Why Is Screen Recording Not Working On iPhone

IPhone or iPad screen “glitches”. why is it pressed by itself?

Greetings to everyone and everything! I didn’t want to write the title of the article that way, but it’s very hard to find another word other than “buggy”. It’s very capacious (the mighty Russian language is rich and beautiful!) It describes all Possible problems with the screen, which lives by itself. keyboard buttons are pressed, desktops are scrolled, applications are launched, and all this without your knowledge. And the display itself does NOT respond to pressing!

It would seem that the situation is fantastic and somewhere even mystical, but. in fact, there is nothing strange about it. everything has a logical explanation. Which one? We’ll find out now! But first, let’s decide after what actions the screen of your iPhone or iPad can begin to live its own life, create chaos, run wild and frighten its owner.

There are not so many of these actions:

  • Firmware upgrade.
  • Physical damage (fall, impact, moisture).
  • Display replacement or repair (nuances are possible).

That’s all. Although no, there is another option. none of the above happened, and the screen suddenly began to “glitch”.

Let’s start with the general preparation of the device, which will help eliminate some of the standard moments due to which the touchscreen behaves in such an incomprehensible way:

  • If there is film or glass adhered to the device, remove them.
  • Wipe the screen thoroughly with a soft cloth. DO NOT use special cleaning fluids, sometimes they can just ruin the oleophobic coating.
  • To rule out a software problem and bugs in iOS, do a hard restart of the device.

Yes, everything listed above is quite commonplace, but it can help. However, this is far from all the actions that can be performed in order to adjust the display.

And the first thing you should pay attention to. non-original power supplies and Lighting wires. Although, more likely, it will still go in the wires (the adapter itself, as a rule, does not greatly affect the operation of the device). Here they are. yes, they can spoil the nerves.

Once I myself ran into this and saw how a person’s phone was charged and at the same time periodically lit up, the screen was unlocked, pressed by itself, characters were typed on the keyboard. To be honest, I was very surprised how the iPhone has NOT called anywhere on its own yet.!?

After a short conversation, it turned out that although the person is annoying, he simply does not want to buy the original wire (I rarely use it, and it will do!). The fact that Spontaneous pressing of the display is not yet the worst thing that can happen, and the battery will definitely have to be changed soon, he was NOT interested.

If everything is ok with the charger, then it is worth moving on to the next reason. these are low-quality display modules. There are just a huge number of them, but there is an explanation for this:

  • Many models are just wildly popular, for example, the iPhone 5S.
  • Original displays are NOT officially delivered to Russia.
  • China will help everyone.

Here is a large number of screens of varying degrees of quality. over, they can be installed both during repair and on “new” (in fact, restored, it is not clear where) iPhone. And if you are unlucky, and the screen is set completely “left”, then accidental clicks and other joys of life are provided.

By the way, a characteristic feature of this defect is that after blocking / unlocking the device, everything returns to normal, but for a while, and then starts to “glitch” again. This can manifest itself both immediately after repair / replacement, and after updating iOS. How to proceed in this case? There are two options:

  • Set normal display.
  • Try to glue film or glass.

The most interesting thing is that some workshops, knowing the quality of the display they install, when replacing the module, “as a gift” stick a sticker on the screen. Often this is done just so that the iPhone or iPad display behaves correctly and does NOT live its own life. Brilliant move! The difference between a good screen and a bad screen is big, and the price of film is small. And everyone is happy: the client thinks that the service is good. he even glued the film, and the workshop itself won in money.

There is another reason that the touchscreen can behave strangely. But here it would be more correct to say that it will not handle pressing at all, and not “just” work in the wrong place.

Perhaps we are talking about the display sensor controller and this is very sad. It can be damaged in the event of a fall, shock, moisture ingress into the gadget and the lack of timely action to remove this very liquid. Only a few service centers have the skill of re-soldering it (the procedure is done in order not to change the entire motherboard as a whole). Well, this also costs money, respectively. of course, cheaper than a complete replacement of the board, but still.

Here is such an unpleasant conclusion at the end of the article.

However, I really hope that all the “glitches” of your iPhone screen will be cured by an elementary replacement of the charger, wire, or, in extreme cases, with a sticker of film or glass. And it will NOT come to a complex repair in a service center. Let it be so!

