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The relevance of the release of a new model for Apple

The situation in the smartphone market is tense. Xiaomi and Samsung have already presented the world with new pretentious and defiant models in 2021.

The success of the iPhone12 Pro released last year never ceases to amaze. The plant does not have time to produce the declared amount. Apple needs to solidify its luck and release a new model.

The agency publishes daily news about the Asian computer industry (computers, smartphones). Information about the iPhone12 and 13 can be found on Appleinsider. the largest Russian website about Apple technology.

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Qualcomm, a wireless research and development company, can put a spank in its wheels when new models are released. This view is expressed by Fast Company, a monthly American business magazine in print and online that focuses on technology, business and design. Users hope that despite the problems, they will be able to get acquainted with the iPhone 13 in the fall of 2021.

When the iPhone 13 comes out

The expected appearance on the market of the 13th smartphone model in the fall of 2021 is causing heated discussions. iPhone 13 may or may not be named. Perhaps it will be called 12s, or in another way.

Apple executives may revert to the old nomenclature. Then the line of smartphones will consist of 4 models, slightly modified, improved in performance, but still updated versions of the already released 12th model. Then the classification, starting from 2021, will be called: 12s, 12s mini, 12s pro and 12s pro max.

  • worsening of the epidemiological situation;
  • problems with the optics supplier;
  • changes in company plans.

Any changes will immediately become known to insiders.

iPhone 13. release date in Russia and price

Before the 12th iPhone model came out, the attention of users switched to the release of the next model. The release date of the 13th iPhone model and its price in Russia cause heated discussions.


The image refresh rate will increase to 120 Hz. Automatic adjustment will become from 1 to 120 Hz. The screen will be made according to the technology produced by the Samsung company. The iPhone 12s series will be based on the new Apple A15 processor. A Taiwanese chipmaker will be engaged in its production using a 5-nanometer process of the 2nd generation.


Using the main process technology will increase productivity. It also means increased energy efficiency, will have a positive effect on the autonomous operation of new models. The cameras of the 13th iPhone model will retain the same optics that the company currently has. The lenses will be from the same series as the current cameras. Major camera innovations can only be expected from the 2022 iPhone.

New iPhone features

According to the forecasts of insiders, the upcoming iPhone 13 will be without any ports (connectors). Wireless headphones are already available, and if there is wireless charging, then in the absence of ports, the iPhone will become more moisture-resistant and resistant to dust and dirt.

Presumably, developments are underway on the location under the screen of Touch ID. a fingerprint scanner on iPhones. It is expected to improve the function Face ID. technology to unlock the face of a person. After all, a face in a mask is difficult to distinguish.

Face ID is the result of a combination of Apple’s most advanced hardware and software components. The TrueDepth camera captures facial data by projecting and analyzing over 30,000 invisible points. Thus, the device creates a detailed structural map of the face.

Thanks to True Depth technology, the Face ID system works. TrueDepth is a camera system on iPhone that includes a 7MP front camera, infrared camera, dot projector and infrared emitter.

Model design

A flexible and foldable display like the 13th model would be desirable for consumers. The original slider model was expected to be the iPhone 12. When that didn’t happen, they waited for the 13th iPhone.

iPhone Flip is the purported version of the iPhone that can be folded. In November 2020, an unofficial video appeared that demonstrates what the first foldable smartphone could be.

However, if the company starts releasing smartphones according to the previous nomenclature, then you shouldn’t wait for this. The design will not be updated, so the photo of the new model will be similar to the image of the previous one. The phone case will get a little thicker. The cutout above the screen for the camera, the so-called “bangs” or monobrow, on the contrary, will be slightly thinner.

The issue of design changes is primarily economic. The longer you can use the appearance of previous smartphone models, the more profit for the company from sales of previous versions.

The company benefits from a minor design change. For consumers, this is prestigious, because the iPhone in the hands can be seen from afar. The appearance of the smartphone is significantly different from the phones of other companies. The possession of the latest iPhone model speaks of the respectability of the owner and a promising outlook on life.

And those dreamers who, based on rumors, dream of releasing a smartphone in a completely new design, can be advised to make assumptions about new products for other companies.

Is it possible in principle?

To begin with, the second question is somewhat incorrect, since iOS smartphones lack support for memory cards. Nevertheless, the manufacturer has provided for a sufficiently large amount of internal memory.

In other words, if the free space runs out, the memory will have to be cleaned, or, as a last resort, purchase an iPhone with a large amount of internal memory.

