What does volte mean on the phone screen

VoLTE advantages

  • First and foremost. now there is no need to waste time to make a call. Didn’t understand anything? Let’s explain: before, in order to make a call, the system automatically switched the device from 4G mode to 3G mode, which could take about 2 seconds. Now you do not need to switch anything, the device makes a call immediately.
  • The second advantage, and not less important, is that the quality of the transmitted sound has improved, in some cases. at times.
  • Third: when making a call, you can transfer data in the 4G network. Before this was impossible, because, as mentioned above, the device switched to 3G mode.
  • The fourth advantage will not be noticed by the majority of users: the number of subscribers that can maintain SIMultaneous communication with one base station increases.

Disadvantages of VoLTE

  • There may be such a problem: when you leave a city where there are no LTE towers, the connection may be lost. You need to switch to 3G mode yourself.
  • The second is a higher load on the device itself, that is, it can discharge faster. True, the load is small, so there is no need to worry about the fact that the smartphone suddenly starts to discharge quickly.

VoLTE: what is it in a phone or smartphone?

In May 2014, Singapore-based SingTel introduced the world’s first commercial VoLTE service operating in Singapore. Interestingly, initially it worked with only one smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Later the technology was developed in other countries. Russia was no exception.

Users often ask the question. what is this very VoLTE? The term VoLTE itself was formed from several words: Voice over LTE, which can be translated as “voice over LTE”. Yes, it is indeed a voice transmission technology, which in turn is based on IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) technology.

What does VoLTE give? This technology allows you to provide voice services and deliver them as a data stream over LTE, has several times more data capacity and voice capacity than 3G networks, and even more so 2G. VoLTE also frees up bandwidth.

But all this is lyrics. It is much more important for the user to know what the advantages and disadvantages of this technology. We will tell about them.


On smartphones, VoLTE is turned on by default, while a corresponding icon appears in the status bar, which may have the name VoLTE or, for example, HD, as in our example:

You can disable this function at any time, or, conversely, enable it. We do not see the point of disconnecting, but if you want to do this, then here’s a SIMple instruction for you.

Open the Settings app from the desktop icon.

Click on the “” button.

Select “Mobile network”.

If you have a different layout of subsections in the “Settings” section, it does not matter. use the search by the phrases “mobile network” or “mobile networks” (without quotes).

Find the line “VoLTE calls” and enable or disable the specified functionality.

It’s not that hard, is it?

What it means to change the background of icons

Most often, color and design may change due to app updates or Android version.

Moon icon

Indicates active Silent mode. No notifications and no vibration.


This icon indicates to the user that a timer or stopwatch is on.

Speedometer icon with arrow

At the time of the background use of the map application and driving along the road route, this is indicated on the display using the speedometer icon with an arrow.

Other icons

For more details, a complete list of possible icons is in the instructions for your phone or on the official website of Huawei.

How to return an icon to the screen panel

To return something to the display panel:

  • go to the settings section;
  • activate the desired process.

Its status report will be displayed in the status bar at the top of the display.

Fast charging

Fast charging notification appears when the user activates this mode in the settings.

Boot icon

Pedometer that measures the number of steps taken and the total distance for the day.

Tab on the message icon

This means that there is an incoming message waiting for a response.

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By the end of the year, all operators are preparing to switch to VoLTE. but what is it

Mobile networks are increasingly being modernized. Communication protocols are continually being improved for better communication quality. Recently, LTE networks can be used as streaming voice data. The technology was created by SingTel and was originally intended for just one phone. However, the borrowing of ideas does not stand still and now a whole galaxy of smartphones support VoLTE technology.

VoLTE. what is this technology, pros and cons

VoLTE technology (stands for Voice over LTE) is based on streaming multimedia data over IP. The sound is converted into digital and sent via Internet channels to the recipient’s smartphone.

This system allows you to make communication between subscribers fast, sound clear, and communication more pleasant. However, not everything is as smooth as it seems, therefore it is necessary to consider some of the nuances.