Part of the iPhone XR screen is not working

Device name Cost and duration
iPhone XR 8500 rbl. (30 minutes)
view all services for iPhone XR

Often, owners of iPhone smartphones face a problem when the display, the screen starts to work incorrectly. If part of the iPhone XR screen does not work, then this can significantly complicate the operation of the device or even make it impossible. Damages that lead to screen breakage occur quite often. Despite the fact that smartphones of a popular manufacturer are distinguished by unsurpassed characteristics in terms of quality and functionality, they are NOT insured against mechanical damage and moisture ingress.

What you can do yourself if the display on iPhone XR partially stops working?

Many owners of iPhones, when breakdowns occur, turn to specialized organizations and give their phones for repair. But, there are people who want to save money on repairs and are trying to fix the device on their own. In some cases, self-repair really delivers a positive result, but in most cases it leads to unpleasant consequences.

If the malfunctions are NOT caused by mechanical damage or other serious prerequisite, then you can try to fix them yourself. If a small area of ​​the display does not work, then it is likely that a module replacement will not be required. To find out what the problem is The screen is not working correctly, you should follow a series of simple steps:

  • restart the operating system using the “Shutdown” and “Home” buttons;
  • stick a new protective film on the screen;
  • remove the protective cover from the device;
  • connect another charger and other accessories.

The reason for the lack of response to commands may be the presence of a cover. In some cases, it can disable the top or bottom half of the screen. The same applies to the film, since during intensive use it is damaged, and the sticky layer gradually comes off, which leads to problems in the operation of the device. The only thing that is not recommended to do with the phone is to disassemble it. Failure to do the correct procedure can damage the ribbon cable or other components.

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If the phone stops working correctly for a more serious reason than a software failure or freezing of the operating system, then in this case you need to show it to specialists. Only competent actions of the master will help to extend the service life of the device. Of course, you can use the numerous instructions and watch dozens of lessons on fixing iPhone breakdowns, but this does not always lead to positive results.

over, if the display cannot be repaired, you will need to replace it with a new part. Finding a suitable component, which fits a smartphone like a native spare part, is quite difficult. It can take a long time to find her. If you turn to professionals, the phone will be completely ready for work in a couple of hours.

Reasons for breaking a part of the screen on the iPhone XR

Any mechanical damage, shock, penetration of water or other liquid into the body, wear of parts lead to problems with picture reproduction, response to commands. This may cause the top or bottom of the display module to stop working. Often, after a fall or strong impact, the touch screen turns off completely, which requires immediate repair or replacement of a spare part.

The reasons for the display module malfunction on the iPhone XR include many factors, including:

  • damage by squeezing the touch screen;
  • microcracks on the display;
  • water ingress into the apparatus;
  • heating the smartphone and the wrong temperature regime;
  • human factor and intensive wear and tear.

Often, a software failure is a prerequisite for a display breakdown. If, during operation, dubious plug-ins, files or unlicensed programs were downloaded to the phone, then Subsequently this may negatively affect the operation of the operating system and the failure of the display to function. If the gadget stopped working after falling into a hard surface, then there is a possibility that due to the impact, in addition to the breakdown of the display, the second nodes and elements failed. In this case, you need to contact a specialized organization, which will perform a comprehensive diagnosis.

If the iPhone XR gets wet, or is dropped or dropped, obvious or subtle defects may appear on the display. In most cases, the top or bottom of the module suffers. In each case, the breakdown has distinctive features and signs. A breakdown of the display is characterized by the lack of work on one side of the module or contact with the sensor, as well as the appearance of small or deep cracks, scratches. In some cases, after being damaged, the phone takes on a life of its own. This is manifested in the fact that the device does NOT respond to the given commands, but at the same time performs extraneous actions.

Almost any malfunction of the display module on the iPhone XR leads to the fact that Subsequently, the operation of the gadget will be complications and inconvenient. Even if at the moment only part of the screen is not working, then after a while the entire module will fail. At the same time, controlling the device, using it for communication, entertainment will become problematic or impossible.

To fix the problem and determine what caused the malfunctioning of the display, you must visit a service center or a specialized company. Comprehensive diagnostics is an important procedure to determine the source of the problem. In addition, depending on the complexity of the breakdown, the master will be able to choose the most optimal way to eliminate the malfunction.

Why you need to contact specialists?

When part of the iPhone XR screen is not working, you should diagnose the device as soon as possible in order to find out the cause of the malfunction and repair the iPhone XR. If the breakdown is eliminated at an early stage, then the likelihood of the risk of large financial losses is reduced. over, you should not try to disassemble the gadget yourself, read the instructions and watchs on thematic platforms. Any careless action can lead to great damage, as additional parts repairs and the purchase of expensive spare parts will be required. The benefits of going to a bona fide, experienced professional include:

  • qualified, competent consulting assistance;
  • Attractive and not overpriced;
  • favorable terms of cooperation;
  • provision of a guarantee for all performed works and services;
  • the possibility of a master’s visit to the home or office to the client;
  • high level of service.

