What to do if there is a black screen in OBS-Studio

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Compatibility Mode

Have you tried the above methods but they didn’t help? OBS Studio not capturing the game, is the black screen still getting in the way? Let’s try to run the program in compatibility mode with another operating system. if you have Windows 10, experiment and select the value Windows 8.

  • Right click on the application shortcut;
  • Find the “Properties” section and go to the “Compatibility” tab;
  • Check the line “Run the program in compatibility mode with”;

there, black, screen, obs-studio

  • Select another version of the operating system and click on the “OK” icon.

No longer will a black screen when capturing a game in OBS-Studio bother you. At least let’s hope so! Let’s move on to the next cause of the problem (and the solution), which should be given special attention.

Administrator rights

One of the answers to the question why OBS does not capture the game is the lack of administrator rights when the program starts. It’s easy to fix. let’s work on the problem right now.

  • Find the program icon on the desktop / in the desired folder and right-click on it;
  • Select “Properties” from the drop-down menu;
  • Find the Compatibility tab on the screen;
  • Look for the icon “Run the program as administrator” in the window that opens and put a checkmark in front of it;
  • Save the changes by clicking the corresponding icon.

Done! Now we recommend restarting the application (you can even restart your computer). Run as an advanced administrator and don’t worry about why the game isn’t being captured in OBS.

Change graphics settings

Sometimes a black screen in OBS appears when capturing a game due to incorrect graphics settings. It’s good that they can be changed at any time! Please note that this method is only suitable for computers running Windows 10 and newer.

  • Click on the start menu button and go to options;
  • Find the “Games” icon on the screen;
  • In the window that opens on the left, look for the “Related parameters” tab and click on the “Graphics settings” button;
  • In the “Select an application to configure settings” section, find the “Classic application” icon;
  • Click on the “Browse” button below;
  • Go to the installation path of the program (as a rule, by default, it is located on the C drive, in the Programm Files directory) and click on the OBS-Studio icon;
  • Now the software icon will appear under the Browse button;
  • Select it by clicking the left mouse button and click on the “Parameters” icon;
  • If you want to capture the source “Display” for displaying the desktop, select “Power Saving” and check the option;
  • If you want to capture source of game content (or use the NVENC encoder), you need to select the High Performance option;
  • Now click on the “Save” button. Done!

Do you understand what to do if Streamlabs is not capturing the game? Be sure to keep the memo. it will come in handy more than once!

Selecting the desired source

Faced the game capture not working in OBS? The situation is unpleasant. but solvable, we are ready to help! We have collected the most effective methods, which we will tell you about. Let’s start with the most elementary. carefully study the steps described below, they will come in handy more than once in case of difficulties.

Experienced users understand that the software needs to capture the broadcast to work. Only then can the video be streamed to your favorite platforms. That is why we start with an elementary setup for capturing a game in OBS-Studio.

  • Open the app and find the Sources field at the bottom left;
  • Click on the “Add” icon and select “Capture Game”;
  • Go to the settings by clicking on the OK button;
  • Set the following mode. “Capture a separate window”;
  • In the line “Window” select the required process (it must be running on the computer);
  • Find the Window Negotiation Priority field. Here you need to choose the correct title;
  • Check the box “SLI / Crossfire capture mode” (but keep in mind that this action negatively affects performance as much as possible, it will drop sharply);
  • Check the box “Use an interceptor compatible with cheat protection”.

The first part of the settings is complete, if the black screen repeats when capturing a game in OBS, you need to try another method! Go back to the sources, click on the add button and do the following:

  • Select the value “Window Capture”;
  • In the “Window” parameter, select a process from the drop-down list. this is game content that is currently running on the computer in windowed or full-screen windowed mode;
  • Check the box “Compatible with multi-adapter”;
  • Look for the “Window Negotiation Priority” tab and compare the title. you need to find a similar title.

The black screen in OBS should disappear when capturing a game. check the correct OBS-Studio settings for streaming at the very beginning! It is with these actions that we begin to solve problems. Only then do we move on to the next steps. we’ll talk about them below.

OBS is not capturing the game: causes and solutions to the problem in 2021!

OBS not capturing the game and showing a black screen? Don’t worry. every problem has a solution that we have already prepared. Look for the reasons in our review and choose the appropriate way to get rid of difficulties! Ready?

GPU conflict

The biggest issue that we need to address when solving the black screen problem when OBS is not capturing the game is a conflict between two GPUs. This is the software that comes with every computer by default. It is an Intel graphics processor and a discrete graphics chip (NVIDIA or AMD).

