What does volte mean on the phone screen


Samsung cell phone icons have a standard decoding. The gadgets are built using the Android platform and have a universal set of applications. Some models have advanced functionality. The operation of some software products can be indicated by icons in the status bar:

  • airplane. An icon on a Samsung phone indicates an activated flight mode. When activating the process, all processes related to the reception and transmission of information will be disabled. You will only be able to use standalone applications;
  • crossed out circle on Android. the gadget’s volume is turned off;
  • an icon with a calendar sheet and a number symbolizes the occurrence of an event that the user has entered into the calendar;
  • a triangle with arrows on Samsung means a successful connection to a Wi-Fi hotspot;
  • blue phone icon in the form of a light bulb. activation of emergency mode;
  • an exclamation point triangle indicates a system error.

Swipe down from the top to reveal the top panel. Decryption of information will be revealed on some models.

ASUS phones have a standard set of device status icons and several applications that set the brand apart from the competition. Models have the following special icons at the top of the Android screen:

  • outlines of a man. user identification on the device;
  • phone image with a curved arrow. active auto-rotate mode;
  • satellite dish picture. connection to the GPS network;
  • a planet with a telephone set in the foreground. mobile traffic consumption;
  • two leaves. power saving mode is on.

The icons on ASUS tablets have a SIMilar decoding.

The flagships from Sony have both a universal set of icons in the status bar, indicating the launch of the main Android programs, and special characters. Models can have icons in the status bar:

letter P in a rectangle. the user is in the territory of increased payment for mobile services;

  • crossed out notes. all sound notifications are disabled;
  • pop-up cloud with a circle. the Magic Word program is activated;
  • lock. the device or SIM-card is blocked;
  • crossed out microphone. the recording function is disabled when receiving an incoming call;
  • crossed out outline of the planet. the phone is outside the Internet coverage area;
  • envelope with vertical broken arrow. incoming multimedia message.

Most mobile devices in the screen lock mode have an indicator and sound signal about the occurrence of an event or the application is running in the background. If you missed any notification or activation of the program, your mobile phone will notify you with a blinking light or periodic squeak.

Symbols on the screen of an Android smartphone from the manufacturer Sony will help to set the device to a comfortable mode in time, react to changes in conditions.

Image “Eye”

The function of adapting the display to the optimal parameters of using the gadget is indicated by an icon in the form of an eye. When you activate the program, you will notice a decrease in the degree of brightness. In devices with a built-in sensor for tracking your actions, protection of the organ of vision from overvoltage is provided. When the application is running in the core:

  • bright colors are replaced with muted;
  • the glow from the screen becomes less intense;
  • if no action is taken, the display goes out.

The function is convenient to use for reading articles, books in electronic format, watching videos.

The letter “R”

The icon at the top of the screen on Android in the form of the letter R indicates the movement of a subscriber with a smartphone to the roaming zone. When using the device for making calls or surfing the Internet, charges for services will be charged at the rates provided by the mobile operators.

The letter “E”

The icons at the top of the screen on Android, located in the right corner, are responsible for displaying the signal strength for the Internet connection. Letter E signals the reception and transmission of data using Edge GPRS technology.

The latest versions of flagships based on Android provide the ability to transfer pictures between devices through functionality from Google developers. A program called Cast sends images to projectors or TVs.

The maximum download and upload speed is 474 kbps. When using a browser or applications, graphics and media will take a long time to load. The icon appears in the status bar if the user has left the area of ​​the amplified signal, moves in a tunnel, or is in a stone building with thick walls. The display of the letter combination in the phone k / s is a numerical designation of the traffic volume.

Combination of “4G”, “H” and “3G”

Decoding icons on Android in the form of a combination of letters 3-, 4G, G, H is to display the level of signal reception. Replacing letter combinations with an exclamation mark signals the lack of Internet coverage in the subscriber’s area.

Most settlements have 3G technologies. In large cities and in areas near cell towers, you can pick up a 4G signal. The ability to receive and transmit traffic using 4th generation networks allows:

  • quickly navigate resources;
  • load graphic and animation elements;
  • watch large-volume video materials;
  • upload documents;
  • transfer images and information to other devices.

Developers are actively working on the implementation of 5G.