It is possible to repair the phone efficiently and quickly only in well-equipped conditions. To replace or repair the display, you need a special set of tools, professional equipment and accessories. If the display cannot be repaired, then it is replaced. An original spare part is installed to replace the broken part. To receive consulting support and apply for a visit of a specialist, it is enough to fill out the form offered on the website or contact the company’s employees at the indicated numbers.

IPhone display not working: restart the device using a “hard reset

If your iPhone’s touchscreen suddenly stops responding to touches, perform a “hard reset”.

This overloading option is very simple, but the process is different for different iPhone models. In order to restart the iPhone 7, you need to simultaneously press and hold the volume down button and the power button until the Apple logo appears.

To restart iPhone 6s and earlier models, simultaneously press and hold the Home button and the Power button until the Apple logo appears. If the touchscreen is working again after restarting the device, the problem was caused by a software malfunction.


Screen (display) does not work on iPhone: Possible solutions

On very rare occasions, the iPhone touchscreen stops working and responds to touch. You touch the display, but nothing happens. neither tapes, nor swipes” do not lead to the expected result. A freeze of the touchscreen can be caused by several reasons. software malfunction, breakdown of the display or the iPhone itself, etc. Here are some tips to help bring your frozen screen back to life.

The touch screen still doesn’t work?

If your iPhone or iPad’s touchscreen doesn’t work, and none of the above methods helped, we recommend backing up your device’s data and restoring iOS through iTunes. It does NOT hurt to make backups even if you decide to contact the Repair Shop, because the service specialists will probably also begin to reanimate the device with the software recovery process.

If the screen freezes, and the Apple logo is displayed on it, this is already another problem (described in detail in this material), and It is not related to the display. Restoring the device using iTunes on a computer will also help solve this problem.

Screen Freezes on iPhone or iPad: Free Up Device Memory

A freeze on the touchscreen along with application crashes can be caused by insufficient storage space. Check if there is enough free memory on your iPhone or iPad. To do this, go to Settings. Basic. About this device. available. If there are less than 200 megabytes left, iOS performance is noticeably reduced.

We described in detail how to clear memory on iPhone or iPad in this article, suggesting 40 ways.

Screen freezes or does not work on iPhone or iPad: check if the display is intact and remember if the device was dropped

If your iPhone or iPad’s display is cracked, it is likely that this is what caused it to freeze.

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If the device was damaged as a result of a fall (external damage may not exist at all), it may stop working completely, or the problem will only affect the touch screen. If your iPhone or iPad is dropped, the internal touchscreen components may be damaged. In this case, it is best to take the device to a service center.

Touchscreen not working on iPhone or iPad: wipe the screen and hands

If the touch screen suddenly stops responding to touch, first of all, thoroughly wipe it and dry your hands. Hold your iPhone up to the light and view from different angles. A build-up of grease or dirt, food stains, hand cream or lotions may be preventing the display from working properly. Take a piece of soft cloth knitting and gently wipe the display with it, remove dirt. For better cleaning, lightly dampen the cloth with water (water must not drip!).

Make sure your fingers are clean and dry. Wash your hands thoroughly, because sticky fingers can be a prerequisite for a frozen touchscreen. Too dry skin of the hands or calluses cannot be the cause of a malfunction, but wet or sticky fingers are another matter.

Screen freezes on iPhone or iPad: uninstall or update Problematic app

Sometimes a touch screen freeze is caused by launching a specific application. In this case, the problem is not connected with the display of the iPhone, but with this program, which freezes and stops responding to “taps” and “swipes”. Typically, pressing the Home button solves the problem. the application closes and you return to the home screen.

In this case, try updating this app first. Open the App Store, check if updates are available for the problematic program, and install them. If after installing updates, the application still freezes, uninstall it from the device and reinstall it. If this does not help, then the problem lies in the program itself, and you can NOT do anything.

The touchscreen STILL not working? Contact the service center

Unfortunately, if the firmware restore does not help to restore the touchscreen functionality, please contact the repair specialists. The problem may be caused by a breakdown of the display module itself or some other component.

IPhone sensor malfunctions

Do not look at the fact that Apple products are of very high quality, iPhone owners often face such a problem as a broken sensor, or, as it is also called, a touchscreen. The sensor may NOT work partially, or completely fail.

