What keys to take a screenshot of the screen on the computer

How to crop a screenshot correctly

The image should not contain unnecessary elements: dark edges, like clipped text or pictures, will ruin the whole impression.

An example of a good and bad screenshot. In the first version, the text does not run over the edges, it is easy to read. In the second, the text is cut off, it catches the eye and distracts from the main idea that needs to be conveyed to the person.

An example of a good and bad screenshot

  • Text or image should not run over the edge.
  • Center the picture so the edges are the same on all sides.

And here are the correct and incorrect options for cropping the edges of the screenshot.

Correct Image Cropping Option

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And here screenshots are crooked. In both cases, the background in the screenshot is not uniform. it prevents the reader from focusing on the main picture.

Bad option for capturing screenshots

Screenshot Easy

Screenshot Easy. multifunctional screenshoter: screenshot, site and scrolling, video recording is also available.

The application has an image editor and a large number of settings. The screencast below shows all the features of the screenshoter:

An example of application settings, how to take screenshots on the phone

How to take a high-quality screenshot from a video

A screenshot from the video can be taken using third-party programs and hotkeys discussed above.

But there are several ways to make a high-quality screenshot from the video, without fear that you will add unnecessary elements when cropping the image.

Win / Fn PrtScr

Keyboard shortcut: Win PrtScr on a computer and Fn PrtSc for a laptop.

The combination of buttons is shown on the keyboard:

Win / Fn PrtSc keyboard shortcut

This is the easiest way to take a screenshot if you are not using programs. The snapshot is saved in the “Pictures” or “Screenshots” folder in PNG format.

External screenshot programs

A large number of screenshots can be found on the Internet. We use in work: Monosnap, LightShot, Joxi.

Let’s dwell on Monosnap and analyze in detail its capabilities and settings. The program can be downloaded to a computer or use the extension in the Chrome browser.

Monosnap screenshot functions in browser version

Features of the program on a PC with hot keys:

Features of the PC program

You can also open the file in the editor or load it to the clipboard. But before creating screenshots, let’s take a look at the settings.

In the application, you can choose where and in what format to save files, as well as what hotkeys to use.

Options for saving images and name templates:

Screenshot and title template upload settings

Actions that can be performed after taking a screenshot: open it in the editor, save it to your hard drive, or load it to the clipboard.

Choosing actions after creating a screen

Format and shortcut settings

Video recording parameters. format, quality and number of frames per second:

How to take a screenshot on a PC or laptop with Windows

Video recording setup

In the settings of the PC program, add a function that removes the cursor from the image. In most screenshots, it will be an extra element.

Setting that removes the cursor from the image

An example of how a screenshot shooter works to capture a fragment. a rectangular format with hotkey tips is used:

How to take a snapshot of a snippet using the Monosnap app

A variant of the screenshoter’s work to capture the entire page:

How to take a screenshot of an entire page using Monosnap

Screenshot format

The format of the screenshot is very important, as poor quality or a blurry picture will not give a clear idea of ​​what you want to show the person.

PNG is a graphics format that saves images without losing quality. Its disadvantage is the relatively large file size.

JPEG. this format compresses the image with a certain loss in quality.

GIF is a format that supports transparency and animation. Data is compressed without loss of quality.

If it is important for you to preserve the quality of the screenshot, use the PNG format. To convert a JPEG file to PNG, upload the source to the Online-Convert service, select the desired image quality and save the screenshot to your PC.

How to take a screenshot of the screen online

Let’s look at ways to take a high-quality screenshot without installing extensions and programs.

How to take a screenshot of a computer screen using Windows tools?

So, first, I’ll show you how to take a screenshot of the screen in Windows using the keyboard.

In order to take a screenshot, just press the PrtScr key, which is located to the right of the F12 button. It also happens that this key is signed like this: Psc or PrtSc, but it is pronounced like this. Print Screen.

