Why Sony headphones won’t connect

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Reasons for not pairing wireless headphones with each other

Among the reasons why wireless earbuds do not connect with each other, we note the following:

Reasons: Explanation:
The headphone pairing procedure was not performed correctly by the user. Typically, users ignore the instructions on how to turn on and set up their headphones, trying to make the connection at random. The result of such actions is the incorrect operation of the device.
Headphones are far apart. We recommend that you pair your headphones for the first time with them side by side.
One of the headphones is disconnected. In some versions of wireless headphones, it is not enough to remove the headphones from the charging box. They also need to be turned on by holding down the multifunction button of each headphone for a few seconds. If one of the headphones is not turned on, pairing will not work.
Headphones (earbuds) are not in pairing mode. In some models, to enter into synchronization mode with each other, you must perform a number of actions (for example, double-click on the multifunction button of one of the headphones). If not, the earbuds will not sync with each other.
Devices are discharged. An important condition for pairing (especially the first such procedure) is their full charge. If one of the earbuds is low or near this mark, pairing may not work.
The Bluetooth data of the phone already has the wrong Bluetooth connection data of the headphone. This happens in a situation where the user has previously tried to connect headphones, but did it wrong. In the phone, in the list of Bluetooth devices, the data of an incorrect Bluetooth connection has been saved. In this case, it will be necessary to delete this data from there, “forgetting” the incorrect connection.
There is a powerful Wi-Fi router nearby. Wi-Fi signal uses the same frequency spectrum as Bluetooth. Move away from the router.

Having listed the main causes of dysfunction, let’s describe the ways to pair the headphones with each other.

An alternative way to pair your headphones with each other

If the above method did not help, and your earbuds still do not match, then do the following:

  • Disable Bluetooth on your phone;
  • Reset the settings of your earbuds (for example, as described above);
  • Put them back in the charging box and wait a minute;
  • Now take out the right earphone first and turn it on;
  • Then take the left wireless earbud out of the case and turn it on;
  • Press the right and left earphone multifunction button twice at the same time;
  • You will hear a beep about their synchronization and will be able to use their capabilities.

Wireless headphones not pairing with each other what to do?

Many experts argue that in a couple of years, wireless Bluetooth headphones will completely replace outdated wired alternatives from the market. Wireless earbuds are convenient to use, they are enough for 4-6 hours of battery life, they quickly charge, and in general, it is fashionable, stylish and practical. Having bought them, and trying to pair them with the phone, we often come across a situation where they can only connect to the phone one at a time. What to do in a situation when wireless headphones for some reason do not pair correctly with each other? We will tell in our material.

What to do if the headphones don’t sync with each other

If your wireless headphones don’t sync with each other, then do the following:

    Remove your headphones from the list of paired Bluetooth devices on your phone (if you have previously tried to make a Bluetooth connection);

This method works well with QCY and other models of wireless headphones.

Pairing RedMi headphones with each other

If there are problems with the synchronization of the AirDots wireless headphones with each other, the solution procedure looks like this:

  • Disconnect the headphones by holding down their buttons until the red indicators appear;
  • Then again hold down the buttons of the headphones for 30-50 seconds. The white light will flash first, then the earbud lights will turn white and red, and flash twice. Hold the buttons until they blink several times and go out, then blink again;
  • Put the headphones in the case for a few seconds;
  • Take both earbuds out of the case and the earbuds will automatically pair with each other;
  • All that remains is to connect them to your phone.

Manual for Elari Wireless Headphones

If you have problems pairing your Elari headphones with each other, do the following:

  • Delete the pairings with Elari EarDrops headphones in the list of Bluetooth connections of your phone (if there are any early attempts to connect);
  • Put the headphones in the case for 30 seconds;
  • Take the headphones out of the case;
  • Turn off the headphones by holding down their button for a few seconds;
  • After turning them off, hold down their buttons for 15 seconds. The headphones turn on, you will hear the connection beep;
  • Place the earbuds in the charging case for 30 seconds (the red indicator should light up);
  • Take the headphones out of the case and wait for them to pair.
  • It remains to connect already paired devices to the phone.

