Waiting for download in the Samsung Play Store

Endless waiting for downloads in the Play Store on Android. how to fix

One of the most common problems when downloading applications from the Play Store on an Android phone or tablet is the constant message “Waiting for download”, while the application is not being installed.

This manual describes in detail methods to fix the situation when Android does not download applications, but writes waiting for download. If you have already tried some of the described methods according to other guides, and they did not work, just skip the steps you have already tried. A general instruction on all problems may also be useful: What to do if the Play Store applications on Android are not downloaded.

Deleting and re-entering your Google account

In order to use this method, you definitely need to know your username and password for your Google account and, if two-factor authentication is used, to have an appropriate number or other authentication method. Resetting your Google Account consists of the following steps:

  • Close all applications on your phone, including Play Store.
  • Open Settings. Accounts. Google, select your Google / Gmail account.
  • Click “Delete Account”.
  • After completing the deletion of the account, add the same Google account again, launch the Play Store and check if you managed to get rid of the constant download waiting.

Simple Methods to Fix “Waiting for Download” in Play Store

Before you start manipulating applications, cache and other things, if you have a problem installing applications from the Play Store, I recommend trying the following simple methods (provided that the Internet on your device is working):

  • Check what happens if you go to play.google.com in the Chrome browser on Android, select “Applications” from the menu and install an application from there. Sometimes, after such actions, the Play Store also “comes to life”.
  • If you have recently installed any VPN / Proxy, antivirus, memory cleaner or Internet speedup applications, check if the Play Store will work if you restart Android in Safe Mode. If everything worked, most likely, some of the applications you recently installed (usually something related to the network, antiviruses, optimizers) are interfering with the download, try uninstalling it.
  • In the settings of the Play Store application (menu. Settings) in the section “Downloading the application: settings” try to set “Any network”. Also in the Play Store menu go to “My applications and games”. “Installed” see if there is enough free space in the internal memory of the device.

Also, waiting for downloads can be observed for a long time in the case when the Play Store has started updating other applications: in this scenario, your download is queued until all applications are updated. Here you can just wait or turn off automatic app updates in the Google Play Store settings.

Attention: if the Play Store reports “waiting for the network”, this is another problem, which means that from the point of view of the application there is no access to the required Google servers (for example: there is no Internet, access is somehow blocked, not working proxies or VPNs are used, the settings enable downloading applications only via Wi-Fi, and you are connected via a mobile network).

Clearing cache and uninstalling Play Store updates

Before proceeding with the steps below, do not minimize, but completely close the Play Store application on your device.

  • Go to Settings. Apps & notifications. Show all apps (or just “Apps”).
  • Find Google Play Store in the list, click on the application, and then clear the cache and data in the “Storage” section (sometimes the items for cleaning are on the main page of the application properties).
  • Repeat the same for Google Play Services and Download Manager (or Download Manager).
  • Check if the problem is gone in Play Store.
  • If you still see “Waiting for download”, disconnect your phone from the Internet, go back to the properties of the Play Store application, click the “Disable” button, and at the request “Install the original version of the application?” click “Ok”. After that, turn on the application again, start the Play Store (without the Internet), turn off auto-update of applications in the settings, connect to the Internet and try again to download the application you need.

Additional ways to fix the problem with downloading apps

The previous described options work only in the simplest cases of the “Waiting for download” problem. If none of them helped, try the following solutions in order. All examples are shown for pure Android 10 and 9, but on other phones everything will be about the same.

We fix the problem with downloading applications on Google Play

Method Simple device reboot

Sometimes, in order to resolve the problem with the stuck message “Waiting for download” on Google Play, you just need to try to reboot. Restart your Android device and then try logging into Google Play again and downloading anything from there. This method rarely works, but some users claim that it sometimes helps.

Fix Play Store Pending Download (Waiting For Download) Problem Solved 2021

Disconnect from network method

Obviously, at boot time, you need to connect your device to the network. Most of the users use a Wi-Fi connection for their needs. Go to Google Play to track the change in the “Waiting for download” message.

Then turn off your Wi-Fi module. The endless waiting for download should be replaced by a message that the application could not be downloaded, which means a solution to the problem with “Waiting for download” in Google Play. Try downloading the app you want again.

