When turning on laptop black screen and cursor


  • restart your computer;
  • after rebooting with a black screen, press the Backspace key to remove the lock screen saver, as well as remove random characters from the password field;
  • now switch the keyboard layout (if necessary) to enter the password. usually the Windows Space keys work. and enter the account password; press Enter and wait for the system to boot;
  • restart the computer again by pressing Windows with the R logo, and wait a few seconds;
  • if Windows 10 is in Russian, switch the layout and type shutdown / r, then press Enter; wait a few seconds and press Enter again;
  • wait for the computer to restart.

As a result, a full screen saver should open.

  • with the computer turned on, press Backspace or Space several times;
  • press the Tab key 5 times to go to the on / off icon;
  • then press Enter, the Up key and Enter again.

The computer should restart normally. If the above options do not work, you can try a forced shutdown (undesirable). To do this, press and hold the power button, wait until the computer turns off, and then turn it back on. In any case, if an image appears on the monitor after a reboot, then it’s all about the video card drivers, which do not work correctly due to the default quick start.

Fast ways

As a rule, the sounds and other signs of computer operation indicate that Windows 10 is booting normally, but nothing is displayed on the monitor except for the mouse pointer. In this case, the following actions can correct the situation.

    Click on the on / off button located at the bottom right of the screen (it may be accessible). After that, hold Shift and simultaneously hold down “Restart”. A special menu will open in which you need to select “Diagnostics”, then “Advanced options” and “System Restore”.

turning, laptop, black, screen

  • If, during the previous shutdown, the message “Updating is being installed” was displayed, and a black screen appeared during boot, then you may just need to wait for the updates to be installed (more intensive processor work is often noticeable), which can take up to half an hour.
  • Fixing video card problems

    If the quick methods did not help, then you will have to use more complex methods.

    Windows 10: Black screen with cursor on boot. Repair in St. Petersburg

    It so happens that when loading Windows 10, a black screen with a cursor “freezes”. The same problem can be observed during a reboot, as well as after installing / reinstalling this operating system. The error usually occurs due to improper operation of AMD Radeon and NVidia graphics card drivers, although this is not the only reason. Please note: you can fix the problem without reinstalling the system.

    Our article is for informational purposes only and we are not responsible for your actions.

    If the malfunction cannot be eliminated on your own, then contact our service center for help. We not only install / reinstall Windows, but also repair laptops and computers of all manufacturers.

    Disable Fast Startup

    To disable Fast Startup, follow the instructions:

    • click on “Start”, then on “Control Panel” and select “Power supply”;
    • on the left, go to “Action of the power buttons”;
    • now at the top click “Change unavailable parameters”;
    • by scrolling the window below, uncheck “Enable Fast Launch”.

    These actions should exclude the repetition of the problem.

    Reinstalling drivers

    If all else fails, try uninstalling your graphics card driver. Windows 10 provides this feature in both low-resolution and safe mode. There are two ways to reinstall drivers.

    • on a black screen, repeatedly press Backspace, then 5 times the Tab and Enter keys;
    • press “Up” once, hold Shirt and press Enter again;
    • wait about a minute while the menu for recovery, diagnostics and system rollback is loaded. you cannot see all this;
    • 3 times “Down”, Enter, twice “Down”, Enter and 2 times “Left”;
    • the next step for systems with UEFI. 2 times “Down” and Enter, for systems with MBR and BIOS. one “Down” and Enter; Enter again;
  • after rebooting, special launch options will open. use keys 3 (F3) and 5 (F5) to select low-resolution mode or safe mode;
  • by going to the appropriate mode, start the system restore in the control panel or simply remove the video card drivers and reinstall them after rebooting.
    • log into the system with a password (described at the beginning of the instructions);
    • hold down WinX;
    • repeat 8 times pressing the “Up” key and then press Enter. the administrator’s command line should open;
    • type (eng layout): bcdedit / set safeboot network, press Enter;
    • now type: shutdown / r and press Enter again; wait about 15 seconds and press Enter again;
    • the computer will restart in safe mode, in which you can choose to restore the system or reinstall the video card drivers;
    • to revert to standard boot, as administrator on the command line use the bcdedit / deletevalue safeboot code.