How to connect Sony headphones to your phone

On Android, the connection looks like this:

  • press and hold the power button on the earbuds until the color indicator starts flashing rapidly, indicating that the headset is in discoverable mode;
  • on your smartphone, go to “Settings”, from there to “Networks”, find “Bluetooth” and turn on the wireless interface;
  • in the list of devices available for connection, select headphones, for example WI C300 or WI-H700;
  • a successful connection message should appear next to the miniature icon.
  • activate pairing on the headphones;
  • go to “Settings”;
  • select “Bluetooth”;
  • turn the toggle switch to the active position;
  • tap on the name of the headset in the list that appears.

Some models support NFC connection. For this:

Sony Headphones WH-1000XM3s Bluetooth Connection Issues Solved (Sort of) | Simplifying Complexity

  • activate the NFC function on your smartphone;
  • turn on the headphones;
  • place the device to the earphone with the big N icon.

sony, headphones, connect

Note! This connection method is available only to owners of smartphones based on Android.

Pairing does not work if the wireless speaker is charging. Before connecting, remove the phone from the case, which can interfere with signal transmission between devices.

To preliminarily rule out connection problems:

  • charge the headset at least 20% so that it does not turn off when pairing;
  • the smartphone should be at a distance of no more than 1 meter at the time of the connection with the headphones;
  • with the Sony headphones turned off, press and hold the “Power” button for 2 seconds;
  • when prompted to enter your PIN or password, use a combination of four zeros “0000”;
  • no more than 8 paired devices can be stored in the device’s memory. If you decide to connect the 9th, then it will take the place of the device that was paired with the headphones first.

After you connect your phone for the first time, it will automatically find and send audio to the headphones.


  • The above procedure is provided as an example. For details, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the Android smartphone.
  • To erase all pairing information, see “Initializing the headset to restore factory settings”.

Why the connection might not be established

For example, you do everything according to the rules, the device appears in the list of available for connection via Bluetooth, but the connection does not occur. Or your gadget doesn’t appear on this list at all. There may be several reasons for this:

  • If you turn on the headphones, but they do not appear in the list, try pressing the pairing button on them again. If this does not help, turn off the gadget and turn it on again. Then try disabling Bluetooth on your phone and enabling it again by manually searching for nearby devices. Also try to place the earbuds as close to the phone as possible, especially for the first connection.
  • If the headphones are on the list, but pairing does not work, check if they are already connected to another device nearby. If the connection has already been established with another smartphone, tablet, computer or TV, the second connection will fail. You need to find this device and turn off Bluetooth on it, then the connection will be cut off and you can connect to another gadget. If you do not know what kind of device it is, just turn off the headphones, place them directly next to the phone with an active network, and only then press the power button. In this case, the gadget will connect with the device that is closer.
  • Interference from other wireless devices may cause failures. Take them away and try again.
  • If the device takes too long to connect, but there is no result, click on its name in the list and select “Unpair” or “Disconnect”. Then restart your smartphone and try again.
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Can’t connect Sony wireless headphones

There are several reasons why the phone does not see Sony headphones:

  • detection timed out. After activating Bluetooth on the headset, it will be available for finding by devices for 5 minutes;
  • acoustics is trying to synchronize with another device. If there is another gadget nearby that was previously paired with the headphones, an unintentional disconnection may occur;
  • frequency noise. Connection problems create signals from Wi-Fi routers and other Bluetooth devices. This is especially acute in places where people are concentrated: public transport, shopping centers;
  • failure of the OS. Restart your smartphone, possibly a software violation due to downloading third-party software. If this does not help, go to the Bluetooth settings and remove the active connection with wireless headphones, then re-pair as described above.

Users may encounter NFC connection problems, in this case:

  • hold the smartphone next to the NFC tag until a successful pairing message appears on the device screen, which takes 30-60 seconds;
  • restart your phone and headset;
  • disconnect your mobile gadget from other audio devices connected via Bluetooth (speakers, earbuds);
  • bring the device with NFC connected again. When the pairing confirmation message appears, click Cancel. Repeat the operation again, just confirm the connection;
  • go to Bluetooth settings and remove active connection with headset. Repeat Connect with Label.