Fans of “apple” gadgets will also be interested in the news that there is a special accessory called Touch zoomIt, which will help us transfer data from the device to the memory card and vice versa.

It looks like a small card reader that is inserted into the charging connector. The flash drive is installed directly into this accessory.

The Touch zoomIt device is very compact and therefore not difficult to carry with you. In addition, in the App Store we can find a special free zoomIt application (with a simple interface and a file manager).

As for the cost of the accessory, it is just over 50.

How to insert a USB flash drive into an iPhone: possible difficulties

Having become the owner of one of Apple’s devices for the first time, we are faced with the fact that it is strikingly different from all others. For example, many users are interested in how to insert a USB flash drive into an iPhone. Let’s try to find out if this can be done.

Installing a memory card in a Chinese iPhone

The slot for a USB flash drive may be completely absent, however, if our device is from China, it is still worth trying to look for it.

  • For example, the Chinese copy of the iPhone 5 supports memory expansion by installing a micro-SD card. It will be possible to increase memory by 16 gigabytes.
  • The flash card is installed to the right of the battery, and if desired, it can be easily replaced.
  • As in the original version, the body of the mobile device is one-piece, and therefore we will have to tinker with it in order to disassemble the device.
  • It is highly recommended to be as careful as possible as many of the parts are fragile and the screws are small.
  • If something does not work out the first time, it is worth trying again without much effort. From the auxiliary tools we need a star-shaped screwdriver. It will help unscrew the bottom screws.
  • It is best to get rid of the front of the device along with the screen using a suction cup. detailed disassembly instructions can be easily found on the net today.

Will a regular SIM card fit into the Micro SIM slot?

During the shortage of Nano and Micro SIM formats, people did not know how to insert a regular-sized SIM card into an iPhone, but they still found a way out. They simply cut a regular large SIM to the size they wanted and inserted it into the phone. Even the metal contact had to be cut off. Surprisingly, it worked and the phone perfectly received the signal of the desired operator. Even today, a typical stock SIM can be cut to Nano or Micro SIM size and it will work.

Types of SIM-cards

First of all, pay attention to the fact that different iPhones use SIM cards of different sizes. The third generation of Apple phones worked with regular-sized SIM cards. Then came the fourth generation of phones in which only Micro SIM cards could be inserted. Further, the fifth, sixth and seventh generations work only with Nano SIM cards.

All these cards differ only in size: width, length, thickness. Therefore, when buying a starter pack, it is important to check with the seller so that he sells the card of the size you need. Some starter packs come with cards of all sizes at the same time: that is, there are special mowing lines of the bend, along which you can break a card for your phone.


Now we know how to insert a SIM card into an iPhone, but what to do next? Important: you don’t have to turn off your phone. Previously, you had to remove the battery, and only then insert the SIM card, but now there is no such need.

Once the SIM is inside, the phone will ask you to unlock it. It is normal that it is locked by default. To do this, you will need to enter a PIN. You must know this code (it is indicated on the start package), but if this is your old map, then you already know it for sure.

We enter the PIN-code, the blocking is removed and the phone finds the desired network. If the network cannot be found, then in the settings there is an item “Operator”. There you can choose the operator who owns the card. The default option is “Automatic”, and in this position everything should work fine. But there are also exceptions. Therefore, just choose your operator and the phone will immediately find the network. But if problems arise and you still do not know how to insert a SIM card into the “iPhone 5S”, then proceed to the next point.

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Installing the SIM card

So how to insert a SIM card into an iPhone? In the box to the phone, there is always a paper clip (it is also called (iScrepka), with which the tray opens. This clip can be seen by something else: a pin, a needle, nail scissors, even a toothpick. But this can be trivial to damage the tray. It is located with right side (on the side of the phone).

We take our paper clip, insert it into the hole in the tray (a very small hole), press it down a little, after which the tray will come out a few millimeters. Then we just take it out with our hands completely.

When the tray is in your hands, place the SIM card in it. It is important that it is placed with the chip down, otherwise the card will not work. Although the tray is designed in such a way that it is impossible to insert the card in another way, some users manage to do it.

Now insert the SIM-card tray back into the slot and press down a little.

How to insert a SIM card into an iPhone? Instructions and tips

No mobile phone will work without a SIM card. Rather, it will work, but fulfill its main function. not. Given the variety of SIM card slots and formats, it is important to know how to insert a SIM card into an iPhone. There is nothing complicated in this, but some points require clarification.