The technology has obvious advantages:

  • high quality sound due to digitization and fast data transfer;
  • the ability to use the mobile Internet in parallel to communication;
  • fast connection between subscribers;
  • in most tariff plans VoLTE is considered not as a consumption of Internet traffic, but as a connection within the network, therefore minutes are written off, not traffic.

At the same time, the disadvantages also lie on the surface:

  • new technology consumes too much battery power, which quickly drains the charge and depletes its resource;
  • insufficient LTE coverage area in the country, which means that it can be used only in large cities, this leads to another obvious disadvantage. both subscribers must be in the LTE coverage area.

For a stable connection with VoLTE technology, both interlocutors must be in the LTE coverage area

Starting from 2015, the Big Four operators are gradually introducing VoLTE in the regions and by the end of 2019 the equipment modernization should be completed. At the same time, access to high-quality communication will be available to almost all residents of the country.

How to disable or enable VoLTE function

If the smartphone has the VoLTE function, turning it off is quite SIMple, just like turning it off. If next to the network icon you find additional characters in the form of letters HD, HD, LTE, VoLTE (some others, depending on the smartphone model), then VoLTE is enabled and working.

    Open the device settings and go to the “Mobile networks” item. In some smartphones, this settings column is located in the “” or “Additional functions” applet.

In the smartphone settings, go to the “Mobile network” control column

Move the toggle switch for the VoLTE function to the desired position

In some smartphones, this function is absent or there is no control over it. in such cases VoLTE is always on and it is impossible to change it.

Turning VoLTE on or off on your smartphone is as easy as any other. It is enough to find the required parameter in the gadget settings and turn it on or off with one touch.

What do the icons on the Android screen mean: meaning

There are several classifications of icons, and all of them are responsible for specific properties of the device. tablet or phone. In devices of different models, they look SIMilar, differ only in the features of graphics and pixelation.

does, volte, mean, phone

For example, an ascending vertical rectangle image of an antenna notifies the person of what cellular signal is available at the location. If the connection is bad, there will be only one antenna division, if it is powerful. 4 or 5, depending on the smartphone.

Classifications E, 3G, 4G and H show what internet speed is valid in the coverage area where you are. The weakest indicator is E. It appears in areas remote from cell towers. 4G is more and more active in cities, but this coverage has not yet appeared everywhere.

The battery shows the charge level of the device. If it is highlighted in red, then you need to connect it to the charger. If a lightning bolt is drawn there, then the charging process is in progress. If there is a double lightning, the “Fast charge” mode is active. To help you understand this topic, we have prepared a guide “Icons on Android: decryption”.

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What does the “R” mean?

This letter means that you are roaming. If the services of a mobile operator are used, the funds will be debited at the rate that is designed for roaming.

The meaning of the letter “E”

This is the initial classification of internet speed. If this letter appears on the status bar, it means that video and music will have to be loaded for a long time, and graphics on some sites will not open at all. Such phenomena are frequent in remote villages and hinterlands.

Other icons on Android smartphones

This is not a complete list of symbols that periodically appear at the top of the screen. On different phone models, the images may differ in graphics or not at all SIMilar to each other. Consider several popular models.

What does “LTE” mean

This is the high speed standard for voice calls. It is used for incoming and outgoing calls on all phones. Depending on the settings, it can be displayed or not, but this parameter is always active.

What do the icons on the phone mean by different models: types and decoding

The icons on the screen of an Android smartphone are an indicator of any process taking place on the device. They do not appear or disappear for no reason, and necessarily symbolize a certain option. Due to the multifunctionality of modern phones, there are many icons, and all of them are not alike. Inexperienced users often get lost, not understanding what kind of unknown image reappeared in the status bar. To be able to deal with this, we have prepared a guide for decoding images on phones of different models.

What does the eye icon mean

This icon is responsible for concentrating the gaze on a separate area of ​​the screen, and reducing the brightness. In order not to overstrain the pupils with bright radiation, the smart sensor monitors which area of ​​the image the user is looking at. There the color becomes not bright white, but more yellow, which allows you to protect your eyes from bright radiation. This tool is useful when reading a book from your phone, or watching a video.

What does the “VoLTE” icon mean?