If the headphones still do not connect to the phone, the Bluetooth module may be damaged. To verify this, try connecting the headset to a different phone or device. It is not recommended to repair the acoustics yourself because of the chance to permanently disable the gadget.

Pairing and connecting with an Android smartphone

Pairing is the process required to create a bond between Bluetooth devices to establish a wireless connection. You need to pair your device with your headset to make a Bluetooth connection for the first time.

Before starting the negotiation, make sure that the following requirements are met:

  • The smartphone is located at a distance of 1 m from the headset.
  • The headset battery is sufficiently charged.
  • Smartphone user manual is at hand.
  • Enter headset pairing mode Turn on the headset when pairing the headset with the device for the first time after purchase or after initializing the headset (the headset does not contain pairing information). The headset will automatically enter pairing mode. When pairing a second device and subsequent devices (the headset contains pairing information with other devices), press and hold the button for about 7 seconds. Make sure that the indicator flashes blue and red alternately after you release the button. You will hear voice guidance “BLUETOOTH pairing”.
  • Unlock Android Smartphone Screen If Locked.
  • Search for this headset on your smartphone.
  • Select [Setting]. [Bluetooth].
  • Tap [] next to [Bluetooth] to turn on the Bluetooth function.
  • Press [WH-CH500]. If a message about entering the passcode appears on the smartphone display. enter “0000.” The headset and smartphone will be paired and connected with each other. You will hear the voice guidance “BLUETOOTH connected”. If there is no connection, see “AndroidConnecting to a paired smartphone.” If [WH-CH500] does not appear on the display, try again from step 3. The link code may be called “ Access code ”,“ PIN-code ”or“ Password ”.
  • Missing sound after updating the phone

    • The first thing you can do is check what settings are set for your device on the phone. To do this, click on the information icon next to the name of the device in the list of available ones and check that the profiles “for conversation” and “for music” are active.
    • Restart your headphones and smartphone. Check the charge level of the devices. If there is sound, but disappears and is interrupted, try checking the operation of the devices in another place. Strong electromagnetic radiation may cause malfunctions.
    • If all else fails, “roll back” to the old firmware or reset the phone to factory settings. this will help if the sound disappeared after installing any unreliable applications.
    • If the problem is mechanical: the battery is faulty, the headphone board is damaged, for example, due to water ingress, you need to contact the service center.

    Configuring the headphone inputs in the Realtek utility on the computer

    If the drivers for the sound card work correctly, but the PC still does not see the headphones, we will adjust the sound for wired headphones on Windows 10.

    We configure the inputs in the Realtek utility. It will appear after installing the drivers, in the tray for about hours. If the audio card is from another manufacturer, there must also be an application, the setting is the same. The procedure described in the screenshots is done so that the audio stream goes simultaneously to all input devices, and not only to the speakers (very often the computer sees the headphones as speakers when they are connected for the first time). The same applies to the microphone from the headphones (if it is connected via a separate plug).

    For me, for example, ordinary wired headphones are always defined as speakers. To be precise, they are not at all recognized by the computer as a device. The sound continues to go through the audio card (this is what the inscription “Realtek speakers” and the like in the list of audio devices means), and it “decides” which connector to send the signal to.

    Determine the state of the audio output and drivers on the PC

    Are the drivers installed and does the computer see the audio output? We define this in the “Audio Inputs and Audio Outputs” item in the Device Manager. We open it in this way, Windows 10:

    Windows 7. Start. Control Panel. System and Security. Device Manager.

    The laptop or computer does not see the headphones

    The most common reason why your laptop or desktop computer does not see headphones (wired) when connected is an unconfigured driver (utility), or a missing or outdated sound driver.

    Consider all the reasons why a stationary PC or laptop does not see headphones (wired), from the most popular to the least popular. We will consider, using the example of Windows 7 and Windows 10.

    The instructions for connecting to a PC are relevant for all wired headphones:

    • Headphone mini-jack (regular wired headphones).
    • Forked mini-jack (headphones with microphone). A detailed connection of headphones with a microphone (with a bifurcated or combined mini-jack) is described in a separate instruction.
    • And USB headphones. The only caveat is that USB headphones receive sound in digital form, they must be defined by the computer as a separate sound device, respectively, it must be selected as a sound output device, in addition, drivers must be installed. Most often, the necessary drivers for USB headphones to work are installed automatically when they are connected. Sometimes you need to install them yourself by downloading them from the manufacturer’s website. You may also need to install proprietary software, which can also be found on the official website.