The problem “OBS-Studio does not capture the game / black screen” appears under the following conditions: the broadcast software uses one graphics chip, and the launched toy is running on another. There is a conflict that provokes difficulties. What can be done?

  • Close OBS-Studio and launch the NVIDIA Control Panel;
  • Proceed to the “Manage 3D Settings” section. find the subsection “Software settings”;
  • Click on the “Add” icon opposite the line “Select a program to configure”;
  • Find the streaming software file and add it. Make sure the title appears in the list;
  • Go to the subsection “Select your preferred GPU”;
  • Open the drop-down menu and set the value to “High-performance NVIDIA processor”;
  • Restart Stream Labs OBS-Studio. the black screen should disappear when capturing the game.

Now you understand why OBS-Studio does not capture the game and the black screen pops up instead of the desired content. Our advice will help you deal with difficulties. we are sure everything will work out! You will quickly and efficiently solve the problem and return to the full use of the software.

Video card drivers

Another tip that should not be neglected if the screen is not capturing in OBS is to update your video card drivers! Be sure to check if you need to install a new version of the drivers.

  • Right click on “My Computer” and go to “Properties”.
  • Open the device manager;
  • Go to the “Video adapters” tab and find the required video card. by clicking the right mouse button you can go to the drop-down menu;
  • Now click on the icon “Update video card drivers”.

Let’s figure out why screen capture in OBS is still not working. and try to find ways to solve the problem.!

OBS is not capturing the screen: what to do about the problem!

OBS is not capturing the screen, can’t you use the streaming software normally? To give up early. no need to look for workarounds, you need to boldly face the problem face to face! After all, we know the main reasons for the appearance. and, more importantly, effective solutions. Ready to share with you!

Correct program settings

OBS not capturing screen, black screen appearing instead of broadcasting display content? The situation is unpleasant, requires an urgent solution. you want to get on the air faster and show cool content to viewers of streaming services?

We are in a hurry to help! You should start with the correct settings. users do not always set the correct parameters, hence the simplest mistakes are taken.

  • Open OBS-Studio and go to the Sources section;
  • If you choose the “Window Capture” icon. configure the following parameters: in the “Window” section, select an already running process;
  • Check the box “Client area”;
  • In the section “Window approval priority” we compare the titles. if they differ, look for a window of the same type;

If you click on the “Capture Game” button. We recommend setting the following settings: in the “Mode” section, select the “Capture a separate window” parameter;

  • In the “Window” block, look for the required running program;
  • With the section “Priority of approval” we proceed according to the instructions above;
  • We are looking for the line “SLI / Crossfire capture mode” and enable the use of an interceptor, combined with protection against cheats.

Now you can get back to work! Be sure to save the changed settings. then the black screen when capturing the screen in OBS Studio will no longer bother you.

Run as administrator

Another answer to the question of why screen capture does not work in OBS is that the computer user does not have the necessary rights. At first glance, they are completely unnecessary. but it is difficult for an ordinary person to delve into technical difficulties.

So let’s just try to fix it! Just right-click on the program shortcut on the desktop (or in some of the folders) and select the line “Run as administrator” from the menu that appears. You will be surprised how well the simplest action can help.!

Run in compatibility mode

Sometimes the reason OBS screen capture doesn’t work is because of an operating system compatibility bug. Of course, the application was developed taking into account the capabilities of different operating systems. but sometimes such bugs still occur. So don’t be lazy and try switching compatibility mode. This is done like this:

  • Right-click on the application shortcut;
  • Find in the drop-down menu the item “Properties”;
  • Open the “Compatibility” tab;
  • Check the box “Run the program in compatibility mode with”;

Please note. you need to choose a different version of the operating system. If you are using a ten, try choosing a value of 7 or 8. experiment. Often times, this is a great way to help.!

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Graphics settings

If OBS Studio is not capturing the screen, it’s time to remember about the complexities of interaction between two video cards. this problem occurs only for users whose computers have NVIDIA / AMD and INTEL graphics and discrete processes at the same time.

A little later, we will tell you how to resolve the conflict between the two processors, but for now we will offer a quick solution. it will come in handy for forced launch in the desired mode if screen capture fails in OBS Studio:

  • Click on the application shortcut with the right mouse button;
  • Find the line “Run with GPU”;
  • An additional menu will appear. press the button “Integrated graphics hardware”.

Done, the black screen when capturing the screen in OBS-Studio may disappear after this action.

