What does the eye on the phone screen mean

Other icons on Android smartphones

This is not a complete list of symbols that periodically appear at the top of the screen. On different phone models, images may differ in graphics or may not look alike at all. Consider several popular models.

App icon labels

Usually, if an additional symbol appears over the icon on the screen of Honor and Huawei, this signals the current process: saving, loading, updating, and so on.

What to do if the lock log management icons are missing

If the screen icons at the top of the Huawei phone hit, then most likely this is a lag. Update your gadget. The problem of unstable display of line components at the top is extremely rare, but it still exists. The most common reason why icons are displayed incorrectly is the lack of memory on the device.

External and internal memory is full, applications cannot access the declared parameters, not all functions begin to pass through themselves. Therefore, if you have duplicated icons or they do not appear at all, clear the place. This can be done by deleting unnecessary files, messages, clearing the application cache.

What does 4g mean

This mobile internet speed is considered one of the most advanced in 2020. Above it is only 4.5, but this module is found in few places. In all large regional and district cities, 4G technology has already appeared, which allows you to watch high-quality videos without slowing down the Internet. The stream is so fast that its usage in places is better than a Wi-Fi hotspot.

What does the pipe icon mean?

The handset in the status bar indicates that a call is in progress.

Arrow speedometer icon

This symbol appears when the map application is running. If you do not see it, then most likely it is working in the background, and the dialog box has been minimized. The phone uses a navigator, and displays a message about this on the status bar of the device.

What does the VoLTE icon on the phone screen mean

Recently, an acquaintance called me and asked “what is a volte on the phone” ?! To be honest, at first I did not understand anything. what volts, on what phone. I started asking questions. it turns out that she had a VoLTE badge on her smartphone and everything became more or less clear. She has a connection from Megafon and is the first operator in our area to introduce this technology at home. I have an MTS operator and he had such a “feature” a little later. Voice Over LTE is a relatively recent technology that allows you to make calls with very high sound quality. We will talk in detail about her today.

What does VoLTE mean and why is it needed

The abbreviation VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE, which can be translated into Russian as “voice over LTE”. In short, when using the VoLTE function, the phone transmits a voice data stream over a 4G data channel (which is LTE). As a result, voice is transmitted in very high quality as IP-based multimedia content. That is why on many smartphones, instead of the VoLTE icon, the HD Voice icon appears. that is, sound in high quality:

For the first time, the high-quality calling function was introduced in 2014 and worked only with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Since then, VoLTE technology has become more active and actively developed. At first it was in China and South Korea, and later around the world.

What are the advantages of using voice over LTE:

High quality sound for voice calls. Excellent audibility, the interlocutor’s voice is heard much clearer than without VoLTE and HD Voice codec.
The ability to simultaneously call and work on the Internet without losing the quality and speed of access. Roughly speaking, if you turn on VoLTE on your smartphone and watch YouTube during a call, for example, then the video will be displayed in excellent quality and the conversation will be carried out in excellent quality.
Despite the fact that an Internet connection is used, traffic when using the Voice over LTE function is not charged not megabytes are spent, but a package of minutes.

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages, the main of which is the increased battery consumption. That is, the battery charge is consumed several times more than during regular calls. This is why many people tend to turn off VoLTE on the phone in order to increase its battery life. Although, according to my observations, you can win no more than an hour.

How to disable VoLTE on your phone

So, you decided that the sound quality is already excellent, and the battery is not rubber and decided to turn off the VoLTE function on your smartphone, then this is very quick and easy.

As an example, I will consider the Huawei Honor smartphone. On phones from other manufacturers (Samsung, Xiaomi, LG), the menus may differ slightly, but in general, the algorithm of action is the same. Open the device settings and find the mobile communication parameters. In my case, you need to open the “Wireless networks” section, and in it. the “Mobile network” subsection.

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Here in the list of parameters we find the line VoLTE calls and move the switch to the “Disabled” position.

That’s all. Close the phone settings. No device reboot required.

Note: A little trick! If you have VoLTE enabled, but for some reason you need to make a call through a regular mobile connection, that is, in a lower quality, just dial the subscriber’s number not through “7”, but through “8”. The fact is that for most operators a call via Voice over LTE is possible only in the “7. subscriber’s number” format. When dialing a number through the eight, the call is made via 2G / 3G networks.