    Also, you should not exclude the possibility of infecting your computer with viruses, for example, when using the Internet or after installing unverified programs. In this case, boot into safe mode, run the antivirus and follow the instructions to delete the infected files; restart your computer. Sometimes it helps to set a more suitable screen resolution, which is also performed in safe mode.

    White dash on black screen when booting Windows 10

    If the system is already installed on an HDD or SSD and during boot you saw a black screen with a blinking white cursor (or you see it sometimes when you turn it on, but next time it boots up normally), the reason may be problems with the bootloader, BIOS settings, and also some of the features of Windows 10, related to the Connected Standby mode (the first point is just about this).

    Try the following solutions in this situation:

    • If the problem appears when you turn on your computer or laptop for the first time, but disappears itself when you turn it off and then turn it on, then when Windows 10 boots normally again, disable the “Quick Start” function.
    • Try turning off your computer or laptop by long holding the power button, then disconnect any USB drives and memory cards (and other devices, if recently connected), turn the computer back on.
    • If the problem appeared immediately after installing Windows 10, in the BIOS (UEFI) of your computer, instead of booting from the HDD or SSD, select “Windows Boot Manager” as the first item (if there is such an item).
    • If the problem appeared after disconnecting one of the disks, the reason may be that the system bootloader was on it (the system and the bootloader may be on different disks).
    • If you reset the BIOS (or suspect that it reset itself), make sure the correct boot options are selected. For example, for a system installed on an MBR disk, Legacy (CSM, Compatibility Support Mode) boot must be enabled and Secure Boot disabled, and for GPT disks, disabling Legacy mode support can help.
    • If none of the options work, there is only one disk on the computer and previously booting from it was successful, you can try to restore the Windows 10 bootloader, but before that, in the same command line (how to open it is described in the instructions for restoring the bootloader), execute checking disk for errors using chkdsk.

    Blinking white line (cursor) when booting a computer or laptop. reasons and what to do

    One of the most common user problems when booting a computer or laptop. both from the built-in HDD or SSD, and from a flash drive. is a black screen on which a white dash blinks, or rather, an underscore and no further loading occurs.

    In this manual, in detail about what may be causing the problem and how to fix the situation if you encounter a white blinking dash when you boot your computer.

    Blinking white cursor when booting from a USB flash drive

    The second most frequent case is a blinking “white line” when booting a computer or laptop from a USB flash drive. Here, the reasons are usually the same: the boot mode in the BIOS does not correspond to the mode for which the flash drive was prepared, in some cases. the Secure Boot option is enabled when booting from a drive, for which it should be disabled.

    Details about all these points in a separate article A computer or laptop does not see the bootable USB flash drive in the Boot Menu. the context of the instruction is different, but all the described actions are also suitable for solving the problem in question.

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    I have such a problem, I’m doing everything right, but when I start from a flash drive, the wine 10 logo appears for a second and then this line what could be the problem?

    And just from a hard disk (SSD) Windows boots properly, if without a USB flash drive?
    With a flash drive, is it exactly the order with the most? It is possible to write another one (the flash drive itself and the other way can be used)?

    When the dash is flashing, you need to press the button

    I do not know if this is related, but it happens to me. For some unknown reason, a sound notification appears about disabling / enabling USB and very often literally every second, I tried to determine what kind of device it was, it did not work, then I restart the PC, but the system does not start, I see only a white cursor in the upper corner. Only after completely disconnecting from the network, it is possible to boot the system. What could it be? There is an error in the system or the equipment is out of order?

    Fix 3: update graphics drivers

    A missing or outdated graphics driver in your laptop can cause a black screen, so you should make sure the graphics drivers in your laptop are up to date and update those that are not up to date.

    There are two ways to update your graphics drivers, manually and automatically.

    You can manually find the latest version of your graphics driver from the manufacturer, download and install it on your computer. This takes time and computer skills. We recommend this if you are confident in your computer skills.

    If you don’t have time or patience, you can do it automatically with Driver Easy.

    Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. You don’t need to know exactly what system your computer is running on, you don’t need to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver, and you don’t need to worry about an installation error.

    You can automatically update your drivers with the FREE or Professional version of Driver Easy. But in the Pro version it only takes 2 clicks (and you get full support and a 30-day money-back guarantee).