If it doesn’t help, we continue to delve into the question! Why is there a conflict between two processors? The fact is that different programs can run under different systems. discrete and graphical. A streaming application operates according to one algorithm, and a running game / program. according to an alternative one! Hence the difficulties, hence the black screen when capturing a window in OBS.

  • Open the NVIDIA Control Panel and go to the “Manage 3D Settings” subsection;
  • Find the “Program Settings” icon and add Studio to the exclusions;
  • Now find the line “Select a program to configure” and click on the “Add” icon;
  • Go to the application installation directory (the default folder is in Program Files);
  • As soon as the software appears in the list, click on the button “Select your preferred graphics processor”;
  • Open the dropdown menu and set the value to “High performance NVIDIA processor”.

Be sure to restart your computer. then the black screen when capturing the OBS screen will disappear.

  • Right-click on the desktop and go to the AMD menu;
  • Click on the “System” icon;
  • Open the “Recent Applications” tab;
  • Find Studio in the list of programs and select the “Power saving” option for it through the drop-down menu.

The last reason why OBS-Studio is not capturing the screen, the black screen overlaps the correct broadcast content. the graphics settings are out of order. Let’s say a few words about this. you can easily fix the problem in a couple of minutes.

Graphics settings

Do not forget! This method can only be used by owners of the tenth version of the operating system! So, let’s try to remove the black screen when capturing the OBS screen in Windows 10:

  • Click on the “Start” menu button and go to the section with options;
  • Enter the “Games” block;
  • Find the “Related Options” button in the menu on the right;
  • Click on the “Graphics Settings” icon;
  • Click on the drop-down list of the “Select an application to configure settings” section and find the “Classic” item;
  • Click on the “Browse” button and go to the directory where OBS-Studio was installed;
  • Click on the icon. now it has appeared in the menu;
  • Select the icon and click on the “Options” button that appears;
  • If you need to capture a game in OBS-Studio, check the box next to the “High performance” option;
  • If you want to capture the contents of the display, click on the “Power Saving” line;
  • Save the changes by clicking on the appropriate button.

You have learned what to do if OBS is not capturing the screen. everything is much easier than it seems at first glance. Take our advice into service and deal with the difficulties that have arisen in the blink of an eye. You will succeed. just follow the instructions!

Roblox Troubleshooter. Not Installing? Doesn’t start? Is it slowing down? Flies out? Lags? Mistake? Is not downloading?

Unfortunately, there are flaws in games: brakes, low FPS, crashes, freezes, bugs and other small and not so big bugs. Often, problems begin even before the start of the game, when it is not installed, downloaded or even downloaded. Yes, and the computer itself sometimes freaks out, and then in Roblox, instead of a picture, a black screen, control does not work, you cannot hear a sound or something else.

Roblox won’t start. Startup error. Decision

Roblox installed but simply refuses to work. How to be?

Does Roblox throw any error after crashing? If so, what is her text? Perhaps it doesn’t support your graphics card or some other hardware? Or she doesn’t have enough RAM?

Keep in mind that the developers themselves have an interest in building a crash reporting system into games. They need this to understand why their project does not start when testing.

Be sure to write down the error text. If you do not speak a foreign language, then refer to the official Roblox developer forum. It will also be useful to look into the large gaming communities and, of course, our FAQ.

If Roblox does not start, we recommend that you try to disable your antivirus or put the game in the antivirus exceptions, and also check the system requirements again and if something from your assembly does not match, then, if possible, improve your PC by purchasing more powerful components.

Roblox freezes. The picture freezes. Decision

The situation is about the same as with crashes: many freezes are directly related to the game itself, or rather to a developer’s error when creating it. However, a frozen picture can often become a starting point for investigating the deplorable state of a video card or processor. So if the picture in Roblox freezes, then use programs to display statistics on component loading. Perhaps your graphics card has already exhausted its working life or the processor is heating to dangerous temperatures? The easiest way to check the load and temperatures for your graphics card and processors is in MSI Afterburner. If you want, you can even display these and many other parameters over the Roblox image. What temperatures are dangerous? Processors and graphics cards have different operating temperatures. For video cards, they are usually 60-80 degrees Celsius. Processors have a little lower. 40-70 degrees. If the processor temperature is higher, then you should check the state of the thermal paste. Perhaps it has already dried up and needs to be replaced. If the video card heats up, then you should use the driver or the official utility from the manufacturer. It is necessary to increase the number of revolutions of the coolers and check if the operating temperature drops.