VoLTE badge

does, volte, mean, phone, screen

The symbol on the phone in the form of a combination of Volte symbols signals the activation of a program that improves the quality of communication and sound settings when making voice phone calls. This program is only installed in new flagships. Budget models do not have this feature.

The development was implemented in 2014. The advantages of the technology are high-quality sound when connecting to subscribers, powerful reception of cellular signals by the antenna, and a powerful stream of Internet traffic. The appearance of the icon on Android in the form of a combination of VoLTE indicates the availability of the connection of the improved function in the user’s area.

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Standard set of basic icons and their meaning

Most modern mobile devices run on the Android platform. The system has a universal interface with a standard set of functions and icons. Each running program continues its performance when minimized. Its activity can be viewed in the status bar. All software products and processes have their own icon.

The icons on the phone do not appear spontaneously. The pictures in the top panel indicate the functional process taking place in the device. Modern gadgets of popular brands on the Android platform have a certain standard set of applications that, when launched, are indicated by emblems in the status bar:

  • phone call;
  • signal level;
  • type of reception and transmission of Internet traffic;
  • switching to roaming;
  • display parameters;
  • the ability to use contactless payment;
  • availability of updates, etc.

The icons on the smartphone screen on Android may differ from model to model. Explore information about icons that pop up in the status bar of your phone to improve the performance of your gadget.

The meaning of icons on Android

The icons that appear on the smartphone indicate that one of the applications is running or the conditions for finding the device have changed. This rule also works for tablets. Icons are classified into several groups. You can intuitively understand what the small picture symbolizes.

Mobile phone manufacturers use the same concept for naming workflows. Images may vary:

  • dimensions;
  • pixelation;
  • colors.

The color of the symbol or picture may depend on the interface settings set by the user.


In addition to the universal icons on the Android screen, the decoding of which has a standard explanation, Honor devices have several applications, the work of which is indicated by other icons.

An image of a SIM card with an exclamation mark indicates the absence of an element in the slot or its incorrect position. The crossed out telephone sign signals a missed call. The appearance of the outlines of the memory card in the status bar indicates the loading of data from the carrier.

App Icon Labels

Usually, if an additional symbol appears over the icon on the screen of Honor and Huawei, this signals the current process: saving, loading, updating, and so on.

What it means to change the background of icons

This does not entail anything serious. This happens for two reasons:

  • updating the corresponding software;
  • new android version.

How to resize icons on the screen

In the font adjustments settings.

Fast charging

In the settings, there is an option in which unnecessary background software goes into an inactive phase. This allows the entire flow of power to be directed to charging the battery. The system informs about this with the corresponding image at the top of the screen.

VoWi-Fi icon on Huawei screen

We parse each image separately. VoWi-Fi looks like a standard hotspot. It turns on when the phone finds contact with the router. Note that if the router is working, but there is no Internet from it, the phone will still show the active network.

Access point

Sends information that Internet access on the device is via an active access point: Wi-Fi router or access point on a laptop / phone. In this case, the Internet on the device may not be, since such an alert signals only contact with the transmitted module. But if he is not connected to the Internet, then surfing the sites will not work.


The symbol appears when you start the time counting tool. timer or stopwatch. Disappears, respectively, when these tools are not active.

Speedometer icon with arrow

This symbol appears when the map application is running. If you don’t see it, then most likely it works in the background, and the dialog box has been minimized. The phone uses a navigator, and displays a message about this on the status bar of the device.

How to remove icons on Huawei / Honor phone

If too many notifications and unnecessary images interfere with comfortable use, the icon can always be removed from the screen. This can be done in a few steps:

  • go to settings;
  • we end the session of open applications;
  • we clean the curtain.

If it does not help, point to deactivate those functions that are displayed at the top of the display.

What does the VoLTE icon on the phone screen mean

Recently, an acquaintance called me and asked “what is a volte on the phone” ?! To be honest, at first I did not understand anything. what volts, on what phone. I started asking questions. it turns out she had a VoLTE badge on her smartphone and everything became more or less clear. She has a connection from Megafon and is the first operator in our area to implement this technology at home. I have an MTS operator and he had such a “feature” a little later. Voice Over LTE is a relatively recent technology that allows you to make calls with very high sound quality. We will talk in detail about her today.