Eye icon on Huawei or Honor

Users of Huawei or Honor phones often find an eye-shaped icon on the top bar of Android, next to the system clock and other icons. This icon denotes “Eye Comfort” technology, which provides a more comfortable screen experience.

The Eye Comfort technology works on a very simple principle, it reduces the amount of blue light emitted from the screen, which should reduce eye fatigue with prolonged use of the phone and reduce the likelihood of vision problems. These effects from reduced levels of blue are based on studies showing that prolonged exposure to blue causes retinal degradation and decreased vision.

The disadvantage of using the “Eye Comfort” technology is a slight color imbalance. When enabled, the colors on the phone screen become slightly warmer.

In addition to phones from Huawei and Honor, similar technology can be found on some models from other manufacturers.

What does the eye icon mean on Huawei, Honor and Samsung phones

The top panel is one of the main elements of the Android operating system interface. The system clock, notification icons, and icons showing the operation of some phone functions are displayed here. We have already analyzed most of these icons in a separate article, but there are some that have been missed and require special attention. In this article, we will tell you what the eye icon means on phones from Huawei, Honor and Samsung, as well as how to disable it and remove it from the notification panel.

How to remove the eye icon and disable “Eye Comfort

The eye icon can be removed in various ways. For example, you can disable the “Eye Comfort” technology through the phone settings. To do this, open the “Settings” application and go to the “Eye protection” section.

A Strange Eye Icon That Appears on Your Phone

In the “Eye Protection” section, you can either completely disable “Eye Comfort” by moving the switch to the “Disabled” position, or set up a schedule. You can also manually adjust the screen temperature here, making the colors more pleasing to the eye.

To do this, you need to make a swipe from the top edge of the screen and click on the “Eye Protection” or “Eye Comfort”.

Eye icon on Samsung

It should be noted that in some cases the eye icon may indicate other functions. For example, on Samsung phones, this icon is used for the “Smart-off” function.

Smart Off uses the phone’s front camera to determine if the user is looking at the screen. And as long as the user does not look away, the phone will not be blocked. This function can be handy when reading or watching videos.

In order to disable the “Smart-off” function and remove the eye icon on Samsung, you need to open the application with the settings and go to the “Settings. Extras. functions. Smart shutdown ”. A switch will be available here, with which it will be possible to enable and disable this function of the phone.

How blue affects our eyes?

We all know from high school physics that an ordinary ray of light, or natural white light, consists of seven colors. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple. All this is the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Electronic device displays typically emit red, green, and blue (RGB) light. Of these three light waves, a blue wave and ultraviolet radiation pass unhindered through the cornea and lens, right to the retina. They carry with them the potential for damage to light-sensitive cells and macular degenerative changes.

Displays on electronic devices typically emit red, green, and blue (RGB) light. Of these three, blue light may more easily pass straight through the cornea and lens, reaching the retina in our eyes, potentially damaging light-sensitive cells and increasing the risk of negative macular changes (this is where visual acuity is greatest).

Eye Comfort Mode

In addition to protecting the eyes from the harmful effects of blue, users also want a more comfortable screen experience. Fortunately, this is now possible. Huawei’s Eye Comfort technology offers 12-bit color depth with 4096 brightness levels instead of the 256 levels most phones have to offer. This makes it possible to change the brightness of the screen smoother, without flicker, and to make the conditions more comfortable for the eyes. Color brightness and image clarity are not affected in any way.

Eye comfort mode, which is a built-in option in models such as Huawei P20, Huawei P20 Pro, Honor 6X, Honor 8X, Honor 8C, Honor 9 Lite (Lite), Honor Play, Honor 10 View, etc., has another name. blue screen filter. Users can easily activate it if they have to spend a lot of time behind the phone screen.

The Eye Comfort has its own symbol. the eye icon, which is displayed on the screen of the Honor phone. If eye protection is enabled, this icon appears at the top, right side of the status bar. In general, this mode allows you to change the color tone of the screen from warm to cold and vice versa with one touch. It filters out almost 50% of your phone’s blue light. And not only. When Eye Comfort mode is on, the smart program starts. It constantly works in the background and automatically detects the ambient light. Depending on it, the program adjusts the screen brightness and color temperature to optimal values.

