Where is the basket in the Samsung a50 phone

The Samsung A50 mobile device does not have a special shell. The smartphone, like other models, has an Android system, slightly decorated with proprietary firmware. The question about the trash can arises because when deleting files, the system prompts us to click on the “Move to trash?” “Or” Add to cart? ” Instead of all the usual “Delete”. But where is the same folder. most users do not know.

Samsung Galaxy A50 review

Contrary to the common misconception that the Recycle Bin does not exist in Android devices, we can say the opposite, the A50 does. This is a separate place where the deleted user files are moved. Besides big apps and games.

To find storage on Samsung:

    If you have deleted an image or video, then the trash can be found in the gallery. Go to it, and click on the three dots located at the top of the window;

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This is done so that the user can quickly restore them in the event of an erroneous deletion of data. And this feature is very much in demand. You can also delete files in the recycle bin right away. To do this, select the file with tapom and click the “Delete” button below. This function is necessary to delete confidential, personal user data from Samsung, which should not fall into the hands of anyone.

How to find the trash bin on Android phone

In other devices with Android: tablets, phones, watches, TVs, especially with a “clean” mobile system, the basket is not provided. Although we see it when deleting files from the desktop or main menu, just like on Samsung. When you hold the icons, it appears at the top of the screen. And to remove a shortcut, we need to move it to the small trash that appears. But with such removal of applications, their files are erased forever. Without the ability to restore them from any partition or folder.

By the way, you can find any of the files of your mobile device or TV with Android in the file manager. This application is in the main menu, which is called “File Manager” or “File Manager”. It contains all the folders with files that are available to us. To access the system partitions, you need to get Root rights or superuser rights.

Even if the Android OS does not provide a place from which to delete data, it is possible to get the trash bin using third-party applications. Google Play allows us to expand the capabilities of our mobile devices. You can use the trash bin for Android. Dumpster. It’s completely free. And it gives us the opportunity to get almost the same application for a Samsung smartphone as the “Recycle Bin” in the Windows operating system.

Application Features: Explanation:
Saving data. All deleted data can be saved in the phone.
File protection. Image protection function by locking the screen.
Data recovery It is possible to recover any deleted images, videos, files.
Cleaning. Automatic cleaning function.
Support for different languages. The app is free and available in 14 popular languages.

In addition, the program provides free space for storing deleted data in the cloud. This means that we no longer need to store deleted files on our device. Configure the application accordingly so that the files are transferred directly to the remote server. To do this, you will need to create an account on the Dumpster network.

How to Open Trash on Samsung Galaxy

To open storage for deleted media files:

    Then click on the three dots at the top of the screen;

You can delete them completely from the device or restore them. To do this, click on a file or several files and select one of the two buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The shopping cart on Samsung Galaxy devices is located only in the gallery. There is no separate similar system application in mobile devices.

Other apps for storing deleted files on your phone in the Play Market

Dumpster is not the only program that gives us the opportunity to use full-fledged storage on Android smartphones.


According to the developers’ statement, Dumpster can recover deleted photos and videos in a matter of seconds. During our testing, it was found that Dumpster was able to recover only some of the images

This is a serious problem, because there is a possibility that it will not be able to restore something really important.

basket, samsung, phone

Although it has a “Deep Scan” feature, during testing it was also unable to cope with the recovery of some files.

Regardless, it is worth giving Dumpster a shot, but it is advisable to make backups before checking. In addition to the trash can function, there is an “Automatic Cleanup”, which completely deletes files without the possibility of recovery. Dumpster supports 14 languages ​​and synchronizes with cloud storage, which allows you to safely store important documents on the Internet. Storing data in the cloud frees up onboard memory so you can use it for other purposes. But this function is provided only in the paid version.

This is a special folder where deleted files and materials are stored. They can be returned at any time. Cleaning the basket permanently closes access to the documents that were there.

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Tablet users often need a shopping cart. After all, only she can help you find the files you need. But there is no such option for Android. Only Linux and Windows systems pre-installed on the gadget have such storage tanks. You can find their location in the list of all folders or on the desktop. What should everyone else do?

The issue of having a basket on a tablet is so popular that many developers are working in this direction. Today, there are tons of application options that install the much-desired “basket” on the tablet. For a quality result, go through several steps:

Understand the settings, set the parameters. It is not necessary to send all files to the trash can. You can use this option only in the case of photos or applications. Or you can even make it so that with each removal, the application window appears.