Note that modern smartphones (especially iPhones) are undemanding to this process. For example, older Nokia phones were incredibly complex in this regard. I had to bother a lot and look for a slot where to insert a SIM card. Everything in the iPhone is provided for the convenience of the user: there is no need to remove the back cover, and even a special tool for removing the tray is included in the kit. However, the tray itself was not invented by Apple. All the same Nokia has implemented a removable tray for the first time. But this is past history, and we will go directly to the question itself.

If the SIM card is not detected

If, after the performed manipulations and even the choice of the operator, the phone writes: “No network”, then this means that you inserted the card incorrectly or the SIM card is inoperative. But it can be even worse: this is when the phone is tied to another operator and can only see its SIM cards.

Yes, it’s unpleasant, but there’s nothing to worry about. They have long learned to remove the lock, so special slots for iPhones are sold on the radio markets, with which even a locked phone will work with any operator. Such a tray is inexpensive. about 150-200 rubles. The kit includes the tray itself, a special chip strip for a SIM card, a paper clip.

This article describes in as much detail as possible how to insert a SIM card into the “iPhone 6”, but this instruction is valid for all models.

How to increase the speaker volume on iPhone?

  • Go to the Library section, Preferences tab. In the com. Apple. celestial.
  • The plist document is then edited. There you will see the name of the regions and the value of the sound. For example, it could be 83%. You need to set 100% (number 1).
  • Reboot your device. After that, the smartphone should give out sound at full strength.

Why does the iPhone show that headphones are connected?

There may be several reasons why the iPhone thinks that the headphones are connected: The headphones were disconnected at the moment when some internal system operations were taking place; Using a headset or headphones of poor quality, which adversely affects the operation of the device as a whole; 3.5mm jack defect.

How to set up headphone sound on iPhone?

The mono balance can be adjusted to increase the volume of the right or left channel. Enables or disables the Mono Audio feature and adjusts the balance. Select Settings General Accessibility Mono Audio.

How to Switch Sound to Headphones on iPhone?

Just tap the Wi-Fi-like icon pulsing with audio playback. In order to choose where to broadcast audio, just click on the name of the desired device in the list. Along with your iPhone or iPad, you will also see a connected Bluetooth speaker, headphones, Apple TV set-top box, etc.

What to do if there is no sound in the headphones on the phone?

You may have accidentally muted the sound. 2. Try plugging in headphones, holding down the volume up button, and pulling out the plug from the headphone jack. Also try pulling and inserting the headphone plug several times.

How to remove debris from the headphone jack?

  • Divide a disk into several parts.
  • Soak one piece in an alcohol solution and wrap a cotton swab around the plug from the headphones.
  • Insert the plug inside and clean it in a circular motion until the cotton wool turns white. It is logical that it will need to be changed several times.

Where to set up headphones on iPhone?

Configuring Airpods Settings on iPhone

  • Open the Airpods case.
  • On iPhone, open Settings Bluetooth.
  • Tap the button next to Airpods in the device list.
  • You can follow the steps below. Change the name of your Airpods. Tap the current name, enter a new name, then tap Done.

How to connect iPhone to computer via USB?

Apple devices have a closed architecture. many operations require the use of a PC. That is why, when buying an iPhone, the user should be ready to connect this gadget via a USB cable much more often than any of the Androids. The operation of connecting an iPhone via USB seems simple, however, there are some nuances that do not allow working with this device as with a standard data carrier.

How to connect iPhone to computer via USB and why you need to do it?

Connecting an “apple” gadget to a PC via USB allows you to:

    Synchronize iPhone with iTunes: download music and other multimedia data to the device memory, transfer notes and contacts, transfer credentials. Create backups of the information stored in the device’s memory and restore data from backups. Restore and update the operating system. Free up device memory (which is worth its weight in gold) by transferring data to your computer hard drive.

All of this will not be possible if the USB connection between iPhone and PC becomes unstable. Correctly connecting your iPhone to your computer is pretty simple:

Take a USB cable and insert the 30-Pin or Lightning connector into the corresponding connector on the gadget.

Plug the connector on the other side into any of the USB ports on your computer or laptop.

Wait for the sound typical of a USB device connection. At the same time, the iPhone will vibrate to notify the owner that it is charging.

The message “Trust this computer?” Appears on the smartphone screen. Confirm by clicking the corresponding button.

An AutoPlay window pops up on the computer monitor. this already indicates a successful USB connection.

Go to “My Computer”. you will see your iPhone in the list of portable devices.

Click on the icon and you will have access to photos and videos that were taken with the iPhone camera. You will not be able to get to music in this way. you will have to install and run a program called iTunes.