If the situation repeated itself even after disconnecting the device from the Internet, then let’s move on to the next, more radical methods of solving.

How to fix “Waiting for download” on Google Play?

This is a typical Android problem that can be solved incredibly quickly and easily using several methods. In this article, we will look at the most effective ways to.

Method to Stop Uploading on Google Play

If a simple restart didn’t help, then let’s manually try to stop the stuck download on Google Play. To do this, respectively, launch the Google Play application, swipe from right to left and go to the “My games and applications” section. Click on the downloadable application, and then click again on the cross next to it to stop downloading it.

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In theory, the message “Waiting for download” in Google Play should disappear, after which it will be possible to repeat the download again. However, there are cases where the usual stopping of the download simply did not help. If you have the same case, then let’s move on.

How to fix problems downloading Play Store apps. first steps

First, about the very first, simple and basic steps to take if you have problems downloading applications on Android.

  • Check if the Internet works in principle (for example, by opening a page in a browser, preferably with the https protocol, since errors in establishing secure connections lead to problems with downloading applications). If there are errors with opening pages, this problem should be solved.
  • Check if the problem occurs when downloading via 3G / LTE and Wi-FI: if everything goes well with one of the connection types, there may be a problem with the settings of the router or on the part of the provider. Also, in theory, applications may not download on public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Go to Settings. Date and time (or Settings. System. Date and time) and make sure that the date, time and time zone are set correctly, ideally, set the “Date and time of the network” and “Time zone of the network”, however, if with these options, the time turns out to be incorrect, disable these items and set the date and time manually.
  • Try a simple restart of your Android device, sometimes it fixes the problem: press and hold the power button until the menu appears and select the “Restart” option (if it is not there, turn off the power and then turn it back on).
  • If a simple restart does not help, restart your phone in safe mode: to do this, press and hold the shutdown button, and when a menu appears with the Shutdown button, press and hold it. You will be prompted to restart Android in Safe Mode. If applications started downloading in safe mode, then most likely the cause of the problem is third-party applications on the phone, among the frequent candidates: antiviruses, memory cleaning utilities, VPN services and proxies. Try disabling or uninstalling such applications and check the Play Store in normal mode (just restart the device to switch to normal mode).
  • Go to Settings. Applications (or Settings. Applications and notifications. Show all applications) and in the menu at the top right, click “Reset application settings”. Confirm the reset, and then check again to see if the apps are being downloaded. Your data will remain in place, only permissions and application restrictions will be reset.
  • If your Android internal storage is full, try uninstalling unnecessary games or apps that take up a lot of space.

Another very simple method that works for many for the problem under consideration:

  • Close the Play Store app. In the browser of your Android smartphone or tablet, go to the site https://play.google.com/store (in this case, you need to be authorized in Google services in the browser with the same account that is used on the phone). In the menu on the site, select “Applications”.
  • Select any application and click the “Install” button (if you were not authorized, authorization will take place first). Select the device where you want to install the application. You will be informed that the application will be installed soon.
  • Wait for the app to install. If it is installed, start Play Store again and it will probably work as before from now on.

This is about the simplest methods to fix the problem, then about the sometimes more difficult actions to implement.

Reset Google Account

Try resetting your Google account. It is important that you know exactly the password of your account, and if you need two-factor authentication, you have the opportunity to confirm the login (since when using this method, problems can potentially arise):

  • Go to Settings. Accounts on your Android phone.
  • Select your Google account and click “Delete”.
  • After deleting your account, add it again.

Also, sometimes when you try to download an application in the Play Store, you may encounter a message stating that you need to sign in to your Google account, even if the required account has already been added to Settings. Accounts (if not, add it and this will solve the problem). In this case, the method described above often helps. using a download from the Google Play website through a browser.

Apps are not downloaded from the Play Store on Android

A common problem faced by owners of Android phones and tablets is errors downloading applications from the Play Store, when applications for one reason or another are not downloaded. At the same time, the problem itself may have a different form: endless waiting for download, various error codes when receiving data from the server, white screen in the Play Store application, some of these errors have already been considered on this site separately.

This manual provides details on what to do if applications are not downloaded from the Play Store to your Android phone or tablet in order to correct the situation. The accompanying video instruction also demonstrates additional methods for solving the problem with downloading applications. Note: if you do not have APK applications downloaded from third-party sources installed, go to Settings. Security and enable the item “Unknown sources”.