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Comfort Eye mode is also useful for those who like to spend some time with a smartphone in their hands before going to bed. The bright blue light emanating from the screen can confuse a person’s brain: it is a signal that the day is still going on. For this reason, it is common to have trouble falling asleep. And we know that a poor night’s sleep can also lead to memory problems. Because of this, students and pupils have difficulties with their studies. The psyche suffers, depression can occur and health deteriorates.

What does the eye icon on Honor phone mean

Using smartphones for many hours is bad for human health. Eyes suffer the most in this regard. Bright screen backlighting is harmful to the eyes.

Finding a new solution

A huge plus of advanced technologies is that they are constantly evolving. Many companies are paying more and more attention to issues of ecology and preservation of human health. Huawei is one such company. It manufactures electronic devices that do not have a detrimental effect on the state of vision. For example, in the development of new smartphone models, Huawei has teamed up with the China Ophthalmic Equipment Research and Development Center. As a result of the joint work, a unique eye protection mode was created, which operates when using Android smartphones of popular brands Huawei and Honor.

It is known that when working with a phone, the eyes are affected not only by the brightness of the screen under different lighting conditions, but also by the color temperature of the light, depending on which the colors can be warm or cold. Experts from Huawei and China Ophthalmic Equipment Research and Development Center have determined the optimal settings for phone screen illumination and color temperature, at which eye fatigue is minimized.

How to turn Eye Comfort on or off

In order to activate or, conversely, disable the eye protection mode, you can use two methods.

How Eye Comfort Works

The eye comfort mode on Huawei phones is based on intelligent software. When the mode is activated, it constantly monitors the lighting conditions and, depending on the overall level of light radiation, automatically adjusts the brightness of the smartphone screen, corrects the color temperature and filters out almost 50% of the harmful blue spectrum. Thus, optimal conditions are created so that when reading texts and watching videos on a smartphone, the user’s eyes are strained as little as possible. In addition, Huawei phone owners can independently adjust the brightness and color temperature of the screens with one touch.

specifically, the technical side of the new technology, Huawei is now equipping its devices with a 12-bit chip responsible for display backlighting. Instead of the standard 256 levels of backlight brightness, it supports 4096. The result is smoother, flicker-free dimming of the LEDs, creating a more comfortable environment for the eyes, while the color brightness and image clarity remain at a high quality level.

The Eye Comfrot function is useful to all smartphone owners without exception. But first of all, it must be used in the case when you have to look at the screen for a long time. This happens, for example, when watching movies and videos for a long time, while playing games or reading books. Also, the eye comfort mode is invaluable when you want to use your smartphone before bed. The bright blue light through the eyes affects the brain and can disrupt the body’s circadian rhythms and cause sleep disturbances. All this negatively affects the state of the body as a whole. Using Eye Comfort will prevent harmful effects and help maintain health.

What does the eye icon on a Huawei phone mean

Today there are so many functions in smartphones that not every owner of a “smart” phone knows what this or that option is actually intended for. Sometimes, new icons appear in the status bar of a device running on Android, signaling that some of the previously undeveloped functions are active. And, as a result, the user has questions about this.

Can Screens Damage Your Eyes?

One of the icons that Huawei phone owners don’t understand is the eye symbol. By the way, the same “eye” is available on smartphones from Samsung. Those who have been using the devices of this Korean brand for a long time know that this symbol means the function of tracking where the person’s gaze is focused. If it’s focused on the screen, the screen doesn’t go blank. over, when reading text, automatic scrolling of pages is activated.

You might think that the “eye” icon on the Huawei phone also symbolizes a similar function. However, it is not. This icon appeared on smartphones of this brand in 2017, and it serves to denote the comfort mode for the eyes “Eye Comfort Mode”.

What is Eye Comfort mode for??

Most of us spend a lot of time in front of our mobile phone screens during the day. Even in the evening, before going to bed, many people look at photos on Instagram, chat messages, watch videos or read books and articles. Our eyes are under tremendous strain.

Is natural white light made up of seven primary colors. red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple? Light is a wave and, at the same time, a stream of particles that pass through the human eye and have this or that effect on this organ.

LCD displays for electronic gadgets use RGB coding, which has only three primary colors. red, green and blue. The rest of the colors are obtained by mixing these three on the retina. After conducting a series of studies, scientists have found that the most harmful to humans and other living organisms is blue radiation. For example, a very recent observation by researchers at the University of Oregon, USA, showed that the light emanating from the LED displays of smartphones has a detrimental effect on the light-sensitive cells located on the retina of the eyes. over, if you spend twelve hours every day in front of a phone display, not only eye cells will be destroyed, but also brain neurons. In general, the human body will begin to age much earlier than usual.

