What To Do If The Laptop Screen Is Turned Over

How to Flip the screen on a laptop: key combination, 90 degrees and 180, Windows 10, 7, 8. Methods for solving the problem

In Windows 7, users can rotate the screen in a variety of ways. You can achieve the result:

  • debugging parameters “Intel”;
  • key combinations used;
  • through personalization of the operating system.

If you master all these techniques, you will have to go online with the question of how to Flip the screen on a laptop in Windows 7. The proposed techniques work fine in newer versions of the operating system “Windows”.

What To Do If The Laptop Screen Is Turned Over

Some people think that screen rotation is a consequence of problems with the map or the OS in general. Usually this phenomenon occurs due to improper use of the keyboard or sales of Windows settings.

If the listed methods do not help.

Sometimes there are cases when the above methods DO NOT help, or users cannot understand how to perform them correctly, then you can try using the Windows System Restore function. Thus, we can roll back to those operating system settings when the monitor screen was not Flipped.

In order to perform a system restore, you must open “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Recovery”. “Start System Restore”.

After that, select the date on which you want to roll back the settings and start the recovery process. After restoring the system, the screen position should return to the correct position.

The most extreme option, which will 100% solve the problem of how the screen on a laptop is turned upside down, is to reinstall the operating system. But this is the very last option if others do NOT help.

Windows 10

The interface of the Windows 10 operating system is almost identical to version 8. In addition to the context menu, you can use the “Start” option. Next, we are looking for:

  • All parameters;
  • system;
  • Screen (display)
  • Orientation.

If the menu is in English, these items might look different:

  • All Control Panel Items;
  • System;
  • Screen Resolution (Display)
  • Orientation.

Features of screen rotation on different OS

There are differences in operating systems, but they do not create critical problems for users. There is only a slight difference in the wording of the menu items.

Windows 8

Find the screen settings (or parameters) window as described above. This is also done by right-clicking on a free area of ​​the desktop.

Rotate the screen using the keyboard

If your laptop has a card, you can use hotkeys to quickly maximize the screen in Windows 10 or 7.

  • Press Ctrl Alt. to return the screen 180 degrees (down).
  • Press Ctrl Alt → to return the screen 90 degrees to the right.
  • Press Ctrl Alt ← to return the screen 90 degrees to the left.
  • Press Ctrl Alt. to return the screen to normal orientation.

Using the buttons, the desktop changes position on any laptop, regardless of the brand, be it Asus, Acer or HP.

If using a keyboard shortcut is not your method, there are two more options you can try.

Laptop hotkeys

On laptops, there is a keyboard shortcut that allows you to Flip the screen on a laptop. ctrl alt arrow. This method is provided for different laptop models: Asus (ASUS), Acer (ACER), Samsung (Samsung), Lenovo (Lenovo), etc.

How to Flip the screen using hotkeys:

  • Upside down. keyboard shortcut and down arrow.
  • Returning the screen to its normal position. keyboard shortcut and up arrow.
  • Move monitor to left side. keyboard shortcut and left arrow.
  • Return the monitor to the right side. keyboard shortcut and right arrow.

Some laptop models do not provide this customization option, so you will have to use the above methods.

The laptop screen can be turned upside down in four main ways: through Start using the map menu, with the introduction of hot keys, using Special programs. First you need to try the option with a key combination. If this does not help or the laptop does not support the function, then you need to move on to the rest of the options.

Rotate the screen in Windows 7 or Windows 10 through the “Control Panel”

Like the method described above, changing the orientation of the computer screen through the “Control Panel” does not cause problems. Even a beginner can use it.

Press the Windows key (the logo key between Ctrl and Alt), type in “screen resolution” and press Enter.

If your PC is running Windows 7 or Windows 8, click the Start button and go to Control Panel. Click the “Appearance and Personalization” section and then select “Adjust Screen Resolution”.

  • Select the screen settings item, namely the drop-down menu with the options “Portrait orientation” and “Landscape orientation”.
  • Select the one you want from THESE options and press OK to confirm your choice
  • To return from portrait to normal landscape orientation, press the Escape key on your keyboard.

The screen has turned over on a laptop, what to do?

I welcome you to another article, dear users. In today’s article, we will consider such a situation when the screen on a laptop turned over, in the literal sense of the word. Some users, I think, had to face a similar problem.

This article describes how to fix the inverted screen problem on a laptop. After all, not every user knows that many cards have the ability to present an image with a different orientation.

So, “I pressed something and after that my laptop screen Flipped 90, 180, 270 degrees.”. over, it is worth noting that sometimes the applications that come with the card drivers reserve hotkey combinations in the system for quickly calling certain functions.

way 2

On the desktop, right-click and set the item “Display settings”. Then, in the window that opens, select the required orientation (by default it is landscape) and click the “Apply” button. In the menu that opens, confirm the applied changes.

