What To Do If The Computer Screen Is Turned Over

How to Flip the screen on your computer quickly and easily?

In a house where there are children, a situation often arises when, going to the computer, you find that the images are upside down. The first time this can even be a little scary. But this is not terrible. How do I Flip the computer screen back to its original position? Each operating system has its own way.

What To Do If The Computer Screen Is Turned Over

Alternative for Win7

Of course, this is NOT the only way for Windows 7. There is another simple and quick option. To do this, call the menu as described above. Only now you need an item: graphics parameters. A standard system Dialog box will appear with a Rotate tab. Further, by clicking on it several times, you can safely choose the appropriate option. This is one of the easiest ways to Flip the screen on a Windows 7 computer (any version).

For Windows 7

In the given operational their own ways of solving the problem, like a Flipped screen on a computer. First, remember that in any case, all actions will have to be performed the other way around. That is, up. it will be down, and to the right. it will be left. On an empty space on the desktop Right-click. Minimize or close all open windows. Select “screen resolution” from the drop-down menu. Next, you need the “orientation” line. Please note that landscape can be upside-down or regular. A simple orientation is needed for the usual screen spread. Feel free to choose it, confirming your action with the “apply” and “ok” keys. If you are looking for how the screen on a computer is turned upside down for your own purposes (to watch a movie in a different spread or something else), then I select the appropriate options from the available ones.

If you have Windows XP or later

Nothing is impossible in any other operating system. And there is also a way to return the screen on a computer with Windows XP. But it all depends on the type of installed card. In most cases, it belongs to the NVIDIA family. Call Desktop Dialog Box. Select NVIDIA Control Panel. It is there that you will have to carry out all the manipulations. The left side of the window that opens is the actions that are available to you as a user. To Flip the computer screen as required, you need to select the “Rotate display” item. There are 4 options in total. Feel free to try, look for a suitable.

universal ways

Regardless of what operating system, map and other parameters you have, there is a standard set of keyboard shortcuts that help you rotate the desktop as you please. What are the options? Standard combination: Ctrl and Alt, simultaneously pressed. To return the screen the way you want, Use the arrow keys on your keyboard in addition. Each rotation is performed exactly 90 degrees. It is noteworthy that if this option does NOT work, then it will be useful to check the system for viruses and malicious “spyware”, “worms” and other programs. It is possible that this will help solve the problem with unauthorized screen Flipping.

Another universal way is to change the settings in the control panel. To get into it, you just need to click “Start” and select the desired item in the menu. In the control panel itself, you only need the “Display” tab. Already there you can safely search for suitable image rotation options on your computer.

If during work without your participation the screen was turned upside down, be sure to check the system with an antivirus. Many problems are resolved only after the infected files are deleted. If you just want the screen to be turned upside down for yourself, then use one of the suggested tips. Do not forget to return the image to its original position after, so as not to rack your brains again over which settings you need to enter.

How to fix the screen on a laptop

During the user’s work with a laptop, situations may arise when the image on the screen turns out to be rotated by 90 or 180 degrees. Why this happened, users DOES NOT know, and also DOES NOT represent how to return the image to its normal state. In this article I will tell you what to do if the screen on a laptop is turned over. I will list the reasons for this phenomenon and outline options for solving the problem.

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Flipping laptop screen

Its useful to note! Most recently, I wrote an article on How to Flip Online.

What to do if the screen Flips on a laptop?

Do NOT immediately panic if your laptop or computer screen Flips over. In the vast majority of cases, this problem is NOT hardware related and can be resolved in just a few minutes. Don’t believe me? Then just read this article and see for yourself. By the way, the methods presented below are universal and suitable for any version of the Windows operating system.

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What to do if the screen Flips on a laptop?

Do NOT immediately panic if your laptop or computer screen Flips over. In the vast majority of cases, this problem is NOT hardware related and can be resolved in just a few minutes. Don’t believe me? Then just read this article and see for yourself. By the way, the methods presented below are universal and suitable for any version of the Windows operating system.


So, the most common prerequisite for a screen Flipped 90 degrees (or any other angle) on your computer is if you accidentally press the so-called hot keys. You could have simply hooked them, wipe the keyboard, and then find that the image on the monitor is displayed upside down.

It is logical that to solve the problem, you should use the same combination of buttons that led to its occurrence. And there are several options here. First of all, simultaneously hold down the “Ctrl” and “Alt” keys, and then, Do not release them, click on one of the arrows. Wherein:

  • Up and Down arrows rotate the image 180 degrees.
  • Arrows “Left” and “Right” to turn the monitor 90 degrees, according to its direction.

In such a simple way, gradually rotating the picture on the screen, you will return it to its original position. It is worth saying that this method does not always work, but you need to try it first of all, since this procedure will not take much of your time.

How to Flip the screen through the map control panel?

Another way is to use the capabilities of the adapter control center. You can enter the settings of the card operation modes through the control panel. They are also available through the system tray. Or just right click and select NVIDIA Control Panel (or “Graphics Properties”, or AMD Catalyst Control Center).

