White screen on your phone what to do

White screen appears on Android phone during program launch. what to do

Sometimes a recently installed application may be causing the problem. Freezing and the appearance of a white screen on the gadget while opening or closing the application may indicate that the tablet or mobile SIMply does not have enough internal memory. Patience in such a situation is useful to you.

  • Check how many applications are open and close any currently not in use.
  • See if a large number of browser tabs are open. they will also have to be closed.
  • Try to clear the Android desktop of unnecessary shortcuts and widgets. some applications run in the background, loading the processor.
  • It’s worth moving frequently used apps from SD card to built-in storage.
  • Disable animations, this can also reduce the load on RAM and CPU.

What to do if the phone screen turns white after a fall?

Most often, the display stops working after mechanical damage. Impacts or drops can damage the matrix or other parts of the device board. In this case, the display of the gadget may stop working altogether. Self-repair and replacement of such parts is a task that not every user can cope with, so we strongly recommend that you do not experiment with self-parsing of the device and take it to a service center

However, it often happens that the display shows white color, because there was a damage or disconnection of the loop. On older gadgets, contacts can be highly oxidized and dirty. If you consider yourself an advanced user, then you can clean them with an eraser, often this is enough. But it is better to take the device to the SC, since opening the smartphone yourself removes it from the warranty.

Also, a damaged display does not mean at all that now you again need to choose and buy a new phone. Such components are easily replaced even at home and without special equipment. On the forums or in the technical support section, you can find detailed instructions for parsing your particular device model. You can be sure, most likely, someone has already faced a SIMilar task before you.

White screen on Android phone, what to do

White screen on Android phone what to do. Sometimes, on Android devices, a problem arises that evokes emotions like when the user sees the “blue screen of death” on a Windows PC monitor. At the same time, SIMilar situations happen with both inexpensive smartphones and market flagships.


When you do get into such trouble and you don’t know what to do if your phone screen turns white, don’t worry. Sometimes a few SIMple manipulations are enough to eliminate this breakdown.

First, try to remember what could have caused the white screen to appear:

  • falls or bumps can lead to mechanical failure, which is often preceded by the appearance of white streaks;
  • the phone could fall into water, which caused a short circuit or corrosion of the elements (if some time has passed after the fall);
  • the gadget was in a very dusty room for a long time;
  • unsuccessful attempts were made to flash the phone;
  • a new app was recently installed.

If the cause could not be determined

Sometimes it happens that you just restart the phone, and the device does not turn on, the system does not boot, and all that can be observed is a white display without any signs of activity. From time to time, the technique fails.

  • Try to reboot the device using all known methods. If a normal restart does not work, you can turn off the power by removing the battery. You should also remove the SD card. After a short break, try to launch the gadget again.
  • What should I do if, after turning on the phone, after all the manipulations, you still see a white screen? Then you should try to reset the device to factory settings. Although this will lead to data loss, the device’s performance can be restored.
  • Turn off the device.
  • Press the Power button and Volume Control Up.
  • Then, in the menu that opens, you need to go to the Wipe data / factory reset line and press the On / Off button.
  • Go to the line “Yes. delete all user data” and again press the On / Off button.
  • Next, select the item “Reboot system now” and confirm with the Power button.

If the “rollback” did not work, then all that remains is the flashing of the gadget. This procedure is quite difficult for an unprepared user to cope with, since they have to search and download a suitable firmware. First of all, you need access to a PC, and you should make sure that there are no problems connecting your phone to your computer via USB. But the best thing is. in such a difficult situation, seek help from a master at an authorized service center.

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How to enable black and white screen on Android

Several recent studies have shown that using black and white (monochrome) image mode can reduce distractions and reduce dependence on mobile devices. I don’t know how true this is, but if you want to try monochrome on your phone, it’s very easy to do.

This tutorial details how to turn on the black and white screen on an Android phone or tablet. on pure Android (where there is no such option in the standard settings) and on phones where this function is built-in (for example, Samsung Galaxy). By analogy, most likely you will find the desired option on other phones with modern versions of Android.

How to enable black and white image on a phone screen with pure Android OS

To date, on current versions of Android (including Android 10), there is no black and white option in the standard settings. Perhaps in the future it will appear and then it will be possible to turn it on in the same way as described in the next section of the instructions, but today the necessary actions are as follows:

  • Turn on developer mode on Android. Usually, for this, it is enough to go to Settings. About phone and click on the “Build number” item several times until you are informed that you have become a developer. Other methods for different phones are described in the instructions How to enable developer mode on Android.
  • Go to Settings. For Developers or Settings. System. Advanced. For Developers.
  • In the list, find the item “SIMulate anomaly” and click on it. The item is located near the end of the list in the section “Hardware acceleration of rendering” or SIMilar.
  • Turn on “Monochrome”.

From now on, the screen and all applications on your Android phone or tablet will turn black and white until you disable this option.

In case you could not find the described setting, try using the method described below for Samsung Galaxy phones. perhaps the option on your device was moved to the standard color correction settings, then the developer mode will not be required to enable it and this method will work.