A variety of factors can cause the screen to fail. These reasons, first of all, include all kinds of mechanical defects as a result of physical impact on the iPhone. A vivid example is shown above, due to a strong impact when the iPhone 5 is dropped in 98% of cases, the touchscreen will not work.

Manifestations of a malfunctioning sensor on iPhone

  • IPhone touchscreen ignores and does NOT respond to touches in certain areas / areas.
  • The touchscreen responds with a delay to pressing.
  • The iPhone sensor ignores all touches, and does not work at all.
  • The phone screen (including the sensor) lives its own life: text is randomly typed, applications close and open on their own (without user intervention), pages of documents are Flipped incorrectly.

What should I do if the sensor stops working? Try the following:

  • In case of periodic display of malfunctioning of the touchscreen on the iPhone (the sensor on the phone works, but its work occurs with a large number of failures and errors), you should perform a full reboot of our device. You can do it this way:
  • Simultaneously clamp the power button and the Home button;
  • We keep the buttons in this state for at least 15-20 seconds
  • After that, the iPhone will restart;
  • If, as a result, the standard Apple logo appears on the screen. you did everything right.
  • If your iPhone has a screen protector, or a new cool bumper partially captures the screen. Remove everything and check the sensor again. Perhaps the screen will work again, and similar accessories contributed to the malfunction.
  • It may happen that you do all of the above, but you still DO NOT get the result, the faulty touchscreen never “come to life”? Then, most likely, you should think about Visio’s Apple Service Center. The service center staff will help assess the condition of the phone, find out the cause of the problem, and, in which case, replace the screen.

    There are times when the screen refuses to work due to deformation or damage to the board. but such breakdowns are quite rare. With such a malfunction, you will have to leave your favorite gadget at the service center for a longer period of time. After all, diagnostics and solving serious problems take longer than a standard sensor replacement.

    In order not to ask stupid questions at the service center, remember: all generations of iPhones, from the fourth to the sixth (at the time of this writing, the iPhone 6 Plus is the latest model), are equipped with a touch glass, which is located in the display module and is its Integral part. The display module itself consists of 3 such elements. the top glass (protective), the sensor (touchscreen) and the display itself.

    Display module assembly

    That is why, if the touchscreen on the iPhone fails, the entire module will have to be changed. And if you break the display, the whole module changes. And if only the upper protective glass is broken. You already guessed what needs to be changed?

    Trust iPhone repair only to professionals

    Yes Yes Yes! I also saw hundreds of materials on YouTube and searched on Google Step-by-step master classes for repairing or replacing a sensor on an iPhone. I will even say more, I myself have repeatedly broken the screen of my iPhone and following various replacements, I tried to fix everything. In 50% of cases, my attempts ended in success), this despite the fact that I am a radio amateur and not by hearsay familiar with electronics.

    That is why I recommend to entrust iPhone repair only to people who professionally maintain Apple equipment, in other words, those who work in official service centers.

    By contacting a non-service center or bought a cheap fake quality part for self-installation, you are endangering the device as a whole.

    • The part may turn out to be of such poor quality that after a short period of time, you will have to contact a specialist to eliminate even greater damage.
    • As for the unscrupulous service centers, everything is not smooth there either. Firstly. you are not given any official guarantees, and secondly. the same cheap parts can be presented as high-quality.

    By contacting the official service center of the manufacturing company, you get a guarantee that the work will be done with high quality, your money will NOT go to waste, and the device will serve you properly for a long time. over, smartphones such as those from Apple have their own subtleties, specifics, individual design features and internal structure. a simple mistake when repairing this technique can lead to unpleasant consequences!

    Why Is Screen Recording Not Working On iPhone

    Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is an answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, count someone else’s time.

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    Why Failed to Save iPhone Screen Recording

    The Apple smartphone has a wide range of functions. With the release of each new firmware, additional options are added to the interface. Today, gadget owners can use the function for screen recording. But there are situations when the message “Failed to save iPhone screen recording” is displayed on the screen. It is worth learning more about why this happens and how to fix the problem.

    Force restart your smartphone

    If the owner of the phone can not save it ready. he should fix the situation by restarting his cell phone. This method allows you to solve a large number of problems. To restart the system correctly, you need to identify your smartphone model. If the client owns a phone version of iPhone 7 and below, he can apply the following instructions:

    • first, the client must find the “Power” button;
    • this button is pressed and held;
    • you will also need the Home key;
    • it is pressed simultaneously with food;
    • if the client uses an iPhone 7, then instead of the “Home” button, a volume reduction is applied;
    • hold the combination until the manufacturer’s logo appears on the screen;
    • as soon as the icon is highlighted, the power button is released;
    • then immediately release the Home key;
    • after that, the device will be rebooted, you can enter the access code for the iPhone;
    • now the client should activate the recording option and try to remove.