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Also, in Windows 10, the menu can be accessed as follows: on the taskbar, find the “Notifications” icon, in which select “All options”. In the system window that appears on the left, find the “Screen” parameter, in which you can already change the required one according to the above method.

What to do if the desktop is displayed sideways on the screen

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What to do if the screen Flips?

Consider the options for correcting the problem when the screen turned over on a laptop or computer. On a mechanical level, this happens very rarely, most often it is just a system error and it can be easily fixed.

The screen has turned over on a laptop, what to do?

Let’s consider ways to solve this problem:

1.If the screen Flips after pressing a key combination, simply press the following key combinations on the keyboard. CtrlAlt “Up Arrow”. Nothing changed? Then we will try the methods described below.

2. On the desktop, right-click the mouse. Select Display Options from the context menu. In the window that opens, select the “Landscape” orientation and click “OK”. If again the problem could not be solved, then move on.

3. Try to change the display settings in the program to the card itself, usually the program icon is always visible in the tray, in the lower right corner of the screen near the clock.

If there is such an icon, then in the Windows operating system, access to the card settings is provided in the “Options. System. Display” menu.

At this stage, in 90% of cases, everything returns to normal. If, for some reason, you still have not been able to restore the normal display, you will have to resort to system recovery.

To do this, go to the “Control Panel”, find the “Recovery” item and in the window that opens, select “Start System Restore”. Select a restore point when everything was fine and start recovery from that point. You can learn more about “Recovery” in this article:

How to recover your computer?

If recovery did not help you, or for some reason system recovery is not available (for example, the ability to create restore points is disabled), you can try reinstalling the adapter driver. Usually, after reinstalling the driver, this item allows you to solve the problem when the screen Flips on the laptop.

Prepare an installation disk with drivers in advance or download a set of programs necessary for your adapter.

Then in the next step go to “Control Panel. System. Device Manager”. In Device Manager find and expand “adapters”.

Then right-click on the installed map and select “Delete” from the context menu. After removing the hardware, the system will prompt you to reinstall the adapter driver. Select and install the previously prepared card drivers. Remember to restart your computer when the installation is complete.

After the procedure, in 99% of cases, the screen image returns to normal.

Concluding today’s article “The screen turned over on a laptop.” However, if the above described actions have not helped you to solve the problem of the inverted screen and you have not figured out something, or are afraid to take any action to avoid the loss of important data stored on the computer, just contact the service center. Experts are guaranteed to bring your laptop to normal condition and at the same time completely without loss of information. That’s all. See you in the next article!

Dear users, if after reading this article you have any questions or you want to add something about the subject of this article or the entire Internet resource as a whole, then you can use the comment form. Also, ask your questions, suggestions, wishes.

So, for today this is actually all that I wanted to tell you about in today’s issue. I hope that you have found interesting and useful information for yourself in this article. Well, I, in turn, am waiting for your questions, wishes or suggestions for this article or the entire site as a whole

What if the screen Flips over? [Del]

My laptop screen Flipped, what should I do? What to do if the desktop is turned over on the computer

. way 1

Hold CtrlAlt Up arrow (or another corresponding arrow, if you initially had a different orientation). After that, the display on the device will return to its original position.

But, it should be noted that the combination does not always work, it usually depends on the card and installed drivers, as well as on the pre-installed OS. For example, this option does not work for most Windows 10 users.

Rotate the Windows 7 screen

If, on a device running Windows 7, you also have an inverted display problem, know that it can be fixed without much difficulty. You can use different methods for this, but the fastest is most likely using hotkeys. Interestingly, hot combinations do NOT work everywhere. By default, they are activated on laptops, but on personal computers they can be deactivated.

For screen rotation on NVIDIA

  • Called with the right mouse button on an empty spot on the screen, calling the context menu;
  • Select the NVIDIA control menu;
  • Go to the Display menu and find Rotate display there;
  • You will be presented with four options for positioning the image on the device screen. select the desired position, apply the settings and save.

For screen rotation on AMD Radeon

  • Calling the context menu, as in the previous version;
  • Go to the menu and find Common Display Tasks;
  • Select Flip the desktop;
  • The point is you will display options for displaying the picture on the screen. select the option you want.

Keyboard shortcut for screen rotation

Those who regularly use computers are accustomed to the fact that most commands can be performed by pressing the so-called “hot keys”. a special combination of buttons, pressing which leads to certain actions. The situation with the screen is NOT an exception, and now you will learn how to Flip the screen on a computer using the keyboard.

It is important to note that the keyboard shortcuts below will be able to solve the problem for those using devices with Intel processors. On a second laptop or computers, such button combinations may NOT work.

So, the easiest and fastest way to Flip the laptop screen is to hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys at the same time, and add arrows. The direction of the arrow will just mean in which direction the image will be returned.