After you press this key, Windows will take a screenshot to the clipboard. But how do you take a screenshot of a computer screen so that it is saved as an image? To do this, after clicking on the Print Screen key, you need to go to the paint editor (Start. All Programs. Standard. Paint, or just click Start and type Paint in the search), then click on the word Edit. Paste or just press CtrlV on your keyboard.

After the image is inserted, you can save it, File. Save, choose a location, image format and name. Now you can go to the place where you saved the picture and check it.

Even before saving the picture, you can make various notes or underlines or highlights on it. You can also cut out the desired fragment of the screen, but you can immediately take a screenshot of a part of the screen, I will write about this below. All this is in the standard Paint. After that, we already save according to the scheme described above.

There is another kind of screenshot in Windows, this is a screenshot of the active window. When is this feature needed? It is needed when it is necessary to take a screenshot not of the entire screen, but only of some small program window. For example, as shown in the picture below.

Of course, you could first shoot the entire screen, and then cut off all unnecessary in the same Paint. However, if you can make it easier, why not take advantage of it? In order to remove a separate window, you first need to make it “active”. What does this terrible word mean? The active window is the window in which you are working at the moment, if suddenly you are not sure, then click in this window, with the left mouse button, on any place, for example, on the area that is slightly to the left of the minimize, maximize and close buttons (Minimize button). Then hold down the Alt button and, without releasing it, press the Print Screen key.

Well, then go to Paint, and follow the same procedure that I described above.

Pros and cons of taking screenshots with Windows:

  • The most important advantage is that the picture can be taken instantly. It all depends on your reaction, i.e. how quickly you click on the Print Screen button.
  • No need to install any special software.
  • Not fast saving. After removal, you need to separately open the graphics editor and insert a snapshot there.
  • You can only take a snapshot of the entire screen or a selected window. It is not possible to remove any small piece.
  • If suddenly there is no keyboard (as happened with me), it is difficult to take a picture.

These are the main pros and cons, the rest you will see for yourself when you start using this function.

How to take a screenshot of the computer screen using third-party programs?

On the Internet, you can find many such programs for different needs of users. But in my article I will analyze one program to imagine what it is and what it is eaten with. And then you will already have an idea and decide for yourself what and how to use. And so let’s go.

In my opinion, the simplest and most convenient Lightshot program. In addition, it is free, weighs little and does not waste resources, works on Windows and Mac. It’s insanely simple to use. You can download it from the official website. After going to the site, click the “Download for Windows” button and the latest version of the program will start downloading. The installation proceeds quickly, at the end do not forget to uncheck the boxes so that the program does not put us a bunch of unnecessary garbage from Yandex. Everything, you can work.

Immediately after installing the program, it automatically starts and will turn on after each boot of your computer, that is, you will not need to start it manually every time.

In order to take a screenshot, press the PrtScr key on the keyboard (if this key is not convenient for you, then you can put another one in the settings). In order not to use the keyboard, you can right-click on the program icon in the menu bar (bottom right) and select “take a screenshot”.

As soon as you press PrtScr, the screen will darken and now you need to hold down the left mouse button and select the area on the screen that you want to save in the screenshot. The selected area will have a normal color.

To cancel the creation of a screenshot, for example, if you accidentally selected the wrong area, press the Esc key on your keyboard, or the cancel button on the toolbar.

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In order to share a screenshot with someone, you need to upload it to the server and get a link. This is done by pressing the button with the cloud image:

A window for preparing a link to a screenshot will appear at the bottom right of the desktop. When the link appears, click “Copy”.

Now you can send this link to anyone and they will be able to see your screenshot by clicking on it!

When creating a screenshot, you can design it in the simplest way, for example, highlight something, underline, write text. To do this, next to the area that you selected for the screenshot, the corresponding tools appear. Use them if you need to take a screenshot.

If you just need to save a screenshot to your computer, and not receive a link to it to send to someone, then click the save button:

Through the Lightshot program, you can log into your own account so that all screenshots are saved there (this will not take up space on your computer!) And so that you can always see all the screenshots that you previously took.