Why iPhone won’t connect to computer: possible problems

The solution to the problem of connecting an iPhone via USB very often lies on the surface. Such a situation is typical: the user connected the smartphone via a cable, waited for the iPhone to notify by vibration about charging. but then nothing happens! According to the instructions given, we see that the next step is to confirm the user’s trust in the computer. “Trust Request” does not appear on the screen of a locked iPhone. It is enough just to unlock the device. a message will appear and the problem will be solved.

    If you encounter errors accompanied by SyncServer and MobileDeviseHelper messages, check if the same time is set on the PC and the gadget. Even a slight difference in time can lead to a connection failure. If the “USB device is not recognized” error, plug the cable into a different USB port on your computer. The error can also be due to the fact that the SIM card in the iPhone does not meet the requirements of the device. For the connection to occur correctly, it is enough to activate the “Airplane mode” through the “Settings”. If the computer simply does not see the iPhone, the problem lies in the cable or in the connector on the gadget itself. In any of these two cases, the user will have to spend a lot. to buy a new “lace” or to diagnose the device with subsequent repair.

USB connection: pros and cons

The USB cable connection isn’t the only way to connect iPhone to iTunes and PC in general. iPhone with iOS version older than 5.0 can be connected to the computer via Wi-Fi. However, most owners of Apple technology “the old fashioned way” continue to use cables, and here’s why:

    The cable connection guarantees high speed of data transfer (for USB 3.0. 4.8 Gbps). When connecting via Wi-Fi, one has to look back at the restriction set by the Internet provider. The device connected by a cable to the PC is recharged, while when connected via Wi-Fi, on the contrary, energy is consumed at an impressive rate. Connecting via USB is a very simple procedure, but not everyone will be able to organize Connect “over the air”. Only when connected via a cable can you restore data from a backup and perform a full reset.

Using USB ports to connect an iPhone also has disadvantages:

    The device is actually tied to the PC with a “string”. This limits the user’s options. to talk on the phone, he will have to interrupt “Connect”. The gadget takes up one of the USB ports. this can be a problem if there are only 2 ports on a laptop or laptop.

USB cables for iPhone: what are there?

The USB cable for any new or refurbished iPhone is included. if there is no cable, this means one of two things: either they are trying to sell you a non-original smartphone (in other words, a Chinese fake), or the cable was lost by slow salon consultants who used the gadget package for their own needs.

There are two types of USB cable for iPhone:

The first is Lightning. Connectors with 8 contacts appeared on the bundled USB cables and chargers along with the 5th modification of the iPhone. The 7th modification iPhones also use Lightning to connect headphones. A distinctive feature of Lighting is that you can insert the connector into the connector from either side.

On the other side of the cable for the iPhone, there can now be not only a classic USB connector, but also a USB Type-C connector, which looks more like a micro-USB.

“Control point

You can also find out the charge level of Apple branded headphones in the “Control Center”, caused by swiping up from the bottom border of the display. After opening it, tap on the playback device control located in the upper right corner of the mini-player. Information display is carried out practically on the same principle as in previous cases. if an earpiece or headphones are used, only their charge will be shown, and in order to see the state of the case, you need to place one of the accessories in it.

Connection window

If the earbuds are in the case, to view the charge, just bring it closer to the iPhone and open it. You will see the necessary information about the health of your Airpods battery and case. If the charge level of one of the earbuds is less, the displayed value will be rounded off to the nearest figure.

In order to see the charging status of each earbud separately, remove any of them. you will see information separately about the left and right, as well as about the case.

If you remove both AirPods from the case, but do not insert them into your ears, the charge of each of them will be shown on the iPhone screen.

This option for solving our problem is simple, convenient and sufficiently informative, but absolutely not suitable for those cases when headphones are used in tandem with an iPhone or any other Apple device, that is, they are in the ears.

Special widget

IOS has a convenient screen with widgets, one of which is “Batteries”, which displays information about the charge level of the iPhone and connected wireless accessories, including Airpods.

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    From the first of the “home” screens, swipe from left to right.

By default, the widget we need is absent in this section, and therefore first you need to add it.

Scroll down the list of available items and tap “Change” there.

Find Batteries among the widgets

and tap on the plus sign located to the left of this name.

It will be added to the end of the list, which is not always convenient. If you want, you can move it to any convenient place, just “grab” the element on the right and pull in the desired direction.

To confirm the changes made, be sure to click “Finish”.

Find the added widget in the sidebar. It displays detailed information about the charge level of the iPhone and connected accessories.

    If the AirPods are in the case and connected to the iPhone, only the headphone charge will be shown, in a generalized form.