    Updating drivers often solves the problem when the laptop or computer does not see the headphones.

    The easiest method: right-click on the desired device, in the “update driver” menu.

    • You can update the driver by downloading it from the official website of the audio card manufacturer, or through the driver update program.
    • If you have a Realtek chip (a standard sound card built into the motherboard), then the new driver versions can be downloaded here. If the manufacturer of the audio card is different, download it from their website. Downloaded, installed, rebooted the PC. everything is normal.
    • There are interesting programs for automatic driver updates. For example IObit Driver Booster. Install the program, and then through it. the necessary drivers (sound, at least).

    Setting up sound in Windows itself

    If, after installing the drivers and setting up Realtek, the computer still does not see the headphones, then the wrong device for playing sound by default is probably selected in Windows.

    In Windows 7 we go along the path: “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Hardware and Sound”. “Sound”. In Windows 10, you can open the context menu in the tray on the volume icon (right-click), “Open sound settings”, on the right. “Sound control panel”. Then we change the default device to headphones / speakers, you can try all the options in turn and check them.

    Another possible reason why the computer / laptop does not see the headphones is that the sound in Windows is set to a low volume or completely muted. We check by opening the volume control in the lower right corner of the clock. Pay special attention to “General” and “Sound”.

    Identifying a physical malfunction

    If the computer stubbornly can’t see the headphones, there may be a physical problem. Most likely you have a breakdown, if after the 3 previous points, the PC still does not see the wired headphones.

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    The best way to solve the problem at this stage is to contact the service center. Diagnostics and even replacement of the connector is not expensive at all. And you will save your nerves and time

    For example, let’s consider the most common reasons why headphones do not connect to a PC, after software setup:

    • Broken audio jack. It can be replaced, if the connector contacts are broken, re-solder them. Read more about fixing the entrance here. If you are not confident in your abilities, you should trust the professionals (service center).
    • The sound card is out of order (burned out). This would be understandable at the stage of checking the device in the Task Manager. And the connectors would not work, and all.
    • The headphone plug is broken. Easily check on your phone or other device. Solution: soldering or replacing the plug. Or take it to the service center.
    • Other parts of the headphones are broken. From a broken wire to burnt out speakers. Initial check also on another device. Headphone repair solutions. here.

    The laptop does not see the headphones (wired). how to connect?

    If the laptop does not see the headphones after connecting, then the problem is software or in the hardware of the laptop itself (connector, sound card, contacts).

    Most often, if headphones on a laptop work, the problem is software , with unconfigured connectors in the Windows system, drivers or their absence, with driver utilities. The software problem is usually solved quickly, up to 5 minutes. setting / installing the necessary drivers and utilities. And it usually occurs after installing Windows, new programs, updating drivers, etc.

    A more serious reason why the laptop does not see the headphones, problems with the hardware of the laptop ️. It occurs less often if the laptop falls, water gets on it or into the connector, there were power outages, etc. Unfortunately, this situation is more difficult to solve. But, today I can fix your laptop at the service center in 1-2 hours, so don’t worry, everything will be fine

    2.1 If it didn’t work out, we update manually:

    The vast majority of laptops have a Realtek sound chip, so there are 2 main ways to update audio drivers, because they are often the main reason why headphones do not work on a laptop:

    Install a program to automatically search for the required drivers. For example IObit Driver Booster. This application can also update the drivers for the Bluetooth module. Accordingly, we launch the application, select the necessary (audio and Bluetoooth, if necessary) drivers and start the process.

    Configuring Windows Sound

    Sound settings in Windows. If the headphones on the laptop do not work after checking the driver and setting up the Realtek utility, it is possible that a different default device in Windows is simply selected, and the automatic switching to a new one did not happen.

    With Windows, this happens ;. In Windows 7 (also relevant for 10-ki) we go along the path: “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Hardware and Sound”. “Sound”. In Windows 10, you can open the context menu in the tray on the volume icon (right-click), “Open sound settings”, on the right. “Sound control panel”. Then we change the default device to headphones.

