What To Do If The Laptop Has A Black Screen

How to get rid of malware

It is possible to infect a laptop with a virus even with an anti-virus program installed, because it is technically impossible to provide absolute protection. If you suspect that malware is causing your monitor problems, you should check your PC for viruses immediately. To do this, you need to run an already installed scanner or download a new one. The second option is more preferable. if the existing antivirus program allowed a virus into the system, then it is not a fact that it will detect it when it is scanned again.

To remove malware from the system, you need to do the following:

  • Download antivirus and, if necessary, install it on your PC. Dr.Web Curelt is a good option. It does not need installation and is highly efficient.
  • Enter Windows in Safe Mode. To do this, while starting the operating system, hold down the F8 button, and then activate the Required item in the window that appears.
  • Open antivirus and select advanced scan.
  • Check the boxes of all objects that need to be examined, after which we activate scanning by clicking “Start scan”.
  • After the end of the diagnostics, a list with the found threats will be displayed. You just have to be called “neutralize” and the antivirus will clean the laptop from malware.

To check if the monitor is working, restart the PC and perform the actions that cause the display to turn white. If it functions normally, then you have successfully fixed the problem. If the problem persists, try updating the drivers.

Restoring drivers

The laptop screen can also belea if the drivers on the display or card are damaged. In this case, you will need:

  • Launches the laptop and insert the driver disk, which is supplied with the laptop, into the drive. If such a disk is available, the required drivers can be found on the website of your laptop manufacturer.
  • Enter the “Device Manager” and select the “adapters” section.
  • Open the map available there and in the “Driver” tab they will call “Update”.
  • In the window that appears, select “Automatic search.”.

Perform exactly the same actions in the “Monitors” section.

Laptop white screen: software glitch

The main symptom of a software malfunction is the appearance of a white monitor NOT immediately after turning on the laptop, but after a while. This phenomenon can occur, for example, when opening. launching a game, going online, etc. Such software problems are rare, but they are much easier to fix with hardware.

The main causes of software failure are:

  • exposure to viruses;
  • malfunction of the driver on the display or card.

Error correction “white screen” on laptop

A white screen on a laptop can appear when a software glitch or hardware damage occurs. Some problems are fixed at home, while others require professional intervention. Consider why the laptop display may go white and what to do in your case.

Hardware damage to the laptop

If the screen turns white immediately when you turn on the PC, that is, it does not even display the Windows startup time and the exit to safe mode does not work, most likely the problem lies in hardware damage to the laptop. Such malfunctions include:

  • failure of the monitor matrix;
  • problems with the cable connecting Matica to the motherboard;
  • malfunction of oregano modules.
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To confirm or deny the failure of the matrix, you can use an external monitor or TV, in the performance of which you are absolutely sure. To do this, you need to connect an additional screen to the laptop via HDMI or VGA connector, which is located on the side or back of the laptop.

After rebooting the system, the external display is automatically recognized by the laptop. If this does not happen, you will need to switch between the main and second monitor using a specific key combination. For example, for Toshiba and HP PCs, press FnF4 on the keyboard, and for IBM. FnF7.

If, after performing the described actions, a picture appears on the external monitor, then the problem lies in the matrix. It can be burnt or mechanically damaged (for example, after the laptop has been dropped). The final verdict and the cost of services can only be told in the workshop.

If a white screen appears when the monitor is turned on, the problem may lie in the mechanical damage of the cable or its poor connection to the laptop components. To check the serviceability of the loop, you need to do the following:

  • Turn off and disassemble the laptop. You can see the disassembly diagram of your PC model on the Internet.
  • Visually inspect the loop for mechanical damage. It may have bent over or burned out.
  • If external defects are not visible, try to remove and insert the cable into the socket on the side of the oregano and the monitor matrix.
  • Assemble and turn on the laptop.

If the external monitor is working with your PC, and when examining the loop no problems were found, there is a high probability of failure of the adapter or the north bridge. It is better to entrust the repair of these elements to a professional. The duration of the repair and the cost of services will be told to you in the workshop.

What to do. the laptop turns on, but the screen is black?

The matter lies in the following reasons:

  • Have you recently switched your laptop to an external monitor with the original one turned off? Check if “dimming” is turned off by a couple of buttons.
  • “Clogging” of the hard drive with unnecessary and non-working files, lack of cleaning and optimization. Clean up your Hard Drive and Registry. After removing the trash and overloading, an image will appear and the device’s performance will improve.
  • All indicators are on, judging by the sounds, ventilation is working, and loading is in progress. Display only does NOT show signs of life. defective card or matrix. Are there images when connecting an external monitor? Exactly. card breakage. Few users can handle its replacement, call the workshop.
  • Problems in the monitor cable and its connectors. Check the connections and the loop itself, Reconnect.
  • Could jam the shutdown button on the screen. Happens from damage or liquid ingress. In older laptops, it is located on the front panel. It is more difficult with the newer ones, here the button is in the turning mechanism. Laptops are disassembled to repair it.
  • The backlight is defective or its inverter (transformer) burned out. In this case, there are first image distortions, along the edges of the monitor or completely. The display in such cases may be white or gray. The backlight is working, but the screen is black. a malfunction in the matrix or its connection. Unsuitable lamps are changed in workshops. Same with the transformer, yes, sometimes it needs to be restored. They inject transformer oil with a syringe, etc. Constantly disassembling the PC. Easier and more profitable replacement.
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Black screen on laptop. what to do?