Roblox downloaded from torrent does not work. Decision

Using such versions of games is not only inconvenient, but even dangerous, because very often many files are changed in them. For example, pirates modify an EXE file to bypass protection. At the same time, no one knows what else they are doing with it. Maybe they are embedding self-executing software. For example, a miner who, when the game is first launched, will integrate into the system and use its resources to ensure the welfare of hackers. Or a virus that gives access to your computer to third parties. There are no guarantees here and there cannot be.

In addition, the use of pirated versions is, according to our publication, theft. The developers have spent a lot of time creating the game, investing their own funds in the hope that their creation will pay off. And every work must be paid.

Therefore, if you encounter any problems with games downloaded from torrents or hacked using some means, you should immediately remove the “pirate”, clean your computer with antivirus and purchase a licensed copy of the game. This will not only save you from questionable software, but also allow you to download updates for the game and receive official support from its creators.

Roblox has black screen, white screen, color screen. Decision

Problems with screens of different colors can be roughly divided into 2 categories.

First, they are often associated with the use of two video cards at once. For example, if your motherboard has a built-in video card, but you are playing on a discrete one, then Roblox can be launched for the first time on the built-in one, and you will not see the game itself, because the monitor is connected to a discrete video card.

Secondly, color screens are in case of problems with displaying images on the screen. This can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, Roblox cannot get it working through an outdated driver or does not support a video card. Also, a black / white screen may appear when running at resolutions that are not supported by the game.

Roblox system requirements

The second thing to do if you have any problems with Roblox is to check the system requirements. In an amicable way, you need to do this even before buying, so as not to regret the money spent.

Roblox minimum system requirements:

Windows XP, Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.6GHz, 256 MB RAM, 200 MB HDD, GeForce FX5200

Every gamer should at least understand a little about the components, know why a video card, processor and other things in the system unit are needed.

There is no sound in Roblox. I can not hear anything. Decision

Roblox works, but somehow it doesn’t sound. this is another problem that gamers face. Of course, you can play this way, but still, it’s better to figure out what’s the matter.

First, you need to determine the scale of the problem. Where exactly is there no sound. only in the game or in general on the computer? If only in the game, then perhaps this is due to the fact that the sound card is very old and does not support DirectX.

If there is no sound at all, then the matter is unambiguously in setting up the computer. Perhaps the sound card drivers are installed incorrectly, or maybe there is no sound due to some specific error of our beloved Windows OS.

YouTube black screen problem

Over the years of development, the largest video hosting YouTube has become not only a place for entertainment, but also a real assistant ……….

Every time we have any questions, we come here looking for an answer ………………………….

→ One of the popular reasons described by service users is a black screen on YouTube videos.

Let’s finally take a closer look at this error. we will find out its reasons and provide a real solution

One of the most urgent ways to get rid of this problem: This is CLEAR your browsing history! It often helps.

Doesn’t show reasons and solutions

Once again, we went to YouTube, but instead of the long-awaited video, a black screen is displayed. With all this, the sound will be played normally.

This problem is most often observed in the Chrome browser, as well as on computers running Windows 10.

There are many reasons that can cause this problem:

  • Drivers. For some reason, there may be errors in the operation of the drivers, which leads to the fact that YouTube does not show the video and instead a black screen is observed.
  • Software incompatibility. Problems can occur in different versions of OS, browsers, etc.
  • Poor performance. The problem also occurs on outdated PCs, especially if hardware acceleration is disabled.

First of all, if YouTube does not play videos and there is a black screen, we advise you to follow these steps:

Eliminate Dark Display: Best Practices

If you are faced with the problem that some YouTube videos are not displayed, and instead you see only a black screen. do not rush to sound the alarm or reinstall the operating system

For your attention, we have prepared a selection of the best methods. which will fix the problem

Reset browser settings

→ This method helps in 70% of cases. but, in particular, if only individual videos are not played (more often on the Google Chrome browser).

The bottom line is that you need to reset the settings.

→ This will allow you to roll back to the time when there were no errors related to hardware incompatibility.

  • Open the browser and go to the settings section (for this, you can enter “chrome: // settings /” in the address bar);
  • A window with a list of parameters will open in front of you, where you need to select “Additional settings” at the end of the page;
  • At the very bottom there should be a function “Reset browser settings”.
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Turn on hardware acceleration

The hardware acceleration function will come in handy if you are using an outdated computer, as well as in other cases.

