Which laptop is better than HP or Lenovo

Lenovo Laptops (China)

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Advantage. low A laptop with similar characteristics from other brands will cost 2-3 thousand rubles more on average.

If you want to buy a device from Lenovo, then do not choose a cheap model, as the chance of its breakdown is high. You can safely buy expensive brand gadgets. for the most part, these are high-quality products.

Acer (Taiwan)

In terms of reliability, Acer is higher than Lenovo, although it also produces inexpensive models. Two identical laptops from Lenovo and Acer are roughly the same price, but Acer is more likely to last longer.

Both brands are worth each other. it’s hard to say which one is better. It is appropriate here to compare individual laptop models, but in the average digital repair shop there is an approximately equal number of models from Acer and Lenovo with typical “sores”.


This company is one of the first successful ones in Silicon Valley. The brand’s technique is popular in the USA, Europe, Russia. Unlike the previous two manufacturers, the reliability and build quality of HP laptops is significantly higher, as is their price.

Low-end HP models at the same cost as Lenovo or Acer laptops will receive weaker components. If Lenovo offers a device based on the Intel Core i3 platform for 20 thousand rubles (rarely. i5), then the HP gadget for the same money will be equipped with a less productive chipset of the AMD A6 or Intel Celeron U series level. Such a laptop is more likely to be assembled from high-quality materials. it will receive effective and thoughtful cooling, which will allow the hardware to work confidently even under heavy loads. This will increase the lifespan of the gadget.

Choosing an HP laptop, the buyer pays for higher build quality and components, hardware layout and reliability. The only thing is that at HP the service is very lame, communication with customers is at a low level. representatives of the centers do not want to meet customers and in the event of a laptop breakdown they can make a template unsubscribe to the user’s request.

Dell (USA)

One of the largest American (and world) computer hardware manufacturers. The brand’s products are widespread in Russia, are distinguished by their reliability, long service life and indestructibility.

Unlike Acer, Lenovo and even Asus, Dell laptops are well-built, they receive high-quality efficient cooling, thanks to which components work stably under load.

Asus (Taiwan)

The company makes reliable laptops that work for years without breakdowns. Users still have problems, but they do not have pronounced and systematic “diseases”. By purchasing a laptop from this Taiwanese manufacturer, there is a high chance of getting high-quality hardware in a durable case.

over, both budget models and expensive ones differ in reliability. However, inexpensive solutions are often low-performance and are only suitable for working with office applications. For the same money, you can buy a more powerful device from Lenovo, which is what buyers do.

Lenovo, Acer, HP, Asus, Dell. who is the best among laptop manufacturers?

If you are thinking of buying a laptop, then you will have to choose between the models of the mentioned brands. Buyers often do not know what is hidden behind the manufacturer’s name and simply choose a gadget with an eye on its hardware. This is logical and partly even correct, but it is also worth taking into account the brand’s features.

Let’s start with the most common manufacturer.

Want a powerful laptop for little money? Then look towards the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo, but keep in mind that the likelihood of breakage will increase. The same applies to Acer. these two brands can be conditionally attributed to the lowest “weight” category. For reliability, contact Asus, Dell or Samsung (South Korea), but be prepared to overpay for quality.

Note that not all Lenovo and Acer products are bad, and not all Dell laptops are reliable. There is always a chance to purchase a powerful and inexpensive device from the Chinese brand “Lenovo”, which will work for 20 years without a single breakdown. At the same time, you can easily stumble upon an expensive Dell or Samsung laptop, whose motherboard will burn out after the end of the warranty period.

6 Asus

The products of this company have become widespread due to the high quality of assembly. Acer focuses on the development of computer technology. ASUS produces not only ready-made devices, but also video cards, optical drives, monitors, smartphones and motherboards.
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4 Comparison of Lenovo and Asus laptops

Which laptop is better. Asus or Lenovo? When looking for an answer to this important question, it is worth considering the difference between devices and determining what you need to focus on:

The appearance of the device is a purely individual criterion, which in fact is taken into account only by the consumer himself. Some people prefer the matte style of the Lenovo model. Others prefer the glossy finish of the ASUS laptop.

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“ASUS” has a number of differences from “Lenovo”, as the devices of this company are usually produced with a larger diagonal. At the same time, the resolution remains virtually the same, which affects the overall perception of the picture.

If you want to get a better image, you should turn the image to a Lenovo laptop. The 17-inch diagonal makes it possible to fully use the capabilities of the graphics adapter and monitor matrix. The cost of the device in this case will be slightly higher, but you will get significantly better image quality.

There is also a certain difference in the dimensions of the models. ASUS devices are heavier, which makes them not quite suitable for frequent transportation. They take up a lot of space in a backpack or laptop bag.