    • Download and install the Easy driver.
    • Launch Driver Easy and click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will scan your computer and find driver problems.
    • Click the Update button next to the marked graphics device to automatically download the correct driver version (you can do this with the FREE version), then install the driver on your computer.

    Or click “Update All” to automatically download and install the correct version of any drivers that are missing or outdated on your system (this requires the Pro version. you will be prompted to update when you click the “Update All” button).

    • After the update, restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

    Check if your black screen is allowed.

    Fix 1: hard reset your laptop

    Usually, faulty hardware can cause a black screen on an HP laptop, so you should remove the connected hardware from the laptop and see what the problem is.

    • Turn off your laptop.
    • Disconnect power, hard drives, battery, and all connected peripherals.
    • Press and hold the power button for 60 seconds and release.
    • Insert the battery and connect the charger. Then don’t connect anything else.
    • Boot your laptop again to see if it works now.
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    If this fixes the black screen issue on your HP laptop, then you should have found and fixed the problem. Then you can shut down your laptop and plug in one peripheral once and see if the problem can be fixed. Then you can find the cause and fix it.

    If your black screen is still there, don’t worry. We have other solutions to try. Please note, if you are unable to log into your Windows laptop, you need to boot your laptop into Safe Mode before trying the following solutions.

    HP notebook pc black screen when turned on what to do

    Your HP laptop screen is black. and you haven’t done anything to cause the black screen problem? Do not panic! Black screen issues usually occur after Windows Update and many people have solved black screen on HP laptop with the solutions described in this article.

    If you have problems like HP screen goes black but still works, or black screen on startup, you can try the methods below to fix your problem.

    Fix 4: disable Fast Startup

    Disabling Fast Startup may fix black screen issue on HP laptop. To do this, follow these steps:

    • Open Control Panel on your computer and view Control Panel items with small or large icons.
    • Click Power Options.
    • Click Choose what the power buttons do.
    • Click Change settings that are currently unavailable.
    • Uncheck Turn on fast startup (recommended). Then click Save Changes.

    Restart your computer and see if your laptop screen is working properly.

    Why is my HP laptop screen black?

    There are various reasons that can cause a black screen in your laptop. One of the common causes is hardware malfunction, such as a poor GPU connection or bad cables or port, which can also cause the screen to not work. Apart from a hardware issue, your laptop screen may be black due to software issues such as a virus or software corruption.

    It is sometimes difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the black screen problem, but there is still something you can do to fix the problem. You can first find out the cause of the problem by connecting the external monitor securely and correctly to your HP laptop.

    How to fix a black screen on my HP laptop

    Here are the solutions that helped people solve the problem. You don’t have to experience them all; just work with the list until everything works again.

    • Hard reset your laptop
    • Restart the explorer.exe process
    • Update your graphics drivers
    • Disable Fast Startup
    • Undo recent changes

    Apart from fix 1. you must be logged into Windows on the problem laptop to try these solutions. If you are unable to log into Windows, turn your laptop on and off 3 times to perform a hard reboot and restart your computer in Safe Mode. and then try these solutions.

    Fix 2: restart the explorer.exe process

    If the explorer.exe process has been closed (possibly due to a virus), your HP laptop may go into a black screen.

    The Explorer.exe process manages the desktop, taskbar, etc. on your laptop, so if closed on your system, your desktop and taskbar will become invisible and your screen will turn black.

    Note. The screenshots below are from Windows 10 and the fixes also work on Windows 8 and Windows 7.

    • Press the Ctrl keys on your keyboard at the same time. Shift and Esc to bring up the task manager.
    • Click on the “Details” tab (or the “Processes” tab if you are using Windows 7).
    • Scroll down and find the explorer.exe process.
    • If yes, end the process by selecting explorer.exe and clicking End Task.
    • Restart your HP laptop and see if it fixes black screen issues.

    If you cannot find explorer.exe in the list, you can start the process yourself:

    • While in Task Manager, click “File” and select “Run New Task”.
    • Type explorer.exe and press Enter on your keyboard.
    • The process will start and you can check if your desktop returns to normal.

    Fix 5: undo recent changes

    It is likely that Windows was recently updated, or if you have installed a program on your computer, that is why it causes a black screen on your laptop. If this is your case, you should try to restore your Windows system to a previous version.

    If you installed the program on your HP laptop, uninstall the program from your laptop and restart the laptop to see if the screen works.