  • Pointer down. rotate the image upside down (rotate 180 °);
  • Pointer to the right. the top of the image is rotated to the right;
  • Pointer left. rotates the top of the screen to the left;
  • Up pointer. returns the image to its normal position.

Few people know that these combinations of buttons, if necessary, can be replaced with ones that are convenient for you, or even turned off altogether as unnecessary. To do this, just go to the Intel Management menu and go to the Options and Support menu.

What to do if the screen on a laptop or PC is turned over

Every day working or relaxing at the computer or favorite laptop, we often do monotonous actions, often brought to automatism. Sometimes, however, you need to do something unusual that can be confusing. For example, you need to Flip the screen on your computer. Let’s say that you need to display information from a different angle, or there may be a situation where the image is displayed upside down without your intervention, and you do not know how the screen is turned upside down on a laptop. Whatever happens, but you still need to solve the problem, and return the screen to the desired position.

We have selected most of the possible options to help you fix the situation as soon as possible.

How to return the screen on a computer

If you prefer a personal computer to work on a laptop, and it so happened that you needed to find how the screen on the computer was turned upside down, you are in the right place. By the way, on a computer, the screen orientation is changed in the same way as on a laptop, there are no fundamental differences. Unless, there is one way, which will help if the previous options did not bring the desired result. In this case, it will be effective to use the display settings, which are located in the Windows control panel:

  • Enter the control panel of your device;
  • Find the Screen section;
  • In the section find the settings of the screen parameters and select the Orientation item;
  • Change the position of the image to the one you want.

Thus, you can laboriously rotate the screen image on the computer. These methods are universal and work with most devices. The only thing that might be different is the operating system. In each operating system Variations are possible, how to enter the menu and turn.

How to get the screen back on a laptop

It will not be difficult to change the orientation of the image on the laptop screen, where NVIDIA or AMD Radeon adapters are used. You can, of course, put the device on its side or upside down, but this is at least NOT professional, and, moreover, it can harm the device. In fact, this is done by changing the settings in the adapters control panel.

Rotate the Windows 10 screen

In Windows 10, the function of changing the positioning of the image is also implemented. About how to Flip the screen on Windows 10 further:

  • By changing your desktop settings. Calling the context menu by right-clicking in an empty space on the monitor;
  • Find Screen Resolution, and in it Orientation;
  • After opening the menu, select the option you need. Initially, landscape orientation is set;
  • Apply settings and save.

After reading the article, you now know what to do if the laptop screen Flips over. All the described methods are working, they are performed quickly, and do not require special skills and abilities. In addition, they are suitable for all computers and laptops. Each user can independently choose the method that suits him, and arrange the images on the screen as he wants. Knowing how to get the screen back on a laptop will help you prank your coworker, if, of course, he appreciates your joke. In any case, remember that you can always turn off the option that involves the use of hotkeys, however, in addition to Flipping the screen, other options will not be available.

Why did the screen turn over on a laptop or computer?

There may be several reasons why the image on the monitor has turned upside down, and not all of them can be eliminated using one of the methods described above.


If “hot keys” for screen Flipping are enabled in the computer, simple inattention can lead to screen Flipping. A child or you yourself can accidentally press the Ctrl Alt arrow key combination on the keyboard and the screen will turn over. In this case, it is quite easy to return the image to the proper plane, Using the “hot keys” as intended.

Software problems

The hardware of the computer may conflict with each other, which results in software malfunctions. Errors can cause the image to Flip on the screen, and should be alerted in such a situation. You may need diagnostic services to determine the exact cause of the automatic image rotation on your computer.


The screen orientation may change from landscape to portrait or any other on your computer due to viruses. You can get rid of them in several ways:

  • Check your computer with antivirus programs
  • Perform system restore
  • Reinstall Windows operating system

We advise you to start by checking your computer with an antivirus, but if the problem is not resolved, you will have to move on to more radical actions.

Windows 7, Windows 8

  • Right-click on the computer desktop and select “Screen Resolution”. Next, a menu will open in which you will be interested in the “Orientation” column. The standard display mode of the screen is landscape orientation, but if your screen is turned over on a laptop or computer and this happened due to the Windows settings, then you will see that another item is active
  • In this case, you need to change the orientation to “landscape” (or another, if your monitor is installed non-standard), and then press the “Apply” button
  • Next, the screen will turn over to the intended side and it remains only to confirm the correctness of the selected direction with the button “Save changes”

instruction: how to return the screen. Flip the computer image in the card software

If a discrete card is installed in your computer, it most likely comes with its own software. Since the card is responsible for displaying the image on the monitor screen (including on a laptop), it is necessary to check the settings specified for it. Depending on the card manufacturer, the software may differ.

The screen on the laptop turned over. How to fix?

Laptop screen Flipped? We’ll show you how to fix it.

