Xiaomi Mi surface display monitor review

Монитор Xiaomi для геймеров — обзор

Monitor 34 inches from ������������. virtually 180-degree view for the fiercest online battles!

What will help in the decisive battle in any computer game? A fast mouse that responds to a click in a split second? Super powerful speakers that will allow you to hear the rustle of footsteps of an approaching enemy? Convenient flat keyboard, whose buttons are pressed many times faster than the standard one?

MONITOR! It is the widescreen gaming monitor that will increase the viewing angle and notice the opponent in time, which will be a decisive factor for victory.

The replacement of my computer went according to plan: the filling was completely improved, the Razer Deathadder Chroma Overwatch mouse was replaced by the Mamba Elite, now it is the turn of the monitor.

Considering the replacement options, I had to admit: I don’t pull the curved wide-angle ASUS ((But I was surprised by the abundance of monitors from Chinese companies, which in their characteristics were in no way inferior to more eminent brands. Knowing that Chinese smartphones have recently given a head start to apple gadgets (for example, OnePlus 5T ), decided to focus on the brainchild of Xiaomi.

Brand: Xiaomi (read as Xiaomi)

Model: Mi Surface Display 34 “.

Xiaomi’s new widescreen Surface Display is ideal for fast-paced and challenging gaming, as well as imaging and video.

Arrived in a huge heavy box with a bunch of foam plates on the sides for protection.

Color accuracy is assured by a VA matrix, and a 4ms response time makes it fast enough for any demanding game.

Frankly speaking: I want a curved TV set for a long time, but somehow I didn’t think at all that a monitor would appear before such a TV set.

The curved surface of the monitor allows you to comfortably work with a wide format, or use a split screen to work in several windows at the same time.

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The main parameters that play an important role:

Before that, I had an ASUS 27-inch monitor, and the difference with the 34-inch Xiaomi is colossal.

The 34-inch diagonal gives a horizontal viewing angle of 178 degrees. that is, almost a 180-degree view. It’s important for games!

He was good to everyone, there was only one crap trick: a monitor without built-in speakers. No, I play, of course, in a Corsair VOID RGB Dolby Digital 7.1 headset, but I prefer to listen to music through the speaker while working. But it is not (((I had to buy separately the speakers, which were not originally included in the plan for replacing the computer).

Features and Benefits

Screen coverage. glossy, anti-reflective

In some moments, the Xiaomi monitor repeats ASUS: both monitors had and have an anti-glare screen coating, I don’t look at other monitors, in principle, the PC is by the window, it’s more convenient for me.

The game is played at a different resolution, due to the elongation of the sides 21: 9 instead of the usual 16: 9, you can see much more playing space, which is important for games when opponents sneak up on the side. At such moments, the angle of view is everything. notice and remove the player or he will get you first.

The maximum brightness of the Xiaomi display. 300 nits, contrast. 3000: 1, due to which it perfectly reproduces the play of shadows and transitions between colors of different brightness and saturation

With a refresh rate of 144Hz and a response time of just 4ms, the Xiaomi display effectively reduces the time between frames and helps you stay a little ahead of the competition. In fierce firefights, literally in one moment, you can accurately aim and make a decisive shot, without giving the enemy even time to react.

The monitor itself has a tilt and height adjustment. Having set it once, you can then not twist it, although I can increase the tilt a little: if at the end of the day I slide in a reclining chair. After twisting, fingerprints are removed with a regular soft cloth for cleaning windows without any sprays, leaving is minimal.

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Price at the time of purchase: 33 320 rubles.

The monitor is tested in operation during day and night hours, of the advantages I can note:

Ease of changing the brightness for evening hours, the buttons are located quite close on the back of the monitor, closer to 8 pm I turn the brightness down from 100% to 70, so that the eyes are lighter.
Convenience in terms of document placement. Sometimes there is not enough space on a small monitor: you need to open two or three files in parallel, a browser page, and all this categorically did not fit on the screen, you had to switch. Now there is enough space for everything: two large windows with a browser (I need it for work) and 1-2 Word documents. And everything is perfectly visible and convenient for work.!

The monitor was also tested in the passage of the single-player action “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”, the shooters RDR 2 and Crysis 2-3, as well as the multiplayer online shooter “Overwatch”.
The wider field of view makes combat easier, especially in multiplayer shooters, since you can see your friends and foes well. Less chances that the enemy will sneak up from the side;

Monitor Mi Surface Display 34 “from ������������. Another wishful purchase to make your life brighter and more interesting. Someone needs an expensive handbag or Italian shoes for this, and it’s a pleasure for me to go into the game and plunge headlong into a fantastic world, so real in terms of graphics, which sometimes you don’t want to emerge from there!

Stunning graphics specifications

The diagonal of Xiaomi Mi Surface Display is as much as 34 inches, and the maximum WQHD resolution of the VA matrix used is 3440×1440 pixels, providing the highest image detail. While a 3000: 1 contrast ratio and a maximum brightness of 300 nits unfolds the deepest play of shadows. The monitor also supports Blu-ray playback mode.

Picture by Picture technology allows you to simultaneously display images from two different connected devices, which significantly increases work efficiency and minimizes the time spent on alternating interaction with these devices.

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Full immersion

The Xiaomi Mi Surface Display has a curved display with a bending radius of a whopping 1500R. With such a bend, the monitor not only attracts attention, but also envelops the user with what is happening on the screen, completely immersing him in the very epicenter of events. This becomes possible due to the equal distance of the monitor from the eyes, not only in the center of the field of view, but also at its periphery.

Gaming characteristics

The Xiaomi Mi Surface Display has the highest refresh rate of 144Hz and the response time is only 4ms. Such parameters are especially valuable in fast-paced games and allow the gamer to be one step ahead of the competition, as they speed up the rendering and rendering of frames.

The monitor provides 30% more visualization with its 21: 9 aspect ratio. With Xiaomi Mi Surface Display, nothing is hidden from your eyes, and you will not miss the slightest detail of what is happening.

AMD FreeSync Technology

The use of this technology provides control over the dynamic refresh rate of the image. Xiaomi Mi Surface Display prevents tearing between frames and makes the picture smoother, maintaining high synchronization of the image.

Eye comfort

In dynamic scenes of films and, first of all, games, the user’s eyes are forced to observe frequent image changes and control the rapid movement of objects, which is an intense visual load on the eyes. Curved display provides significant reduction in eye strain and fatigue compared to flat panel monitors.

FlickerFree proprietary technology controls image brightness with dimmable LED backlighting that eliminates flicker and also reduces fatigue over extended periods of use.