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The results of scientific research are also known to manufacturers of mobile electronic devices. This is why some of the leading brands like Huawei are contributing to the development of cutting edge technologies designed to reduce the harmful effects of mobile devices on the health of users. Together with the National Ophthalmic Equipment Technology Engineering Center of China, Huawei has developed a unique eye protection mode for its smartphones.

The impact of a phone screen on the user’s eyes in different lighting conditions depends on several parameters. the brightness and temperature of the color spectrum, that is, cold and warm light. This was taken into account by the experts when creating the optimal settings for the screen brightness level and color temperature to prevent eye strain.

How to turn Eye Comfort mode on and off

You can enable or disable this feature in two ways. through the Settings application or through the quick access menu to options.

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Find the “Screen” section.
  • Select the “Eye Protection” option and enable it by setting the slider to the “On” position.

Below you will see the “Schedule” option. If you want to use eye protection regularly, the “Schedule” has the ability to configure a specific time at which this mode will automatically turn on and off.

You can also manually adjust the color temperature, just move the slider on the “Color temperature” scale (it is also located in the “Eye protection” menu) to the desired side. “Cold” or “Warm”.

  • Pull down the notification shade by swiping down from the top of the screen.
  • The eye-shaped icon may not be among the options for quick access, then on the open curtain, slide your finger from top to bottom again to open an additional menu.
  • Find the symbol you want and tap on it to turn on Eye Protection. The icon will become bright, which means Eye Comfort mode is active. To remove an icon from the status bar, tap on the “highlighted” icon. Or open the “Settings” application and turn off “Ai Comfort” in the “Screen” menu “Eye protection”.

What do the icons on the Android screen mean: meaning

There are several classifications of icons, and all of them are responsible for specific properties of the device. tablet or phone. In devices of different models, they look similar, differ only in the features of graphics and pixelation.

does, phone, screen, mean

For example, an ascending vertical rectangle image of an antenna notifies the person of what cellular signal is available at the location. If the connection is bad, there will be only one antenna division, if it is powerful. 4 or 5, depending on the smartphone.

Classification E, 3G, 4G and H shows what Internet speed is valid in the coverage area where you are. The weakest indicator is E. It appears in areas remote from cell towers. 4G is more and more active in cities, but this coverage has not yet appeared everywhere.

The battery shows the charge level of the device. If it is highlighted in red, then you need to connect it to the charger. If a lightning bolt is drawn there, then the recharging process is in progress. If there is a double lightning, the “Fast charge” mode is active. To help you understand this topic, we have prepared a guide “Icons on Android: decryption”.

does, phone, screen, mean

What do the icons on the phone mean for different models: types and decoding

The icons on the screen of an Android smartphone are an indicator of any process taking place on the device. They do not appear or disappear for no reason, and necessarily symbolize a certain option. Due to the multifunctionality of modern phones, there are many icons, and all of them are not alike. Inexperienced users often get lost, not understanding what kind of unknown image reappeared in the status bar. To be able to deal with this, we have prepared a guide for decoding images on phones of different models.

What does the “R” sign mean?

This letter means that you are roaming. If you use the services of a mobile operator, then the funds will be debited at the rate that is designed for roaming.

What does the eye icon mean

This icon is responsible for concentrating the gaze on a separate area of ​​the screen, and reducing the brightness. In order not to overstrain the pupils with bright radiation, the smart sensor monitors which area of ​​the image the user is looking at. There, the color becomes not bright white, but more yellow, which allows you to protect your eyes from bright radiation. This tool is useful when reading a book from your phone, or watching a video.

What does the NFC icon mean

This inscription at the top of the screen symbolizes the active NFC module, which is responsible for contactless payment. Such a sensor is possessed by phones of an average and expensive price category. If the module is turned on and ready to pay, the NFC icon is displayed at the top.

What does the “H” mean?

This is an indicator of a more stable internet. This technology is completely abbreviated as HSPA. In terms of internet speed, it is faster than 3G. On some phones there is no “H” icon, it is displayed as 3.5G.

Other icons on Android smartphones

This is not a complete list of symbols that periodically appear at the top of the screen. On different phone models, images may differ in graphics or may not look alike at all. Consider several popular models.