Why does the periscope white screen not work

White screen. the reason is in the damaged matrix

This reason “pops up” immediately after turning on the PC, since no system startup will be performed, and there will be snow on the screen. However, this does not mean that the monitor has already worked. If you have an HDMI port, then connect the device to a TV and doubts will be confirmed or refuted. A SIMilar procedure can be done with a stationary monitor. Therefore, if the image is transmitted without distortion, then display replacement is inevitable.

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Most often this happens due to a burned-out matrix. In most cases, severe mechanical shock is also fatal. For example, the laptop fell off the table or the top cover was closed inappropriately.

If liquid gets on the laptop, then the probability of matrix corruption (or rather, oxidation of its contacts) is 200%.

The way out of the situation, perhaps, is obvious. replacing the matrix, since there are no recovery methods, this part is of a completely different type.

White screen on a laptop: reasons what to do?

Every user is constantly faced with sudden computer problems. Most of the problems that have arisen directly or indirectly depend on the actions of the user. This is what experts say, stating that about 70% of failures and malfunctions are caused by viruses and incorrect user actions. The rest of the problems comes from the external environment and comes from macro factors (for example, factory defects). One of the common problems that arise through users’ neglect of elementary rules for handling the device is a white screen (not to be confused with a blue screen).

The appearance of a white screen indicates a software or hardware problem. The thing, of course, is not pleasant, but this is far from a disaster. The key to the solution is SIMple. you need to find the cause of this phenomenon. Of course, in order to understand what was the source of the malfunction in your situation, you need to know about the “symptoms” that are characteristic of a particular breakdown. If you carefully analyze the situation, then in some cases the user can save his monitor and wallet at the same time.

Matrix loop problem

A matrix train is a fragile and refined thing. It serves as a kind of connecting link between the matrix and the motherboard (more precisely, its batteries). The train is a very delicate piece, so kinking or breaking can happen instantly. Depending on the current situation, it must be returned to its natural position (if you are not sure, then it is better not to do it yourself and trust a specialist) or replace the part. Basically, the first option is a very rare case when the cable just moved away a little and it can be put in a standard position so that contact resumes and the matrix starts receiving power again.

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When a virus or software glitch is the cause

In this case, the situation will look like this: although the device starts up and the system can work safely for a while, at one point, the computer monitor literally turns white. By this “wonderful moment” experts mean an attempt to launch any program or connect to an Internet resource.

When the above readings are identical to your case, then enter Safe Mode and scan your hard drive to check for viruses.

Experts recommend doing a scan using the Doctor Web utility. it is free and easy to install and use. For those interested, here is the download link: www.freedrweb.com/cureit/.

After that, roll back the OS. Create control points yourself. If your device is hit by a more “skilled” virus, then it can SIMply block the recovery procedure. In this case, another useful utility will come to the rescue. We are talking about AVZ, which fights such serious “guests” as network and mail worms, Trojans, etc. The tool download link looks like this: www.z-oleg.com/secur/avz/download.php.

It is worth noting that if this reason became the source of your problem, we can say that you are still lucky. software malfunctions occur in only 10 situations out of 100. The rest of the cases relate to the hardware part, which very often ends in repairs and unintended expenses.

Motherboard chips are damaged

The most vulnerable chips of the “mother” are the video adapter and the north bridge. Alas, it is not so easy to understand whether something happened to them, since the symptoms are typical for the problems described above. In particular, malicious “whiteness” can appear both at the stage of system boot, and during video playback or application launch. By the way, it’s not for nothing that we mentioned these components as a single problem. in most cases these parts are “covered” at the same time.

It is unlikely that we can advise any effective methods of checking the health of chips at home. here you cannot do without the hand of a master, although this is not a cheap pleasure. The only thing that the problem can be sent to the video card is if a white screen appears after trying to launch a game or video file. By the way, even if the specified parts need to be replaced, some other procedure will be required for correct operation (cleaning parts, for example). It can take up to 2 hours to fix the situation, and in some cases even several days. In general, there is a direct road to your service center and you should not take any measures on your own. this can only aggravate the situation and make repairs more financially expensive.

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Overall, this article contains a description of the most common causes of white screens. In fact, there are many more of them, but then the problem is solved at the individual level and, as a rule, with the participation of a specialist. We hope that our material will help you get rid of the white screen quickly and cost-effectively.

If you still have questions “White screen on a laptop: reasons, what to do?”, You can ask them in the comments

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Update or download Adobe Flash Player

If you haven’t downloaded Adobe Flash Player on your computer yet, now is the time to do so. Also, if you have an older version of this app installed, you should update it immediately. You can also go to the official Adobe website and download the Flash Player, but we will do it in an integrated way.

  • Enter chrome: // components into the address bar of your browser
  • Find Adobe Flash Player and click update.

Disable flags Chrome

If you have been using Chrome or Yandex browser for a long time, you probably know that there are some options available at Chrome: // flags. You need to disable some flags to check if the problem is resolved. To do this, open your browser and enter this Chrome: // flags address in the URL bar. After that, find the following flags and disable them:

  • GPU compositing on all pages
  • Threaded compositing
  • Do SHOW Presents with GD

Note: Not all versions have these three options above. Disable what you find and restart your browser.

Yandex Browser or Google Chrome gives a black screen

Google Chrome or Yandex Browser can sometimes display a black screen on a computer running Windows 10/8/7. There are many reasons why a browser might display a black screen on Windows. If you often encounter a problem when a black screen appears in Google Chrome or Yandex Browser, then we will analyze several reasons that can help you solve this problem. I will rely on the example of “Google chrome”, but the Yandex browser is made exactly the same way, so I think you will not have it when solving problems.

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Disable hardware acceleration

By default, Google Chrome, Yandex Browser use hardware acceleration to improve performance. However, sometimes your hardware (more precisely, the GPU) may not meet the requirements. Hence, you may see a black screen. In this case, you can try disabling hardware acceleration from the settings panel. To do this, open the settings page for Google Chrome or Yandex Browser:

  • Click on the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner of the browser to open the settings.
  • Select from the dropdown menu “Settings”.
  • Scroll to the very bottom and click on “Advanced”.
  • Find the line “Use hardware acceleration” and disable it.

Disable browser extensions

Extensions can cause problems. In my case, it was the LastPass Chrome extension that created the black screen in the browser. Therefore, if you have installed some extensions in Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, and you have a black screen problem. Disable all extensions and check if that solves the problem or not. If so, you need to enable the installed extensions one by one to find out the problematic extension. After finding out, you can reinstall it or delete it permanently.

Empty GPUCache folder

One user pointed out in the comments that he solved the black screen issue in the browser by clearing the folder. Follow the path:

  • C: \ Users \ Your_Name \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ ShaderCache \ GPUCache
  • Delete all content in the GPUCache folder.

Reset Google Chrome browser

Resetting default settings anytime, anywhere is considered the safest way. Go to the browser settings as described above with clicking on the ellipsis, scroll to the very bottom and click “Reset”. If all else fails, then SIMply uninstall the browser and re-download for a clean, fresh installation.

In the old version of the browser on the Chrome 29 engine, this parameter is not enabled by default, you need to activate it, for this, follow these steps:

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