    If you have updated your Windows system, you should restore it to a previous version. Here’s how to do it:

    Note. Before you start, you must first back up important data on your computer.

    If you are using Windows 10, 8 or 8.1:

    • Open Control Panel and click “System and Security”.
    • Click System System Protection System Restore
    • Select the restore point you want to use from the list. Then follow the instructions on the screen to complete.

    If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista:

    • Go to Start All Programs Accessories System Tools
    • Click System Restore.
    • Select the restore point you want to use, then follow the onscreen instructions to complete.

    After System Restore, restart your laptop and see if it fixes the black screen.

    That’s all. Hope this article comes in handy and helps you solve the black screen issue on your HP laptop.

    After Windows boots up, black screen and cursor.

    Sometimes users of Microsoft’s OS are faced with a problem when, after loading Windows, only a black screen and a mouse cursor. The symptom is quite well-known. the system process “explorer.exe” cannot start. There may be several reasons: a virus or vice versa. antivirus (Avast), problems with the hard drive, etc. Quite often, you can fix a black screen at startup in a minute without any third-party utilities.

    As already mentioned in the title. the reason for this behavior is process startup error, responsible, among other things, for displaying the desktop, its elements and the panel with the “Start” button. In this recovery guide, we’ll take a look at two popular reasons why you see a black screen and a cursor instead of the desktop when Windows boots. One of the reasons in some cases is the popular Avast antivirus, which, for reasons known only to him, blocks “explorer.exe“. In the second case, you will have to slightly edit the system registry. Windows can be restored very easily in both situations.

    Avast is the culprit behind the black screen on Windows startup.

    So, after Windows has booted, but on the screen there is only a black “Malevich square” on which the “abstract cockroach”. the mouse cursor is running, do the following:

    • 1. Press the world famous combination of buttons “CtrlAltDel“And in the list select” Start Task Manager “.
    • 2. After the Task Manager window appears, find in the list of processes “avast” (the “Processes” tab) and from the context menu (right-click on the process) select “Open file location”.
    • 3. You will see a window with a folder where the Avast antivirus is installed. Find the file “AvastUI” in it and run it (double click or “Enter”). The main antivirus window should open.
    • 4. Go to the top tab “Security“, In the list on the left, select”Antivirus“, And among the menu items that appear, click on”Behavior screen“.
    • 5. Open the screen settings and add to the trusted processes “c: \ Windows \ explorer.exe“(Use the” Browse “button). We confirm our actions with the “OK” button.
    • 6. Restart your computer: again click “CtrlAltDel»And find the corresponding icon on the screen that appears.

    If the Avast antivirus was the culprit, then after following the steps from the instructions for solving the problem of the black screen and the mouse cursor when starting Windows, the next boot of the operating system should be successful. It is possible that the problem has already been solved by Avast’s developers, but the process of adding the program to the “trusted” ones can still come in handy. over, it is not known how the antivirus will react to the upcoming Windows 10.

    If you use another antivirus, then try to find in its settings a similar item to create a list of “trusted”, “reliable”, “ignored”, etc. applications that should not be scanned by this antivirus. If the antivirus is to blame, then the black screen with the cursor when loading should no longer bother you. The defender, who responds so inadequately to popular programs, is likely to receive a corresponding update in the next few days (or maybe hours). It is quite possible that it will be received automatically if there is an Internet connection and a configured function for updating the antivirus via the Internet. Otherwise, it is recommended to download the updated version from the official website.

    Errors and similar situations when starting Windows are not always caused by antivirus. There may be hardware problems. An overview of computer scan programs was recently published. But further we will consider the solution when, in the current situation (only the mouse cursor is on the screen) Incorrect Windows registry settings are to blame.

    What if only a black screen and mouse are visible when Windows starts? Rule the system registry.

    The first step is exactly the same as in the case of antivirus: you need to open Task Manager, use it to run registry editor and check / fix a couple of Windows registry values.