If you do not log into your account, then you can take screenshots in the same way, however, you will not be able to see then the entire list of screenshots you uploaded.

Login to your account is carried out either through your account on. or via Google. Thus, you must already have an account created in one of these social networks.

To enter your LightShot account, right-click (hereinafter “RMB”) on the Lightshot icon in the tray and click “Enter”.

Then you just need to enter the login and password from your account in the selected social network and you will be taken to your personal account on LightShot. Now, every screenshot that you upload to the server through LightShot will be saved in your account, and if something happens, you can enter your personal account on the site and see all the screenshots taken earlier.

There are also more advanced programs like Hyper Snap. It is filled with a lot of settings, its own editor, various formats for saving pictures and much more. But there is no official Russian version, of course you can find a crack. Also, this program is conditionally free, which means that you can download it for free, use, but not all functions, in the paid version all the features of this program will be available, and there are a lot of them. I will not describe in detail, this is a separate whole article.

Also, I would like to note that if you use Yandex disk, then there is also a screenshot function, and it is very convenient and fast. Also, through the PrtScr button, you can take a screenshot of the entire screen or area of ​​the screen, and you can save both to a computer and to a Yandex disk, very convenient, nothing needs to be installed additionally. I have a separate article on Yandex services, if you are interested, go.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on a Windows computer in two ways?

Greetings, dear readers. Sooner or later, every computer user is faced with the task of taking a screenshot (snapshot) of the desktop. Sometimes you may even need to do it very urgently and send it over the Internet. To be honest, I had to take a screenshot myself recently, but I did it on a tablet under the Windows operating system, and here I did not have a screenshot button on the keyboard. over, when I started asking friends, I realized that even experienced users cannot take screenshots of their screens. But it doesn’t matter, all issues can be resolved. Therefore, we will analyze two ways to do this.

Now the advantages and disadvantages of taking screenshots using third-party programs:

  • You can quickly take a screenshot, even during games.
  • You can assign your own hotkeys
  • Very quick to edit right away without going into third-party editors
  • Save both on a computer and post on the Internet (send, share, save in the cloud)
  • Huge selection of programs, you can choose a program for your needs.

In my opinion, there are no shortcomings at all, only pluses.

I think everyone will draw their own specific conclusions, but note that there are two ways to take a screenshot of your screen: standard Windows tools and third-party programs. over, the programs have a full flight of thoughts and fantasies. Here you can not only work with screenshots, but also have fun.

In conclusion, I will present you with a video on this topic:

How to take a screenshot of the computer screen using the keyboard

A button on the keyboard called Print Screen is responsible for taking a screenshot of the screen in Windows 7, 10 and earlier versions of the system. Most often, its abbreviated name is indicated. Prt Scr. The key is usually located in the upper center or right side of the keyboard, just behind the F1-F12 row. Before clicking on it, make sure that the screen is displayed exactly as you want to capture it. The most difficult thing for a beginner begins after clicking on Print Screen, because at first it is not clear where the screenshot is saved. But it is the user himself who determines the location of the screenshot, for which you will need to perform a few more actions.

Open any image editor, for the role of which the standard Windows program. MS Paint is quite suitable. The application is located in the section of standard programs, which can be accessed through the Start menu. Once MS Paint starts, click on the “Edit” menu item and select “Paste.” The screenshot of the computer screen you made will immediately appear in the main field of the program. The same action of inserting an image can be performed using the Ctrl V key combination. Make sure that you are satisfied with how the screenshot looks. Otherwise, you can use the program’s tools to fix it, for example, select and crop excess edges or flip the image. After that go to “File”. “Save as.”, Where you need to specify the folder to save the screenshot and click “Save”. The image will immediately appear in the selected folder and will be available for further use.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the described method to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer using the keyboard. Its advantages are as follows:

  • comparative simplicity and availability;
  • compatibility with all versions of Windows;
  • data security.