If the case has just been opened, you will see its charge.

When both accessories are in your ears, the general battery status is displayed and, if recently connected, the cover.

To see the indicators separately for each earphone, one of them must be placed in a case. Immediately after this, the charge of the latter will be shown.

Thus, in order to view the charge of Airpods on the iPhone, it is enough to turn to the “Batteries” widget. This is the easiest and most convenient way to get the information we are interested in. The same information will be shown there if you open the case with the wireless accessories placed in it, but first you have to close the larger and same informative connection window, which was discussed in the previous part of the article.

How to see the charge of Airpods in iPhone

Using the iPhone in conjunction with Airpods, you often have to face the need to view the charge of the latter in order not to allow them to turn off at the most inopportune moment. Here’s how to do it.

Charge status indicator

Before proceeding with the consideration of the options for solving the voiced problem, let us pay some attention to the peculiarities of the operation of the LED status indicator. Knowing how he “behaves” in certain conditions, you can get a general idea of ​​the charge level of both the headphones and their case.

On the left is a case with the possibility of wireless charging, on the right is a regular one. On the first, the status indicator of interest to us is located on the front side of the case, on the second. between the headphone compartments.

So, if AirPods are inside the case, and its lid is open, the LED will display the status of the headphone battery as follows:

  • Green color. the battery is fully charged;
  • Yellow. less than one cycle left.
  • In order to find out the state of the charge in the case, you need to remove the Airpods from it and then focus on the above. the green indicator means a full charge, yellow means less than one cycle, but already for the case, and this, as you know, is enough for that to charge the earbuds several times.

    If the battery charge of AirPods decreases to 10% during their use, the earpiece will emit a single beep. With the remainder of 1-2%, the signal will be double, and almost immediately after it will be followed by the disconnection of the accessory. We recommend that you avoid such situations and charge both the headphones and the case for them in a timely manner.

    Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the indirect signs that allow us to see the charge level of the AirPodsi of their case, let’s move on to considering more informative options.

    Calling Siri

    Another way to view the charge level of Airpods on iPhone is to use the voice assistant built into iOS. It works both when the headphones are in the case, and when they are used (both or at least one).

    Ask her “How much charge does Airpods have?” You will immediately receive the information you need.

      If both earbuds are in your ears, only their total charge is displayed.

    If one earbud is in the case and the other in the ear, you will see the battery status for each of the elements.

    If the case is open and both AirPods are in it, their total charge and separately of the case will be shown. With a closed case, this also works, but only if the accessory has recently been connected to the smartphone.

    Having received the necessary information, you can close the voice assistant control window.

    This way of viewing the charge level of a wireless accessory is as informative as those discussed above, and requires observing the same nuances.

    Now you know how to view the charge of Airpods on iPhone. The best solution is to use the “Batteries” widget, which always displays the necessary information if the connection is active. But if, for example, you do not want to take your smartphone in your hands, it will not be difficult to ask Siri for help, especially since you can assign a command to one of the headphones to call it. double tap.

    How to put on and wear headphones correctly? (if dropped out)

    Wearing headphones correctly allows you not only to achieve a comfortable fit, but also to significantly improve readability and sound quality. Problems with wireless earbuds and vacuum models (Apple Airpods, JBL T205BT earbuds, Xiaomi AirDots vacuum and AKG N 30) occur quite often.

    There are several ways to avoid falling out. Ear pads, wire features and initially the correct selection of the form factor. Let’s consider all the options on different designs and specific examples.

    If there have been changes in fit from the previous step

    The ear canal should now return to normal and the fit should be more secure. Again, you don’t need to push very deeply. There should be no feeling of “unpleasant vacuum”. If the sound after the previous step has become quieter, then we “cancel” it. We take out the headphones, insert and skip the second and third steps.

    If the headphones have long enough sound guides

    If the earbuds are not very secure in the ears after the first step, we pull the earlobe with the other hand to widen the ear canal. You don’t have to pull with all your strength. just lightly. Accordingly, we press on the case and set the headphones deeper and more securely. This is not applicable to all models: depending on the design, pulling the lobe may have no effect at all. the body already rests against the auricle and / or the sound guide is short, there is no way to immerse it deeper.

    Many in-ear headphones now have ergonomic housings

    That is, they should touch the auricle not only with the ear pads, but also with the inner surface of the case. Try turning the earbuds (while pushing them slightly at the same time) forward and / or backward. Find the most convenient and secure location in this way. If your headphones have a behind-the-ear type of wearing (especially with tight “earhooks”), then the pivot element is necessary.