    • 1. In the state of a black screen, press the world-famous combination of buttons “CtrlAltDel” and select “Start Task Manager” from the list.
    • 2. After the Task Manager window appears in the top menu “File” select “New task (Run)”. The Create New Task window will appear. In the “Open” field, enter the “regedit” command (without the quotes). The Registry Editor window will open.
    • 3. In left side windows go to the section (something like “folders” in explorer) named “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”. Expand it and go to the SOFTWARE subsection. In the same way, get to the section “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrenTVersion \ Winlogon“.
    • 4. In the right part of the window you will see a list of parameters. Find the parameter named “Shell”. Its meaning there should be a line “explorer.exe”. If this is not the case, then after double-clicking on it, set the specified value. If the “Shell” parameter is absent at all, then create it by selecting “New”. “String parameter” from the context menu of the “Logon” section. Specify the name of the new parameter (“Shell”) and then double-click to set the value (“explorer.exe”).
    • 5. As in point 3, go to the section “HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrenTVersion \ Winlogon“. Here is the right side should not contain the “Shell” parameter. If there is one, then you should delete it through the context menu or by pressing the “Delete” button on the keyboard.

    The above two methods will help you restore Windows if there is a black screen and mouse cursor at boot. Changing the “Shell” parameter often indicates that a computer has been infected by a virus. It is quite possible that it has already been neutralized by the installed antivirus, but traces of its activity could well remain in the system (change to “Shell”).

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    If you are faced with a similar situation, do not panic. The first thing to say. everything is in order with the components.

    The problem lies in the fact that the file “Explorer.exe”, which is exactly responsible for displaying the contents of the “Desktop”, does not work. In most cases, the malfunction of this element is associated with the activity of a particular virus. Therefore, if you have the symptoms described above, remember which programs or add-ons you could have installed recently. It might even be a browser extension. Try downloading a free antivirus like Comodo Internet Security and scanning your system for viruses.

    Sometimes the work of modified software is also encountered, as a result of which when you press “CtrlAltDel” the task manager does not even start. But it is not so important which version of the virus got to your computer. the algorithm of actions will be the same.

    Why does a black screen and mouse cursor appear? Causes and solutions

    Some time ago I talked about the blue “screen of death” in Windows. In the same article, solutions to problems were also mentioned. Today I will share useful information regarding another similar case. So, many users face a situation when a black screen and a mouse cursor appear on their computer. At the same time, the latter moves, but this does not give anything at all, since there is no data on the display.

    Solving the black screen problem

    One of the surest ways is to completely reinstall the operating system, be it Windows XP, Vista or any other. After all, malware usually resides on the system drive first. If you format it, the virus will also disappear. But not everyone is ready to do this, because often by this time there are already some important files on the system partition that cannot be deleted, you can also use AVG AntiVirus Free, it can quickly solve the problem.

    The main solution is to rollback the configuration. But for this you need to return the visualization. What to do in this case? Getting to the command line.

    So, in Win 7 and other recent OS versions from Microsoft, the complete solution looks like this:

    Restart your computer or laptop. During boot (until the main logo appears), press “F8” (sometimes it can be “F5”. it all depends on the motherboard).

    A black screen will appear with a list of possible boot options. We are interested in “Safe Mode with Command Line Support”.

    The window we need will open, in which it is necessary to specify “Explorer.exe” and confirm with the “Enter” key. After that, the usual design should appear on the screen, within the framework of the selected mode, of course.

    We go to the “Control Panel”. We are interested in “System”.

    Next, go to the “Support Center” and “Restore the previous”.

    A new window will appear where we select the desired point.

    Then we start the wizard and wait for it to complete.

    After the end, we reboot and immediately use the antivirus. We check the system. We clear it and restart the operating system again.

    It is worth noting that this method is also suitable for Windows 10.

    As a result, users get a fully working OS, without reinstalling it and keeping all files.

    How to prevent black screen

    Sometimes, after completing all the actions, you can see a black square instead of the cursor. This occurs when the virus damaged some additional files or simply did not start. To return the situation, we reboot. If it does not help, we try to run an earlier version of the operating system.

    Well, I told you how to fix the situation when your desktop suddenly does not load. This method is simple. the main thing is not to press anything extra.

    The current situation made it possible to draw several important conclusions at once. Some I have already voiced in articles earlier, others will sound for the first time:

    If you look at the situation as a whole, it is solved with the help of two commands. You don’t even need to watch a video or study the many pages of instructions. It’s simple.

    Do not disable a tool like System Restore. You cannot know exactly when it will come in handy. This trend began with the use of XP, because when booting, a hidden directory was automatically created, taking up extra space. In addition, this is where you can find many viruses (according to the messages of the respective programs).