Turn on monochrome screen on Samsung Galaxy

On Samsung Galaxy smartphones, turning on the black and white screen is much easier:

  • Go to Settings. Accessibility.
  • Open the “Visibility enhancers” settings section.
  • Click on “Color Adjustment”.
  • Toggle the switch to On and select Grayscale.

This completes the necessary settings, and the image on the screen turns black and white.

Please note that despite the monochrome image you see on the screen, the video you shoot, photos and even screenshots will actually be saved in color.

Video instruction

If on your Android phone black and white screen mode is turned on somehow differently and you know how to do this, I and the readers will be grateful if you share this information in the comments.

How to remove black and white screen mode on Xiaomi and disable color inversion and make the phone screen color again

Does the Xiaomi phone screen turn black and white or is everything visible on the display as in the negative? On this page you will find detailed instructions on how to remove black and white screen mode on Xiaomi and SIMilar Android smartphones and tablets or disable color inversion so that the phone screen becomes color again.

The “Grayscale” or “Color Inversion” mode on Xiaomi can be turned on purely by accident by you or someone else, for example, children dig deeper into the settings and turned it on. By activating these functions, the battery consumption of Xiaomi will be significantly reduced, which prolongs the battery life of the device for a long time. These functions are rarely used by anyone, and they even find out about it when they themselves face a problem, when the screen colors become black and white or everything is visible on the phone’s display as in the negative. Below we will show you how to turn off the black and white screen and remove the negative mode on a Xiaomi phone. For example, we used Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite on a pure version of Android, I hope it will work with other Android smartphones and tablets.

First, let’s see how to remove the negative from the Xiaomi screen so that the phone screen becomes colored again:
Open the “Settings” on the smartphone.
In the opened settings, select the “Accessibility” item (you may have to scroll down the list).
Further, opposite the item “Inversion of colors” or “Reverse colors”, depending on the model of the smartphone, move the slider to enable or disable this function. To make it clearer, look below at the screenshots attached below where the necessary items are highlighted.

If you have this function enabled and everything is in negative on the phone screen, then turn off and return the color screen, and if you need to activate it, turn on this mode. How to turn off black and white screen mode on Xiaomi, see below.

Now let’s see how to make the Xiaomi phone screen colored by removing the “Grayscale” mode. Also, in this way, you can quickly turn off the inversion of colors when everything on the screen is visible as in negative.
Pull down from the top edge of the screen and open the menu with quick settings for your phone or tablet.
In the menu that opens, we need the “Grayscale” icon by clicking on which we can remove the black and white screen mode on the Xiaomi phone. Look at the screenshot below where the necessary buttons are highlighted. It also shows how to disable “Reverse colors” and remove the negative from the Xiaomi screen.

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If you do not have the “Grayscale” icon in this menu, then perhaps it is on the second screen, slide this menu to the left where it should be. And if it is not there, then add it there, click on the pencil under this menu (the pencil is shown in the screenshot above) and drag the “Shades of Gray” icon to the top, after which it will appear in this menu.

Reasons for a white screen while loading a game on Android

The following causes of the malfunction are distinguished:

  • New app was installed recently.
  • There were unsuccessful attempts to flash the device.
  • The device has been in a very dusty room for a long time.
  • The gadget could fall into the water, which caused a short circuit or corrosion of the elements (when some time has passed after the fall).
  • Impacts or falls can cause mechanical damage, often preceded by white streaks.

The main reason is the insufficient amount of RAM of the gadget, which, when starting the application, is required to load it. When users use different applications, when they turn off, they go to the background and wait for further work. To make them load faster next time, applications in RAM save their work.

From this we can conclude that you should clean the RAM before downloading applications and games so that they can turn on normally without a white screen. You can press the corresponding key, after which it will delete all active applications from RAM.

The screenshot shows the Android interface on a Samsung smartphone, where cleaning is performed by a special key from the bottom right. The process of other manufacturers does not differ much, they have corresponding cleaning buttons.

You can also clear the device from running background processes using the Smart Manager utility.

Go to the “RAM” section and click on “Finish all”.

As a result, you will be shown how much RAM is freed up, and the smartphone will immediately start working faster. This application disables all unnecessary background processes occurring on your device. All important processes will continue to work so as not to harm the device. After these manipulations, the application should load normally, without the appearance of a white screen.

In some situations, a recently installed app is the cause of the white screen. The appearance of a white screen and freezing of the device when opening or closing the program may indicate that the device SIMply does not have enough internal memory. In such a situation, the user will need patience.

  • Check how many open applications are open, close all unused applications.
  • See how many tabs are open in the browser. They need to be closed.
  • Clearing the desktop from unnecessary widgets and shortcuts.
  • We move frequently used programs to the built-in memory from an SD card.

On Android, black / white screen when launching a game / application

Let’s take a look at the problem when, when launching an application or game on Android, a white / black screen appears and then the download does not proceed. Feels like the phone / tablet freezes when you turn on the game.