If we consider the Asus X55A and Lenovo ThinkPad X121e Midnight Black models, they run on approximately the same processor with two cores. By the amount of RAM “ASUS” lags behind “Lenovo” twice.

Lenovo models and Asus laptops have integrated graphics. It is worth highlighting their high quality, which is rarely found in the middle price segment of devices.
A computer device of the Lenovo brand surpasses all analogues with a similar cost in terms of HDD volume. Wi-Fi 802.11 and Bluetooth in laptops are also the same.

The main disadvantage of Lenovo is the lack of an optical drive. The ASUS model has a widget, which is rarely installed in devices lately. Both devices have a webcam and microphone for communication on social networks and instant messengers.

Lenovo ThinkPad has three USB 2.0 ports, one of which has PowerShare support. The list of functionality also includes VGA, HDMI, LAN. The only drawback is the combined audio output, which makes it impossible to connect a microphone separately. The main difference between the Asus model and the Lenovo device is only two USB ports. ASUS device has VGA and HDMI, LAN and separate microphone input and headphone jack.

6-cell lithium-ion batteries are among the advantages of the company’s laptops.

The delivery sets do not have any special differences. These usually include the laptop itself, battery, power adapter and accompanying documentation with a user manual.

Which laptop is better. “ASUS” or “Lenovo”? When comparing Lenovo ThinkPad X121e (3053AE4) Midnight Black and Asus X55A (X55A-SX208D) Black models, we could not find any clear differences. In this case, you should rely on your own preferences. You should decide what the laptop will be used for.

If the screen size is of fundamental importance to you, you should pay attention to the Asus X55A. The situation is similar with the optical drive. If the important criterion when choosing a device is the amount of RAM and ROM, it is better to buy a model from Lenovo ThinkPad.
Which laptop is better. Asus or Acer?

When compiling a comparative characteristic of a device, not only technical characteristics play an important role. It is impossible to unambiguously determine a manufacturer that can satisfy all the needs of the user. All companies have their own development and sales tactics. In addition, each price segment has its own distinct characteristics.
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Which laptop is better. Asus or Lenovo: expert advice, reviews, pros and cons

When buying a laptop, many people have a question: which brand to choose. Lenovo, Acer, HP or Asus? Any device of this type must be functional and as reliable as possible. Even large and well-known laptop manufacturers cannot give an unambiguous answer to a question that worries many. Sometimes the devices contain defects that appeared at the assembly stage, which makes it almost impossible to identify them. Most often, laptops assembled in neighboring countries are sold in the CIS. In this informative article, we decided to understand the features of devices from the most famous brands.

  • Which laptop is better. Asus vs Lenovo?
  • Asus
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Lenovo
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Lenovo vs Asus Laptops Comparison
  • Acer
  • Acer products have a number of distinctive qualities:
  • Asus
  • Asus brand products have a number of distinctive parameters:
  • Comparison of Acer and Asus laptops
  • Video card
  • Cooling system
  • Housing
  • Design
  • Battery
  • Warranty period:
  • Price
  • Which laptop is better. Acer or Asus in terms of battery life?
  • Expert opinion
  • Video review Lenovo
  • ASUS video review
  • HP Notebook Review
  • 5 Acer

    During its existence, Acer has become one of the leaders in the production of Taiwanese computers and other devices of this type. The brand includes laptops, smartphones, stationary PCs, tablets and a host of other equipment.
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    7.1 Graphics card

    Acer’s widgets are of relatively good quality in all segments, fully meeting the declared value. Most often, a set of middle-class laptops includes different cards, which significantly affects the dimensions of the devices. Many Asus laptops differ from their analogs and have a considerable amount of RAM in the adapters themselves.
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    7.3 Housing

    The case is also worthy of special attention, as in Acer laptops it is made of a material that is pleasant to the touch. The disadvantage is that traces of mechanical stress quickly appear on it, so they will have to be used as carefully as possible.

    Asus uses durable materials in the manufacture of devices, which is why it slightly surpasses its counterpart in terms of endurance in case of mechanical damage. The pristine appearance of the surface of the device will help and careful handling.
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    2 Asus

    For a comparative review, you can use the Asus X55A model. She has a quite presentable appearance, which is one of the main features of the brand.

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    In order to understand which laptop is better. “ASUS” or “Lenovo”, it is worth going through the technical characteristics of one particular device:

    • Large display measures 15.6 inches.
    • The screen resolution is 1366 × 768.
    • Dimensions; 37426545 mm (wgv).
    • The device weighs 2.6 kilograms
    • Intel Celeron 1000M Dual Core Processor
    • The sampling rate of the processor in the laptop is 1.8 GHz.
    • The amount of RAM. 2 gigabytes
    • DDR3.1333 MHz RAM Standard
    • The volume of the “hard disk”. 320 GB
    • DVD Super Multi drive included


    Top configurations of HP and Lenovo laptops have the same number of processor cores. In terms of clock speed, the Chinese brand wins. As far as RAM is concerned, there is also a draw between laptops. The user has the opportunity to inexpensively purchase devices with 8 GB RAM, and their cost will be equal to.

