What can be done from an old monitor

Picture frame

done, monitor

Nothing prevents you from making a digital photo frame out of the monitor, but for this you will have to use a whole computer. An outdated monitor, on the other hand, can make a decent analog frame. It can fit anything from photographs to handmade creations.

Miniature puppet theater

After removing the insides of the monitor, it can be turned into a real theater, albeit a puppet show. Place the background on the back, and cut a hole on top to control the dolls. The obsolete device will become a new playground for children!

Magazine rack

This project came about as a result of a design competition. An old monitor can become a magazine rack. To do this, you just need to take the old legs from the furniture and screw them to the base of the device. The author of the project even provided a secret compartment for correspondence in the rack.

Flower bed

Once safely disassembled, your monitor can enjoy its new life outdoors or help you bring a piece of nature into your home or office. Why not turn a plastic container into a stylish flowerpot? The authors of the project claim that the alteration will take about 2-3 hours of time.


Do you have a container with a glass lid? So what’s stopping you from making an aquarium out of it? Using epoxy resin and an installation hair dryer, you can achieve the tightness of the container. It remains only to design the background of the aquarium and launch the fish there. Perhaps, over time, there will be a place for other forms of marine life in the cute microtank.

Private Monitor

If you do not want others to see what you are doing on your PC, turn your monitor into a tamper-proof monitor. To prying eyes, it will look like a simple white screen on which nothing is happening, but you can work as usual, wearing special glasses. To make such a monitor, you will need an old screen, a pair of glasses, a screwdriver, scissors, polarizing film, and a penknife. The process of creating a private monitor is demonstrated in the video below.


This project is worth noting for its sense of humor. A broken old monitor, after a minor re-equipment, turns into a trash bin with a standard volume of 50 liters.

Cat’s house


New life of an old monitor. Selection of ideas

For you a selection of ideas from the Internet, what can be done from an old monitor, how to breathe new life into it.

How to Create an Invisible Monitor (Complete Guide)

If you decide to do something unusual with your old LCD monitor, then the hour has come when your monitor will turn invisible !

To do this, you need a working LCD monitor (for example, an old one with a diagonal of 19 inches), but which is not a pity to throw in the trash. Wait, it will still be useful to you.

For everyone around it, it will look like just a white screen, but not for you, because you will have special “magic” glasses.

All you need is a pair of old glasses, a paper knife and paint thinner.

  • of course this is an LCD monitor
  • disposable 3D glasses from the cinema (old sunglasses will work fine)
  • solvent (or analogs)
  • paper knife
  • screwdriver
  • paper towels
  • Super glue

Use an old monitor that you are willing to sacrifice.

Remove the plastic frame by unscrewing all the screws on the back.

Cut out polarizing film

Most LCD monitors have a two-film coating on the glass: a polarizing film to filter the light that you shouldn’t see, and a matte anti-reflective film. We do not need antiglare, but we use polarizing in our glasses.

It’s time to take a knife and cut the films along the very edge of the screen. Do not be afraid to press, metal will not scratch the glass if there are no various crumbs and dust on it.

Remove any adhesive from the screen

After you have removed the film, there is probably some glue left on the screen, proceed to the dirty work.

Remove glue with solvent and paper towels.

Be careful not to get the solvent on the plastic frame.

Completed monitor work

After you have removed all the adhesive, you can reassemble the monitor. Even before you make glasses, you can test the monitor using polarizing film.!

Disposable 3D glasses from the cinema are suitable for creating glasses, but you can use any other.

Squeeze out glasses or disassemble glasses, if possible.

Scanning, tracing borders, cutting out

If you plan to use a CNC machine or laser cutting, scan and get an image of the contours of the elements (border tracing).

I scanned the glasses, you can use them as a reference for positioning them. Remember that orientation is important for polarizing film. Sides also matter (front / back).

You can also use the same paper knife to cut out lenses.

Collect glasses and enjoy!

You can collect points, you are ready to have some fun!

People might think you are crazy staring at a white monitor while wearing sunglasses! But it seems to me that it makes this venture even more fun.!

Turning an old monitor into a TV

In a classic Russian apartment, the TV is the head of everything. It is usually installed in every room. In general, an extra screen will never hurt, especially if it already exists in the form of an old LCD monitor.

There are quite a few ways to use a monitor as a TV. You can buy a set-top box, say, Roku. You can slightly increase your budget and connect a mini-computer, such as the Raspberry Pi, to an old friend. But there is a more radical method, similar to turning a boombox into an mp3 player.