Laptop does not turn on or you see “black screen“? First, there is no need to worry and rush to see a specialist. Most often, you can fix the cause yourself. “Homemade recipes” will NOT work, then Contact the service center. Replacement of the matrix and the second complex components is done only there. Yes, and minor repairs, soldering parts, if you are NOT a radio amateur or computer technician. be sure to go to the workshop. We have everything you need to eliminate the “black screen” and other laptop breakdowns.

Typical causes of failure

  • Power failure, battery, charging, or mains problem. For example, when the battery is critically low, the laptop may shut down.
  • Failure of the display, loop, backlight lamps
  • Overheating, abrupt shutdown of laptops by protection, failure of the south or north bridges. Cooler problems, clogged ventilation
  • Windows errors
  • Incorrect system and Bios settings
  • Excessive amount of software, games, “heavy” programs, especially those infected with viruses. This causes errors in the OS.
  • RAM or CPU issue
  • Lost contact in the slots of the device modules. It turns out due to shaking, mechanical damage, dust inside the computer case
  • Liquid spills, falls, bumps and carelessness.
  • Individual malfunctions. Depends on design features, manufacturers and models (see PC manual).

How to deal with problems yourself?

It is quite possible to restore your PC on your own. If the work concerns hardware settings or an uncomplicated change of modules (when they are NOT soldered). For a rough diagnosis, use the above list of the causes of the malfunction. Consider safe and effective ways to troubleshoot problems:

Connect your laptop to the network, it is probably just dead. See battery status. No effect? We inspect the connection along the circuit: outlet, charger, computer. Disconnect and stir the plugs.

Use a different monitor, does an image appear? Then you can try to fix the screen problem. View the system settings, it is better to return them to the basic ones. As a last resort (if you have the skills), try to disconnect the matrix cable, check and clean the contacts. The loop is damaged. it is useless to mount a new one. If all else fails, the matrix is ​​most likely faulty. Then you cannot avoid the help of a specialist.

Did the PC work long and hard? Overheating possible, let it cool well. Vents Must NOT be obstructed. Did you hear the noise of the cooler, hot air? If the ventilation is out of order, the computer turns off automatically. Parts may suffer from severe overheating, the south bridge often burns out. Replace Thermal Grease and Purchase a Cooling Pad.

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Rollback or reinstallation of the OS helps (only the display does not work). In this case, errors and settings are reset. For a start, you can limit yourself to returning to a restore point (when everything was fine). DOES NOT work. reset completely (if there is ATS on a flash drive or disk).

  • Disconnecting your computer from an electrical outlet.
  • Remove the battery.
  • Press the power button for 30-60 seconds (charge reset)

Resetting BIOS to factory settings.

  • Power on, press the Del and F2. F12 keys
  • In the menu, click on Load BIOS Setup Defaolts or Load Safe-Fail Defaolts.
  • Reboot, done.

BIOS reinstallation helps. The order is:

  • Download the installation file from the manufacturer’s website
  • You need to enter data in the model and OS in the support section so that there is no error
  • Before installation Make sure the battery is charged and the power adapter is connected. Power cut during BIOS setup kills laptops. We are waiting for the end of the process.
What To Do If The Laptop Has A Black Screen

Inspect the installed software and games. Probably, the reason for the problems is precisely in them, remove unnecessary and problematic programs and games. It is more convenient to do this with simple utilities like Glari Utilities and CCleaner.

Removing the RAM module with cleaning the connectors helps to light the screen.

  • Disconnect the power, remove the battery
  • Next Unscrew the separate RAM cover or Remove the laptop cover
  • Take your time, bend the fasteners, take out the modules. Use a thin object, not a pointed object, if there is no tool
  • clean slots
  • There may be additional contacts, then it is better to insert the module strip into them at an angle of 45 °
  • Further in reverse order

Clogging of connectors and ventilation occurs due to dust. The structure must be cleaned regularly, once every 1-2 years. In some modifications, the RAM may be soldered, then replacement only by the master.

Liquid spilled. Thorough drying is necessary if there is a lot of moisture Remove the cover. Only after that, perform the above manipulations. Helps cleaning connectors, reinstalling the RAM bar.

The laptop suffered serious mechanical damage (impacts, falls from a height), is there a cracked case? Better to contact the service center, there may be damage to the motherboard.

For any action, you must carefully read the user manual.

Devices of different types, models, firms have design and control features. The manual may contain descriptions of rare problems inherent only to this computer. If the problem is serious, you cannot fix the breakdown. Stop there. NOT skillful intervention in equipment is more expensive than ordinary repairs in service centers.

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