    Problems need to be corrected as they become available. Otherwise, you can not restore the system, but, on the contrary, spoil it as much as possible. The only solution will be to reinstall the operating system. So, first run “Explorer.exe” and then restore the system.

    You should regularly check the system for viruses, especially for freshly downloaded files, for these purposes you can use the free Dr Web Cureit.

    Hope you found something new for yourself. Subscribe and tell others.

    The laptop has a black screen, but the coolers start

    One of the varieties of the problem is when after booting the system nothing is displayed except for the cursor on a black background. This happens on older laptops and may be due to a too old BIOS version of the motherboard. Why does this situation arise:

    Windows 10 or other modern next-generation operating system automatically downloaded and installed new drivers for the graphics card;

    the power control circuitry embedded in these new drivers is not able to function normally along with the old motherboard resources;

    when the device is started, the monitor cannot fully display the image, although everything else works fine. you can hear the sound of the system starting, coolers are noisy, the power indicator is on.

    As a result, all that is visible to the user is a black screen and a cursor on it. If you have an older Acer or Asus laptop, you can try closing and lifting the lid, often enough for the picture to appear. But your best bet is to update your BIOS firmware. To do this, go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer, find the “Files”, “Downloads” or “Support” section, and then download the appropriate update file. It always comes with step-by-step installation instructions.

    Why is the laptop screen black?

    When turning on the laptop, a black screen may appear for software or hardware reasons. The user himself, especially if he is a beginner, cannot always solve the problem, so we have prepared a material designed to help with this. And if you prefer to trust specialists, then contact our company for laptop repair.

    What to do if the laptop does not turn on and a black screen is on

    The main possible causes of this problem:

    Liquid spills on internal components and contacts.

    Inadequate cooling resulting in overheating.

    Damage to the display and related parts (matrix, loop).

    Graphics accelerator issues causing black screen on laptop.

    Many of these problems can be fixed at home with your own hands, but some are best left to professionals.

    After turning on the black screen on the laptop. what to do

    If, after starting the device, the indicators are on properly, the system boots, but suddenly at some stage a black screen appears, then the reason is most likely hardware-based and related to the battery. If the battery has failed, if there is a chance to partially restore it by applying a sawtooth voltage, but this is a difficult method. Easier to get a new battery.

    This problem is often faced by the owners of fairly old devices, in which the battery is no longer able to fully hold a charge. If your laptop Lenovo, Acer or another brand is still new, then you should try to reinstall the system or immediately take the device to a service point.


    The first thing to check is whether the power plug of the device is tight enough and whether the wire is damaged on bends, and also whether the battery is charged. Surprisingly, such simple problems often confuse users. If everything is in order, then check the following aspects point by point:

    Battery performance. Connect the power to the laptop. The indicator should light up, indicating that the battery is charging. If it does not light up, then remove the battery and, using an eraser, clean the contacts on the laptop and on the battery if there is a semblance of plaque or oxidation on them. Then use up the remaining charge by holding down the power activation button. Insert the battery and try to turn on the device. If it does not turn on, then it is likely that the battery is out of order.

    The ramps may become ineffective due to, for example, liquid spilled on the keyboard. Then a black screen appears on the laptop. To check the RAM, you need to disconnect the laptop from the network, remove the battery, and unscrew the bolts from the cover under which the memory is installed. Remove the modules and use the same eraser to clean the contacts. Put everything back and try to turn on the device.

    Next, you need to check the video system. Check that the ribbon cable that connects the graphics card or motherboard to the graphics matrix is ​​working properly. To do this, you can connect a TV or a regular monitor to your laptop via HDMI or older VGA, DVI. If an image appears on another output device, then the problem is definitely in the backlighting of the laptop display. Only a specialist can replace it, this is a difficult task.

    Also, a black screen on a laptop can mean problems with the operating system or drivers. Often, returning to a previous system restore point, resetting it (in the case of using Windows 10), or a complete reinstallation helps. Finally, you can try resetting your BIOS settings. This is done blindly, because the laptop turns on, but the screen is black. Press the power button, then press the key several times to start the BIOS. After a few seconds, press F9 to reset, then F10 to exit and Enter to save. Depending on which laptop model you have (HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, etc.), the algorithm may be slightly different. you need to press the right or left arrow to select Yes, or press the Y button to confirm. You can find out which button gives access to the BIOS from the instructions for a specific device.