Open the trash can at any time, check the saved files and delete those that are definitely not needed.

In order not to waste time cleaning the basket, you can set the time after which the data will be deleted automatically. For example, six months after placing a photo in the trash bin, it will be deleted. This feature can be configured or disabled.

If valuable folders were deleted before installing the trash can, then it is worth using programs that allow you to restore all the materials. But it is better that this be a one-time action. Add a shopping cart to your tablet for future use.

Remember that all files in the trash can continue to take up space in the device’s memory. So if you need to free up space for a large application, just transfer everything unnecessary to another gadget.

The second way. where to find the trash can on the phone in Galaxy a50

The fact is that the Samsung A 50 has several baskets. So, for example, the gallery has its own, Google photos its own, films its own, and so on.

But if you go to it from the gallery, then I have a lot of garbage there, but if from a Google photo, then silence. not a single file.

Also, if you run “Films”. There will also be its own garbage bin, from which you can restore what you deleted.

How to empty Android Trash with Dumpster

If you want to manually delete all Dumpster files. empty the Trash, open the application menu (in the form of three dots) and select Delete All. This will empty the contents of the Dumpster Recycle Bin. Be careful: by emptying the Trash, you will destroy all data placed in the Trash on your phone!

Note. This feature is available through a subscription (2.9 / month). You can store up to 20 GB of files in the cloud. Along with this feature, you disable ads in the Dumpster app.

Selecting files to store in the Trash

In the settings of the Dumpster Recycle Bin, you must specify the types of files that need to be taken under control: Photo, Video, Music, Applications, etc. files.

By default, all the boxes are checked, so immediately uncheck the boxes next to those types that you do not need to store in the Trash on Android.

After that, the program will scan the memory card and the device to add to its database all files that can move to the Trash. Give the application time to complete this procedure.

ES Explorer

ES File Explorer is one of the most popular file managers, providing many functions for managing files on your device. These features also include the “Recycle Bin” section, which you can use to recover or delete documents.

  • To go to the shopping cart in this application, on the main page, click on the menu icon in the upper left corner and find the item “Shopping cart”. It needs to be activated for future use.
  • Once enabled, wherever files are located on the device, when deleted, they will be moved to the trash. Tap on the line with the folder name to view the erased files.

The basket control is displayed in the control panel called by the button with the ellipsis and in the menu of each individual file.

Probably, you have noticed more than once when deleting files in the Samsung Galaxy a50 phone, we all do not have the usual “Delete” option, and instead of it “Add to Trash”.

Also, many of you probably tried to find the trash can when you wanted to restore previously deleted data and did not find.

It is very easy to find it in Samsung phones with Android OS 9, namely, it was originally installed on a5 2019.

Finding it is as easy as cleaning up or returning files back. I’ll show you 2 ways where it is and one how to clear it.

In order not to torment you a lot with unnecessary descriptions, I think you already know where the gallery is on the Samsung a50.

If anything, then see the picture above. even without reading the text, most of you will understand everything from just one image.

So, we open the “Gallery”. The easiest way is to move the screen up, and you will be taken to a menu with all the shortcuts from your applications.

There is no recycle bin on my Samsung phone

Your model may not support shopping cart. And all files immediately fall into oblivion. A third-party Dumpster app can help. This is a versatile program that can clear phone memory. And recover images and other files. With him, now you are not afraid to clean your gallery from unnecessary photos and videos.

Dumpster mobile app on Google Play

At any time, you can open Dumpster and get back the files that you accidentally erased from your Android phone memory. There is no limit on the number of files that can be deleted or recovered. The app is free, but with built-in ads. It is possible to disable it for a paid subscription. Allows you to backup all data in your phone, including contacts and music.

Operating system designers know that users often make mistakes. And delete the necessary or even important files from the device. Therefore, we organized a system folder called Trash. There is no such folder in “pure” Android. But some firmware creators add it. Now I will tell you where you can find the trash bin on your Samsung phone.

In computers and some mobile devices, the basket is made in order to be able to recover deleted files. It’s hard to imagine the opposite. If every time when deleting, users turned to the Yandex search engine to search for programs that restore files. But fortunately, all computer operating systems are equipped with a folder where files go after deletion.

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Recycle Bin with Deleted Files in Windows 10

In most Samsungs, system programs and modules are located in one place. If you have a different model from the A line, try this instruction to find the basket.