Uninstalling Google Play Store Updates

Try to uninstall Google Play Store app updates by following the steps below:

  • Go to Settings. Apps or Settings. Apps & notifications. Show all apps.
  • Click on Google Play Store in the list.
  • Click “Disable” and confirm to disable the application.
  • At the request to install the original version of the application, click “OK” to remove the updates.
  • After that, turn on the Play Store app again and try downloading apps again.

Checking the activity of applications required for Play Store operation

Go to Settings. Applications (or Settings. Applications and notifications. Show all applications), turn on the display of all applications, including system ones (this can be done in the menu by the button with three dots in the upper right) and make sure that the applications are “Google Play Services”, Download Manager and Google Accounts (this app may not be available in Android 10 and 9) are enabled.

If any of them are in the disabled list, click on such an application and enable it by clicking the corresponding button.

Waiting for Play Market download: what to do, how to fix it?

The first way to get rid of waiting for downloads in the play market is the simplest and fastest. It consists in rebooting your device to exclude possible failures in the phone system. After reloading, try downloading any app from the market. The banal reason for the problem is “why does the Play Store write waiting for downloads?” there may be a slow speed of the mobile Internet, running out of traffic, unstable wi-fi connection. We advise you to open a browser and try to load any site to check the quality of your Internet connection. A modern smartphone implies the purchase of a flash card to increase the amount of memory, which may lead to the question “why applications are not downloaded from Google Play”? You need to make sure that the flash drive is working. Remove the card from your phone and try downloading the app. Buy a card reader or any other gadget that can check the health of the drive. Trouble in the play market may occur due to auto-updates. Probably, at the time of putting the program into the download, other applications are being updated, for this reason the programs you have selected are not downloaded. To exclude a constant update, do the following:

  • Open Google Play. press the menu button (3 stripes) in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • A menu will appear showing programs and games that are being updated or that can be updated.
  • Scroll down the list: if there is an update button next to each utility. the problem lies elsewhere.
  • If automatic download is enabled, go to the settings. Auto updates. click the item Never.
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Clearing the cache. The method consists in deleting the temporary information accumulated by the phone when downloading from the service, namely from the play market. Excessive clutter of memory allocated for storing such data can slow down the work of not only applications, but also the phone itself. Follow these steps:

  • Go to device settings.
  • We go to the item “Memory”. “click” Clear cache “and” Reset “- we confirm the actions in the pop-up windows (applicable to Android versions from 6.0 and higher).
  • In earlier updates to the smartphone system, the reset and clear buttons are located in the Google Play tab.
  • Finally, click on the “menu” and delete the updates, followed by confirmation of the action.
  • Wait until the market updates are removed, after which the service will restore the original version. Provide a stable internet connection so that the app can automatically update to the latest version.

The methods above did not bring results? We “liquidate” your Google account data. Follow the instructions below:

  • Turn on the smartphone settings menu. See “Accounts”. “Google”.
  • At the bottom of the display you can see the trash can icon, click on it, click “delete account”. All account data will be deleted.
  • We repeat the first point described above.
  • Click the icon with the inscription “Add account”.
  • In the menu that opens, select “Google”.
  • A window will open with the input of the phone number or email address from the account (if you wish, you can also create a new account here).
  • Enter the appropriate data. Further.
  • Confirm all agreements and conditions provided by Google services.
  • Try downloading apps from the market.

The final option (if the service stubbornly writes “waiting for download”) is to reset the phone to the factory state of the system. Please note that the wipe will lead to the elimination of all files and settings on the device. Algorithm:

  • Settings. Restore and reset (depending on the version of Android, the specified tab may be located in the “Advanced” or “Advanced settings”).
  • We click “Reset settings”, confirm the manipulation.

Waiting for download in the Play Store (Google Play). what to do, I can not install applications

I am trying to install the application, but the Play Store reports a “waiting for download” error. over, for a long time and when trying to download any application. What can be done?

Yes, this option is the most insidious: when there is no download, and no errors or notifications appear (if there is a lack of the same memory, the Play Market even says this directly and the question is clear how to solve it).

Below are some simple and effective solutions that work in most cases.