    How to speak correctly: put on or put on headphones?

    Headphones are put on, it is worth remembering, not put on. And clothes, by the way, are also put on. The logic is the same: it is THAT that you put on yourself (or another). And you can dress a child (warmer), a wife (more modest), yourself (more luxurious), and so on. Even the dog is dressed in these strange costumes. But they put on suits on the dog. Logic: dress animate “objects” into something.

    If you suddenly have doubts or confusion in your head about this, there is a good folk, so to speak, means: “put on Nadezhda, but put on clothes.”

    How to pack Airpods in a box

    Devices from the iPhone XR or 5 S, or any other version of the phone have special, factory boxes in which it is very convenient to store and carry them. In addition, it is a wonderful gift case that does not need additional packaging.

    It is best to fold branded headphones in the original packaging. This will help increase their shelf life.

    Step-by-step instructions on how to put iPhone headphones into a box is as follows:

    • Insert the inserts directly into the slots of the package. It’s not difficult, just remember how they were originally when you bought.
    • The wires are wrapped around the case. You need to reel counterclockwise. Given the depth of the gutter, they will fit perfectly as well.
    • The volume control is retracted into a dedicated place for it.
    • It remains only to wrap the rest of the cable around the box.
    • From above, everything is covered with a lid. The packaging process is complete.

    Important! Tying and tying the device in a knot is highly discouraged. Such handling will inevitably lead to deformation of the cable and quick breakdown.

    How to fold your iPhone headphones into a box

    The well-known company Apple produces branded devices for its products, including headphones. This is a quality product that allows you to listen to music and audio books. Branded devices are expensive and it becomes a shame if they become unusable due to improper storage and transportation. The article addresses the question: how to roll iPhone headphones into a box, what needs to be done to extend the life of the device.

    What to do if iPhone earbuds get tangled

    How to roll up iPhone earbuds so that they no longer get tangled in your ? This question arises not only among users of Apple products, but also other people. There are many options and methods for how you can twist headphones so that they do not get confused.

    On the Internet, it is proposed to twist the wires with a special knot, remove them from them in plastic boxes or fabric covers. If desired, storage space can be made with your own hands.

    Several options suitable for storage and carrying:

    • Use an old plastic card or thick cardboard. A pair of holes are made for the earbuds and the plug. The wire is wrapped around a cardboard (card).
    • A container from an old (ended) lipstick is also suitable as a case. The wires are wrapped around three fingers. The earbuds and plug remain on the top, while the bottom stays in the lipstick cap. So the device is easy to carry and take out at the right time.
    • Another option with a plastic card and a thick rubber band. The wires are twisted around the fingers, then fixed to the card with an elastic band.

    There are really a lot of options, but it is worth remembering that the conversation is not about ordinary headphones bought for 100 rubles, but about those intended specifically for the iPhone. How to pack iPhone headphones so that they do not get tangled, in a box or tied according to a certain method?

    Where to put the headphones

    The most reasonable solution for storing headphones is to use a branded box. It is ideal for packing and storing fixtures. In addition, with its help, you can neatly roll the wires so that they do not get confused in the future.

    Best way to carry your headphones

    Correct carrying and storage is a guarantee of long service life of the equipment. The basic rules for storing and carrying the device, allowing it to extend its life, are as follows:

    • Take care of the wires. First of all, this concerns the fact that you cannot leave the device anywhere. It is best to put your headphones in a bag in a special container. So the wires will be less likely to get tangled, frayed and become unusable.
    • Do not carry them in pants or back s of jeans. Pinching the wires is almost one hundred percent damage.
    • Do not overcool the device. That is why, in winter, the wires must be under the clothes. Do not leave the device in the cold or in the car during the cold season.
    • Keep children and pets away from wires. The latter just love to gnaw them.

    How to properly fold your iPhone headphones into a box

    The process of packing iPhone earbuds into a box is not as complicated as it might seem. You can just use the branded box and not worry about another container.

    Alternatively, if you do not want to constantly suffer with winding and putting all the elements in the nests, you can use the same Airpods box as a case.

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    Important! It is not necessary to use the original box. For the same purpose, a small cardboard or plastic container will do. The main thing is that there is a reliable cover that would not allow falling out.