    HP or Lenovo laptop. which is the best choice? Battle of brands!

    All laptops, regardless of the manufacturer, are unique in their own way. They differ in appearance, capabilities, “stuffing”, design. It’s not even a matter of who produces this technique, but how much it suits you personally. The modern market is replete with a variety of devices, which leads the buyer to a stupor. Therefore, using the average characteristics inherent in specific brands, people tend to choose the perfect laptop for their requirements. Today we will consider the products of such popular concerns as Lenovo and HP, and also determine which one to lean more towards when buying.


    The main office of the corporation is located in Taiwan. The main purpose is the production of electronics. Today, functional and reliable laptops are supplied to the markets of almost all countries of the world. The catalog contains products for every taste and budget. Since the company is originally from China, some users prefer to stay away from it, but many believe that the concern is trustworthy.

    Hewlett-Packard is an American corporation. Develops software and hardware for organizations and individual consumers. The main office is located in California. HP’s history began in 1939 with the development of a smart calculator that can be programmed. The first PC went on sale 54 years after the calculator was released.

    Modern HP devices are distinguished by premium quality and practical design. The brand offers a wide range of affordable devices that handle today’s challenges with ease. Choosing HP PCs gives you a functional laptop for work and play. The main advantage in powerful batteries for maximum battery life.

    Operating system

    Both run on the world famous Windows operating system. But Lenovo, unlike its opponent, offers wider choices. The user even has the option to install DOS. True, on the recommendation of the OS developer, you should not change it before the expiration date, otherwise the warranty card will no longer be valid.

    Comparison of laptops

    When choosing a laptop, users evaluate the following criteria:

    • components;
    • price;
    • design;
    • build quality.

    Top 10 Best Ultrabook to Buy | Dell vs HP vs Lenovo

    Lenovo and HP

    Representatives of our review produce computers of decent quality at an average cost.

    External design

    Everyone’s taste preferences are different. Both brands produce stylish devices that meet the needs of the modern consumer. Lenovo designs powerful laptops with rounded edges. Their weight is higher in comparison with HP.

    Comparative characteristics of firms

    HP is an American company with a long and interesting history, which began back in 1939, when two friends (the first letters of whose name are present in the name) decided to create a common business. Of course, computers, and even more so laptops, did not exist in those years, the company specialized in the production of other equipment. Today it is a reputable company with many devices on its account.

    Comparative characteristics of specific models

    So which is better: a lenovo laptop or an HP laptop? To understand this, there are few general words and descriptions; facts are needed. You should compare two similar models to understand what’s what. The first is the EliteBook 745 G2 from HP. The second model is Lenovo G710. The comparative characteristic is based on several main parameters:

    • Operating system. Both devices have the world-famous Windows operating system. But Lenovo offers a wider choice of its variations. Users are even encouraged to install DOS instead. True, the manufacturer does not recommend changing it before the expiration date has expired. Otherwise, the warranty simply ceases to apply and the user is responsible for everything that happens to his device.
    • CPU. Top-of-the-line devices from Lenovo and HP have the same number of processor cores. As for the highest clock speed, Lenovo is the winner.
    • RAM. For this indicator, laptops are equal. It is possible to purchase a device with up to 8 GB RAM.
    • Screen. The HP notebook has a 14-inch display. Lenovo also comes out ahead with a 17.3-inch display.
    • Video card. The first device has a built-in video card. This makes it possible to significantly save battery power. However, there is also a disadvantage. low power. This will become an obstacle if the user needs to work with resource-intensive applications. As for Lenovo, the manufacturer has equipped its own device with two video cards: integrated and discrete. This makes it possible to work with applications of any complexity, as well as perform various tasks.
    • Weight. The HP laptop weighs less. But in this case, this is not an advantage. Lightness achieved due to weaker internal equipment, smaller screen.

    Comparing a laptop HP or Lenovo, the final conclusion is made only by the buyer. In this case, the comparison showed that Lenovo is definitely better. But don’t jump to conclusions. Perhaps, if we compare other similar devices, HP will remain in a big plus.

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    Lenovo Ideapad L340-15

    This model has become the personification of a versatile laptop that is equally suitable for work, watching a movie or playing.

    Classic design, suitable for absolutely everyone, with a matte lid and inner surface.

    The size and light weight allow you to easily take the device with you to study or work, on a trip or business trip.

    The nearly 16-inch screen is framed by an 18mm bezel with a built-in webcam (closed by a special shutter). Decent image quality with Full HD support, wide viewing angles and normal color reproduction.