→ It aims to distribute the load between the processor and the video card.

Instructions (relevant only if Flash Player is used.):

  • open the video with which there are problems;
  • right-click and select “Options”;
  • activate or deactivate the “Hardware acceleration” function to evaluate the health of the content.

Also, hardware acceleration for decoding can be activated directly in the browser interface:

  • you must enter the phrase “chrome: // flags” in the address bar;
  • you will find yourself in the section with experimental settings;
  • now activate the corresponding function.

Update Flash Player

It is not uncommon for YouTube to see a black screen if the browser is using an older version of the Flash player. In this case, there is another proven solution. update the utility.

In this case, you need to follow these steps:

  • all processes are done manually, so open a browser;
  • enter “chrome: // components /” in the address bar;
  • press “Enter” and check the latest updates for the program in the “pepper_flash” section.

Now you can go to watching videos, as a rule, the problem should be resolved.

P.S. Recall, in order to start playing YouTube videos through the Flash player, you need to disable the standard HTML5 player in the browser.

To do this, in Yandex, find and install the Disable YouTube ™ HTML5 Player plugin.

We are also glad to present to your attention several more proven methods. who helped users solve the above problem.

Let’s take a look at the most popular ones:

  • Update audio / video drivers on your device;
  • Update the browser and its components;
  • Clear cache as well as browsing history

Thus, in this article, we have covered almost all the methods of what to do if you have a black screen on YouTube. Now you can continue to watch your favorite videos.

There are also good tips and working options in the comments.

Thank you very much dear users for the helpful comments.

Black screen in Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser has held the palm for many years, millions of users, a huge number of functions and capabilities. He is preferred despite his exorbitant gluttony and occasional bugs. For example, when in Google Chrome a black screen opens instead of the start page. Or, in general, the entire window is filled with black, which even cannot be exited from the menu.

Disabling processes

It happens that the Google Chrome browser opens with a black screen due to the incorrect closing of the browser window last time. The system could not completely terminate all processes, and now when trying to start the browser, the user sees a black window.

If Chrome opens a black screen instead of pages, the problem can be solved using the “Task Manager”.

  • Close the browser window by clicking on the cross in the upper right corner. If the window is completely black, then the inscription “Close” will appear when you hover the mouse cursor in the upper right corner. Or press the Alt F4 key combination.
  • Open the “Task Manager” in any convenient way. For example, right-click on the taskbar and in the context menu and select the appropriate item.
  • Go through the list of processes and disable anything that has the name of Google Chrome in its name. It is enough to select the process by clicking the mouse and press the button “End task”.

Then try to launch the browser. The problem shouldn’t appear again.

Compatibility settings

Another way to fix the black screen problem in Google Chrome is to configure browser compatibility on the operating system.

The problem may appear when you are using a browser in the Windows 10 operating system.

  • We perform the right mouse click on the shortcut of Google Chrome on the desktop.
  • In the context menu, select “Properties”.
  • In the Chromium properties window that opens, switch to the “Compatibility” tab.
  • Check the box “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”.
  • Select Windows 7 from the menu below.
  • Click “Apply” and “Ok”.

Launch Google Chrome and check the result. If the black window reopens, adjust Windows 8 compatibility.

Disable hardware acceleration

One of the main reasons why Google Chrome opens with a black screen is that the hardware acceleration option is enabled in the browser. This is a way to improve the performance of a program or the operating system as a whole, which is based on distributing the load between the processor and the video card.

The option to disable the hardware acceleration function is located directly in the browser settings. However, this can be done via the properties of the shortcut.

  • Right click on the Google Chrome shortcut on the desktop.
  • In the context menu select “Properties”.
  • In the window that opens, in the object field, put the cursor and move to the end of the line.
  • Put a space and add the command disable-gpu.
  • Click the “Apply” and “Ok” buttons.
  • On the net you can find many tips for this error, from disabling extensions, to reinstalling the browser, unfortunately, most of them have nothing to do with the real problem. In this article, we have described real tips that are guaranteed to help in a situation that has happened.

    Black screen in STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl

    When starting the first part of STALKER, i.e. Shadows of Chernobyl, you may encounter the following situation: the game starts, but the image is completely absent, and the sound of the game is heard in the background. Some users may even see a message from the monitor “Out of Range” on their screens.