What to do if the Play Market is waiting for download

Check download queue

Perhaps this point should be checked one of the first. It happens not so rarely because of the poor quality of the Internet, previous installations (downloads) of applications “stuck” (and have not yet been completed), and you are trying to install something new. of course, this new one is put in the queue, and you are shown the notification “Waiting downloads “(like mine in the screenshot below).

An example of a problem when trying to install an application

Try to go to the main Play Market window, click on the “three stripes” icon (ie open the menu), and go to the “My applications and games” section.

waiting, download, samsung, play, store

Next, check the “Updates” and “Installed” tabs to see if any other applications are downloaded from them.

For example, in my case, there was a sequential installation of several applications and this notification appeared because of this. Having closed all the “superfluous”. the issue was resolved, and the download and installation began immediately!

Close the installation of previous applications. settings in the Play Store

Fix Play Store Waiting For Download Problem Solved 2020

Despite the banality of the method, restarting the smartphone helps to solve many problems and issues (including from the Play Market).

Note: to open the window with the restart button on Android. hold down the power button on the device for 3-5 seconds.!

Change the type of internet connection

Usually, most of them have 3G / 4G mobile Internet enabled and used (which sometimes works very badly, especially in some areas of our country). For diagnostic purposes, it would not be superfluous to connect the device to a Wi-Fi network and try again downloading the application in the Play Market.

In addition, check the speed and stability of the Internet connection: possibly due to the low access speed in the Play Market, various kinds of errors occur (link below for help).

Samsung Waiting For Download Play Store Problem Solved

Clearing cache and Play Market data

Often the error related to waiting for download occurs due to the incorrect filling of the Play Store cache. And from time to time you have to clean it by hand.

How to do it: first you need to open the Android settings, go to the “Applications” tab. Next, find Google Play and open it.

After, go to the “Memory” tab and clear the cache and data. Next, it is recommended to restart the phone and try to start a new download of one of the applications in the Play Market.

Removing Play Market Updates

With this operation, we will only delete all the Play Store updates (the application itself will remain on the phone, and after a while it will be updated automatically). If the problem was associated with an incorrect update, then this procedure helps to fix it.

First, you also need to open the list of all applications on the phone, find the Play Market and go to its properties.

waiting, download, samsung, play, store

Then click on the “three dots” in the corner of the screen and select “Delete updates”. answer in the affirmative to the confirmation (which will pop up at the bottom of the window). After a while, the original version of the Play Store will be restored on the phone. you will need to immediately check its functionality.

Sign out of your Google account

Note: before you sign out of your account, remember your username and password for the subsequent entry into it (otherwise, you may get a picture “we wanted the best, but it turned out.”).

This is done quite simply: first you need to open the Android settings, then go to the “Accounts” section and select the “Google” tab. See screenshot below.

Then click on the delete button and confirm the operation. Then, entering the Play Market, you will be asked to provide a username and password to access your account (which you will need to re-enter) and check its performance.

As a rule, this kind of “logout / logon” very often allows you to quickly eliminate errors associated with access to applications and services of Google.

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Resetting your phone to factory presets

This is a cardinal method that helps even in the most severe cases: when infected with viruses, adware, serious errors, the inability to open a number of settings, etc.

Important! When you reset the phone settings, all files (photos, videos, etc.) from the phone memory, notebook, etc. will be deleted. (to save contacts in your Google account, enable synchronization before resetting (see item 3)).

To reset the device settings to factory settings. open the “System” section in the phone settings. and go to the “Reset” tab. See example below.

Then go to the subsection “Reset all settings” and agree to the operation. After 5-10 minutes. get a “clean” phone, almost as it was after you bought it. After that, try to enter the Play Market again, log in to your account and try installing the application.

How to reset Android settings to factory settings [Hard Reset] (ie delete all data from your phone, tablet). https://ocomp.info/kak-sbrosit-nastroyki-Android.html

Add-ons will always come in handy.

Clearing cache and Google Play data

The most common reason for the error is incorrect filling of the cache and working data of the Google Play. So, let’s go to “Settings. Mobile phone applications. There are many firmware versions, they can be called differently, but the essence is the same: open the list of all Android applications on the smartphone. Next, we do the following:

  • In the list we find the main application of the Play-market “Google Play”
  • In the program properties, boldly click “Clear cache” and “Clear data” or “Clear storage”. It’s okay, if some button is inactive, then there is nothing to clear
  • We check if the applications are being installed, if the error “Waiting for download” is written
  • If the error is still there, then go back to the Play Market properties and click the “Delete updates” button. if it is active;
  • We do the same for “Google Play services” and “Google Play services for instant Apps”;
  • Reboot your smartphone.