Almost all LCD monitors have an I / O interface called LVDS. If you remove the cover from the monitor and get to the insides, you can see that the connectors are located on a separate board. To other stuffing, this board is connected by a rather flexible ribbon cable, similar to IDE for hard drives.

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Looking for a Chinese piece of iron to neatly turn the monitor into a TV.

To upgrade the monitor, you will need to purchase an expansion card for this interface that has a built-in video decoder. Similar devices can be purchased, for example, here or here. The decoder and its output will make it possible to play analog (and in the case of a more advanced board, digital) television directly, without using a variety of set-top boxes and even a computer.

  • Frequency range. 48.25-863.25 MHz.
  • Color system. PAL / SECAM / NTSC.
  • Sound system. B / G, D / K, l, M / N, NICAM / A2, BTSC.
  • Number of channels. 200.
  • Teletext. 10 pages (chip 39. 10 pages, chip 59. 1000 pages).
  • Video signal input format (VGA, HDMI). up to 1920 × 1080 @ 60 Hz.
  • Supported video resolutions. 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p.
  • Audio amplifier output power. 2 × 2.3 W (40) 1 HD N 10% @ 1 KHz.
  • Supply voltage. 12 V.
  • Power supply. 12V.
  • VGA input.
  • HDMI input.
  • Composite video and stereo audio input.
  • Sound input when using TV as a computer monitor.
  • Headphone out.
  • USB input (for firmware upgrade).
  • Antenna or cable input.

Actually, the simplest path ends here: the purchased board and monitor are referred to the audio-video equipment repair service. After a while, after paying a small amount, you have a new TV in your hands. It remains only to install it and connect the antenna or cable TV wire.

A slightly more complex way of self-installation is described in detail by a colleague on the resource Mysku.ru. Let’s take a look at it briefly.

Ordinary photodetector, TSOP1736.

  • After installation, you can turn on the newly-made TV and set up in accordance with the instructions. If the Chinese suddenly send instructions in their native language, it is worth contacting the Runet. Fortunately, all the main models of such devices have already been considered more than once in its open spaces.
  • We use!
  • Despite the possible problems with installation and setup, such a monitor upgrade is fully justified. Many have old, unclaimed 17- and 19-inch devices. The price of such devices on the secondary market is quite low, and the picture quality is often not worse than a new TV. It turns out the perfect TV for a kitchen, small room or summer cottage for a minimum price. from 15 to 60 dollars, depending on the configuration and functionality.

    Monitor-PC two in one

    And here is how the boys from hardcoreware.net have fun with the monitor. Here’s a modified monitor and a custom case at the same time.

    This mod is called “The IMike”, and it belongs to one of the members of the hardcoreware.net forum by the name of Mike, who considers it to be the most original of all his modifications, since before that he only dabbled with windows in the case, holes for fans, painting, etc. but all this quickly became boring and annoying to him. So he decided to completely modify the entire PC. Everything about everything took him about three months. The mod served as a good test of his carpentry skills.

    He began by gutting a non-working monitor (Samsung 17), which he acquired through an ad and selected on the basis of the availability of space around the screen for the location of the drives.

    Then Mike just got busy placing and cutting holes for floppy, sidir, fan speed control knobs (in the final photo, the knobs are located on the right) etc. and fitting them to each other. After that, he was already able to think about choosing a place for a mother, a power supply and other devices.

    The next step was to make the necessary hardware for the motherboard and drives. All sorts of aluminum scraps scattered around the room went into action.

    The actuators are attached with L-shaped aluminum elements, and the mother stand was made of square tubular elements and a metal sheet, the middle of which Mike cut out to reduce its weight. This whole structure is bolted to the bottom of the monitor casing. Mike removed his micro atx motherboard mounting plate from the micro atx case and made it so that it can be attached to this stand with a single wing nut bolt.

    Besides the old Samsung, Mike also acquired by spending n. new flat-panel LCD monitor (Syncmaster 570V) just to be disassembled immediately.

    Fortunately, it turned out that the monitor consists of only two main parts. the screen itself and the board, so Mike did not have time to break it.

    The LCD was slightly smaller than the screen hole in the casing, and there was a problem with the curvature of the latter. Mike has yet to figure this out.

    What can be done from an old monitor

    Simple helpful tips

    We insulate windows for the winter: To insulate windows for the winter, you can use the remains of foam, which must be cut with a clerical knife, into thin strips, or with a heated electric soldering iron. The prepared strips are laid along the perimeter of the existing frame sashes.

    Tube switch: Some modern vacuum cleaners have a switch on the hose. It is very comfortable. But if your vacuum cleaner does not have such a switch, it does not matter. You can do it yourself. You need to bring the outlet to the body of the vacuum cleaner, and attach the cord with a plug and a switch to the hose with adhesive tape.