    It is very simple to treat a black screen in STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl. You will need to do the following:

    • Go to the directory “User → General → Documents → STALKER-SHOC”.
    • Inside this folder will be the player’s data and save files, as well as the user.ltx file.
    • Open the user.ltx file with regular Notepad.
    • Find the lines vid_mode x and rs_refresh_60 off in the document. Set your monitor resolution like vid_mode 1920 × 1080 and change rs_refresh_60 off to rs_refresh_60 on.
    • Save changes in user.ltx file.

    A black screen in STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl may appear due to the fact that the game, for some reason, sets a resolution and refresh rate incompatible with your monitor, which leads to the manifestation of the problem. If setting your permission did not help you, then you can try something else.

    • Open the user.ltx file again.
    • Find the line rs_fullscreen on in it and change it to rs_fullscreen off.

    This will set the game to run in windowed mode. As soon as the game starts, you can easily go into the settings and change the graphic options according to your preferences.

    Black screen in STALKER Clear Sky

    The situation with the next part in the series is exactly the same. a black screen at launch, the sounds of the gameplay in the background. To get rid of black screen in STALKER Clear Sky, do the following:

    • Open the explorer and go to “User.> General.> Documents.> STALKER-SHCS”.
    • Find the user.ltx file and open it.
    • Find the lines vid_mode x and rs_refresh_60 off. Set your permission and change rs_refresh_60 off to rs_refresh_60 on.
    • If the black screen in STALKER Clear Sky is still present, then find the line rs_fullscreen on and change it to rs_fullscreen off.

    Black screen in STALKER

    The STALKER series from GSC Game World still has a fan following among many players. However, some users may be upset when trying to run one of the parts of this series, as they have to deal with such a problem as a black screen in STALKER.

    Black screen in STALKER is a long-known problem that can affect absolutely all users on all versions of Windows. Let’s take a closer look at this problem for each game separately.

    Black screen in STALKER Call of Pripyat

    And we moved on to the last game in the series. If you are faced with a black screen in STALKER Call of Pripyat, then your actions will be exactly the same as in the previous paragraphs of the article:

    • Go to the directory “User → General → Documents → S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat”.
    • Open the file user.ltx.
    • Find the lines vid_mode x and rs_refresh_60 off. Set the desired resolution and change rs_refresh_60 off to rs_refresh_60 on.
    • If the black screen in STALKER Call of Pripyat is still haunting you, then find the line rs_fullscreen on and change it to rs_fullscreen off.

    As you may have noticed, all three STALKER games e problem. a black screen at startup. However, it is solved simply and in the same way for all STALKER games. by setting the correct resolution for your monitor through the configuration file.

    Finding the exact driver for your graphics adapter

    Now let’s see what measures can be taken in the event of a black screen after installing a driver for non-standard equipment that does not have Microsoft’s declared support. In this case, of course, the easiest way is to use a special software disk. If it is not there, you can give preference to automated applications that can update drivers (and absolutely all devices, not just video cards) like Driver Booster, or install the necessary software from the DriverPack Solution set.

    In the case of manual installation and the presence of two graphics chips on the computer, the driver of the discrete card is installed first, and only after that, similar operations are performed for the built-in (integrated) chip.

    If you still haven’t found the driver, go to the “Device Manager”, call the properties section through the PCM on the video card, display the hardware ID on the information tab, copy the longest line with the DEV and VEN identifiers (usually it is the first in the list), and then search for the required driver using this information, then download and install the control software yourself.

    A black screen appears after installing the video card driver: what to do first?

    So, first of all, if you have Windows version 7 or lower installed, when you turn on your computer or laptop after the start window disappears, you need to press the F8 key several times, which calls the start menu. In the eighth and tenth modifications, this technique does not work, so at best you will have to use removable media with the distribution kit and get to special boot options through system restore.

    In the menu itself, for a start, you can select the boot item for the last workable configuration. It is possible that in this way it will be possible to bring the system to life, and then tackle the problematic driver.

    Black screen after installing drivers: what is the reason and how to fix the crash?

    Have you ever had a situation where you installed the control software of the graphics accelerator, but upon reboot, the system, as they say, “crashed” and instead of the usual greeting it gave a black screen. Why did this crash occur after installing the driver? In a general sense, the problem lies precisely in the driver itself, which is not suitable for the model of your video card, but you should not discount some other factors either. Let’s try to figure out what is happening and try to find the optimal solution that allows you to quickly eliminate the problem that has arisen.

    What to do with a non-working driver?

    If you have a black screen after installing the AMD driver or any other model of the video card, on the loaded system you will have to perform a few simple steps.

