Xiaomi phone screen goes blank quickly how to set up


The activation of notifications in Huawei is allowed in the following way:

  • open the main settings;
  • select the control section and status bar;
  • find the notification manager;
  • find the required application in the list, touch the area with the program name, slide the button horizontally to activate notifications from a specific application.

In the same column of options, a mode is available that displays notifications on the lock display.

How to set up your watch

Often users are faced with the problem of incorrect display of time and date on the smartphone screen. Let’s figure out how to set the time on Huawei. Clock settings location path:

To set the time manually, you must disable auto-tuning in advance using the Internet in the window with the appropriate name.

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Language setting

In the “language and input” window, the interface language and input language settings are available.

How to set up your Huawei phone

The Android operating system, which all phone models are equipped with, has a rich functionality. A detailed guide will help you customize your Huawei phone according to your personal preferences. The instruction contains general recommendations that are relevant for most models of smartphones of this brand.

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SMS setup

You can configure the messaging function both in the SMS application itself (green icon on the control panel) and in the main settings. SMS options address: settings — services — SMS settings.

Customizing the keyboard on Huawei

Each time the user enters text, an icon for switching between input methods opens in front of him, it is in the lower right corner and is indicated by a keyboard image. In order to get a list of possible variations of text input, press the key with the keyboard image. The system will provide a choice of 3 variations of text input:

  • Google’s standard keyboard.
  • Voice Command Input.
  • Special layout “Swiftkey”.

If the user wants to fix the most convenient text input option for him, he should go to the main settings of the phone, find the keyboard options and set the required default.

Lock screen

  • fixing the image when unlocking;
  • alternation of images with each subsequent pressing of the block key;
  • saving a randomly dropped image to your favorites;
  • sending a lock screen image in one and available ways.
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How to set up your fingerprint

Fingerprint configuration access is located at:

  • settings;
  • security and privacy;
  • fingerprint;
  • fingerprint control.

Next, you need to press the button for creating a new fingerprint. The system will prompt you to touch the selected area several times and hold your finger to take a picture of it. Allowed up to 5 prints of different people.

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