This article is suitable for phones and tablets of all manufacturers of Android devices: Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, ZTE, Fly, Alcatel and others. We are not responsible for your actions.

On Android devices, a problem may appear that causes emotions SIMilar to those when a user of a personal computer sees a “blue screen of death” on a monitor under Windows. SIMilar situations happen with inexpensive gadgets and flagships.

If a white screen appears on the screen of your tablet or smartphone when you launch the application, and you do not know what to do, then you should not worry. Let’s take a closer look at the problem and consider ways to resolve the situation.

The appearance of a white screen after the fall of the gadget

The display most often stops working due to mechanical damage. Drops or impacts can damage the matrix or other parts of the board. In such a case, the display of the device may stop working altogether. Self-replacement of parts and repairs is a task that not every user can cope with, which is why it is strongly recommended not to experiment with disassembling the device, but rather take it to a service.

It often happens that the screen shows white, as the loop has been disconnected or damaged. On older devices, contacts can oxidize and become dirty. Advanced users can clean them with an eraser, which will be enough. It is important to remember that self-opening the gadget removes it from the warranty.

A damaged display is not yet a reason to choose and purchase a new gadget. Such components are easily replaced without special equipment, even at home. In the technical support section or on the forums there are detailed instructions for parsing the desired product model.

If it was not possible to establish the cause

Sometimes it happens that the user SIMply restarts the phone, but the gadget does not turn on, the system does not boot, and only a white screen with no signs of activity is observed. Sometimes the equipment can malfunction.

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You can try all known methods to reboot the device. If such a restart does not help, then remove the power supply by removing the battery. You also need to remove the SD card. After a short break, you need to start the gadget again.

After the performed manipulations, is a white screen still displayed? It means that it is worth resetting the gadget settings to the factory settings, although information will be lost because of this, but the device’s operability can be restored.

We carry out the aLGorithm of actions:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Press the volume control up and the power button.
  • A menu will open, where you should go to the line “Wipe data / factory reset”, press the “On / Off” key.
  • Select the line “Yes. delete all user data”, again click on “Enable / Disable”.
  • Then select the “Reboot system now” section, confirm with the “Power” key.

In a situation where “rollback” does not work, you need to flash the device. It is difficult for an untrained user to cope with this procedure, since a search and download of special firmware is needed.

First, you need access to the computer and check that there are no problems while connecting the gadget via USB to the computer. But in such a difficult situation, it is best to contact an authorized service center.

What to do when a white screen or stripes appear when you turn on your phone?

Have streaks on your phone screen or other defects? If you want to repair your cell phone quickly and efficiently, we will help you with this. The most important thing is not to run this problem. The longer it remains defective, the more difficult it is to repair, since, for example, if the malfunction is caused by moisture ingress, then corrosion only increases over time. After mechanical damage. microcracks expand. The sooner you seek help, the cheaper the repair will be. We have some of the lowest prices.

Why when I turn on the white screen on my phone?

If you turn on the white screen on your phone, there are several reasons for this:

in 40% of cases, the display controller is faulty. Basically, it breaks down from mechanical stress, as well as moisture. If the screen is out of order due to a malfunction of the controller as a result of a shock or fall, then it, the controller, will need to be replaced with a new one. If moisture gets in, the controller must be restored after corrosion. We will be happy to help you with this;

in 40% of cases, when turned on, a white glow is observed if the screen itself is faulty. Even if you do not see any cracks on the display, this does not mean that they are not. Very often, after impact, cracks form on the bottom of the pad. Then it is necessary to replace the part. In our service center you can purchase any part and try to repair the device yourself. But we strongly recommend contacting specialists, as you yourself can cause even more damage;

in 20% of cases, a black screen appears on the phone when turned on, or a white screen as a result of liquid entering the device, then corrosion appears on the display connector, PCB tracks fail, microcracks appear, etc. In order to find out the cause, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics. Professionals will be able to solve this problem.

Why when turning on the strip on the phone screen?

Why do black or colored stripes appear on the phone screen? There are several reasons for this:

in 50% of cases, white and colored stripes on the phone screen mean that the display is damaged due to mechanical damage. In this case, only a complete replacement of the component will help;

a black bar on the phone screen may mean that the display itself is damaged and needs to be replaced;

stripes on the phone screen appear if the controller is damaged;

white, screen, phone

A smudge on your phone screen or streaks may indicate a damaged screen cable. But this is a rather rare case.

What to do? conclusion:

If you encounter any problem, please contact our service center for help. Display replacement is an easy repair. In most cases it only takes a few minutes and is done in the presence of the client. You can also purchase any part from us and try to repair the device yourself. But we do not advise doing this. After eliminating the breakdown, we will issue a guarantee for the entire device.

Real life example:

The girl accidentally dropped her mobile phone into the water, after turning it on, it turned white and nothing else worked. The girl turned to our workshop for help. We made diagnostics and found that corrosion has formed on the printed circuit board and the controller is out of order. We replaced the part with a new one, made a restoration after corrosion. The masters carried out post-repair quality control and issued a guarantee for the entire device.

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