Volte is a new development in the field of voice calls. The first phone with this permission appeared in 2014 in Singapore. As of 2020, the technology is developing, but not so rapidly, so it is not implemented in all phones. The main advantage is high-quality voice sound when making calls. This was achieved thanks to stronger communication modules and a powerful data transmission channel.

If you find the inscription “VoLTE” in your status bar, then incoming and outgoing calls are made using modern high-quality technology, and it is available in this region.

What does the NFC icon mean

This inscription at the top of the screen symbolizes the active NFC module, which is responsible for contactless payment. This sensor is possessed by phones of the middle and expensive price category. If the module is enabled and ready to pay, the NFC icon is displayed at the top.

VoLTE and 4G advantages and comparison

1.Data transfer. For voice transmission. switch to 3G.SIMultaneous transmission of voice and other data.
2.Decreased sound quality when making a call, if the Internet is activated.Sound performance is excellent, no interference or noise.
3.Special applications are required for video calls.No apps needed.
4.It takes some time to connect with the subscriber.The connection is instant.
five.Mobile traffic is consumed.Minutes are included in the operator’s tariff.

It is necessary to say about the disadvantages:

  • small distribution. This happens for various reasons: from the capabilities of telecom operators to difficulties with technical implementation. In remote areas, the smartphone user will have to independently switch to 3G in order to make a call. This is not entirely convenient;
  • using such calls will quickly drain your phone‘s battery.

What is VoLTE in a Samsung smartphone

Users of modern smartphones do not always fully know all the capabilities of their devices. They contain technologies that the owner is unaware of or does not understand their purpose. In this article we will talk about what VoLTE is in a Samsung smartphone, how this technology is implemented, why it is needed. Find out which models of Korean smartphones support VoLTE, how to activate or deactivate the function.

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What does the VoLTE icon mean on a Samsung phone screen?

It becomes clear that the name of the new technology consists of two parts. The prefix “Vo” is added to the main one described above. So what does the VoLTE icon on the Samsung phone screen mean? It means that the ability to transmit voice messages through the 4G network is connected. The development of a new feature was necessary due to the fact that up to this point 4G networks did not support voice calls. To implement them, the device switched to an older technology. 3G.

Added two English words to the name. “Voice over”, which literally means “voice through”. The words were shortened and the literal translation of the name is “voice over LTE network”. The creator is SingTel. In 2014 Samsung released the first model with implemented technology. Galaxy Note 3.

The appearance of the VoLTE icon on the Samsung screen indicates that the option is activated. This can only happen if:

  • the subscriber is in the home region zone;
  • confident signal reception from the operator;
  • The SIM card has suitable characteristics;
  • the device operates within the specified range.

VoLTE Samsung calls. what are they??

Such voice calls are made via a modern mobile network. In fact, the call is made using mobile traffic, but no additional payment is required. on Samsung smartphones such calls are included in the operator’s tariff plan.

The principle of making voice calls is shown in the picture below.

What is LTE?

This is a new wireless communication standard based on the older ones. GSM \ EDGE. Designed primarily for mobile devices. Oddly enough, these two networks are not compatible, since they operate in different bands and use a different radio interface from each other. The core of the previous network was completely redesigned and improved many times over.

SIMilar networks are used all over the world. LTE is often called 4G, which is not entirely correct. This technology is not suitable for 4G networks in all respects. The main goal of the changes to which the old technologies were subjected is to increase the throughput. Users report improvements in the Internet experience. It is enough to compare the capabilities of 3rd and 4th generation networks.

The limit values ​​of such a network are up to 100 Mbps. Of course, in practice, the speed is much lower and does not match the performance of wired Internet. Various factors influence its decrease. Main. distance to signal source.

How to Disable VoLTE on Android Samsung Phones?

The function can be disabled in the smartphone settings. Shutdown aLGorithm:

  • Sequentially go “Settings”. “Mobile networks and SIM-cards”.
  • Select the item with the name “VoLTE”.
  • Deactivate slider.

If the owner of the smartphone wants to use the latest technology, but his device does not have the required module, he will have to purchase another gadget. The situation cannot be corrected by installing third-party applications. Also, an outdated SIM card may be the problem. It can be replaced free of charge by contacting the operator’s office.

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