    4.1 If it doesn’t help, change the volume level in the mixer:

    Perhaps the sound on the computer is set very quietly or is turned off altogether. You need to find the volume icon in the lower right corner, open the volume control and move all the sliders to the right or up. Pay special attention to “General” and “Sound”.

    Sound Setting in Realtek Utility

    If there was no exclamation mark in the device manager, then the drivers are working correctly. Of course, you can try to update them forcibly if the headphones on the laptop still do not work. But it’s better to first try adjusting the sound in the driver utility:

    Configuring software and driver Realtek. After installing Realtek software, a corresponding icon appears in the tray near the clock. You may need to expand the list as described above.

    The way to properly connect a device via Bluetooth

    So that in the future there are no unnecessary questions about how to synchronize headphones via Bluetooth correctly, let’s look at this process.

    Most models connect to smartphones in the same way:

    How to fix SONY wh1000xm3 headphones connectivity issues

      There is an activation button on the headphone case. And also an indicator that notifies us about the status of the device;

    The device name should be displayed in the main window of the technology settings.

    To go to it in Android devices, hold the Bluetooth activation icon in the shortcut menu (by pulling down the curtain).

    When you plug in headphones or a headset, try turning on the radio or music on your smartphone to see if you can do it.

    Why bluetooth headphones won’t connect to my phone

    Bluetooth headphones are very popular due to their ability to use the device wirelessly. Regular wired headphones are a lot of hassle. They are always confused in our After that, instead of enjoying music from a smartphone, we persistently disassemble this whole tangle. But a wireless device can sometimes piss us off. In this article, you will learn why Bluetooth headphones sometimes won’t connect to mobile phone.

    We fix problems when connecting Bluetooth headphones

    When connecting the headphones via Bluetooth technology to your mobile phone, other problems may occur. You can strictly follow the instructions, reconnect and pair devices. But as a result, nothing appears in the window for connecting devices via Bluetooth. This situation may arise due to the connection history in your mobile device. If you have previously connected via Bluetooth to other devices or connected other devices to the phone. all of them will be displayed in history.

    Sometimes this list is the cause of problems. The connection manager can help with this. Bluetooth Pair.

    Or a similar manager for Bluetooth. Their task is to amplify the radio communication signal of the built-in technology, as well as more quickly find the nearest device. You can find and download it in the Google Play Market or the App Store. In the running application, all devices will be signed. If these are headphones. in brackets you will see this.

    The list of devices is created in descending order. The devices that are closest to the smartphone will be at the top of the list. Try using this app if you are having trouble connecting your headphones to your phone. If the Bluetooth Pair app is not the right tool for you, its interface is too complicated, try using others in the market.

    Why the phone does not see Bluetooth headphones

    When connecting the headphones to a smartphone or other device via Bluetooth, you may find that it does not connect. Although Bluetooth technology is universal, it often happens that users cannot configure the device correctly. There are several reasons for this. First of all, it is the battery charge level. Since wireless headphones work autonomously, they have their own battery. If it is discharged, it may not connect.

    Despite the fact that the process of connecting headphones is pretty simple in almost all cases, some important details may be missing. A mobile device can also run out of charge. And it often happens that wireless headphones have already been paired with other devices. And the device will not see them as there is no radio communication. Devices may have different modes enabled that prevent connection.

    What to do if the earbuds won’t pair with your phone

    Now let’s solve the problem if, according to the instructions above, it was not possible to create a pairing between the Bluetooth headphones and the mobile device. When creating such a complex gadget as Bluetooth devices, software developers face a lot of tasks.

    For example, organize the work of headphones so that you can reconnect them to another device. Since connecting to one phone for the first time, they will not automatically connect to another. Which appeared within the Bluetooth range.

    If you are using Bluetooth on multiple mobile devices (such as phone and tablet), the headphones need to be reconnected. In order to force them to search for a device in range again, try holding the power button. Hold it until the indicator starts flashing quickly, two to three times per second.

    This will mean that the headphones have started searching for a new device to connect. To pair with the one you need, you need to select the headset model in this device. And also click on the button “Connect”, “Connect“, etc.