    Call the standard “Device Manager” (devmgmt.msc), go through the PCM to the properties of the problem adapter and click the rollback button on the driver tab. It may very well be that reverting to the old driver will fix the problem.

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    Driver installation using proprietary software

    If you get a black screen after installing the NVIDIA driver, but the previous method did not give a positive result, you first have to use the Display Driver Uninstaller utility to remove the existing driver.

    Do not overload the system yet and do not pay attention to all kinds of Windows messages that new hardware has been found. Now download the latest driver from the official website of the manufacturer, which exactly matches the model of your accelerator and the bitness of the operating system (usually installers are delivered in the form of EXE files). Further, in Windows 7 and higher, run the installer as administrator, but do not agree with the recommended parameters, but choose manual installation.

    In the list, mark all the components that are there, and confirm the start of the installation process.

    Black screen after installing drivers: reasons for the appearance

    There is no doubt that a black screen appears precisely because the control software (driver) does not match the installed video card, since it is the graphics chip that is the very main element that is responsible for displaying graphic information on the screen when the operating system starts. It is also necessary to be glad that the blue screen did not appear, otherwise it is much more difficult to fight the elimination of the consequences of its appearance. It happens, however, that the screen begins to gradually darken when you start games. In the end, it turns completely black, and the system hangs tight.

    But what, in fact, is the reason for this phenomenon? A black screen after installing drivers can appear in several cases, but among the root causes of such a failure, the following are usually distinguished:

    • the driver does not match the video card model;
    • the installed driver is damaged initially;
    • the required components are not fully installed;
    • the order of installation of drivers is not followed (for cases when the device has both a discrete and an integrated accelerator);
    • the game or program is not installed correctly;
    • damaged system components.

    Despite such an impressive list of problems, for almost all situations, you can offer several universal solutions that almost always eliminate failures of this kind.

    How to roll back a broken system?

    But let’s assume the system never booted, and instead, after installing the drivers, the black screen reappeared. Restart your computer again, go to the start menu and select Safe Boot (Safe Mode). If the system loads its own graphical interface, open the “Control Panel” and go to the recovery section.

    After running the applet, either accept the offer to rollback from the suggested restore point, or display the entire list and select the one that preceded the crash.

    What to do if all else fails?

    Finally, let’s discuss what you can do if none of the above solutions worked. First, check your video card for proper operation. It may very well be that she just went out of order. Secondly, in the start menu of the system boot, try to disable verification of digital signatures of drivers (this applies specifically to cases with non-standard hardware), and then reinstall the driver. Third, just in case, check the system components via the command line using the sfc / scannow combination. But I would like to hope that it will not come to this, and the above methods will eliminate your problem.

    Note: If a similar phenomenon occurs when playing or launching a game, try reinstalling it. It also does not hurt to abandon pirated assemblies and install the official version, and then experiment with the screen resolution and FPS settings (you may have to lower them a little, since the card simply cannot cope with the load).

    Option 1. Try to disable Hyper-V

    Hyper-V. is a built-in Windows virtualization tool that helps users create virtual machines as well as install a guest operating system without using third-party tools like VMware, VirtualBox and many others. However, the problem with this virtualization tool is that some systems cannot run it and VirtualBox at the same time, so the screen most likely goes black all of a sudden. Thus, you have to disable Hyper-V to fix the problem. How? Refer to these steps:

    • In the Start Search, type “Turn Windows features on or off” and then click on the results.
    • Once you have opened the Windows Features window, uncheck the Hyper-V box.
    • Click OK and restart your computer.
    • Now try using VirtualBox again and see if the problem is fixed.

    What to do if VirtualBox displays a black screen instead of loading the guest OS in Windows 10

    If VirtualBox suddenly displays a black screen with no text or mouse cursor when trying to boot a guest operating system, then read on as this post will help you fix the problem. This black screen occurs when Windows 10 is unable to provide the specific setting that VirtualBox requires. Hence, you will not be able to install or use any guest operating system in VirtualBox, even if your computer supports virtualization, the best you can do now. this will fix the black screen problem.

    There are two ways to fix this black screen in VirtualBox, you can try to disable Hyber-V or disable 3D acceleration. For more details, refer to each of the options below.