Find Gallery in Samsung A50 Phone
At the top, next to the search icon, there is a menu button. It looks like three dots. press it;

Click on the menu button at the top of the Samsung screen

  • Tap on the item Shopping cart;
  • Select the photos you would like to recover from the list;
  • Select Photo to Recover from Samsung Phone Recycle Bin
    At the bottom, the Delete and Restore buttons will appear. click the last.

    Click the Recover button on Samsung phone at the bottom

    This feature will be available to the user for another 15 days. After that, all files will be automatically deleted from the recycle bin. And then you really need programs that could recover deleted files. In the gallery settings, you can change the auto-emptying period.

    Where to find the shopping cart in Samsung A51

    This model range does not differ in the location of functions. But the interface already has some differences. To prevent the user from getting confused, you need to demonstrate the location of the basket in the Samsung A51.

      Find and select the Gallery icon on the main screen;

    Open Gallery in Samsung A51
    Here you will find two buttons: Search and Menu. Select the button with three dots;

    Click on the three-dot button on your Samsung phone
    Select the Cart item;

    Click on the Recycle Bin item in the Samsung menu
    At the top there will be another menu button that you need to select;

    Click again on the menu button in the Samsung Gallery

  • Select Change from the two items;
  • Select the checkbox for all the files that you would like to recover;
  • Select Files to Recover on Samsung Phone

  • And press the corresponding button below.
  • In this model, deleted graphic files will be kept for 30 days. After that, they will be automatically deleted from memory without the possibility of returning them. Now, in the future, you can easily find the trash bin in your Samsung mobile phone and recover files. The same way to find deleted files is suitable for Samsung A10 and A30 models.

    Let’s take a look at another line of Samsung smartphones and find out where to look for files that have been erased. And again, the process is similar to finding a basket on A models.

      Go to the main desktop and select the Gallery icon;

    Opening the gallery in a Samsung smartphone

  • Then click on the three dots at the top on the next screen;
  • Select the item Cart;
  • Selecting the Cart item in the gallery menu
    Click on the Change item at the top and select the photos or videos that you want to recover;

    Click on Edit at the top of the Samsung Gallery window

  • At the bottom, click on the Restore button.
  • You can restore all deleted files from the Recycle Bin that were cleared earlier. There is no limit on their number. But if more than a month has passed since the moment you deleted the files, then they may no longer be here. Depending on how the settings are set relative to the basket in the phone.

    How to Recover Deleted Contacts on Samsung Phone

    If, before deleting contacts, there were no specialized programs for their recovery on your smartphone, then there is only one way to get them back. Check your Google Account, Contacts app. If you used this account on your phone, then deleted contacts should be saved in this section.

      Go to the Google search engine and open all of its services. This can also be done on a computer;

    Click on the Google services button
    Choose among the services. Contacts;

    Select in services Contacts

  • Find the contact you want. They are here until they are manually deleted.
  • On the phone, contacts are usually synchronized with the Google cloud. Synchronization may be disabled in the phone. And the system fails to return the contact automatically (unless it was removed from Google contacts). Contacts cannot be recovered from the recycle bin in your Samsung phone where deleted photos are stored.

    How to find a shopping cart on a Samsung phone

    In Samsung mobile devices, this type of folder is directly related to the gallery. You can find it through this section. To find the folder, you need to go to the gallery and click on the button in the form of three dots at the top of the screen.

    In the context menu that appears, select the required section.

    You will be taken to the folder where all deleted photos, audio, video and more are stored. By clicking on each of them, you can restore it or permanently delete it. Data is stored in this section for 15 days, after which it is completely erased.

    How to activate on your phone

    If your device does not find a separate section for erased items, you can use third-party applications to create such a directory. One of the most famous is Dumpster. By installing it, you can safely delete items, having the ability to restore them within two weeks. You can also store deleted files on the cloud storage and set up automatic directory cleaning. The program is completely free, you can download it from the Google Play service.

    There you can also find several analogs of this program, there are both completely free and partially, and completely paid utilities for creating a basket on the phone. Choose the most convenient for you and use to create a directory of pre-erasing files.

    How to empty the trash?

    To empty a standard or your own shopping cart, you need to enter it using the method described above. Your browse will open a folder containing your recently erased files. You can clear it pointwise by selecting each element separately. for this you just need to hold down the element and click on the urn-shaped icon in the context menu that appears, or vice versa, restore the element by selecting the appropriate option. If you want to completely clear the directory, you just need to click on the “Clear” button at the top right of the screen. Confirm your action and observe the gradual deletion of all files. The list of deleted media is now empty.