    Full-size keyboard with soft travel and no backlighting.

    Comfortable touchpad is sensitive to gestures, quickly responds to commands.

    Immediately we will stipulate that the model pulls demanding games exclusively at low or medium settings, during operation it does not get too hot and does not make noise.

    • Processor Line. Athlon / Celeron / Core i3 / Core i5 / Pentium / Ryzen 3 / Ryzen 5 / Ryzen 7.
    • The amount of RAM. 4 16 GB.
    • The total amount of drives. 128 1128 GB.
    • Operating System. DOS / Windows 10 Home / No OS.
    • Video memory (volume). 2/3 GB.
    • Screen diagonal. 15.6 inches.
    • universal use;
    • good performance;
    • ease of transportation.
    • in bright light, the brightness fades significantly.

    Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15

    In 2020, Lenovo’s IdeaPad 5 15 model became one of the best in the ratio of performance and adequate value for Lenovo.

    It copes well with several simultaneously running applications and tabs, it does not get warm in the process.

    15.6-inch screen and IPS matrix provide good image quality with Full HD resolution.

    But the color rendition cannot be called ideal, in many respects the yellow tint prevails. There is a webcam with a metal shutter.

    The sound has a good balance of tones, acceptable volume and no noise.

    The keyboard is island, full-size, with a comfortable and slippery touchpad, responsive to gestures.

    There is also a fingerprint scanner as an additional security system.

    • Processor line. Core i3 / Core i5 / Core i7.
    • The amount of RAM. 8 16 GB.
    • The total amount of drives. 256 1024 GB.
    • Operating System. DOS / Windows 10 Home / No OS.
    • Video memory (volume). 4 GB.
    • Screen diagonal. 15.6 inches.
    • good performance;
    • decent sound with Dolby Audio support;
    • there is a webcam and a fingerprint scanner.

    Which laptop is better. HP or Lenovo?

    These two brands have been competing for more than one year due to their affordable cost and a wide selection of models of various orientations.

    However, HP laptops at the same cost with Lenovo are significantly inferior in terms of equipment.

    If we take the middle and expensive price segment of Lenovo, then you don’t have to worry about the durability of the device, but HP has a different situation. breakdowns are more common here even among expensive brand representatives.

    But there is a good build quality, a well-thought-out cooling system and good performance for the price.

    True, work with customers at HP again loses in comparison with a competitor. Lenovo has more friendly service and warranty service.

    Lenovo Legion Y540-17

    The Legion Series Delivers Quality Gaming Computers And Laptops To Delight Gamers With Good Device Performance.

    Model Y540-17 laptop is a prominent representative of the series with a powerful ninth generation processor.

    One of the main advantages of the laptop is a seventeen-inch screen with Full HD resolution, high image quality and good detail.

    Large amount of RAM and internal memory allows you to play all modern games even with maximum settings.

    At the same time, the cooling system works without interruption, and when watching movies and using the Internet, the laptop is almost silent.

    A full battery charge will last for 5-6 hours of full operation.

    • Processor line. Core i5 / Core i7.
    • The amount of RAM. 8 32 GB.
    • The total amount of drives. 256 1512 GB.
    • Operating System. DOS / Windows 10 Home / No OS.
    • Video memory (volume). 4/6 GB.
    • Screen diagonal. 17.3 inches.
    • reproduces all modern games;
    • large amount of memory;
    • capacious battery.

    Lenovo Yoga C940-15

    This model received a good rating among gamers, but it is also popular among other users who need a laptop to work with capacious applications (photoshop, software for editing and design, creating a database, etc.).

    The device belongs to ultrabooks, has the ability to switch to touch screen mode, which can be controlled with a stylus.

    This is one of the most successful gaming laptops in 2020 and leaves no room for competition in terms of performance, sound quality and memory.

    Nearly 16-inch screen reproduces high-quality picture with stunning detail and natural color rendition.

    The stylus is stored inside the case. Compact dimensions allow you to take your laptop with you every day or on a business trip / trip.

    • Processor line. Core i7 / Core i9.
    • The amount of RAM. 12 16 GB.
    • The total amount of drives. 256 2048 GB.
    • Operating system. Windows 10 Home.
    • Video memory (volume). 4 GB.
    • Video card. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 MAX-Q.
    • Screen diagonal. 15.6 inches.
    • high performance indicators;
    • touch screen with stylus;
    • high-quality sound;
    • high image quality.

    TOP 18 best Lenovo laptops: rating of 2020-2021 in price / quality ratio and which one is better to choose

    Lenovo is considered the market share leader in laptop and desktop computers today.

    Here are models for every taste and wallet.

    To help you choose the right device, we’ve rounded up the best Lenovo models in 2020 in terms of value for money.

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