Despite the number of actions required to obtain and save a screen, the “Print Screen Paint” method remains the most accessible and understandable for both beginners and advanced users. To obtain an image, it is not necessary to resort to the help of third-party programs and people, which helps prevent the leakage of personal data and infection of the computer with viruses. However, this method also has disadvantages:

  • a large number of actions;
  • tangible time costs;
  • keyboard addiction.

The method of capturing the screen through the Prt Scr key takes some time to get used to, so there is often confusion in the sequence of actions, which is why you have to turn to the help of specialists again and again. In addition, not everyone may have a workable keyboard with the right key at hand, so every self-respecting user of a personal computer is obliged to figure out additional ways to get the coveted picture.

How to take a screenshot of the computer screen if there is no Print Screen button

Many users are interested in how to take a picture of a computer or laptop screen if the required Print Screen button is missing? For a start, it’s still worth looking for it, because, as mentioned earlier, it can be called differently: Prt Scr, PrScr, or even just have a screen icon. The location of the key may also vary depending on the equipment. However, the oldest computers, which are still installed in many Russian offices, do not really have a Print Screen button. In this case, special programs will come to the rescue, with the help of which you can easily take a screenshot of the screen on a computer or laptop. Also, applications will be an excellent solution for those who just want to reduce the time for creating and saving a screen.

There are a great many different programs for creating a screenshot, but it is best to immediately pay attention to the simplest and free applications, which, at the same time, have long proven themselves well among ordinary users. If you try to install the first program that comes across the network, there is a great risk of simply not understanding all of its functions, or, even worse, picking up a virus from the site on which the attackers operate. So, Lightshot is considered to be one of the best apps of its kind. The program is quickly installed and integrated into the system, starting to run when it starts. In the settings, you can assign any key to take a screenshot, while after pressing it, the image is immediately saved to a user-friendly folder. Thus, the screen is created in just one step.

You can use the closest analogue of Lightshot. the Screenshot program, which has similar functionality, and which also allows you to take a screenshot of the screen in one action. Snagit and Clip2net are pretty good in terms of convenience, which also have their own image editor, which allows you to quickly and easily process the resulting screen. However, there are some drawbacks to the way you can take screenshots using apps:

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  • not compatible with all versions of Windows;
  • deterioration in system performance;
  • time spent on development.

How to take a Screenshot Windows 10 Computer Keyboard Shortcut Key

Alas, most programs do not actually work on the oldest computers, and if installed, they significantly slow down the system with a weak hardware configuration. In addition, it will take some time to learn all the functions of the program and remember how to use it. However, in the future, the process of creating screenshots can be simplified tenfold. Thus, each user decides in his own way which method suits him best. If you rarely have to take a screenshot of the screen on your computer, it will be enough to remember the “Prt Scr Paint” procedure, but if such a need arises every day, you should think about choosing a suitable program for convenience.

How to take a screenshot in a video player

Want to snap a still of your favorite movie but don’t know how? Very simple. All you need to do is use one of the many video players.

So, for example, to get a freeze frame in Windows Media Player Classic, you need to pause the video at the right moment and click “File. Save Image” or use the AltI key combination.

Screenshot creation in VLC Player is provided by clicking “Video. Take Snapshot” or ShiftS.

In KMPlayer, right-click on the video and select the “Capture” menu item. You can also use the key combination CtrlE (screenshot with the ability to select a name and save location), CtrlA (the screenshot will be saved in the default folder) or CtrlC (the screenshot will be saved to the clipboard).

How to take a screenshot in the game

Usually, to create this kind of screenshots, you can use the built-in tools of a computer game or third-party software.

You can find out which key is to take a screenshot in the control settings in the game. Usually this is the F12 key or the same Print Screen.

It is also recommended to use Fraps to create screenshots in the game.

Fraps is the most famous program for taking screenshots and recording videos from games. The program is distinguished by the possibility of fairly fine tuning, which makes the use of this utility very simple and convenient.

Fraps’ workspace is not limited to games alone. With this program, you can also take a normal full-screen screenshot of the desktop.