Settings Center interfaces are designed differently in different operating systems and maps. However, it is difficult to get confused here. On the left side, find the section “display”. Then “display rotation”. Now also check the orientation. If necessary, change it to “landscape” to return the standard image output mode.

Things are a little different with AMD cards. Here, in the control center for the graphics adapter, you need to go to the item “common display tasks” and select “return the desktop”. Next, you will see several images showing the required screen rotation. Choose the option you want and press the confirmation button.

If you have a laptop with an integrated Intel chipset, then changing the screen layout is even easier. Right-click on the desktop. A menu will open where you need to move the cursor over the term “graphics options”. Then click on the “rotation” sub-item and set how many degrees you want to rotate the screen. To do this, just select one of the proposed rotation options:

card settings

Another way to solve the problem that caused the screen on a laptop or computer to change is to change the settings of the card. It has its own nuances, but, in principle, it is very similar to the previous one. So, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the settings of your card. Most often this can be done by clicking on the corresponding icon on the taskbar. In addition, you can find the program you want from the Start menu.
  • Next, you need to find the option responsible for the rotation of the display. Unfortunately, its name may differ depending on the model of your card. When searching, be guided by “Rotate desktop”, “Rotate display” and other similar names.

After finding and selecting the desired option, rotate the screen either using the “Orientation” section, or using the arrow keys. Returning the display to its normal position, confirm the change and close the card settings.

Operating system settings

If the previous method did not help you, you can use the operating system settings and try to make the computer screen Flip back. For this:

  • Click on any empty area on the desktop with the right mouse button. In the context menu that appears, select “Screen Resolution” (in Windows 10, this option was renamed to “Display Settings”).
  • Select the monitor you want to configure. If you have a Flipped screen on your laptop or you are using only one monitor, then you can simply skip this step.
  • Under “Orientation” select “Landscape” (suitable for most monitors).

If the problem with the inverted screen is gone, save the changes. Otherwise. just try choosing a different display orientation.

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How to fix screen Flipping on a laptop

After we have decided what causes the screen Flipping on a laptop, we will decide on the means of how to return the screen on a laptop back. I suggest doing the following:

  • Use a hotkey combination. Press the Ctrl Alt key combination (cursor up), and the image should return to its normal state (if you have it Flipped 180 degrees). You can also try the CtrlAlt ← → keyboard shortcut (to rotate the screen 90 degrees to one side or the other). At the same time, remember that hot key combinations will work if you use a special application to customize your map, and there are opportunities in it to rotate the screen;
  • Use Windows settings. Right-click on the desktop field that is free of icons, select “Screen Resolution” there, in the “Orientation” option, click on “Landscape”, and confirm our choice by clicking “Ok”;

Choosing the correct screen orientation

  • If the first two tips didn’t help, try restarting your computer. it could be an accidental system crash, and a simple reboot can fix the situation;
  • Try updating the driver for your card. Look for the most recent driver on your graphics card manufacturer’s website, this may help fix the laptop screen Flipped problem;
  • Run the card setup program (AMD Catalyst. Nvidia Control Panel, Intel HD), and select the correct screen position settings (if available) there. For example, in the settings for Nvidia, this is done through the “Display” tab, then “Display rotation”, where you need to select the desired option;
  • Choosing the correct map settings

  • Roll back the system to a previous restore point. Click on “Start”, type “System Restore” in the search bar and click on the result at the top. Select a restore point at which there were no problems with the screen, and roll back the system to a previous stable state;
  • If all else fails, then you should consider contacting a service center. It is possible that there is a breakdown of the laptop graphics card built into your PC’s motherboard.
  • no driver

    The problem often arises when reinstalling the OS or a failure in the driver or (less often) the card itself. In case everything is in order with the map, try downloading the latest version from the developer’s website.

    Changing system fonts

    System fonts are a collection of desktop icons, their signatures, and design elements. In other words, what is responsible for displaying the workspace on the “table” or windows like “Explorer”.

    These elements are interconnected, so when one parameter is changed, the rest are automatically adjusted to it. How to change the font size for a better readability?


    While configuring the router, I ran into the following problem. the monitor image was shifted a couple of millimeters to the left. And the cursor is also “sailed away” to the left, and not lingering on the edge of the monitor. over, this was both in programs and on the desktop. And the case formed a black strip with a width of the same a couple of millimeters. What is there to tell, see for yourself (lower right corner and the folder crawling out from the edge):

    It is impossible to show this in the screenshot, because the screenshot “photographs” active area managed by the system. And here it feels like the pixels have stopped working.

    How to install the driver if you don’t know the map
    . monitor setup

    If none of the above methods is suitable, then the problem may be in the changed settings of the monitor itself (changing the length and width of the image, for example). The solution might be to automatically adjust the image. Each monitor has such a button.

    wrong permission

    This problem can be checked through the “Screen Resolution” menu.