    How to roll and stow the EarPods in the box

    Packing your EarPods is easy. Having practiced just a couple of times, a person will be able to do this constantly and without any problems. The packaging process is as follows:

    • The cable must be fully extended. There should be no knots or tangled elements on it.
    • The inserts are installed in place. Nothing can be confused here. If for some reason difficulties arise, you can look at what kind of device it had initially (at the time of purchase).
    • Start winding the cable around the special cable gutter counterclockwise. This is done until it comes to the volume control.
    • There is also a special place for the regulator in the box, in which it fits perfectly. It is very important to ensure that the wire is not pinched anywhere.
    • It remains only to twist the remaining amount of wire and remove the plug.
    • The assembled headphones are closed with a lid and stowed away in the carrying area.

    Important! It is best if the headphone box is in a bag or inside a jacket It is not recommended to put them in jeans or pants. When walking or squatting, the plastic structure may crack and become unusable.

    How to put EarPods back in the factory box

    Easy Way to Assemble iPhone Headphone Case

    The headphone case is made from the same branded packaging or using another suitable box. If abilities allow, you can make a case yourself from cardboard, plastic, wood and other materials at hand.

    How, then, to fold the iPhone headphones into the box, using it as a case:

    • The middle part is carefully removed. In other words, a component with special holes for earbuds and a volume control. In this case, you need to start from the corner. Since the structure is assembled conscientiously, you will have to make a little effort. By prying the edge off, you can remove the core with a thin, sharp object. The main thing is not to scratch the bottom.
    • The elements left without a core create a wonderful case that you can use to store and carry your headphones. Only the bottom of the box and the transparent lid will remain on the hands.
    • The headphones simply roll up around the fingers, and then fit into the container and covered with a lid.

    This use case is considered quite convenient. Since the structure is durable and well fixed, the device will not fall out, not damaged, and the wires will be significantly less tangled.

    The main thing when using such a case is to ensure that the wires do not lie in a tangled state or tied in a knot. Both options have a bad effect on their condition and further use.

    For the same purpose, you can purchase a small gift box that can be used as a case. A small package with a secure lid will do. The main thing is that the headphones lie neatly, and the wires are not pinched anywhere.

    How to Connect Regular Headphones to iPhone 7 with No 3.5mm Headset Jack

    Branded devices are distinguished by their reliability and convenience, but that is why they require special treatment and careful storage. How to properly handle the headphones from the iPhone described above.

    Regardless of which option the user chooses, it is necessary to remember the main rules: do not overcool the accessory, leave children and animals in the access zone, and leave them in the s of pants and jeans. Only with the right approach, the device can work for a long time, delighting with high-quality sound.

    D / A converter

    Everything here is individual. There are DAC models that cost 70, and there are models like the Chord Mojo that start at 600, as in the picture above.

    Apple Lightning Docking Station

    It should be noted that it was this thing that Phil Schiller advised everyone as a solution to the issue of charging the phone and simultaneously listening to music.

    Lightning to 3.5mm adapter

    After the announcement of new smartphones, many a question arose: how now to listen to music and simultaneously charge the iPhone 7? This question, at least on the part of Apple, has remained unanswered so far, so all hope is for third-party manufacturers who will certainly be able to come up with a truly working solution to this problem.

    Another thing is how much these “working solutions” from third-party manufacturers will cost. Considering that regular Lightning cables from the same Apple cost in the region of 20-30, third-party versions of Lightning adapters to 3.5 mm are unlikely to cost much more.

    How to use your favorite headphones with new iPhone smartphones now?

    Surely many still do not understand why Apple abandoned the 3.5mm audio jack in its new iPhones. Of course, there is an option to upgrade to the new wireless Airpods, but what if you already have a pair of great wired headphones and are not going to change them anytime soon? What if you don’t want to buy Airpods for 159 (and in Russia they will cost more)? Luckily for people like that, there are several options for solving this problem.

    Some options take into account the possibility of using Bluetooth, while others rely entirely on a wired connection. In any case, you don’t have to leave your favorite headphones on the back burner. Below you can choose the most suitable option for you.

    Bluetooth adapter

    It should be noted that, like all wireless solutions, the Bluetooth adapter is also not without its drawbacks. They offer different run times depending on the model and battery capacity. Some are able to hold out for 8 hours, others, which is cheaper, about 4. In addition, the quality of the received signal suffers. In the end, the sound through the wires, even if the wire is Lightning, will be much clearer than even the most high-end Bluetooth headphones. Perhaps the most significant advantage of such devices is the reduction in the number of wires used.

    Longreads for you

    TWS headphones from the famous brand, which are inexpensive, have wireless charging, active noise cancellation and work for 8 hours straight. And that’s not counting three full charges from the case. We’ve all tried it and are ready to talk about it.