Put your camera down

In most cases, the screenshot is a digital image obtained using the built-in capabilities of the operating system or additional software products. In this case, the screenshot is saved to the specified location on the computer or other device, or simply copied to the clipboard for further use.

It is worth noting that quite often people resort to an “alternative” method of taking a screenshot using external recording devices. for example, a camera or camcorder. Screenshots taken in this way are of relatively low quality. Agree, it’s stupid to take a screenshot of one phone to another?

It is worth noting that, despite the development of computer technology and general technical progress, many people, due to their ignorance and inexperience, continue to take screenshots of their devices in this way.

Other types of screenshots

Screenshot in Windows using third-party programs

There are many programs for taking and saving screenshots in the Windows operating system. Let’s consider the most popular ones.

The program for accessing cloud storage services from the giant of the domestic IT industry, in addition to its main functionality, allows you to create screenshots of part or the entire screen.

Using built-in functions, the program allows you to add a note immediately after taking a snapshot.

A distinctive feature of Yandex.Disk from similar programs is the ability to instantly add a file to the cloud and provide other people with access to it via a link.

LightShot is a free and intuitive program for taking screenshots of your computer or laptop screen. The program allows the user to select an area of ​​the screen to take a screenshot of.

The resulting screenshot can be edited, captions and marks can be added to it. It is also available to upload a screenshot to the cloud to provide access to other people.

Joxi is another free screenshot tool with the ability to edit and save the received screenshots to the cloud. In terms of functionality, this application is very similar to LightShot, however, Joxi has one important function. the ability to share the resulting screenshots on social networks.

How to take a screenshot in Linux

Essentially, Linux is not a stand-alone operating system. This is a kind of basis on the basis of which dozens of other similar and completely different operating systems, Linux distributions are built. However, very often all distributions use the same shells.

There are no standard tools for creating screenshots in operating systems of the Linux family, but working environments provide their own utilities for these purposes. Let’s take a look at the most common Linux desktop environments:

Pressing the Print Screen key in the KDE desktop will open the KSnapshot program, which will allow you to take and save a screenshot to disk or to the clipboard, as well as transfer it to a graphics editor for further processing.

The GNOME shell allows you to take a screenshot of the entire screen (by pressing the Print Screen key) or part of it (by pressing the AltPrint Screen combination) using the gnome-screenshot utility. The resulting image can be saved or “dragged” to the desktop or into a graphics editor.

In Xfce, screenshots are created in a similar way to GNOME and KDE, but with one difference. the xfce4-screenshooter utility is used for these purposes.

Important! The user does not need to depend on a utility specific to a particular Linux operating environment. You can always take a screenshot using third-party programs. LightShot or Joxi, for example.

How to take a screenshot from a YouTube video

For these purposes, it is most convenient to use the AnyFrame service. To receive frames, you must specify the address of the original video on YouTube, after which the service will upload it and split it into frames with the possibility of their subsequent saving.

How to save a screenshot on your computer simply and beautifully

Almost all computer users sooner or later need to save the screen image to a file. Such a screenshot is called a screenshot, from English Screen Shot. a screenshot. In this article I will show you how to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer using standard methods and using simple programs, and below you can watch a video.

keys, screenshot, screen, computer

Basically, this is needed to communicate with the technical support service, or to help someone himself by showing him how a window of some program looks like. Sometimes, this is done just to make yourself a new screensaver on the Desktop or for other very diverse uses.

The described methods are suitable for programs on the Desktop; to take a picture from the game, another program is needed.

How to take a transparent screenshot

Another interesting program “PrtScr”, which can take transparent screenshots, although it is in English, but I’ll show you everything now.

Program page (English): https://www.fiastarta.com/PrtScr/
Platform: Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP
English language
Distribution: free

What are transparent pictures? Let me show you with an example. I took two screenshots in different formats and overlaid them on another image in any graphics editor:

On the right is the opaque JPEG format. As you can see, I selected an arbitrary area, but it is surrounded by a rectangle (which is usually just white, but this program adds a slightly visible background there).