How to setup?

Everything about the Internet, networks, computers, Windows, iOS and Android

What does VoLTE mean and why is it needed

The abbreviation VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE, which can be translated into Russian as “voice over LTE”. In short, when using the VoLTE function, the phone transmits a voice data stream over a 4G data channel (which is LTE). As a result, voice is transmitted in very high quality as IP-based multimedia content. That is why on many smartphones, instead of the VoLTE icon, the HD Voice icon appears. that is, sound in high quality:

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For the first time, the high-quality calling function was introduced in 2014 and worked only with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Since then, VoLTE technology has become more active and more actively developed. At first it was in China and South Korea, and later around the world.

What are the advantages of using voice over LTE:

High quality sound for voice calls. Excellent audibility, the voice of the interlocutor is heard much clearer than without the use of VoLTE and HD Voice codec.
The ability to SIMultaneously call and work on the Internet without losing quality and access speed. Roughly speaking, if you turn on VoLTE on your smartphone and watch YouTube during a call, for example, then the video will be displayed in excellent quality and the conversation will be carried out in excellent quality.
Despite the fact that an Internet connection is used, traffic when using the Voice over LTE function is not charged. not megabytes are spent, but a package of minutes.

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages, the main of which is the increased battery consumption. That is, the battery charge is consumed several times more than during regular calls. This is why many people tend to turn off VoLTE on the phone in order to increase its battery life. Although, according to my observations, you can win no more than an hour.

How to disable VoLTE on your phone

So, you decided that the sound quality is already excellent, and the battery is not rubber and decided to turn off the VoLTE function on your smartphone, then this is very quick and easy.

As an example, I will consider the Huawei Honor smartphone. On phones from other manufacturers (Samsung, Xiaomi, LG), the menus may differ slightly, but in general, the aLGorithm is the same. Open the device settings and find the mobile communication parameters. In my case, you need to open the section “Wireless networks”, and in it. the subsection “Mobile network”.

Here in the list of parameters we find the line VoLTE calls and move the switch to the “Disabled” position.

That’s all. We close the phone settings. No device reboot required.

Note: A little trick! If you have VoLTE enabled, but for some reason you need to make a call through a regular mobile connection, that is, in a lower quality, just dial the subscriber’s number not through “7”, but through “8”. The fact is that for most operators a call via Voice over LTE is possible only in the “7. subscriber’s number” format. When dialing a number through the eight, the call is made via 2G / 3G networks.

Megafon Fasttest new era in 5G?

Megaphone Fastest (English Fastest “fastest”). means that this mobile operator has the fastest Internet. We are not talking about 5G technology here, but the focus is on the speed of the third segment. From a practical point of view, for the company, this is nothing more than marketing. The coup that got users to talk and write about MegaFon.

Megaphone Fastest: what does it mean and how to remove it from the phone screen

What does Megafon Fastest mean? Questions of this nature increasingly began to appear on user forums and among the discussions of Megafon subscribers. The main reason is the new label on the status bar. Many do not understand where it came from, why the changes, and whether this affects the cost of services. We have collected the most detailed information on this issue in the article.

Why the inscription Megafon Fastest appeared?

After winning this tally, the cellular signal operator decided to notify its subscribers of the new achievement. Therefore, instead of the network name in the status bar near the antenna, a corresponding mark appeared.

Megaphone Fast. what is it?

The situation looks like this: Ookla conducted monitoring studies for the quality of 3G connectivity. The operators of the “Big Four” were put in comparison. We tested the connection in different regions of the country, the speed of search and download, as well as related technical parameters. Measurements were carried out at the end of 2018. According to the research results, the rating looked like this:

  • Megaphone. 21.79 points;
  • MTS. 13.85;
  • Tele2. 11.56;
  • Beeline. 10.51.

The main goal was to measure the connection speed. For this, we used the world-famous Speed ​​test resource. He provided the networks with the indicators above. Let’s consider each case separately. The fourth place was taken by the Beeline operator, with a mark of 10.51. In general, this figure is acceptable for a 3G network. In practice, file downloads are much slower than those of fellow operators. The top three were closed by Tele2 by a small margin. The result for the mobile network is within normal limits, but it should be borne in mind that the company’s main activity is the provision of satellite TV services. MTS won the silver, although most critics were betting on it. The average has decreased due to poor coverage. The company’s towers are far from providing a high-quality cellular signal everywhere. And by a wide margin, Megafon came out on top.