    Option 2.try to disable 3D acceleration

    The guest operating system will use the host computer’s GPU to render 3D graphics if you enable 3D acceleration for the virtual machine. In simple terms, it will improve the graphics of the virtual machine and allow you to use 3D graphics. While this may sound nice, it can actually cause a black screen to appear, so you might have to disable it to isolate the problem. In fact, many operating systems were unable to use 3D acceleration for the guest operating system due to this black screen issue. To disable it, follow these steps:

    • Open VirtualBox on your computer and select the virtual machine.
    • Then click the “Settings” button and go to the “Display” section.
    • After that, find the “Enable 3D acceleration” checkbox located on the right and uncheck it.
    • Save your changes and restart your computer and see if you can start the virtual machine without any problems.

    Aside from the black screen issue in the virtual machine, if your Windows 10 PC has other issues as well, there is another option that might help. Often referred to as
    One-click solution makes this program better than other system utilities or antivirus programs in that it not only helps to free up disk and memory usage on your computer, but also helps to solve any problem your system encounters. This program is known as Restoro and is a useful tool that can repair corrupted registries and optimize the overall performance of your PC, including Blue Screen of Death errors. Apart from this, it also cleans your computer of any unwanted or corrupted files, which will help you remove any unwanted files from your system. It’s basically a solution that you have at your fingertips with just one click. It is easy to use and convenient to use. For a complete set of instructions on how to download and use, refer to the steps below.

    Perform a full system scan with Restoro. To do this, follow the instructions below.

    • Turn on your computer. If it is already enabled, you must reboot
    • After that, a BIOS screen will appear, but if Windows appears instead, restart your computer and try again. As soon as you find yourself on the BIOS screen, press F8 again, thereby the Advanced option appears.
    • To navigate the Advanced option, use the arrow keys and select Safe, Networked Mode, then press
    • Windows will now boot Safely Online Mode.
    • Press and hold both R keys and Windows key.
    • If everything is done correctly, the Windows Startup window will appear
    • Enter the URL in the Run dialog and then press Enter or OK.
    • After that, it will download the program. Wait for the download to finish and open the launcher to install the program.
    • Once the installation process is complete, run Restoro to perform a full system scan.
    • After the scan is complete, click the “Fix, clean and optimize now” button.

    What to do if there is a black screen in chat roulette

    Regular visitors to chat roulette in the process of communication from time to time may encounter various technical problems and malfunctions. Such situations can become an obstacle to effective communication between users in real time.

    In this article, we will look at the likely reasons for the lack of video streaming in web chat and try to solve this problem. So, why is there a black screen in chat roulette and the interlocutor does not see you??

    • The webcam is not connected. Often such circumstances arise in which we simply forget to connect the necessary equipment.
    • The webcam is incorrectly configured and for this reason does not transmit your video.
    • An error has occurred in the webcam driver. It often happens that the drivers were initially installed correctly and the camera worked without interruptions. At one point, the drivers flew and there were problems with the video image.
    • Adobe Flash Player crashed or an old version of the program is installed on the computer.
    • If your computer slows down or freezes, you will also not be able to enable and configure video chat.
    • Browser is not working properly. One of the web pages opened on the computer may be using a heavy processor.
    • Insufficient internet speed is a fairly common reason for the lack of high-quality broadcast in video chat.
    • Perhaps you violated the rules of communication in chatroulette, and your webcam ID was blocked by the administration.
    • If you are using outdated equipment, most likely, your interlocutor will also see a black screen instead of your video.

    Chatroulette is available for each user free of charge without registration. Join a large number of loyal visitors, take risks and spin the roulette wheel of virtual online communication. At the next stage, we will figure out what are the ways to solve the black screen problem. Step-by-step instruction:

    • While working in the chat roulette account, check if the camera’s USB connector is connected to your computer. If everything is connected and video is not streaming, the webcam may be faulty. In this situation, it is recommended to replace the device with a new one.
    • Check the webcam settings on the computer and connect it in video chat.
    • Reinstall the drivers to your camera and check the connection again.
    • Reinstall or download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.
    • If the computer freezes, you need to do the following: clear the cache, scan for viruses, minimize the number of open tabs. A weak processor and lack of space on the system disk can also cause a slow computer.
    • If the reason is incorrect operation of the browser, restart it and enter RusVideochat again.
    • Restart your modem or router, contact your ISP.
    • Use the program to change your webcam ID and fix the black screen problem in video chat.
    • The newer your computer, the less problems you will have in the process of chatting in chat roll.

    If, following our recommendations, you have completely eliminated the black screen problem and decided to settle in the most popular video chat for a long time, prepare your computer and all the necessary equipment for work. To do this, you do not need to study the detailed registration instructions. Just turn on your webcam and start looking for interesting interlocutors.

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