And on the left is a fragment that was saved into a transparent PNG file. It is superimposed in the form in which I outlined it, without a rectangular frame. Such files are very convenient and beautiful to superimpose on other images, and so that it will be invisible.

The PrtScr program “hangs” at the bottom in the form of an icon, by right-clicking on which you need to select “Capture screen now”.

after which the screen will change color, and the following prompt will appear on the right:

This means that: the left mouse button selects an arbitrary area of ​​the screen (hot keys “AltPrint Screen”), when Ctrl is pressed, a rectangle will be selected, and with the right mouse button, you can simply draw on the screen and then select the desired area. If you just click anywhere, you get a screenshot of the entire screen.

Hot keys “CtrlPrint Screen” include a magnifier with a very large magnification, where you can use Ctrl to select an area of ​​the screen with pixel precision.

So, after we have done what we wanted, our screenshot appears in the form of a beautiful flying object and a window for saving the results.

  • Save as…. save to file. If you used arbitrary selection, then in order for the picture to be transparent, you need to save it in PNG format, not JPEG. In this case, the “Transparent PNG” checkbox should be on the “Settings” tab (by default, it is there). Otherwise use “JPEG”.
  • Email…. send by mail using the default mail program
  • Edit. edit in the “Paint” program
  • Print. print on a printer
  • To clipboard. copy to clipboard
  • Discard. remove screenshot

A little about the settings

Each time you start the program, a window with settings appears:

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By default, buttons for taking a screenshot of the entire screen are: CtrlPrtScr, for an arbitrary area: PrtScr. In the settings, you can specify your own buttons, if, for example, these are already used for other software.

Next, we can determine where to save screenshots. By default, images are saved to your hard drive and uploaded to the screenshoter’s own server (so you can receive and send a link). Can be limited to hard disk only (local) or server only. Note, there are no restrictions on the number of files sent to the server.

The folder where the files will be saved on the computer can be specified just below. By the way, there is already a shortcut to it on your desktop.

  • Show cursor on screenshot. leaves the mouse arrow in the picture, otherwise the arrow will not remain
  • Show notifications. to display messages about successful actions over the screenshot icon
  • Play sound. I think it’s clear why

In general, that’s all, in fact, even a kettle can figure it out, everything is absurdly simplified. After installation, the program gets into autorun and starts every time the computer or laptop is turned on (fortunately, the settings window does not appear in this case). If you do not need this, then see the article about disabling from autorun in Windows. By the way, we could have included this option in the settings, as most developers do.

Screenshot using Windows without programs

In the simplest case, the tools of the Windows 7/10 operating system are enough for us. To take a screenshot of the screen, press the “Print Screen” key. It is located in the upper right part of the keyboard.

Please note that on some laptops, the “Prt Scr” key is combined with some other button. In this case, you must press the combination “Fn Prt Scr”. But by itself, pressing this button does not save the screenshot, but simply copies the picture from the screen to the clipboard, just like you copy any text using the “CtrlC” buttons and then paste it with the “CtrlV” buttons.

To save a picture from the clipboard to a file, we need the standard Paint image editor. It can be launched from Start. All programs. Standard. Paint “or just write the word” paint “in the search bar of the” Start “button and select a program from the drop-down list.

This is exactly what I do, because it turns out faster than looking for a program in the rubble of the Start menu

Now in the Paint program, just press “Paste” or the “CtrlV” buttons to paste the contents of the clipboard.

As you can see, I took a screenshot of my desktop. All that remains is to save the picture to a file. To do this, click on the “floppy disk” and select where to save the file. I recommend choosing the file format “JPEG”, because it takes up the least amount of space, but you can leave nothing and leave “PNG” as the default.

You can only take a screenshot of the active program. To do this, press the “Alt Print Screen” key combination. And you can insert a picture from the clipboard not only in Paint, but also, for example, directly into a Word document or into an Outlook email.