    TV tuner

    This is a full-fledged TV receiver, which is available in different variations. In our case, we need an independent console that connects to the display via a wired interface.

    ATTENTION! When buying, choose a TV tuner equipped with a motherboard. To view digital channels, a model with additional DMI and VGA outputs is required.

    The process of connecting the device is simple. All cables included in the kit connect to the monitor. Also included is a remote control for comfortable control.

    • ease of connection and installation. after connection with wires, synchronization is automatic;
    • the presence of its own audio output. eliminates problems with sound;
    • portable design and compactness. you do not need the Internet to work, the device can be taken to the country, which is especially important in the summer.
    • you will have to pay for watching digital video;
    • to watch movies from removable media, you need to buy an additional adapter.
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    Smart mirror from the monitor

    An old display can serve as an excellent mirror. But it will be much more interesting if you make it “smart”. It will be able not only to display a face, but also to show the weather, photos, time and other information.

    This requires a monitor, frame, and a Raspberry Pi single board computer. The monitor is disassembled, a screen is removed from it, which is placed in a frame. Further, this whole structure is connected to the computer.

    Two ways to make a TV out of an old monitor

    A good TV receiver will come from a CRT or LCD screen. The main thing is that it is equipped with a VGA connector. Through it, video transmission from the receiver is carried out. There are two ways to do this:

    • With a Smart TV set-top box.
    • Using a TV tuner.

    Smart TV box

    A simple and, most importantly, multifunctional method that provides the user with many additional features. The set-top box is connected to the monitor using an HDMI to VGA adapter. If the screen is not equipped with an audio jack or built-in speakers, buy an adapter with a 3.5 mm output.

    IMPORTANT! It will not work to implement Smart-TV using a set-top box if there is no Internet connection in the house. This option will not work if you need to tune the TV in “extreme” conditions (for example, in the country).

    • support for additional features: access to YouTube and social networks;
    • excellent picture. monitors are equipped with better computer graphics than standard TVs.
    • does not work in the absence of the Internet in the house;
    • high);
    • you need to buy an additional adapter with audio output.

    What can be done from an old monitor

    Computer technologies are developing so rapidly that the average man in the street does not keep up with them. Yesterday, a new beautiful modern monitor is not relevant today. Replaced by improved models. Of course, you can sell this junk for a cheap price, with no profit or satisfaction. Or you can show your imagination and, figuratively speaking, give the old monitor a new life.

    Private Monitor

    This device will help to hide from prying eyes what you are doing at the computer. Outsiders will just see a white screen. You can do whatever you want with special glasses.

    A private monitor is created using an old screen and polarizing film. A knife, screwdriver, scissors are used as improvised tools.

    With your fantasies, you can also make a large photo frame or lightbox out of an unnecessary display. You can use your old CRT screen as a lovely flower pot, newspaper cabinet, pet house or aquarium.

    Covers for cups

    Trim around the shape of the cups. Next, use elastic bands or laces.

    For a blanket, 4 pieces are suitable. Any color, the brighter the prettier it will look. We remove all sleeves, collars, s. We connect large parts together. We advise you to make a double-sided blanket.

    The dress

    A short cut will turn out from an old sweater. The main thing is to arrange the belt at the waist or at the hips. Remove excess. Make the sleeves of the new garment more fluffy and loose.

    Pillow, pillowcases

    We sew a closed square according to the required format. We put soft pieces of fabric, nets from transporting fruits or unnecessary things inside. Sewing up the last side of the pillow.
    We make pillowcases in the same way as described above. Only the last edge is left open.

    Lamp cover

    Cut out the template according to the shape. Sews the edges together leaving a hole. We skip the elastic along the edge and make the second seam.

    Cover for a heating pad

    For older people, physicians often advise to warm their feet. And, as a rule, when you pour boiling water into a heating pad, it is impossible to put your bare feet on top. So you need to sew a cover in the form of a square with a tie. The bag principle. And the legs are warm and does not burn.

    A bag

    Cut off the sleeves. Then we measure the top to about the middle and cut it in half into two equal parts. The first one is used for the main format. We sew the corners to the floor in a circle from 4 sides. Then we sew the bottom and, bending the upper edges, we sew again. We retreat 2 cm and sew in a zipper or attach a triangle ready from the remaining half of the bottom for fastening with an overlap. Sections from the s can be sewn into the inside of the bag. Straps: Divide one sleeve into three strips. We braid it into a pigtail. So it is with the second sleeve. Sew on from the side upper corners.