      You need to right-click on the desktop, then click on the line that says “Screen Resolution”.

    How I solved the problem?

    Everything turned out to be very simple. It was enough to change the frequency of the monitor (LCD monitor). Now I’ll show you how it’s done. 1) Go to the desktop context menu, Screen Resolution (in Windows 7). 2) A menu with screen settings appears. Click on “Extra options”. 3) the characteristics of your adapter (card) will appear. Go to the tab “Monitor”. Here’s an important dropdown menu. “Screen refresh rate”. We set the maximum screen refresh rate.
    By default, I had 60 Hz, which was the cause of the problem. After that, the image should move to its place.

    Change the font without changing other parameters

    Sometimes it happens that the user is satisfied with the size of icons and other interface elements, but the font seems inconvenient. On the “seven” and later versions, it became possible to directly change the size and type of the font, and do not affect other design:

      Call the desktop context menu and go to the “Personalization” section.


    The fastest and easiest way is to use hotkeys. special combinations in which this or that command is triggered:

    • “CtrlAlt”. Flips the screen and all open windows;
    • “CtrlAlt”. return to the initial position;
    • “CtrlAlt →”. will return the image 90 degrees clockwise;
    • “CtrlAlt ←”. rotate counterclockwise by 90 degrees.

    Flip the screen with keyboard shortcuts

    The first method that will help you if the screen is Flipped is to use “hot keys”. It does not always work, but it is worth trying it as it is very simple. Just a few seconds and you’re done.

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    What to do if the screen Flips on a computer or laptop?

    • press CTRL ALT up arrow. to Flip the screen 180 degrees (it will help if the screen is upside down or turned on its side)
    • press CTRL ALT down arrow if you need to Flip the screen 180 degrees
    • press CTRL ALT left arrow if you need to Flip the screen 90 degrees to the left
    • press CTRL ALT left arrow if you need to Flip the screen 90 degrees to the right

    Either way, one of THESE keyboard shortcuts should help you. If the computer does NOT react to these hotkeys in any way, then this method will not help you and you should try another.

    Screen Flipped. how to fix?

    Laptop or computer screen Flipped? Don’t know what to do? Already starting to call a computer technician? Don’t panic!) Even though it is extremely easy to put the screen back in place, many novice users are very scared. It seems to them that something irreparable has happened. However, it is very easy to solve this problem. Now I will explain to you what to do if the computer or laptop screen is turned over and how to fix it. The instruction is extremely simple and it will undoubtedly help in solving your problem. These methods are suitable for Windows 7, 8 and 10 (however, they can help for other operating systems as well)

    Screen Flipped: fixing with map settings

    If the above two ways to return the screen to its place did not help you, then you can try to Flip the screen in the map settings. To do this, you need to go to the control panel of your Rkata: NVidia, AMD Catalyst, Intel HD. Typically, the control panel icon is located on the desktop taskbar. Also, this program can be found in the list of all programs and will launch it from there.

    You can scroll through the menu items and find the setting you want. Usually the menu item is called “Rotate display”, “Rotate desktop” or similar. Specify the desired display orientation and press save. This should help. Here is an example of a control panel for NVidia cards:

    Flip the screen image through Windows settings

    So, the hotkey method did NOT help you put your windows 7 or 10 screen back in place. Let’s go to Windows settings. For more convenient settings, I recommend that you physically turn over your laptop or computer monitor. Despite the fact that it will not be very convenient to work with a mouse or touchpad, at least you do not break your neck trying to see the information on the monitor =)

    How to put the screen back in place if it Flips over?

    • Right-click on an empty space on your desktop. If you have Windows 7 or 8.1, you need to select the “Screen Resolution” item from the context menu, if Windows 10, then select the item “Screen options”.
    • Select the screen you want to customize. If you only have one, then you can skip this step.
    • Set the Screen Orientation you want (most likely it will suit you “Landscape”), press “Apply”.

    4. If the screen is back in place, save your changes. Otherwise. cancel them and try to choose a different screen orientation.

    As you can see, this method is also not difficult and its development is accessible even for a beginner.

    By the way, if you own a laptop with an accelerometer, then you can have automatic screen rotation enabled (as, for example, on mobile phones or tablets). In this case, you can disable or enable this function in the same place where we changed the screen orientation. However, the percentage of such laptops in comparison with “ordinary” models are extremely small.

    What to do if the screen is still upside down?

    The computer or laptop screen turned over and the above methods did not help? Well, this is very strange, but anything can happen. What can be done in this case?

    • reinstall card driver
    • reinstall OS
    • write in detail in the comments to the article in your problem with the obligatory indication of the card model, OS and actions that you took

    If you doubt your abilities, then go straight to step 3 and write in the comments to the article and I will definitely try to help you. Don’t worry, everything is fixable =)

    So, today we learned how to fix the problem when the screen turned over in a computer or laptop running Windows 7, 8.1 or 10. I hope the article helped you put the image back in place and get rid of this problem.

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