How to disable Megaphone Fastest inscription

The iPhone and Android settings provide a function for removing the Megaphone Fastest inscription. We act according to the standard: go to the network settings, and there will be a name at the bottom of the section. Click on the line and enter the desired value. The network name is updated instantly, and does not depend on the number balance or signal quality.

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If you want not to change, but completely disable the inscription, because it interferes, go to the settings. There, in the functions, look for the line “Network name”, in which there will be the inscription “Megaphone Fastest”. Erase the characters and keep the blank field. Then the value will disappear from the status bar. The update is displayed on the screen immediately after saving, regardless of the signal strength shown on the smartphone.

If you have any questions about the use of mobile services or the quality of communication, you should immediately contact the MegaFon hotline. There, subscribers can receive advice on communications and innovations around the clock. Another option for communication with company personnel is a personal account on the site. If you find any problem on the network, immediately report it to the corporation. Perhaps it depends on you how quickly difficulties will be resolved.

What does the LTE and VoLTE icon mean on the screen of the HUAWEI smartphone (honor)?

In modern smartphones, on the top line of the screen (called the Status Bar), you can always find the signal strength icon and the battery level icon. The letters 2G, 3G, H, H, 4G, sometimes LTE may appear in the same line.

A detailed description of the icons in the status bar of the smartphone is described in the article “What does the icon (icon) at the top of the screen panel of the HUAWEI (honor) smartphone mean?” For a description of the icons and icons, click here.

What do they mean? The answer is really SIMple. these icons show which data transmission technology is currently being used to connect your smartphone to the Internet.

The Internet is firmly entrenched in the lives of most cellular users. Now more and more services are provided to owners of mobile devices via the Internet. In this regard, the speed and quality of data transmission is already essential, and therefore the engineers of cellular operators are constantly developing new standards, and LTE is one of them. It provides highly efficient high-speed data transmission. This standard represents an intermediate option in the transition from third to fourth generation networks.

The history of mobile data transmission standards today is as follows:

Table of icons (icons) of the 4G (LTE) data transmission standard in the Phone status bar:

Icon (icon) Description of icon (icons)
4G network connection
LTE connection
LTE connection
VoLTE (HD Voice) enabled: Enhanced voice quality over LTE networks enabled

LTE standard is an intermediate stage in the transition from 3G to 4G.
The new LTE protocol works on the basis of existing third generation (3G) networks, which greatly facilitated the task of introducing new 4G technology. It is carried out by optimizing the equipment without drastically changing it.
Despite the fact that LTE falls short of the technical characteristics of the fourth generation of communication, but this also allowed it to increase the capabilities of existing 3G networks by about 5 times.

According to global analysts, in 2018 more than 60% of mobile traffic in the world will be LTE, and by 2020 LTE should completely replace the GSM standard. The transition to LTE will entail the purchase of modern models of mobile devices, since old models of smartphones and tablets with a 3G SIM card slot will no longer be able to work in 4G networks.

LTE in a modern smartphone allows you to provide:

How to connect to LTE on a smartphone:

Find out from the telecom operator the coverage of the 4G standard (LTE, LTE-A).

Find out if the SIM card installed on the phone supports the LTE standard. If not, it must be replaced with another one in the communication salon.

The procedure for checking the settings for connecting to a 4G network (LTE, LTE-A) on a HUAWEI (honor) smartphone:

Launch the “Settings” application of the smartphone.

Next, go to the section “Wireless networks”.

Smartphone screen 1. go to Smartphone Settings. Smartphone screen 2. select the section “

In the section “Wireless networks” select “Mobile network”.

In the “Mobile network” section, select “Network type”.

Smartphone screen 3. select the section “

In the window “Preferred network mode” you must have activated the position “Auto 4G / 3G / 2G”.

Smartphone screen 5. the “Preferred network mode” window in which the “Auto 4G / 3G / 2G” position is activated

If the smartphone supports LTE, then to connect it, it is enough to have a correctly configured access point. As soon as the phone is in the 4G coverage area, it will automatically switch to high speed network.

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