In 90% of cases it should help, or read on.

Restarting Google Account

Well, if you’ve made it here, then get ready to add a new Google account. The Play Market works under your Google account, which is also called Mail. Let’s try to “re-create” an account, there are two options: delete the account from the phone and add it again, or add another new one. I recommend the second method if you have one more login and password from Google mail, or you do not mind going through the registration procedure.

  • We go to the “Settings” Android-smartphone and find the section “Accounts”
  • In accounts, click “Add” and follow the instructions of the wizard;
  • If there is no other mail, then delete the current Google account and add it again (first case).

If everything worked on the new account, then we try to delete the old account and add it again so that one account remains in the system. all your settings and contacts are linked to it. I’ll explain why you don’t need to try to delete the current account right away: there is a possibility that some settings will fail, and if changing the account does not help, then experimenting with a new account, we will completely save the current state of the device.

Reset all settings

The cardinal method, will reset all settings, delete all files, photos and applications. Contacts will be saved to your Google account if syncing works. To make sure you have contacts, go to the same account on your computer and go to https://contacts.google.com/. You should see a list of your contacts with phone numbers.

Now go to Settings. Additionally. Recovery and reset “. or “Settings. About the device. Factory reset “. Most likely, your path will be different, but the meaning is the same.

Also, installing all kinds of patches, trying to obtain ROOT rights, installing applications bypassing the Google Play Store, installing hacked versions, etc. may cause endless downloads of applications labeled “Waiting for download”. In addition, it is worth highlighting the cases when the Play Store, like all other Google services, was installed separately, after the firmware. this, with a high degree of probability, can cause problems in the future.

Downloads app

One solution is to give Internet permission to the built-in Downloads application. This is done in the “Phone manager” application, which is installed on some firmware. We find the item “Data usage control” (Monitoring of data transmission). We are looking for something similar to “Connection control”. Further in the list of applications we find “Downloads” and put a tick in the Wi-Fi column. If you use mobile Internet, then for it we also put a daw.

Download Manager access

Go to Settings. Wireless networks. Traffic statistics. Access to the network. Systemic “. you need to check the “Boot Manager”:

Clearing Play Market data

Find the item “Play Market” in the list and go to it.

On devices with Android version 6.0 and higher, go to the “Memory” section and then click on the “Clear cache” and “Reset” buttons, confirming all these actions in the messages that pop up after clicking. On previous versions, these buttons will be in the first window.

To fix, go to the “Menu” and tap on “Uninstall updates”, then click on “OK”.

  • Next, the updates will be removed and the original version of the Play Market will be restored. After a few minutes, with a stable Internet connection, the application will automatically update to the current version and the download error should disappear.
  • Flash card

    Also, the operation of the Play Store may be affected by the flash card installed in the device. Make sure of its stable operation and performance using a card reader or other gadget, or simply remove it and try to download the desired application.

    Reboot the device

    Most errors can arise from a small glitch in the system, which can be corrected by a banal reboot of the gadget. Restart your device and try downloading or updating the app again.

    Removing and adding a Google account

    Now click on the button in the form of a basket with the signature “Delete account”, and confirm the action by repeated tap on the corresponding button.

    waiting, download, samsung, play, store

    Further, to resume the work of the account, again go to the “Accounts” item and go to “Add account”.

    From the list, select “Google”.

    Next, the window for adding an account will appear, where you can enter an existing one or create a new one. Since at the moment you have an account, then in the appropriate line enter the phone number or e-mail to which she previously registered. To go to the next step, click “Next”.

    In the next window, enter the password and tap on “Next”.

  • Finally, click on “Accept” to confirm all agreements and terms of use for Google services.
  • After that you can use the Play Market services.

    Finding a stable internet connection

    Another reason may be the incorrectly working Internet on the device. This may be due to the ending or running out of traffic on the SIM card or the breakdown of the WI-FI connection. Check their work in the browser and, if everything works, then go to the next method.

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