    Bottle decoration

    You need to decorate a bottle with a strong drink so that the neck is desirable to be visible. We sew an elongated bag with a bow elastic band.

    Bed for a cat, a dog

    We turn it over to the front side. We put it exactly on any surface. Then, from the beginning of the sleeves, we push everything inside so that we get a pillow inside. Next, stitching all the edges on a sewing machine, not forgetting the middle in a checkerboard pattern. The bed is ready.

    What can be made from an old sweater

    When you take apart a closet, you often come across things that you haven’t worn for a long time. They no longer bring the pleasure that you used to get just buying them. And fashion has changed long ago.

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    Throwing away such clothes can be a pity, because these things have kept you warm for many years, and money has been spent on them. As a rule, this applies to warm sweaters.

    Do not rush to despair, because there are many options for “rework” of old things. After all, a soft sweater bought 5 years ago can be easily turned into a winter hat or a warming blanket.


    Stylish fun pillows. Knitted pillows will perfectly complement any interior, make the apartment cozy. You can make one pillow for yourself, the second for your mother, and the third for your friend. They don’t have to be decorative pillows. You can make a large bed for your pet. To do this, lay the sweater seamy side up with a pillow on top of it. Cut a square out of it, leaving a centimeter for stitching. Sew a pillowcase and place it over the pillow. All!

    Case for laptop, iPad. This is a great way to save money. Place your laptop or tablet on top of the sweater, cut out two rectangles and sew along the edges, leaving room for an exit.

    Soft bag, backpack. To craft a bag, place the sweater on a flat surface. Cut off the neckline and sleeves. Fold the bottom edges of the jacket 1 cm inward and sew. Turn the bag inside out, fold each handle in half and sew.

    Photo lens case. Photographers know that a lens is a very fragile thing. It must be protected from bumps and scratches. A knitted case will help with this. To make it, you need to cut off the sleeve of the desired size from the sweater, and sew it on one side. Case ready!

    Kids’ things

    Pants for a child. This is a great option to keep your baby warm for the winter, at no cost. And if the child gets dirty, it will not be a pity. And you can sew such pants from two sleeves.

    Dress for a little girl. When creating a model, you can give free rein to your imagination.

    Hat and mittens (mitts)

    These include mitts. These are knitted oversleeves, from fingers to elbow length. They are very convenient if you use your phone in cold weather. Mitts are easy to make. To do this, cut off pieces of 3020 cm along the side seams of the sweater. Put them face inward and step back from the edge of 5 cm. Measure the space for the thumb, 6 cm wide, fixing it with pins for convenience. Sew the pieces of fabric by folding them underneath.

    Our handles also keep your mittens warm. This is a great way to use an old, unwanted sweater. You can play snowballs in them without fear of ruining or tearing the thing forever. Sewing mittens is easy. First you need to make a pattern. To do this, place your hand on the sweater, protruding your thumb 45 degrees, draw an outline and cut it out with scissors. In total, you will need two patterns for each mitten. Then just sew the resulting pieces of fabric and, voila, your mittens are ready.!

    Cap. You can sew a hat for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. This will take 10 minutes. First, cut the bottom of the sweater to the desired length. Cut it at the seam. In order not to be mistaken with the size, use, for example, your own header. Fold the resulting piece in 3 layers. Cut an arc at the top.

    Then sew the edges of the fabric and the arch at the top together. Cut off excess fabric along the seam and turn the beanie inside out. Done!

    Warm footwear

    These include socks, knee-highs, leggings. If you think you need to know how to knit in order to make your own socks or leggings, then I hasten to reassure you. Only minimal sewing skills are required. All these things can be made from the sleeves of an old sweater by cutting off the necessary parts and stitching them.

    For example, to make leggings, you need to cut off the sleeves of the garment and hem the edges. They can be worn under boots. This will help you not get an arrow on your tights.

    This also includes home slippers-boots. They are very relevant when the cold has already come, and the heating has not yet been given. It takes 15-20 minutes to make the slippers. To do this, you need to take leather insoles or ready-made slippers and sew a warm sweater to them.

    How to remake an old sweater?

    If an old sweater is frayed, stretched or out of fashion for a long time, you can always refresh it. In the case when there is not much money for new clothes, or you like creativity, you can create your own things, that is, a bunch of options.

    For example, look for something interesting on stocks, and then remake it to your taste as a true designer.

    Useful items from a used sweater

    An old stretched blouse does not necessarily have to fulfill its previous duties. It can be used to create a huge variety of things. It can be not only wardrobe items. The main thing here is fantasy!

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