    In iOS 14.2, the iPhone has learned to independently limit the volume of music in headphones. And for many, this function is enabled by default. We tell you why you need it, and how to turn it off.

    Counterfeits must always be cheaper than the original for people to want to buy them. But fake Airpods Max are so cheap that you don’t want to buy them precisely because of this

    Stan, really, why use them? let’s buy a bunch of adapters for the interaction of “modern revelations” apple. and everything will be ok! tfu well, you can’t. you can’t do everything, absolutely all the freaks are with us. its fans are making Apple praise. This encourages market sadism towards us and does not make the company one iota closer to the consumer “and 2-3 people will get pissed, and the rest will drive them away and everything will be forgotten. they all eat. As they used to listen to Lightning instead of sub-c, FireWire, nobody cares. unnecessary, new MacBook with one connector, neutered to the point of virtually no use of NFC. and so on, and so on. Favorite company should and should be harshly criticized. for the common good !! and no need to grumble that they don’t care about anything there anyway. then we nap a little. And freaking fanatics (which are enough here, on the forum. sometimes it’s just sickening to read how they defend another arrogant stupidity / dirty trick from our Apple). Let’s be more objective !! It’s good for us.

    Constant “headphone mode” (even when they are not). iPhone, what are you doing?

    Hey! I face a similar problem, if not every month, then every six months for sure. He loves to smell my iPhone 5S (and the constant “headphones mode” is still “flowers”), nothing can be done πŸ™‚ And given the fact that this malfunction is easily solved, it never even occurred to me to write instructions on this topic.

    But quite recently, a small reason did appear

    An acquaintance approached me, showed me the iPhone 6 and asked the question: “Why is there no sound from the speakers?” We tried to increase the volume, and the iPhone shows that headphones are connected to it and adjusts the volume in them. At the same time, of course, there are no headphones and cannot be. the 3.5 mm jack is empty.

    Looking ahead, I note that we fixed the problem in just 1 minute. The man left happy, but I thought that a small note on this topic still needs to be written. So, we bring the iPhone to life and turn off the stuck “headphone mode”. Let’s go!

    Some kind of long introduction came out, but don’t worry, in 95% of cases the solution will be very quick πŸ™‚ And here’s what you need to do

    • Reboot. An elementary action, but it is worth starting with this. over, the so-called Hard Reset helps the best (how to do it for different iPhone models). Don’t worry, your data won’t be lost.
    • Clean the connector. The fact is that sometimes 3.5 mm or (if your iPhone model is “seven” and older) the Lighting connector may “glitch”. the phone will think that the headphones are turned on even when they are not physically present.

    The most common causes are moisture, oxides and dust clogging.

    A simple example. Carry your phone in your dust is clogged. iPhone thinks that dirt is headphones.

    • We take a piece of paper, a match, a toothpick, a cotton swab, etc. Attention! It is not necessary to use metal objects (knitting needles, needles, pins), as the contacts can be damaged.
    • Carefully (carefully!) We take out all the dirt.
    • Some even dip a cotton swab in alcohol and clean the connector that way. over, it seems to help. But in my opinion, doing this is not worth it. after all, if you overdo it with liquid, then the consequences will be unpleasant. We don’t need that πŸ™‚

    Interesting fact. Since Apple technical support cannot advise you to poke around in the connector with various objects, they have another solution in this case. They suggest inserting and removing the headphones several times. Repeat the procedure until the iPhone stops constantly showing connected “ears”.

    Honestly, this could have ended, but there are those very remaining 5% that will not be helped by all of the above. And that’s why.

    The fact is that internal damage to the iPhone can be the cause of the lack of sound from the speakers and the problem of “always connected headphones”. The headset connector is located on the so-called top ribbon cable (iPhone 4S and younger) and the lower ribbon cable (iPhone 5 and older).

    In especially advanced cases (for example, prolonged contact with liquid), one external cleaning is not enough. you will have to change the whole train. Fortunately, this rarely happens, the repair is not very difficult, and the cost is not prohibitively high. they will do it quickly and will not take a lot of money. But I, as usual, sincerely hope that in your case everything will be solved in the simpler ways described above.

    Note. I finished the article and thought that I did not even advise the standard things (which absolutely everyone writes about). update the firmware, restore iOS, etc.

    So why did the author do this and hide this “very important information”? Yes, because if the iPhone hangs on the headphone mode due to a simple “glitch” of the system, then a reboot is more than enough. And flashing and updating is already too much. In any case, there have never been such stories in my memory. Although if all else fails and you are going to carry the iPhone for repair, then as a last resort, you can try. Why not?

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