    Easy ways to sync with your phone

    Now let’s move on to simpler, perhaps even trivial, recommendations to connect a Bluetooth headset to a mobile device. Regardless of your age of “communication” with digital devices, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with them. And check everything again. For example, make sure Bluetooth technology is active on both devices to be connected. But first, put the headphones and smartphone on recharge to immediately cut off possible problems with the charge level.

    Wait until the devices are fully charged. Then try connecting the headphones to the phone again. When activating pairing on the headphones, make sure they are responsive to your actions. The indicator should start blinking the moment you hold down the power button. If you are trying to connect headphones to a laptop, turn off the power saving mode. Which can block connected devices when working without a connected power cable.

    • You need to open the control panel. Press the WIN R keys together and type in the word “Control”. Click the “OK” button to continue;
    • Then, at the top right, select Small Icons. This is necessary to quickly find the item “Power supply”;

    Sony WH 1000XM3. Won’t Turn On | Charging and Pairing issues | No Sound | No Power || How To Fix

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    Why Wireless Headphones Won’t Connect to iPhone?

    For iPhone users, below are some reasons why you are having trouble connecting wireless headphones to iPhone.

    Both devices are too far apart

    Even though most wireless earbuds have a reasonably good Bluetooth range, your gadget still won’t be able to connect to your phone. If both devices are too far apart, it can make pairing difficult. It is easier and faster for your smartphone to scan and communicate with nearby devices.

    Therefore, always keep your phone close to the wireless headphones when trying to pair. at least 1 meter apart.

    Headphone problems

    Have you followed all of the above tips but nothing helped you connect your wireless headphones to your phone? Most likely, your gadget has a problem, and only repairs will help with this. Therefore, do not forget to test the functionality of the audio headset.

    How do I check if TWS is working? To do this, bring the other device or smartphone to the headset and turn on Bluetooth on both devices. If the new smartphone also cannot connect to the headphones, then they are dead and need to be repaired. However, if the connection to the headphones was successful, then most likely the problem is with the phone, and not with the audio.

    Many devices in the Bluetooth pairing list

    Another quick way to update Bluetooth is to delete other devices that your phone was previously paired with. To do this, follow these steps:

    • Open “Settings”.
    • Tap Connections and then Bluetooth. For older versions, just search for bluetooth in settings.
    • Then turn on Bluetooth and wait for the list to show the list of devices.
    • Click on the gear icon next to the device, then “Disable”.
    • Repeat for all devices.
    • Now turn on your wireless headset and try to pair them with your Android smartphone again.

    Wireless headphones won’t connect to your phone: top reasons

    Problems with connecting to a smartphone are often very simple and it is not difficult to solve them on your own. Here are some common problems with quick fixes for iOS and Android smartphones.

    Interference with Bluetooth signal

    A common reason why your phone cannot recognize Bluetooth headphones is Bluetooth interference. This means that the presence of WI-FI routers, other Bluetooth devices, and even microwaves can cause Bluetooth signals to become weak or interrupted.

    Therefore, when you are trying to pair your wireless headphones and your phone, make sure that there are no such devices near you. Also, try to keep the signal clear of concrete and brick walls. Keep them close to each other, and will allow you to connect wireless headphones to your phone.

    Sound setting

    Let’s find out why the headphones do not connect to the laptop when there is no doubt about the relevance and correct installation of the drivers. It is possible that the sound is incorrectly configured in the system itself.

    To begin with, in the section for setting sound parameters, check the playback devices for the one that is used by default. Some models of headphones and headsets are defined in these settings. If they are not in the list, use the PCM to set the display of hidden and disabled devices, and then use the necessary.

    If you have a Realtek sound card on your laptop, look at the soundbar settings. In it, it is necessary to tick the box for dividing the entrances. It also does not hurt to inspect the use of split panel jacks. If it is active, then it should be disabled.

