flash on the phone, if provided by the design;
    • flipping the image;
    • choice of camera for shooting;
    • night vision. switches the shooting mode from color to black and white;
    • viewing data on frame rate, bit rate, etc.

    To use your phone as a webcam, you must:

      Install the application on two smartphones: one is used as a camera, the other as a monitor.

    Run the application on each and specify the role of the mobile device: monitor or camera.

    Enter data from your Google account to unite all smartphones in one place. Shooting can be performed from several phones, so it will be very convenient to switch between them to get a complete picture of events.

    Use Your Phone as a Webcam | iPhone, Mac, PC (2020)

  • Activate surveillance and place the phone in the desired location.
  • Now you can connect to the camera from another smartphone and track activity in the surveillance area at any time. The application is capable of making video recording when the detector detects movement.

    Using the information provided, even a user who does not have special skills in setting up equipment will be able to turn the phone into a webcam. The connection can be made in three convenient ways, which allows you to vary the location of the camera and access to it. All of these programs work for free, and only additional functions will require the purchase of extended access.

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