So, the simplest algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Press “Print Screen” or “AltPrint Screen”
  • Run the Paint program
  • Paste the contents of the clipboard
  • Save the file

You can also easily screen the screen using the standard Windows 7/8/10 “Scissors” utility. With its help, you can copy an arbitrary part of the screen. It is located in the Start menu. All programs. Standard. Scissors”.

Click on the arrow on the “Create” button and select what we want to copy: an arbitrary shape, a rectangle, a window or the entire screen. If you just need to copy a rectangular area, then select the “rectangle”, and if you want to circle the shape with the mouse, then select the “free form”. When you have chosen what you wanted, click the “Create” button itself. When the screen changes color, you can select an area. By the way, when you start the program, it is immediately in the selection mode.

Next, a window for editing and saving the finished screenshot will appear:

There are simple drawing tools “Pen” and “Marker”. You can erase your creativity with the eraser. You can save the result using a “floppy disk”. The Scissors utility cannot create transparent PNG files, so it’s better to save it in JPEG. I will show you what transparent images are just below. By the way, you can always reduce the size of the image later.

Screenshot. just press the button;

So, we go to the site https: //screenshoter.rf/ and download the Screenshoter program, there is one big button “Download for free” on the floor of the screen, incl. don’t miss The program is from a domestic developer, therefore it is completely in Russian and, of course, is free In addition, I checked it for viruses. everything is clean.

During installation, you can disable the loading of Yandex items:

Immediately after installation, a window opens with the program settings, click “Save”, I will talk about them a little later.

Now, to send a link to a screen screen to a friend, simply press the CtrlPrtScr buttons (if anyone does not know, the PrtScr button on the standard keyboard is to the right of F12. A characteristic click and a second screen blackout will mean that there is already a link to the image in your clipboard! Check by pasting it into the browser address bar:

It’s that simple! And if you need to take a snapshot of a certain part of the screen, then press only the PrtScr button and select the area. When you release the mouse, a link to the image will be in your clipboard!

The screenshot shooter has a couple more trump cards in his that other competitors do not have. If you are “far” or lazy to reach the keyboard, you can simply click on the program icon in the system tray, which is equivalent to pressing the PrtScr button:

And it will be more convenient for someone to right-click on any empty space on the desktop and select the appropriate action in the context menu:

And everything is so simple, because programmers started to make the program purely for themselves, in order to get the functionality that is available on “Macs”. quick creation of screenshots. And, I want to say, it worked out perfectly.

The easiest way to get a screenshot

Screenshooter allows you to save screenshots with a minimum of actions.

After the standard installation, we use the buttons:

  • AltShift1: screen of the whole monitor
  • AltShift2: selected part of the screen
  • AltShift3: snapshot of the selected window
  • PrtScrn: full screen and edit panel

If you chose the 4th option, then press Enter to finish the selection of the area, cancel. Esc. A simple editor will open:

Here you can draw arrows, various shapes, add text with adjustable transparency, numbering, crop the image. Click on the “Save” button. You can click on the program icon in the system tray near the clock and work from there:

The same options for screenshots, you can also choose where to save the images:

By default, the screenshot is saved to your hard drive, but it is better to set up the cloud. this is the most convenient option for sharing a screenshot. Let’s go to “Settings”:

We see the standard autorun options and you can also turn off the editor window after taking a screenshot. In this case, we immediately receive a ready-made link. On the Hotkeys tab, you can override the default buttons:

I think that these combinations were initially chosen for those cases when there is NO PrtScrn button on the keyboard. To share the finished screenshot, you need to set up the cloud, to choose from: Yandex Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive:

For the cloud to work, you need an account (mail) in any service. We go into our version and log in using the settings wizard.

As you can see, everything is very simple. There are both standard Windows features and various applications with their own merits. Which method to use is up to you. I also think it will be very interesting for you to read how to record a video from the screen with sound. If you liked the article, then share it with your friends on social networks.!

And now a video with a visual “debriefing”
We take screenshots on a computer using standard methods

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