    What to do if your laptop screen is black but it works

    If the laptop is noisy, the lights are on, but the display is off, then you can try to reset the settings according to these instructions:

    Disconnect the device from the mains, remove the battery and hold down the start button for twenty seconds.

    Reinstall the battery, connect the power supply.

    Turn on the device in standard mode. After that, the settings should be reset.

    If it does not help, then it is reasonable to check the display for performance. Such a check has already been described above: you need to connect another output device (monitor, TV) through the HDMI, DVI or VGA port. If the image is displayed on it, then the loop or backlight problems are obvious.

    You can also disconnect all external devices from the device. a mouse, flash drives, an additional keyboard, headphones, modems, and so on. Probably one of them conflicts and gives the indicated problem.

    Additional methods for solving the problem

    It is worth mentioning in the article a few more methods that are considered extreme measures. You have to resort to them extremely rarely, but this is not a reason not to talk about them.

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    You can check the operation of the laptop hardware at the time of boot using POST. a special card for self-testing. Its purpose is to determine the reason for stopping the download or the normal operation of any components, including the screen. POST cards are available for laptops, which can be connected to USB or miniPCI connectors.

    When the card is connected, when the device is turned on, codes will be displayed on its screen, each of which signals which component is being checked at the current time. As soon as a problem is encountered, POST displays information about it on the screen and stops working. From the instructions attached to the card, you can find out the decoding of the codes.

    Replacement of spare parts

    If the POST card is not available, but there are spare computer elements, then try replacing the ones installed in the laptop with equivalent ones. Attention: do this only if you have a clear idea of ​​how the laptop works, otherwise you can completely break it.

    Change one element at a time and try to turn on the device. For example, RAM, hard drive and so on.

    Remove the laptop cover and check the fastening of the RAM modules

    We advise you to check the tightness of the connection of the RAM modules with the slots of the laptop: if the RAM bar has moved away from the motherboard, it is quite possible that the PC will not turn on.

    Remove conflicting drivers on the laptop and replace with working ones

    the laptop started giving a driver error. when I started the game, I turned it off. the laptop worked fine, came in and again. then pressed the button and turned it off, then restarted it. now the laptop does not boot, black screen, does not light up at all. everything works except the screen 🙁

    What to do. Boot Windows into Safe Mode and uninstall conflicting drivers. Go to the developer’s website and download the latest drivers for your operating system version. Instructions on how to do it.

    It also makes sense to contact the developers with this problem or look for a solution to your problem on the video card developers forum. Judging by the description of your problem, the black screen on the laptop is caused precisely by the driver conflict.

    Check if the hard drive is detected in the laptop BIOS

    If the laptop does not boot and you still see a black screen, try going into the BIOS (if it boots) and check if the hard (SSD) drive is detected.

    Reinstall the operating system on the laptop

    Symptom: example of a situation:

    When I start the laptop (HP), the HP icon appears, after which the message “Welcome!” (it should be so), then the inscription freezes and a blank black screen appears, then blue for less than a second and a window immediately appears where you can select either Safe Mode or normal Windows boot. If you select “normal boot”, then everything is repeated all over again (that is, a dark screen on a laptop) or the laptop turns off abruptly! Windows 7 if that.

    What to do. That is, the computer turns on and successfully comes to boot the operating system. Most likely, there are no hardware problems.

    If a black screen appears on a laptop when Windows starts, we recommend reinstalling the operating system. this is the best way to restore the boot.

    To do this, just use a Windows 10 boot disk or a USB flash drive. The best utility for writing a USB flash drive, in our opinion. Rufus.

    Laptop matrix not working

    Your monitor may not work. that is, the laptop matrix is ​​out of order. It can be replaced by specialists in a service center or in a repair shop in your city.

    When the laptop is turned on, the screen is black. what to do?

    If your laptop does not turn on and you see a black screen after booting, this is not a reason to run to a service center. The article contains basic solutions, among them you will find a suitable one. If the guide does not help. ask a question in the comments, I will give you advice.

    Clean your laptop from dust

    Finally, one more tip: If your laptop is noisy when booting up, dust it off. Sometimes, overheating of the computer directly affects the success of Windows boot.