    Why the headphones won’t connect to the laptop: reasons

    The first step is to dwell on the root causes of this situation. Among the main malfunctions that could theoretically cause the appearance of various kinds of malfunctions in the operation of the connected equipment, the following aspects can be identified with absolute certainty:

    • the headphones themselves are broken, or the input jacks for connection are damaged;
    • Headphones are not plugged in correctly, which mostly applies to headsets with multiple connectors.
    • sound card drivers are not installed correctly or need updating;
    • there are problems with the drivers of wireless headphones and the modules responsible for establishing the connection;
    • the soundbar is incorrectly configured;
    • the appearance of conflicts due to the installation of system updates;
    • short-term disruptions in the operation of the operating system, including due to the effects of viruses.

    Headphone diagnostics

    Based on why the headphones do not connect to the laptop, let’s proceed to troubleshoot the problems described above. The first step is sometimes really necessary to test the headphones or headset themselves for performance if you are connecting them to your laptop for the first time. It is quite possible that the devices have a factory defect, and you did not check their performance upon purchase. It is very possible that the entrance on the laptop also does not work. In this case, just try to connect exactly working devices and check if the sound comes out. Sometimes, especially when connecting a headset with multiple wires, it is a good idea to check that the wires are properly connected to the corresponding inputs on the laptop. Also, pay special attention to the volume control.

    It may very well be that the overall level is set to the limit, but the playback volume in the same browser when watching a movie is at zero.

    Why won’t headphones connect to my laptop with “Windows 7” or higher? Troubleshoot update issues.

    But problems of a purely physical nature are not the most critical, and everything can be in perfect order with the components described above. So why don’t the headphones connect to a laptop with “Windows 8” or another similar system, not at the first connection, but much later, after all until a certain moment everything worked? It is no secret that for all the latest versions of Windows, Microsoft consistently releases all sorts of updates, which, unfortunately, are often unfinished. There are known cases of loss of sound in the same “seven” (not to mention the appearance of blue screens), and even in the “top ten” (which is only the last update, released in October this year). As a solution to the problem, you can suggest deleting them.

    To do this, you need to use the programs and components section, go to the item viewing installed updates and remove all the latest packages one by one, rebooting the system and checking its performance. When the package that caused the failure is found, when you repeat the search for updates in manual mode, it will need to be excluded from the list of required installation.

    Why headphones do not connect to the laptop: causes and elimination of the problem

    Many laptop users running Windows often encounter a very unpleasant situation when there is no sound when connecting headphones or a headset, although at first glance no problems seem to have been noticed. Why the headphones do not connect to a laptop with “Windows 10” and below, then we will try to figure it out. Having considered several special cases of such a phenomenon, for each of them the most effective solution will be proposed, which will eliminate most of the known problems.

    Checking the status of the audio adapter drivers

    Now let’s look at why the headphones don’t connect to the laptop when the above problems are not observed. In most cases, this is due solely to the soundcard drivers. Despite the fact that Windows installs drivers for almost all integrated devices on its own, it is better to reinstall the software from the original disc supplied with the purchase of the laptop.

    You can do it even easier by using universal utilities with drivers like DriverPack Solution Online, SlimDrivers, Driver Booster, etc.

    If none of the tools will give the desired effect, in the “Device Manager” determine the identifiers of the installed audio equipment and search for the driver on the Internet using them, and install the driver found in manual mode.

    Checking the functionality of wireless headphones and headsets

    Finally, we should dwell separately on why wireless headphones are not connected to the laptop. There are not so many options. Among the root causes, one can single out the disabled state or the absence of wireless modules (for example, Bluetooth) on the laptop, as well as all the same problems with the drivers. As it has already become clear, to correct the situation, you can apply the above solutions for installing or updating the control software, and at the same time turn on all the modules with special buttons or software. If you find out why Bluetooth headphones and headsets are not connected to the laptop, special attention should be paid to the inclusion of wireless modules on the devices of this type themselves. It may very well be that the system does not see them precisely because of deactivation.

    Other solutions

    Finally, do not forget that some types of dangerous viruses can also negatively affect the state of the sound system. If none of the above suggested helps, try scanning the laptop completely with some portable scanner and get rid of threats if they are found. According to the testimony of users, when short-term errors of the operating system itself appear, sometimes a regular reboot or (in especially critical cases) its restoration to a previous state helps. Sometimes it also happens that an alternate decrease in volume followed by an increase in the sound level also gives a result (sometimes the level in the tray seems to be displayed at the maximum, but in fact the sound turns out to be muted).

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