Quite often, Windows users are faced with the problem of an inverted screen. On the other hand, some people, for example, programmers, specifically turn the screen over to Position the monitor in a portrait position.

Whatever the situation, accidental or deliberate, we’ll show you how to Flip the screen in Windows.

How to Flip the monitor screen back to its original position

It is customary to perceive the monitor screen in the same orientation as it is. But sometimes it becomes necessary to change the orientation of the screen, or, simply put, the image on a laptop or computer is upside down. Why it might be needed?

Due to some kind of software glitch, the screen has turned over and the image is upside down, or turned on its side. It must be corrected, returned back. Sometimes the monitor itself needs to be turned upside down, but the image should be left in the normal orientation for the viewer.

So, how is the screen Flipped on a monitor in a computer, laptop? Extremely simple. Depending on the device (whether we are talking about a laptop or a simple computer) and the operating system installed on it, you need to do a simple set of manipulations. They will take NOT more than 10 seconds! But in order, after all, these 10 seconds also need to be done correctly.

Windows 10

On Windows 10, there are several ways to Flip the screen using the operating system.

First way:

  • Right click on the Start icon
  • Next, you need to select the item “Control Panel”
  • Next choose “Setting the screen resolution “
  • In the column “Orientation” Set “Landscape”, after which you need to click on the “Apply” button
  • A window will appear to confirm the selected direction of Flipping the screen, and will remain “Save changes”

Second way:

Important: The Windows 10 operating system is often installed on convertible laptops that combine the functions of a desktop computer and a tablet. In such devices, accelerometers are used, which are responsible for automatically rotating the screen depending on its position in space. You can disable the Flip of the image in them using the Windows 10 operating system in the “Display Settings”.

Setting screen orientation in map management programs

The last way to fix the situation if your image on the laptop or computer screen is upside down is to launch the appropriate program to manage your card: NVidia control panel, AMD Catalyst, Intel HD.

Examine the parameters available for change (I have an example only for NVidia) and, if the item for changing the angle of rotation (orientation) is present, set the position you need.

If suddenly none of the suggested help, write in the comments more details about the problem, as well as the configuration of your computer, in particular in the card and the installed OS. I will try to help.

What to do if the laptop screen is turned over

Did your computer or laptop screen accidentally Flip 90 or 180 degrees? You have no idea how this could have happened, and even more so you DO NOT know how to fix it? Do not despair, because from this article you will learn how to Flip the screen back, or rather, set its correct position.

Often, the reason for the “Flipped screen” is that someone, without your knowledge, has changed something in the screen settings. Perhaps a child or someone else from your household did it, in any case, you now have to eliminate it. Fortunately, we will help you.

The simplest method to return the screen to its normal position, which, unfortunately, does not work in all devices, is to use the Ctrl Alt key combination “Down arrow” or another arrow, depending on the required direction. Actually, if this method worked, you don’t need to read further.

Using the above combination, you can specify the “bottom” of the screen: this allows you to rotate the screen 90/180/270 degrees, together with the Ctrl Alt keys, pressing the arrow in one direction or another.

The problem is that, as mentioned above, these “hot” keys do not work in all computers and laptops. It depends on the card installed in the device, the drivers and accompanying software installed for it.

How to Flip the screen using standard Windows tools?

To Flip the screen using standard Windows operating system tools, you need to go to the section for changing the screen resolution, which opens differently in different OS versions.

Windows 7/8 / 8.1 must be named with the right mouse button on the desktop and select “Screen Resolution” in the context menu.

On Windows 10: Right-click on the Start icon or just click WinX.

Go to “Control Panel”.

Next go to “Setting the screen resolution “.

In the window that appears, find the “Orientation” item, which, by the way, may be absent. Accordingly, if you have this section, select the Screen orientation you need. “Landscape”.

It is worth noting that on Windows 10, the section for changing the resolution and screen orientation can also be accessed through the “Settings”, which can be opened through the “Start”.

Next, select the “System” section, the first tab in which will be the screen settings.

Note: Some laptops (so-called transformers) may have a built-in accelerometer, which, in fact, is responsible for automatic rotation if such a function is available for this device. If you have just such a laptop, the problem with the inverted screen could arise precisely because of the accelerometer. You can enable, as well as disable auto-rotate the screen from the same section of screen settings.

How to Flip the screen through map settings?

You can solve the problem with an inverted screen on a computer or laptop through the control program for the card installed in the device, for which you need to run the appropriate utility.

We will show this on the example of a computer with an NVidia card, where it is necessary in the “Display” section to open the “Display rotation” item and select the desired screen orientation.

Such utilities may differ visually, but according to the list of available functions and capabilities, they are all very similar, so if your card is of the second brand, you just need to find the section Corresponding to the display settings.

That’s all, now you know exactly what to do if the screen on the computer is turned over.

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