    Different instructions apply when using X / 8/8 Plus cell phone:

    • you first need a key to increase the volume;
    • it is pressed and held for 1 second
    • then the button is immediately pressed to decrease the volume level;
    • after pressing, the key is immediately released;
    • it will remain to hold the button located on the side;
    • as soon as the manufacturer’s logo appears on the display, you can release the key.

    When the actions are completed, the software will restart. After that, the recording should be saved in the smartphone’s memory without any problems. If after the procedure performed, iOS screen recording also does not work, you should use the second method.

    For what reasons, the recording option may NOT work

    If an error appears on the screen after activating the application, there may be several reasons. It is worth considering in more detail why it does not start or is not saved on the iPhone:

    • there is not enough memory on cell phones;
    • the function has not been activated in the iPhone settings;
    • it is impossible to record, because the application has crashed;
    • an error has occurred in the operating system;
    • browser cache is full;
    • power saving mode is activated on the smartphone.

    It is worth considering in more detail how to solve each of THESE problems. Also, the client should find out what to do if the recording does not go for other reasons.

    How to clear the cache on iPhone

    With constant use of the Safari browser, the cache fills up, which can lead to malfunctions of the cell phone. To delete unnecessary data, you must use the following instruction:

    • the “Settings” section opens on the owner’s smartphone;
    • this item is located on the main screen of the smartphone;
    • after that you need to scroll down the page;
    • on the display the client should find the Safari section;
    • after switching to a subsection, the page scrolls down again;
    • now the item “Clear history and site data” is selected.

    When the key is pressed, confirm the operation. After that, the data will be erased and you can save the entries to the phone again.

    How to solve the situation yourself

    If the display shows an error while recording iPhone screen, Will not record. In this case, you will need to resolve the current situation, and not by contacting the technical department of the company. The client can do the following:

    • force restart the gadget;
    • will clear the cache in the cell phone browser;
    • deactivate a mode that is turned on to save energy;
    • restart the crashed application;
    • reset gadget settings to factory settings.
    • note
    • The latter option is used if the client cannot restore the option using other methods.

    Disable Power Saving Mode on iPhone

    Customers are wondering why the screen recording is not being recorded on the purchased iPhone. The problem may be an activated power saving mode. This mode is activated if there is not enough battery power on the smartphone. In this case, an error appears on the screen. If this happens, it is recommended to turn off this mode. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

    • go to the section with phone settings;
    • go to the item “Battery”;
    • then deactivate low battery mode.
    • note
    • You can also take your smartphone out of this mode, just put the gadget on charge.

    How to restart the recording application

    The problem with starting the program may appear if the application itself crashes. The owner can solve the situation, rather than restarting the smartphone. To do this, it is enough to forcefully close the writing utility. If you are using an iOS 12 model, you just need to swipe the screen up, starting from the bottom edge of the gadget. After that, the desired application is selected and swiped to the left. To view open tabs on iPhone 8 and earlier, you need to press the Home key twice. After that, we will brush off the utility that you want to close.

    It is recommended to forcibly terminate the program if it hangs and does NOT respond. This approach will allow you to quickly solve the problem with the process of recording and saving.

    How to Factory Reset iPhone

    The owner can resort to this method in the case when other methods did not help. To throw off all installed settings, the user only needs a cell phone. To perform the operation, you need to follow the following instructions:

    • on the smartphone, select the “Settings” item;
    • now the transition is made to the section called “Basic”;
    • here the user scrolls down the page and finds the “Reset” item;
    • the screen will display a list of which parameters can be deleted;
    • the owner should select “Reset all settings”;
    • you can also specify “Reset content and settings”.

    If you use the first option, then only the set parameters will be deleted. In this case, all other data will be saved in the smartphone’s memory. This means that records, contacts, photos will NOT be affected. You can also do a full data reset. Then the item “Reset content and settings” is selected. In this case, all Saved Information will be deleted from the device. In the same section, you can clear the geolocation, calendar and wireless settings. When the procedure is complete, you can reactivate the recording function. The error must be fixed.

    If the recording does not go due to a failure that has occurred, it is recommended to clear the cache of the smartphone, restart the gadget, or simply charge it. When you cannot resolve the situation on your own, it is recommended to contact Apple Technical Support.

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