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    Google photos

    Google Photos is an online service that helps you sync and store photos and videos from your phone in the cloud. This app, like Google Drive, is already built into all Android phones. It also has such a service as temporary storage of data in a separate folder. The procedure for deleting files, storing them in the recycle bin, deleting them permanently and restoring them is the same as on a disk using the program menu.

    Important! There is only one positive difference. the images are saved in the basket not for 15, but for 60 days.

    In fact, recovering and returning erased information is a very useful and necessary function. Unfortunately, Android phones do not have built-in software to save unnecessary files, even temporarily, but there are other options for solving this issue. For example:

    How to Find Trash on Android Samsung, Huawei, Honor and Other Smartphones

    For your information! This option is present in smartphones Samsung, Huawei, Honor, LG, some Xiaomi and other models, but not everything that is deleted is included in it. Exceptions are games and files with a large volume. You can find the basket and the data contained in it in the “Gallery” section.

    How to Open Samsung A50 / A70 Back Panel || Samsung A50 Disassembly || Samsung Galaxy A50 Teardown

    Cart in the gallery

    • Enter the gallery.
    • Click on the three dots located in the upper right corner of the window.
    • In the submenu that appears, click on the line “Cart”.

    Then a window appears with a list of files and a warning that the information is saved in the basket for 15 days, after which it is automatically erased from the phone’s memory forever. But during this period there is still an opportunity for its restoration.

    Note! After successful extraction from the basket, the corresponding message “Image restored” will appear.

    To restore the data or delete it permanently, you need to click on the file of interest. After that, you will be prompted to make a choice: restore the file (in the form of a round reverse arrow) or delete (image of a trash can). The photo will appear in the same place.

    The trash can in the gallery can be turned off, but it is recommended not to. When starting to clean your phone, it is better to check right away if it is activated or not. To do this, follow these steps:

    • Enter the gallery.
    • Click on the three dots in the upper corner of the screen.
    • In the drop-down submenu, select the line “Settings”.
    • Opposite the line “Trash” (storing images and videos in the trash for 15 days before final deletion) move the video to an active state.

    Now the data will be moved to temporary storage with the possibility of returning it.

    Despite the fact that Android phones do not provide for the presence of such a folder, nevertheless, in some phone models it is present and insures against the loss of important files.

    Important! The good news is that it is not necessary to use Google (the main companion of Android), you can use the virtual shopping cart of any other Internet company.


    Dumpster is offered for download in the Play Market for free. This program is capable of storing and restoring:

    • photos of any format and with any extension erased from the phone‘s internal memory or memory card;
    • video;
    • music of any format;
    • zipped files;
    • text files deleted from android.

    Also in Dumpster you can view the contents of the cart.

    Important! Contacts and SMS messages, this application is not yet able to save and, accordingly, restore, but even without this the range of possibilities is quite wide.

    There are no expiration dates in the application. The data will be saved until the user himself decides to clean the memory and get rid of them completely.

    Which basket can be installed on a smartphone and how to do it

    If you do not want to merge data into Internet services, but you want to have an application on your phone that will become a transit point between needed and unnecessary information, then the Android platform allows you to choose one of the applications.

    An example with a basket already built into the firmware. based on a Huawei / Honor smartphone. Let’s say we want to delete an image.

    When you click on the “Delete” button, the system informs you that this item is placed in the basket for 30 days, after which it will be automatically deleted.

    The trash in our example is located in the “Albums” subsection. called “Recently Deleted”.

    Images from the trash can be restored if desired.

    If you don’t have a shopping cart on your device, use the Google Photos app. When you delete an image in this app, it is automatically sent to the trash, but only if you delete it via Google Photos. You can download Google Photos in the Play Market.

    Now in ES Explorer we are looking for a file to delete. We found the image, and we will delete it. Click on the file and hold until a check mark appears. At the bottom of the page, click “Delete”.

    You need to confirm the action. As you can see, “Move to Trash” is checked by default. Don’t take it off, press OK.

    The file was moved to the trash, but not completely deleted. We return to the main page of the application, go to the basket and see our file. To restore it or delete it permanently, press and hold on it. A check mark will appear on the file, and an additional menu will appear at the bottom. In it, select the action to be performed with the file.

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