    Use Safe Mode to boot your laptop

    I have a black screen problem. At night I put the laptop into sleep mode, in the morning I turn it on: the laptop has a black screen and the mouse cursor runs if you move it.

    I went to reboot the laptop, everything is fine with the Windows icon, but the black screen, I wanted to reinstall Windu, I chose it from the USB flash drive. all ok but again a black screen. I pulled out the battery, tried to return Windu to its normal state, knocked out an error. What to do if your laptop screen won’t turn on?

    Symptom: When you turn on the laptop, you see the Windows logo, but as soon as the boot is completed, a black screen with a cursor appears. The desktop is not displayed, while you can go to the task manager.

    How to fix a black screen:

    A small but effective method if you cannot restore the operating system boot on a laptop in the normal startup mode is to enter the OS through safe mode. The fix method works with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

    • Turn on the laptop by pressing the power button.
    • Immediately after turning on, hold down the F8 key on the keyboard (after initializing the BIOS, before loading the operating system).
    • From the Select Action menu, select Troubleshooting.
    • On the Diagnostics menu, go to Advanced Options.
    • The laptop will restart again, a menu will appear.
    • In the Boot Options menu, among the additional boot options, select Safe Mode.
    • Wait for the OS to load in Safe Mode.
    • If booting is successful, try uninstalling unnecessary programs and drivers that could theoretically lead to a system crash.
    • Reboot your PC normally.

    Useful link (if suddenly it did not work out according to this instruction): Turn on Windows Safe Mode

    Removing antivirus

    Quite often, an antivirus is given such broad powers that it begins to depress system resources. On weak (and not only) PCs, this can provoke a black screen. You can get rid of it by removing the demanding antivirus. In addition, unlike Windows 7, the “ten” has a built-in “Defender”. This antivirus is quite successful in coping with most threats, so there will be no need for a third-party application.

    To uninstall your antivirus, start your system in Safe Mode. After that, in the “Task Manager” open the “Programs” section. It requires you to find an antivirus and remove it. Make sure that the program does not leave behind itself “traces” in the place where it was installed.

    Why does a black screen appear when launching games or Steam

    Often a black screen occurs when launching demanding games. Computers with weak hardware often give this error. In fact, it is not difficult to cure a PC. Updating drivers or lowering the screen resolution may help. True, only if the system requirements are not much higher than the “filling” of the computer.

    Solving the problem of a black screen when launching Far Cry 4

    If a black screen crashes when launching Far Cry 4, launch the game as administrator. Reducing the resolution and updating drivers can also help.

    System rollback

    Often, errors occur after making changes to the operating system. Having rolled it back, it is possible to get rid of the pest. A convenient way to do this is to start Windows through “F8” and select “System Restore” in the advanced options. With any luck, it will return to the state it was in before the error or malicious code penetrated it.

    Registry recovery

    Another source of the problem can be registry corruption due to the influence of third-party programs. The error will disappear immediately after restoring the registry. To do this, log into your account in Safe Mode and open the Registry Editor (in Windows 10. “WinR”, type “regedit” and press “Enter”). We are interested in the values ​​that will be located along the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrenTVersion \ Winlogon. Find the “Shell” parameter in it. Its value must have “explorer.exe” installed. If this is not the case, change the value, save the changes and reboot the PC.

    Restart Windows

    Most often, it is the shutdown of the OS with a restart that can solve most of the problems. The fact is that when Windows starts up again, all programs are restarted, and the RAM is filled from scratch. For this reason, errors disappear right after the reboot, without requiring additional operations. There are several ways to get rid of the “black screen”.

    First, let’s talk about what to do if the system has not yet completely “fallen into a coma”. In this case, it is possible to press the “CtrlAltDel” key combination. The system menu will open. In addition to the standard shutdown and reboot, it also has another noteworthy option. This is the “Exit” button. The system will close all applications and log out of the account, but the operating system will not be terminated. In this case, the re-entry will take less time. However, a regular reboot is most effective.

    If the computer does not react to the “CtrlAltDel” combination, you can reboot through the “Reset” button. It is located on the case of a laptop or system unit.

    Dust problem

    Regular cleaning of your PC is the key to fast work. Dusty parts are less cooled, resulting in an increased chance of errors like black screens.

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